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What do you get if you cross an Among Us Character and a Zoo?  You get Space Penguins of Tuscumbia of course.What about if you cross an Among Us Character and Lumberjacks?  Well that would be the Kinnula Humanoid.Two opposite ends of the world, with one in Missouri and the other in Finland, but could these two events have more in common?  Could understanding the two help us gain an understanding of or visitors?Find out and #JoinTheObscureSpecial Shout out to Rob Morphy for bringing this to my attention.  Check out his podcast, the Cryptonaut Podcast if you really love those strange strange creatures and aliens. Find them here: Cryptonauts PodcastThank you again to Jon of Ragnarok Rings (and More) for the fan art.  To check out his collection of rings, go to his website here.Promo today brought to you by Straight Up Stranges very own: Weird Tales Radio ShowFor all things Obscure Anomalies, go to the Anomaly HubHere you can find links to the store, to my website and social medias, and Straight Up Strange Productions.
3: The Tata Duende

3: The Tata Duende


Belize.  A Caribbean country located on the Northeastern Coast of Central America.  Considered ‘Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret'.  After all it is one of the world’s last unspoiled destinations with Jungle Adventures, gorgeous waterfalls, and over 900 Mayan sites.  Belize is also known to have some of the best dive sites in the Caribbean, which makes sense seeing as they have the second biggest barrier reef in the world.  But while beautiful, Belize is home to a legend.  One that you may consider Un-Belize-Able, and yes I had to do it.Join The Obscure as we discuss the 3 foot tall Goblin of Belize, or as most know it, the Tata Duende.Shout out to Nothing Ever Happens in Canada.For Everything Canadian Girl Go Here For all things Obscure: HereThis Podcast is a Part of Straight Up Strange Productions
2: Hoia Baciu Forest

2: Hoia Baciu Forest


Imagine the forest of every fairy tale you ever heard.  Dark, mysterious, foreboding.  The type of forest where people mysteriously disappear.  The type of forest that villagers speak of, but never go out of fear.  The type of forest whose name sends chills down your spine.  The type of forest with weird lights and strange noises. What if I said that forest exists in this world?  Would you believe me?  Would you even want to go?  What if I added, it is in Transylvania?  Are you still in?  Grab a seat on the imaginary plane as we travel to the  Bermuda Triangle of Romania. Thank you again to Jen of Haunted Happenstance. Find her Podcast hereInstagram: all things Obscure Anomalies: Here
Welcome to the New Season of Obscure Anomalies.  Season 3 starts off with a journey to one of Ohio's Most Haunted Locations, Franklin Castle.Special Shout Out to The Oddball Aussie for his help and special guest appearance.Be sure to check him out at The Oddball Aussie Podcast. For all things Obscure click here.Here you can find the social medias, the Threadless shop, the website, well, anything and everything Obscure Anomalies.As always #JoinTheObscure
Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 Trailer


Season 3 is ComingSeptember 30, 2020#JoinTheObscureFor All Things Obscure:
On today's episode, I am joined by Adam Benedict of the Pine Barren Institute to discuss his first book Monsters in Print along with his website.Adam Benedict, a native Wisconsinite, is a designer by trade and a researcher by choice. Drawn to the weird at a young age thanks to the likes of Robert Stack and Leonard Nimoy, Benedict has spent a good portion of his life studying up on the weirder parts of history. Realizing that the knowledge he had gained might be of some interest to others, Benedict founded The Pine Barrens Institute in 2015. Since its creation, The PBI has become a well-received online gathering point for general Midwest Strangeness.So sit back, relax, and enjoy.Monsters in Print will make the perfect Christmas gift for the seasoned or budding Cryptozoologist.  Monsters in print can be found here.To follow Adam Benedict just head on over to the Pine Barren Institute's website here.  Here you can find links to Adam's Social Media, along with articles on cryptic sightings and other interviews he has done.**Proud Member of Straight Up Strange Productions**Follow Straight Up Strange on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more shows just like mine.Lastly be sure to follow Obscure Anomalies on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up to date on all that is happening. As Always #JoinTheObscure**EDIT - I must have Pokemon on the brain.  During the interview, I call the Coelacanth (the "living fossil" fish) a Relicanth in error.  This was caught after recording**
15: The Flying Dutchman

15: The Flying Dutchman


Welcome to Season 2 of Obscure Anomalies.When it comes to a superstitious group of people, the realm of oceanic navigation might be on the top of its list.  In fact, many of the superstitions used by sailors have become common place in the world.  From “ Red Sky at night, Sailors delight; Red Sky in the morning, Sailors take warning,” to the idea of Friday being considered on of the most unlucky days to begin a voyage,” to Davy Jones’ Locker.  The list of good and bad superstitions is endless.  But there may be one legend that stands above all others, and this would be the Mysterious Flying Dutchman. Join me as we discuss the legends, the origins, and the sightings of the mysterious and otherworldly specter.#JOINTHEOBSCUREProud member of STRAIGHT UP STRANGE ProductionsFollow Obscure Anomalies on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news and behind the scenes info.Want Merch?  Check out my Threadless Store
Welcome to a very special Halloween Episode of Tales from the Obscure. Today I am joined by some of my Straight Up Strange Family to help get you in the mood for Halloween.  Get ready for 5 creepy stories A WALK IN THE WOODS*written by Jessica Bino and read by Nothing Ever Happens in Canada's Canadian Girl Hell Frozen Over*, ***written by Reddit User u/Homlesswafer and read by Jennifer Taylor, the co-host of Vanished Pod LOST IN THE "BOO"NIES*Written and read by Jennifer of Haunted Happenstance DREAMS BECOME REAL**A true story by Kevin MacLeod and read by Jaden McKell of Straight Up Enigmas THE PETTING ZOO**written by Peter de Niverville and read by Kristopher Rustic Follow me:Twitter: @OAnomaliesInstagram: @obscureanomaliesFacebook: Obscure AnomaliesFollow Nothing Ever Happens in Canada:Twitter: @NothingCanadaInstagram: @nothingcanadaFacebook: Nothing Ever Happens in CanadaFollow Haunted Happenstance:Twitter: @HauntedHappensInstagram: @hauntedhappenstanceFacebook: Haunted HappenstanceFollow Straight-Up Enigmas:Twitter: @StraightEnigmasInstagram: @straightupenigmasFacebook: Straight-Up EnigmasFollow Vanished Pod:Twitter: @vanishedpodInstagram: @vanishedpod*Used with expressed written consent and permission from the author.**Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License *** Perspective was changed from Male to Female to fit reader, link to original story is included. Hell Frozen Over by U/Homelesswafer
Didn't make it to Spell Con?  Fear not.  I will bring Obscure Anomalies performance to you.On this special Live Episode of Obscure Anomalies, we talk about Halloween and Fall Traditions from around the world.  Some you may not have heard of and others you may not know the full story.Be sure to check out:The Ghost Scavenger Hunt in BarcelonaHiding Knives in GermanyPunkie Night in EnglandThe Legend of the Jack-O-LanternFollow Me:Twitter: @OAnomaliesInstagram: @obscureanomaliesFacebook: Obscure AnomaliesProud Member of Straight Up Strange Productions
On today's episode of Obscure Anomalies, I am joined by podcaster and friend Canadian Girl from Nothing Ever Happens in Canada.Follow along as we explore the lake beds in search of the Ghost Fleet of the Great Lakes.Keep an eye out for:Le GriffonThe BannockburnW.H. GilcherThe Western ReserveThe Erie Board and TradeThe Hudsonand two surprise bonus ships.Be sure to check out Nothing Ever Happens in Canada because as Canadian Girl says, "We simply know this is not true."Get Spell Con Tickets HereFind Nothing Ever Happens in Canada hereInstagram: Obscure Anomalies hereInstagram:
**Warning: This episode contains language and situations not suitable for children.**Welcome to the first ever Tales From the Obscure, brought to you by Obscure Anomalies.Come along and share in some spooks and scares as we read our way through the best and the creepiest stories the internet has to offer.On todays episode, we have Hallowe'en in a Suburb by H.P. Lovecraft Hallowe'en in a Suburb is currently in the Public Domain. This text can now be legally distributed as the work was published before 1923 and the author died in 1937 therefore the 70 year extension has expired. The Russian Sleep Experiment  by AnonymousCommunity content is available under CC-BY-SA I Went Camping with my Friends, and a Stranger Joined our Group Unnoticed by /u/SSA89Permission from the author was ascertained. Find me on Twitter - @OAnomaliesInstagram - @ObscureAnomaliesFacebook - Obscure AnomaliesEmail - ObscureAnomalies@gmail.comA member of Straight Up Strange Productions#JoinTheObscure
A little shorter Episode this week than normal, but still a good one.On todays episode we travel back in time 14 years to when a rural Thailand farming community claimed to have an encounter with a small, red-eyed, yellowish entity frolicking in the air above the fields.  Was it an alien? A ghost? A cryptid? Or was it a figment of the villagers imagination?#JoinTheObscureShoutouts this week toWeird Tales Radio ShowSpell Con Tickets - Click HereFollow MeInstagram - @obscureanomaliesTwitter - @OAnomaliesFacebook - Obscure AnomaliesWant Merch? - Check out my Threadless StoreProud Member of Straight Up Strange ProductionsSourcesThe Rice Field Scarecrow Encounter - PhantomsandMonsters.comThe Scarecrow of Chiang Rai, Thailand -
UFO cases are weird.  Majority of the time there is only one witness and no photographic evidence.  These three cases coming from Kansas, Maryland, and Connecticut are no different but this does not make them any less reliable.#JoinTheObscureShoutouts this week toStraight Up Enigmas and The Drop Anchor PodcastSpell Con Tickets - Click HereFollow MeInstagram - @obscureanomaliesTwitter - @OAnomaliesFacebook - Obscure AnomaliesWant Merch? - Check out my Threadless StoreProud Member of Straight Up Strange Productions
Have you ever met a more adorable creature than the otter? I mean, they hold hands, nap while swimming on their back, and have a tendancy to steal your soul.Yeah, you heard me.One of the more terrifying legends to come out of the Pacific Northwest is that of a half man, half otter that steals souls, transforming you into a half man, half otter yourself.That's right, this weeks episode is on the Tlingit legend of the Kushtaka.Get ready to never look at an otter the same way again.#JoinTheObscureSpell Con - October 19, 2019 from 2 - 11pmKaties of Smithtown, Smithtown New YorkTickets Available HereSpellCon TicketsStraight Up Strange  - A World of High StrangenessObscure Anomalies on SocialInstagram - @obscureanomaliesTwitter - @OAnomaliesFacebook - Obscure AnomaliesSacred Text - Tlingit Folklore
**Let me start off by saying, this was recorded before July 4th and before my trip to Canada**On today's Yokai Spotlight, we will be visiting three very strange, very odd Yokai.The Jubokko, the Jinmenju, and the Bashō No Sei.Be sure to subscribe to Obscure Anomalies on your favorite pod catcher.And Follow Me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.@Obscure Anomalies@OAnomaliesCheck out other great podcast like mine over at Straight Up Strange Productions.Ad - Weird Tales Radio Show@UrbanFantasist on Twitter and Instagram
Join me on this episode of Obscure Anomalies where we travel to the Great White North, Canada. Recently I went on a vacation to the historic Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and Oak Island, inspiring this episode.  I will take you on a tour of some of the more popular haunts and legends of this fishing town.Then, we venture offshore to the one, the only, Oak Island.So buckle up and #jointheobscure
4: Ghost Cows

4: Ghost Cows


You may think it is funny, but these Ghostly "Boo"vines are Udderly Terrifying.  Join me as we travel across the United States in search of these ghostly cows.  Stay up "Pasture" bedtime and be a"moo"sed.  Okay I am seriously "milking" these puns.  I promise, there are not many in the episode.  Have I "steered" you wrong?Locations:1) Farm Road 511 - Brownsville, Texas2) West Virginia State University3) Gustavus Adolphus College - Minnesota4) Cambria County - Pennsylvania5) Griggstown, New JerseyPromo: Forgotten DarknessFind me on Instagram: @ObscureAnomaliesTwitter: @OAnomaliesFacebook: Obscure AnomaliesEmail: ObscureAnomalies@gmail.comFind more shows like mine at www.StraightUpStrangeProductions.comSources
Those footsteps you hear following you at night may be more than your imagination.  But have no fear, it is probably just the Betobeto-san.  Come listen and learn about one of Japan's favorite Yokai.Remember to #JointheObscureFind more amazing shows like mine over at Straight Up Strange Productions www.straightupstrange.comFind me:Instagram: @ObscureAnomaliesTwitter: @OAnomaliesFacebook: Obscure Anomalieswww.obscure-anomalies.comResources: Book of Yokai by Michael Dylan FosterThe Night Parade of One Hundred Demons by Matthew Meyer
2: Charlie No-Face

2: Charlie No-Face


Charlie No-Face, aka the Greenman, is a fairly common legend around Western Pennsylvania.  But is there more truth to this legend then meets the eye? Grab a seat, pop in your headphones, and join me as we journey through the history and birth of a legend.For more podcast like mine, check out Straight Up Strange Productions over at
It's called the "Village of the Damned", and it's one of the most mysterious 'ghost towns' in America. According to legend, if you venture into the ruins of "Dudley Town" you're warned against taking anything home with you, unless you want a curse placed upon you and your family.  Join me as we venture to Dudleytown, CT.Sources to Dudleytown: The true story of America's "Village of the Damned" CONNECTICUT’S HAUNTED VILLAGE, DUDLEYTOWN CURSE OF DUDLEYTOWN
The Story Behind one of the Most Infamous Lost Towns in American History
by Troy Taylor VIEW FROM: DUDLEYTOWN; A Hamlet That Can't Get Rid of Its GhostsBy ANDI RIERDENOCT. 29, 1989 of Thomas Griffis (c1698-1757) CT, 2016 by Ray BendiciThe Legend of Dudleytown (Cornwall, CT): Solving Legends through Genealogical and Historical ResearchBy Rev. Gary P. DudleyA history of Cornwall, Connecticut: A typical New England townBy Edward C Starr
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