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Nutrition on the Mat

Author: Jackie Slomin

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Jackie Slomin from Nutrition on the Mat discussing everything wrestling for parents, coaches and wrestlers who want to gain a competitive edge and make weigh-ins an after thought. From folkstyle to freestyle and high school to college.. we'll be discussing strategies every wrestler needs to incorporate to increase strength, endurance and performance on and off the mat.
3 Episodes
In today's episode, I'm talking about tournament fueling for wrestlers who want to maximize their energy stores.  We discuss why most wrestlers burn out on the mat, the 3 main components that need to make up a refueling strategy and specifically when wrestler's should be refueling to keep energy in the tank for every match and period.Show notes available here:
In today's episode, I'm talking about a hormone that is NATURALLY present in a wrestler's body that is going to make or break their ability to make weigh-ins and what your wrestler can do so their bodies work FOR THEM instead of AGAINST THEM when trying to make weight.Show notes available here:
In today's episode, I'm talking about everything wrestlers, parents and coaches need to know when discussing weight management, weigh-ins and yes, even weight cutting for high school and college aged wrestlers.  Podcast show notes available here: 
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