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Implementing innovative data science techniques in your business can be tricky and it’s a challenge to know which methods are right for you or which profiles you need to involve in the project. Wouter Verbeke, professor of Data Science at KU Leuven, has extensive experience on the subject. He shares what is needed to ensure your implementation is successful.
Your supply chain digital twin needs master data to capture the capabilities, capacities, and performance of your production and distribution network. But what if your master data is inaccurate, based more on legacy and gut feeling than on reality? That’s why OMP developed Data Genie. Jeroen Devreese, data scientist and creator of Data Genie, shares insights of this fascinating tool with you.  
What are AIs up to? As AI increasingly influences our personal lives as well as how we plan supply chains it’s becoming more and more important to understand their intentions. Kris Dockx and Broes De Cat talk about the workings of Explainable AI (XAI).
David Huygens, Senior Product Manager at OMP and an expert in all things solver, was intrigued by the campaign planning problem when he first started working at OMP. What followed was a multi-year journey to finding the best methods for solving the campaign planning problem, drawing upon everything from mixed-integer programming to heuristics.
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