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Tales of our world's most unusual events, odd objects, and obscurities.

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North Brother Island

North Brother Island


Individuals, organizations, companies, and municipalities should strive for purpose and meaning to achieve a highly regarded reputation and significance. Those with principles and integrity wish to make lasting, meaningful contributions to society. Anyone can and should make efforts to enhance those around them. If you can be remembered as a kind, caring individual, then you have achieved your purpose. If one's endeavors, though, have a positive impact beyond one's lifetime, stretching into generations, you can achieve greatness and perhaps a bit of immortality. Other times, however, despite best efforts and intentions, a heavy fog will seep in, eroding, slowly erasing, and eventually leaving little trace of significant accomplishments, allocating history to obscurity.
Our world is a strange place full of obscurities. We explore them, beginning with the tale of the blood sucking chupacabra.
Trailer - Obscurities

Trailer - Obscurities


Our world is a strange place. For every one of earth's strange events, odd objects, and obscurities there's someone or something behind them all. Obscurities sheds light on them.
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Lee Claypool

I love this podcast and Debbie Rochon is one of a kind.

Nov 9th
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