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I spent £50,000 on a marketing degree and didn’t learn a thing about behavioural science. I came into marketing unprepared, and a bit crap at my job. But behavioural science offered a solution. I learned how people make decisions, and I built better marketing to influence those decisions. One of the people I learned from is Katelyn Bourgoin, my guest on today’s show. Listen to learn the 3 nudges I wish I’d learned at business school. Katelyn's newsletter: Katelyn's Twitter: Octopus energy’s ‘spin the wheel’: Dishoom’s matka: Amazon Prime’s loss aversion tactic: The foot-in-the-door poster:
Most of us hate asking for things. But should we? In today’s show, I’m joined by Professor Vanessa Bohns who has spent her career asking 15,000 people for things. Her findings reveal that most of us hate asking, yet people agree to requests more than we think. It’s a cracking episode covering everything from marketing strategy to workplace burnout. Don’t miss it. Vanessa’s book: The Amazon link to Vanessa’s book: Follow Vanessa on Twitter: Sign up for the Nudge Newsletter:
When you think of influence you probably think of Beyonce, Ronaldo, or Obama. But you don’t think about yourself. In today’s show, Professor Vanessa Bohns talks about the influence you already have. She explains why we underestimate how many people like our company, why we overestimate how social our friends are, and how we change our views depending on who we’re talking to. Tune in and I guarantee you’ll learn something surprising about yourself. Vanessa’s book: Follow Vanessa on Twitter: Sign up for the Nudge Newsletter:
Do you want the good news or bad news first? It's a common question, with a simple answer. Always start with good news. In this episode learn why New York elections aren't fair, how two products with the same description are viewed differently, and the subconscious advantage every salesperson needs. Sign up to the Nudge Mailing list:
Nature or nurture. What’s more important? It’s an age-old debate that’s been argued over millennia. But there shouldn’t be a debate. Because there’s a scientific answer. To find out, hear Lisa Feldman Barrett—who’s among the top one percent most-cited scientists in the world—explain why the debate is pointless. Sign up to the Nudge Newsletter: Lisa's book:
There’s a lot of nonsense in marketing. Especially when it comes to the brain. At most conferences, you’ll hear some marketer harping on about “appealing to the left brain” or “targeting the lizard brain”. It’s all bollocks. To debunk these marketing myths and give you everything you need to call bullsh*t, check out this episode with Lisa Feldman Barrett. Sign up to the Nudge Newsletter: Lisa's book:
What does the world’s 5th strongest man, Heinz beans, & Hinge have in common? They’re all examples of great marketing. In today’s show, I sit down with Harry Dry (the brains behind to discuss his favorite marketing examples. We discuss the marketing genius behind Wordle, Bob Bob Ricard, meat-free diets, Ben Foster’s YouTube channel, NordVPN, and Jack Grealish’s socks. Unlock the Nudge Vaults: Sign up for the newsletter: Marketing Examples: Copywriting Examples: Harry’s Twitter:
I've spent two years learning how to improve my marketing with behavioral science. Yet, it often doesn't work. I'll regularly try something, expect it to succeed, only to see it fail miserably. Not all behavior science can be replicated effectively. Today, Jason Collins, a behavioral and data scientist, joins me to talk about just that. Listen and learn the nudges that don't work, how I lost email subscribers by testing a nudge, and how to apply behavior science effectively. Jason's blog: Unlock the Nudge Vaults: Sign up to the Nudge Mailing list:
When you need to change someone's mind, what do you do? Do you lecture them with facts? If so, you're probably not very successful. In today's show, I talk to behavior change experts Laura Osborne and Alex Chesterfield on the science behind changing someone's mind. Listen to learn why facts don't win arguments, how asking questions is a mind-changing superpower, and the proven tactics to change minds.  Unlock the Nudge Vaults: Sign up for the newsletter: Poles Apart book:
In 2010 a plane crashed in the DRC, Africa. Investigators couldn’t figure out the cause. It wasn’t mechanical, it wasn’t a technical error. No. It was human instinct. In this episode, you’ll hear Laura Osborne and Alex Chesterfield, authors of Poles Apart, explain why we form groups, how these groups affect our decision making and why following the herd caused a plane to crash. Unlock the Nudge Vaults: Sign up for the newsletter: Poles Apart book:
480 minutes of Nudge Podcast were published last year, but what were the best bits? In this special end-of-year episode, I’ve summed up the six best bits of advice I heard. Hear from April Dunford, Rory Sutherland, Louis Grenier, Bri Williams, and Adam Ferrier. You'll learn marketing tips you won’t forget. Sign up to the Nudge Newsletter: Join me on Wisdom, 5 pm GMT, Jan 4th
The effects of climate change are already having devastating effects on the planet. Policymakers, organizations, and communities are working to solve the problem - but time isn’t on our side. So, can nudges help? Will small behavior changes have a big enough impact. I’m joined by Lis Costa, Senior Director at the Behavioural Insights Team to find out. Follow Lis on Twitter: The Science of Marketing Course: Sign up to the Nudge Mailing list: Sign up to Wren and offset your carbon emissions:
Don’t listen to this show. That’s what I told 10,000 people. But people didn’t follow the suggestion. In this show, you’ll learn about the Pratfall Effect and why people embrace flaws. I talk about what happened when I sent 500 people an ‘accidental’ picture of a cute dog, the weird strategy that helped Australia win their first Winter Olympic gold, and why I told people that my podcast was crap. Sign up to the mailing list and get all the resources: The Science of Marketing Course:
We love to return favors. Get a mint with the bill at a restaurant and tips go up by 4x. But does this well-known bias help with real marketing growth? In this show, I share how I convinced 140 people to give Nudge a 5-star review. How reciprocity optimized my £100 LinkedIn ad. And why someone left Nudge a one-star review. Sign up to the mailing list and get all the resources: The Science of Marketing Course:
Did you know longer trips to the dentist can be more enjoyable? The peak-end rule has a weird effect on how we remember negative experiences. In this episode, I’ll explain how this bias increased repeat colonoscopy patients, encouraged a record number of people to sign up for my course, and how a trip to the supermarket ended the cold war. Sign up to the mailing list and get all the resources: The Science of Marketing Course:
There are two words that strike fear into the hearts of behavioral scientists. Replication crisis. Today, many famous nudges can’t be replicated. In many cases, they were one-offs. So, rather than share studies, I wanted to run my own. Over the next four episodes, I’ll attempt to grow this show by experimenting with nudges. Listen to this episode on social proof and learn why dozens unsubscribed to my mailing list, what happened when 300,000 people saw my ad, and why everyone, from theatre lovers to Issac Newton falls for social proof. Sign up to the mailing list and get all the resources: The Science of Marketing Course:
60% of us think spending +3 hours a day on the web is unhealthy. Yet the UK average time spent online is +4.5 hours. We’re hooked to our devices and suffering. The mere presence of a smartphone can reduce performance in memory tasks by 11%. In today’s show, I’m joined by Elisabeth Costa, senior director at the Behavioral Insights Team, who talks through how nudges are used to manipulate us online. Read Lis’s and David Halpern’s paper: Follow Lis on Twitter: The Science of Marketing Course: Sign up to the Nudge Mailing list:
It’s not easy applying behavioral science. You can geek out on Thinking Fast and Slow and listen to Rory Sutherland rave about nudges, but that won’t mean you feel comfortable applying it in your job. To help, I spoke with Melina Palmer, host of the Brainy Business, and author of What Your Customer Wants And Can’t Tell You. Melina explains her approach for applying behavior science, how to build a team, the budget you’ll need, and my experience with doing just that in my day job. Melina’s book: Get a free chapter: Melina’s podcast: The Science of Marketing Course: Sign up to the Nudge Mailing list:
In today’s special episode you’re invited to enter a brand new clinic. Instead of a waiting room, there’s a bar with live jazz. Instead of a doctor, there’s a marketer in a tweed jacket. Today, we’re entering the Rory Sutherland Nudge Clinic, the place people go for counter-intuitive ideas. Listen to learn the smartest way to run a cafe, how to stop people drink driving, and how to persuade your parents. Rory’s book Alchemy: The Science of Marketing Course: Sign up to the Nudge Mailing list:
Throughout our lives, we’re taught to think rationally. We’re taught to consider the evidence. To make forecasts. To follow the economic models and stick with the trend. This rational thinking is a core part of our education, our government policies, and our businesses. But in a world where everyone thinks rationally, it can pay to think irrationally. At least that’s what my guest Rory Sutherland thinks. Listen to Rory explain how to improve train travel and get people to wear masks, all by thinking counter-intuitively. Rory’s book Alchemy: The Science of Marketing Course: Sign up to the Nudge Mailing list:
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Natalie Young

interesting, will definitely give a listen to many episodes.

Mar 25th

Hafsah Ansar

Teaches very valuable information on different ways of thinking and techniques that you can incorporate into your life; it's not only for people interested in marketing.

Mar 24th

Gnilaeh Stowers

I would give this podcast to teens/adults who are considering doing business/marketing

Mar 24th

Nevaeh Stowers

Great for marketers and people that wanna go into business

Mar 24th

nameeta shinghwani

Great podcast. Found it very helpful as a marketer

Mar 23rd

Felicia Enuha

Awesome sauce.

Mar 23rd

Graham Nichols

Yet the blizzard of social media 'get rich quick' scheme ads end in a 7. Becoming almost a meme in the process. what is that about?

Jun 9th

Jackson Fiorini

I love your podcast, well done for the efforts and the the contents 👍💯

Nov 30th
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