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Off Book: The Improvised Musical

Author: Earwolf and Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino

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It takes years for a Broadway musical to hit the stage, but on OFF BOOK: The Improvised Musical, you get a brand new original musical every week! Each episode, Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and a special guest create a new musical on the spot.

Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!).
39 Episodes
This week on OFF BOOK version 3.75, we got a guest! John Hartman joins Zach, Jess, Scott, Brett and Dana (on one song!) for MUG HALF EMPTY, the musical! With songs like "Fashion Mugs", "Screw Your Aunt" and "Can't Spell Mug Without U", this episode will be your new hot accessory for the season.
This week on OFF BOOK, we got a brand new trivia musical that will make you feel like a winner! With songs like "Pac Picante", "What? What? Has A Butt" and "Victory Is Up For Grabs", you'll be feeling victorious in no time.
This week on OFF BOOK, we have a Peter and the Wolf themed musical for your ears! With songs like "Hangin' Out in The Woods", "If You Got Feathers", and "You Know I Love A Shiny Boy", you'll be following that diddle diddle doo in no time.
On the very first episode of The Neighborhood Listen, local CVS pharmacist / host Burnt Millipede (Paul F. Tompkins) and local realtor / host Joan Pedestrian (Nicole Parker) discuss a lost green parrot, a mystery whistler, and all things Doug (Brett Morris). Plus, we meet Vanity (Maria Blasucci), a suspicious "carrot red-haired" woman who was caught snooping on potted plants. Make sure to listen and subscribe to THE NEIGHBORHOOD LISTEN, Tuesdays on Earwolf!
This week on OFF BOOK 3.5, Zach and Jess do a Best Buy meets Willy Wonka musical! With songs like "So Many Treasures", "Big Mechanical Friends" and "Why Oh Why for This Best Buy", this episode will be a better treat than a chocolate river!
It's a time traveling musical with Jess and Zach and Woodbert the Wooden Frog! With songs like "A Creek Becomes A River", "Treehouse! We Have a Treehouse!", and "2 for 1", you'll wanna hide in your treehouse and listen to this episode forever!
It's OFF BOOK 2.0 (3.0?) and Jess and Zach are doing a classic live OFF BOOK musical with Scott on the keys and Brett on the frets, together but apart! Will it work? You'll have to tune in to find out!
Best friend of the show + star of the new Netflix series, Space Force, Tawny Newsome is undercovers this week with Jess, Zach and the rest of the band! Find out more about "Barrel Racing", a "No Thank You Pasta" song, a "Wrap Up Rap" and more!
This week on another Undercovers with Off Book episode, the insanely hilarious Earwolf favs Seth Morris + Dannah Phirman, hosts of the live variety show Brighter! join the gang for some fun. We got songs about "Buff Tom Hanks", a "Mock Trial Sock Hop" and... improv?! It's true!
It's a very special OFF BOOK live from the Kennedy Center, with a performance of the brand new musical: "Treasure The Lobster"! With songs like "Pinchy Red Guy", "Eat Him At Your Wedding" and "I Treasure the Treasury", you will fully treasure this new classic ep!
A special live episode out from behind the paywall! Jess and Zach are live from the 6th Annual Trill Comedy Fest in Houston, TX with "The Magic Truth", the musical! A true fan favorite!
We're back Undercovers this week with 2/3 of the hilarious show, Podcast: The Ride! Jason Sheridan and Mike Carlson join Jess, Zach and the fam band to talk and sing about "Ludwig von Koopa", "Watto" and "Duffy and Shellie May", the Disney bears.
All the way from Ireland, comedy duo The 2 Johnnies (and their camera crew!), join Zach and Jess for a special pre-quarantine in-studio episode! With songs like "Officer Goodbody", "Stung By Queen Bee" and "Ooh Kyle Finished Up Well", you'll be tempted to go to a night bar ASAP!
We've got not one, but *two* special guests this week in our Zoom hangs! Lauren Lapkus and Erin Whitehead join Jess, Zach and the family band for some quality chats and songs like "Spicy Chili Glaze", "Back Cubes" and "Villain Appetizers".
Another episode in quarantine, which means another episode brought to you by "What Sound Does the Wooden Frog Make?", but this time, with friend of the show, Nicole Parker! With a song by Holly Hunter, "Baby Sharks 1, 2, 3", a "Soup" rap and more!
It’s another special Undercovers episode with Off Book and the Family Band! Everyone chats about deep fake nudes, bird feeders, ladies only chats, and more to inspire songs like “Father Bod”, “Should I Trust That Weird Clear House?”, and “Ladies In The Chat”.   Presented by “What Sound Does The Wooden Frog Make?”
On a special quarantined episode, Off Book and the Family Band chat about soft pants, Zoom, Tiger King, and more to inspire songs like ““Need a Softer Touch”, “6 Alphas On The Zoom”, and “I am a King With a Tiger Next To Me.” Presented by “What Sound Does A Wooden Frog Make?”
Live from Seattle, Zach and Jess bring you an all new musical packed with online streaming services,  superpowers, and more! With songs like “We Gotta Stay Quiet In Our Best Friend’s Closet”, “What Is Broken Trust? If It’s Over Disney Plus”, and “It’s Fun To Come Out of a Cake For Sure!”, it’s a musical that follow’s a hero’s journey as they discover their superpowers!
Jackie Johnson (Natch Beaut) joins Zach and Jess for an all new musical packed with a heaven hotel, William Shakespeare, the Jupiter Council, and more. With songs like “Heavenly (Welcome to Heaven)”, “In My Heaven”, and “My Name Is William”, it’s a heavenly musical that will take you through space and time!
Jason Mantzoukas (How Did This Get Made?) joins Zach and Jess for a special Off Book: Undercover! Jason chats with Zach and Jess about anxiety dreams, childhood movies, and Joe Pesci which inspires songs like “Dream Mom”, “It’s a House of Raccoons”, and “Nobody Pandered To You.”
Comments (33)

Alee M

I never promote podcasts. like literally never before ..this is one of my favorite episodes of my favorite podcast. amazing! you're missing out if you haven't heard them. Zach is a genius I love every voice he does, Jess is an improvised genius. the band (especially piano) is crazy good at what they do listen! enjoy! subscribe!

May 24th
Reply (1)

Bailey Haggis

I love they switched everyone's roles for this one. so much fun!

Apr 21st
Reply (1)

Philippa Tickner

You don't have a slithery little friend until you snake it so...

Feb 18th

Samuel Coleclough

Amazing, funny, original. No other podcast like it! These guys make my podcast week!

Jan 18th

Dorothy Cosentino

This is for sure my favorite episode of this show. Good job guys!

Dec 31st
Reply (2)

Brad Gibbons

OMG, *SO* much better than Cats 1! XD

Jun 13th

Chris Taylor

Dang. Ya'll done it again with this episode. More this!!!

Jan 31st
Reply (1)

Jaiden van Bork


Jan 22nd


thank you for writing that. I want to be an art blogger parents will not back me up.

Jan 19th


Honestly probably in my top favourites. There's a lot of really great lyrics in this episode.

Dec 10th

Bailey Haggis

that's a good one.

Oct 26th
Reply (1)

Bailey Haggis

so beautiful

Oct 10th


I think I love this.. first episode had me cracking up idiotically. 40 something episodes to go.

Jul 26th

Lilly Elder

spoiler alert: it's not the last off book

Jul 14th

Shawn Duffy


May 25th

Dylan Wimp

This podcast is the fucking best. Love it! Keep it up you two!

Apr 9th

Mikey Porter


Mar 6th

Alejandro Turcios

los inquietos del norte

Feb 25th

Jose Maximiliano Torres

me gustas

Feb 14th

Casey Tingle

Witty and at times ridculous, I've forsaken all of my other podcasts until I've caught up with this one. 5 stars, would recommend!

Feb 14th
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