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Now What?! with Jessica Graf

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You watched her fall in love on Big Brother 19, and now she's back! Amazing Race 30 winner Jessica got a new husband, new baby on the way, new town, new job... Now what!?! Follow her journey as she takes you inside her and Cody Nickson's home, out on the town, and more. With executive producers Crystal Fambrini and John Ryan, Jr., Jessica takes you in the studio to catch up with her fellow reality stars and favorite personalities. And she brings on experts to talk about how to live your best life while taking it one step at a time.
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Iga Philip

nice.. when I was in uae..i used to work as a taxi driver. If a taxi guy stopped a police for directions,u wud get a fine.. 😂 so u guys dodged a bullet in Bahrain. 😂...police are not there for directions..they have better things to do 😂

Apr 20th

Justine Hahs

You two are amazing! So happy your family is doing well 😊

Mar 28th

Jessica Butler Squires

I have followed y'all through Big Brother and the Amazing Race and I am so happy yall are all ok and baby Maverick is home and healthy now. I will continue to keep y'all in my prayers! much love from Alabama! ❤️ Jessica I am glad you are on the mend and that Cody was able to handle the situation so well! 😁

Mar 27th

Sarah Barton

your doing an amazing job👍👍👍

Mar 7th


One of my favourite episodes!

Feb 15th

Sarah Cooper

I just finished listening to the latest podcast and wanted to comment on the subject of doulas. i had a doula during my pregnancy and birth and just like Shenae said, i am SO glad i did. She was phenomenal! Kept me on track with my birth plan, and focused. i don't think i could have pushed out my 10lb 24in baby with no drugs if she hadn't been at the hospital with me. Definitely worth looking into in my opinion. Love you guys. i am part of the 1%ers. Now loyal podcast listener.

Jan 16th

Jacquelyn Rawls

Loved Y'all on BB and started watching the amazing race because of y'all and now listening to podcasts!

Jan 11th
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