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The WHO has ended trials of a controversial COVID-19 drug early. And Hong Kong is facing a strict crackdown from China.
A White House official says China is “taking over” Hong Kong with its new security law. Meanwhile, Americans gathered for Memorial Day festivities in alarming numbers, stoking fears about another surge of infections.
A Pakistani airliner crashed into a crowded Karachi neighborhood Friday, killing 97 people. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is fighting lockdowns with legal arguments.
China is now moving to impose a "treason, secession, sedition and subversion" law on Hong Kong. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump says he wore a mask “in the back” of a Ford factory making ventilators, but wouldn’t let the press see it.
The pandemic has now surpassed 5 million reported cases, according to Johns Hopkins University, and 328,000 deaths, reflecting new hot spots. Meanwhile, Cyclone Amphan hit low-lying Bangladesh and eastern India with winds of more than 100 mph Wednesday, killing at least 22 people.
Brazil just saw its deadliest day of the pandemic. And essential workers are having their hazard pay rescinded.
The U.S. is threatening to permanently cut off its funding to the WHO. And Trump says he’s taking an unproven COVID-19 remedy himself.
Without a vaccine, some parts of the economy may not recover. And Brazil is sinking as the coronavirus overwhelms its hospitals.
President Donald Trump on Friday said the U.S. would develop a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, but the country will reopen, “vaccine or no vaccine.” Meanwhile, a severing of China-U.S. ties may not be mere bluster.
A whistleblower says the Trump administration has no comprehensive plan for stopping coronavirus. And the CDC’s guidance on reopening leaves something to be desired.
President Donald Trump pushed back against White House expert Dr. Anthony Fauci’s cautious view on school reopenings, saying, “I think you should absolutely open the schools.” Meanwhile, Washington is saying researchers fighting the coronavirus are being targeted by hackers with Chinese government connections.
Rapid reopenings could be happening too soon. And a brutal attack in Afghanistan has killed 24 people.
Even if a vaccine for COVID-19 is found, experts fear there won’t be enough for everyone. And Wuhan’s rolling out an ambitious mass testing plan.
France and the UK are beginning to lift their lockdowns. And the U.S. government is preparing to level accusations against China over alleged hacking.
Trump stares down the virus and whose coup was it anyway?
The Justice Department wants to drop the case against a former Trump adviser. And unemployment levels are breaking records.
After saying he'd disband the White House coronavirus task force on Tuesday, President Donald Trump yesterday tweeted that it would continue "indefinitely," but its members could change as it shifts to focus on reopening the nation. Meanwhile, weeks of heavy rains have fed floods in Kenya that have killed 194 people, left 100,000 homeless and washed away 8,000 acres of cropland.
The Trump Administration is moving on to another phase of the pandemic. And a whistleblower says he was punished for speaking out.
Where was the U.S. at the global virus summit? And as states open, death tolls may soar.
Questions remain about post-coronavirus immunity. And Trump now says as many as 100,000 Americans may die in the pandemic.
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