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Author: Sufyan Saleem

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We are the Open Political Assembly we bring disucssion on the latest Politics and Public policy.

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16 Episodes
This week Mark and I are joined by Robert Cook, we talk about Universal basic income, the national disability insurance scheme and the issue of homelessness.
This week on OPA radio Mark and I talk about, foreign policy when can a county secede and Australian forign policy
How did we get here?

How did we get here?


OPA radio 28 07 2019 This week Mark and I are joined by special guest Lachlan Hodgins talk about the state of the world and how with the benefit of retrospect we got here.
This week, Mark and I are joined by Emma, to talk about the role of journalism in society, the recent AFP raids on journalists and the role of constitutional protections.
OPA Radio 25 05 2019, This week on OPA radio Mark, Xavier and I talk about the results of the Australian election, Teresa Mays resignation and the Canberra light rail.
OPA Radio 10 05 2019 This week on OPA Radio Mark and I meet with Anthony Pesec who is running for the Australian Federal Senate in the ACT. We discuss Tax policy(not as dull as it sounds), green energy export and the state of federal politics. To find out more about Anthony check out the … Continue reading Anthony Pesec, Renewable Energy Export and Tax Policy →
OPA 03 05 2019 This week Mark and I have a special guest, Robert Knight, President of the Australian progressives. We discuss the upcoming Australian Election, future energy policy and the state of Australian politicians.
OPA Radio 19 04 2019 This week Mark and I talk about the issue of elected bureaucracy, and specifically dog catchers, an update on the latest with Brextension along, and lastly a discussion of the Muller report. We apologise for the slight audio issues we will do our best to have everything back to normal … Continue reading Dog Catchers, Brextension update and the Muller report →
OPA Radio 04 10 2019This week on OPA radio Suf and Mark talk about the recent Measles outbreak in Sydney, applications of Blockchain to democracy and the resent approval of the Adani mine.
OPA Radio 29 03 2019 This week Mark and I(Suf) are talking about the issue of brexit, we have a special guest with us James Kitchin, and and is our designated expert on European politics. We talk about where the EU came from, where it is going and what the hell is going on with … Continue reading Brexit Special Part 1 of who knows how many →
OPA Radio 22 03 2019 This week on OPA radio Mark, Xavier and I(Suf) talk about the issue of the Christchurch shootings, and the issues of dis-enfranchisement and identity in society. One last thing as promised in the show here are the links to support services:
OPA Radio 15/03/2019 This week Mark and I(Suf) have a very special guest, Nick Houston of the Democratic Reform alliance is joining us for a Q&A and out usual discussions. This week we are talking about the roles of minor parties, corruption in Australian parliament and the build up to Brexit. If you are interested … Continue reading Minor parties, Corruption and Brexit talks →
OPA Radio 08 03 2019 This week on OPA radio Suf and Mark talk about the controversial case of Lawyer X, the role of the ICC, and Jordan Peterson’s choice in ties.
OPA Radio 07 03 2019 This Week Mark and I (Sufyan) talk about the latest goings on in the Pakistan India conflict, the Cohen hearings and the issue of consumption of goods made in Sweatshops.
22/02/2019 This week Suf and Mark talk about welfare, the digitisation of bureaucracy, Isis Brides and revocation of citizenships on the basis of association.
15/02/2019 This week Mark and Suf talk about the US-Mexican wall, immigration, trade in live animals and fistfights in the Australian senate.
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