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Politics in Canada right now with Jen Gerson vs. Justin Ling.
40 Episodes
The campaign is on! Finally! Who won the first Trudeau-less debate? And why the other parties should actually listen to the NDP's wealth tax plan. National Post columnist Chris Selley co-hosts.  Get in touch at oppo@canadalandshow.com or find us on Twitter and Facebook @OPPOcast. 
How representative are the federal party candidates (so far)? We crunched the numbers. And the meth crisis was a provincial election issue in Manitoba — here's why the rest of Canada should take note.  Fatima Syed, investigate reporter with National Observer, guest hosts.  Get in touch at oppo@canadalandshow.com or on Twitter and Facebook @OPPOcast. We relied on Global Winnipeg’s reporting on meth use in Manitoba. Read some of that coverage here: https://globalnews.ca/news/5826445/manitoba-election-meth/
Here's everything you missed in Canadian politics this summer. Plus, we talk housing with Employment Minister Patty Hajdu. And ... what's happening with the NDP?   Note: The NDP did not respond to a request for comment regarding Sid Ryan's bid for candidacy. This episode was recorded on August 29, 2019.    Get in touch at oppo@canadalandshow.com or find us on Twitter and Facebook @OPPOcast.
Alberta's premier wants a referendum on ... what exactly? And Justin Ling wants you to calm down about climate change "muzzling." Plus, meet some intriguing candidates to keep an eye on.   P.S. OPPO has news!   Get in touch at oppo@canadalandshow.com or find OPPO on Twitter and Facebook @OPPOcast.
After the Mounties' massive manhunt for two murder suspects, Justin questions whether the RCMP's mandate is overstretched — and makes the case that their role in local policing should be an election issue.   And with an election looming, there's a frenzy over fake news. But is it even a problem? And who's being served by this idea? From the show:  The RCMP's thin red line: Is contract policing unsustainable? (Globe and Mail) Inside the impossible work of Canada’s biggest Indigenous police force (Maclean's) Twitter trolls stoked debates about immigrants and pipelines in Canada, data show (CBC News) Twitter bots boosted the trending #TrudeauMustGo hashtag (National Observer)   Support Canadaland media at patreon.com/canadaland
While some provinces are still trying to figure out booze, others have already gotten a good start on weed. Who’s doing sin best? Why do we keep hearing about the same four political operatives in Canada when none of them are good at winning? And unsolicited advice for who to blame next time you're woken up by a shrieking Amber Alert. This episode is brought to you by FreshBooks and The Big Story podcast. CORRECTION: We stated that cannabis is only available online in Manitoba. It is in fact available in retail stores.  Support CANADALAND at Patreon.com/canadaland
Québec’s secularism bill is a godawful tragedy, the NDP’s platform leaves a lot to be desired, and Andrew Scheer is feeling cramped in Doug Ford’s clown car. While OPPO is not made using Patreon funds, CANADALAND’s other shows rely on listener support. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter.
Who should be allowed to pay for political advertising in Canada? Conservative MP and Foreign Affairs Critic Erin O’Toole explains what’s wrong with the current set of rules. And things have gotten so bad in the United Kingdom that they’ve brought in noted public relations authority Stephen Harper to help broker Brexit. While OPPO is not made using Patreon funds, CANADALAND’s other shows rely on listener support. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter.
Who better than a pregnant woman and a gay man to walk you through access to abortion in Canada? Then, Courtney Skye, research fellow at Yellowhead Institute, explains what most people missed in the recent MMIWG report. Finally, Justin yells at Trudeau for failing the queer community. While OPPO is not made using Patreon funds, CANADALAND’s other shows rely on listener support. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter. “Black Samba” by Juanitos is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0).
The two most “difficult” women in Ottawa join us for an in-depth talk about policy, politics, the "most dysfunctional place" to work in the country, and that whole SNC-Lavalin thing. While OPPO is not made using Patreon funds, CANADALAND’s other shows rely on listener support. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter.
Comments (9)

William James Millar

What a shame Jen is temporarily gone. Perhaps you should change the name of the podcast to "Justin Ling and other leftists who agree with him". He clearly can't carry this show on his own and this made worse by adding guests that only back him up. I was surprised he didn't even congratulate Jen on her new baby or let listeners know how she was doing.

Sep 13th

Jessie Sidhu

I was really hoping for an intellectual and engaging podcast to teach me more about Canadian politics since everything out there is so heavily influenced by the US. I started listening from the beginning and then stopped and started right at the end hoping it got better over time, but was disappointed. This podcast is strictly back and forth banter between two opinionated journalists where emotion gets too involved to stay objective to the topics being discussed. The jumping back and forth between topics on an episode are also hard to follow. Lastly the constant swearing has only a negative impact on trying to present yourself as informed individuals. You should learn something from Commons or from The Secret Life of Canada.

Aug 1st


How about if we focus on getting the politicians to introduce actual strategies for addressing the important issues at hand rather than making suggestions for how they could make their campaigns more entertaining?

Jul 31st

Luis Enrique

The way these two make fun of each other and the people involved in these stories is completely unhelpful and uninteresting when trying to actually understand the nuance of these topics

Jul 30th

Aleksandra Nowak

you should educate yourself about Pharmacare and how much Canadians spent on their meds even with so called "benefits coverage"

Jul 16th

Patrick Whitaker

Came here from the show Canada land.... You sound intelligent and are well spoken people.. The swearing degrades the conversation... Only because of the obvious great vocabulary you folks actually have... You gun pod cast. And yes I support fee speach... 100 percent I would be enraged if someone said your show should be canceled for swearing... I'm suggesting you keep it classy and use it for impact and less recess talk in the school yard... Your fan... All the best

May 16th

Patrick Whitaker

I hands down support free speech and swearing.. But the more. You do it the less I repect you guys...

May 15th

Patrick Whitaker

Seems like rocking the government to me

Apr 15th


Yes, canada limits supply of dairy to keeps prices high but the US subsidizes dairy to keep prices low so without tarriffs canadian dairy farmers would be out of business from dumping subsidized dairy from the US and elsewhere

Jun 14th
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