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Author: Ben Waterworth, Colin Hilding & Jarrod Loobeek

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Three men who dream of Olympic glory and have as much athletic prowess as a piece of cheese sit down (or stand up) and discuss the Olympics, bringing you daily updates, segments and attempted humour that would make even the most passionate Olympics fan in the world crack a wry smile. Well, at least we hope. If it doesn't then we'll gladly give you your money back.
138 Episodes
It’s time to get back into a sport we love on the show in Race Walking as we speak with Australian walker Rhydian Cowley about his amazing career and amazing Olympic experiences. Just how did Rhydian get into race walking and why is it more of an amazing sport than people give it credit for? Why does having the sport featured in comedy shows such as Malcolm In The Middle and Kath & Kim actually help it more than hinder it? Why does Australia seem to produce so many talented race walkers? What brought about his changeup from competing in the 20km event in Rio to the 50km event in Tokyo? How does Rhydian feel about the 50km event being dropped from Paris? And just what happened with a cat before Tokyo that may have his future wife scared for the future? It’s all here and more in another fascinating interview that you won’t want to miss!
Excited to bring you our first ever Golf athlete on the show today as we speak with Australian Rio Olympian Marcus Fraser about his Olympic experiences and amazing career! We learn just what it is like for Marcus to be living so many people’s dream when it comes to being a professional golfer, and the journey from playing in rural Victoria right through to joining the European Pro Tour in 2002. We also learn just what it was like to be selected to represent Australia at the Olympics and the real reason why he took the opportunity. Added to this we find out just how he feels being compared to Usain Bolt and why being a golfer has made him into a bit of a perfectionist gardener. It’s a chat that you won’t want to miss, so get to listening to ensure you don’t!
Another amazing interview is coming to you today as we speak with our first ever Gymnastics athlete in the legendary Ji Willace to talk about his incredible career! We learn from Ji how the quintessential Aussie activity of jumping on a trampoline in his backyard lead him to becoming one of the most decorated trampoline athletes of the 90s, as well as how watching the 1980 Moscow Olympics harboured an Olympic ambition from him from a very  young age. We also learn about his entire Olympic experience during Sydney, and why qualifying nearly a year out from the games helped him take in more of the unique Olympic atmosphere that was in Australia at the time. Added to this his memories of the night he won silver, why he believes so many people remember his silver win so fondly and just how close he came to becoming an Olympian in another sport, it’s a jumpingly great chat that you won’t want to flippin’ miss! 
A special and exciting interview coming your way today as we speak with our first ever Canoe/Kayak athletes and recently returned Olympians from Tokyo, Alyce & Jordan Wood, about their amazing careers and Olympic experiences! We find out from both of them how they got into the sport and how much surf lifesaving has played a part and also helped in their careers. We also learn about the differences between canoe & kayak, as well as what leads an athlete to choose sprint over slalom and how it compares to the often related sport of rowing. Added to this some great stories about their experiences in both Rio & Tokyo, finding out just how quarantine is going for them and just why super hero movies aren’t exactly on the film watching list for one of them, it’s one fun interview that you will enjoy! So get to listening! 
A massive interview for you today as we get our first ever taste of Beach Volleyball on the show by speaking with the legendary two-time Olympic medallist Kerri Pottharst about her amazing career and Olympic experiences! We learn from Kerri how a random moment from her brother got her into the sport and how that lead to an amazing indoor career throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. We also learn about the transition into beach volleyball, what lead her to partnering up with Natalie Cook and what her experiences were like throughout her three Olympics. Added to this we find out just what it was like to experience that gold medal win in front of 10,000 screaming fans at Bondi Beach and everything else that followed, as well as just where the sport is at now in Australia and how the recent silver medal win in Tokyo by Taliqua Clancy & Mariafe Artacho del Solar will help spur on a new generation of volleyball players leading into Brisbane 2032. It’s an exciting chat with an exciting guest that you won’t want to miss! 
Excited to bring you another Fencing interview today and our first interview with an athlete who is just back from Tokyo as we chat with Canadian foil fencer Alanna Goldie. Alanna gives us a great insight into how coming from a fencing family helped get her into the sport, and why she was so keen to start earlier than she could. We also learn about her experiences competing at the Youth Olympics back in 2010 and how that helped her when it came to competing at the full Olympics 11 years later, as well as how she was able to overcome the disappointment of not making Rio in 2016 to help spur her on towards her eventual Tokyo ticket. Added to this we learn more about her special friend Albert, some new epic ways to improve team fencing and just how she is a global trend setter. It’s an epic interview that you simply can’t miss!
It's time to recap an epic Paralympics and go over our thoughts on all the incredible moments and achievements that we just witnessed over 13 massive days of competition. We go over all the highlights from both a Canadian and Australian perspective, as well as going over some other memorable moments that stood out amongst the rest. We also talk about how the Paralympics are possibly more entertaining than the Olympics, and why we'd like to see more coverage of them moving forward. It's an epic episode that we know you won't want to miss!
We brought you our first ever biathlete interview a few weeks back and now it’s time to bring you another as we chat with 2018 Canadian Olympian Scott Gow about his incredible biathlon career and how he is tracking ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics! We learn from Scott how he got into the sport and how summer actually played a key part in it. We also learn more about the world circuit for biathlon and what it is like competing in Europe as opposed to Canada, as well as how big a deal it was to bring home a World Championship medal for Canada in 2016. Added to this his experiences at the 2018 Olympics, his fun hobby that got him even more excited for his Olympic experience and just how he is feeling ahead of the 2022 Olympics, it’s one interview you simply won’t want to miss!
It’s time to return to one of our favourite sports today and bring you an interview with Australian curlers Tahli Gill & Dean Hewitt, who are on track to make history as the first ever Australian curlers to compete at an Olympic Games. We learn from both Dean & Tahli just how they got into the sport and how it was growing up as a curler in Australia. We also learn about just how big of a deal it was to finish 4th at the 2019 World Championships and how that exposure helped the sport of curling in Australia, as well as just what it will take for them to qualify for the Beijing Olympics. It’s an interview you won’t want to miss!
A special treat for you today in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics as we not only speak to our first ever biathlete, we also speak to our first ever New Zealand Olympian as we chat with New Zealand’s only ever Olympic biathlete, Sarah Snowsell. Sarah talks us through just how an injury in a completely unrelated sport helped her take up biathlon, and just how this journey ended up leading her to compete for New Zealand at the Olympics. She also goes over the unique training needed for the sport of biathlon, just how intense the rivalry is between the biathletes, cross-country skiers and alpine skiers as well as just why she is basically James Bond in real life. It’s a great and fun interview that you will enjoy so get to listening! 
As we continue to get closer to the Beijing Olympics, we’re thrilled to bring you an interview today with one of the biggest names in Australian winter sports, aerial skier Danielle Scott! Danielle chats about her journey from gymnastics through to aerial skiing, including which legendary athlete helped recruit her to the sport and just what it was like transitioning between gymnastics and aerial skiing. Danielle also talks about how important the mental aspect of the sport is, what that feeling is like during a jump and landing it perfectly, as well as teaching us just what great pump up songs are needed to really get the adrenaline flowing in a competition and what her hopes will be for Beijing in a few months’ time. It’s another great interview that you can’t afford to miss!
Another exciting interview is coming your way today as we chat with Australian bobsleigh pilot Ashleigh Warner about her amazing career and how she is tracking ahead of the upcoming Beijing Olympics. We learn from Ash the unique way she got into the sport of bobsleigh and just how close she was to making the Olympics in another sport. We also learn more about the transition from being a brakewoman to a driver and how that has helped her driving in the sport, which types of tracks she prefers as well as just how the disappointment of being cut from the PyeongChang Olympics at the last moment has spurred her on towards her goal of 2022. We also learn which fellow Australian athlete she’d like to swap places with for a day and discover what her dad might say about her on Channel 7 next year should she come away with an Olympic medal. It’s one fun chat that you definitely won’t want to miss!
We’re excited to bring you a great interview today as for the first time we get to learn a little bit more about the sport of luge by talking with two-time Olympian Hannah Campbell-Pegg. Hannah talks us through her journey in getting into the sport, from starting off as a bobsleigh athlete to what brought about the transition into luge. She also takes us through her two Olympic experiences, detailing what it is like for an athlete from a country with no luge history to compete on the world stage as well as going over the experience in Vancouver after the tragic death of her friend Nodar Kumaritashvili. We also learn more about what is in store for the sport in Australia moving forward, and just why her parents weren’t exactly too happy with her after her first time competing in the sport. It’s one great and informative interview that you won’t want to miss!
After 16 days of amazing competition, it's time to farewell the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as we go over all the best bits, the worst bits and everything else in between in our comprehensive wrap episode of the games we thought never would happen! Just who was the star of the games? Are we sold on the new sports or do we have issues? Were these games better than we expected? Why do we feel both Australia and Canada did so well? How did our medal predictions turn out from before the games? And although we are sad they games are over, how come we can still be excited with the Winter Olympics being so close? Get your last dose of Tokyo 2020 action in one massive episode that you won't want to miss!
An epic final day is in the history books, as is another Olympic Closing Ceremony, and we're back for another epic episode to wrap up everything that we saw, loved and didn't love on day 16 of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! Just why are Olympic ceremonies seemingly getting worse and worse? Did anything actually happen during the Closing Ceremony or are we still waiting? Why was the star of the Closing Ceremony a moth? How excited is Canada to celebrate a gold medal on the final day of competition? Did Australia do anything at all on the final day of competition? And why are we looking forward to competitive jet fighting at Paris 2024 the most? It's one massive episode that you simply can't miss so make sure to get to listening!
As we reach the penultimate day of Tokyo 2020 it's time to once again go over everything that happened and more on our day 15 recap! Has Canada calmed down after their epic win in the women's football yesterday? How is Australia reacting to finally breaking the curse and winning a medal in men's basketball? Is Nicola McDermott our new favourite athlete? Do we know the difference between javelin and high jump? Have we saved our best commentary for last with our commentary of rhythmic gymnastics? And can we be hopeful that the closing ceremony tomorrow might actually be good? Another massive massive day and another massive massive episode! Get listening!
The third last day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is over and we're back to go over everything that happened on another medal winning day for both Australia and Canada. Are we disappointed or satisfied with Australia's beach volleyball silver and boxing bronze today? How do we feel about Canada doing so well in athletics? How pumped are we to have more medals won for Off The Podium? Are we still so in love with modern pentathlon, even without Chloe? How good are we at commentating table tennis? What gets us so excited at the end of the episode? And what can we look forward to over the final couple of days? It's another episode that will keep your Olympic mood high so get to listening and get to being entertained!
Another incredible day of Olympic action is behind us and there are gold medals coming from everywhere for both Canada & Australia, so it's time to recap everything that happened on day 13 to bring you up to speed! How shocked is Australia at winning two gold medals that perhaps we didn't expect? Has Canada calmed down after Andre de Grasse's run yesterday and their gold medal decathlon success today? Are these the greatest Olympics ever? Is Canada now a powerhouse in both canoe and cycling? How does our commentary sound over artistic swimming? And how will we celebrate New Zealand's greatest ever Olympian being crowned today? So much to get through, so get to listening!
A golden day 12 for both Australia & Canada is in the books as we go over everything that happened and more! How excited were we to finally get our sailing gold for Australia? Were Australia's two bronzes somewhat of a shock? How did we feel the skateboarding went a second time around? Is Peter Bol the new hero Australia needed? Is Canada getting excited about the decathlon or should Australia be getting somewhat excited? How great can we make wrestling commentary? And is our athlete of the day going to be a calm choice today? Click and listen away and get your daily Olympic fix!
Another day of Tokyo 2020 is done and another episode of your favourite Olympics podcast is here to go over everything that happened! How amazed are we that Norway apparently are as fast off snow as they are on it? How amazing was sport climbing to finally watch? How frustrated are both Canada and Australia for double fourth places in the cycling? Is Canada still celebrating over the soccer from yesterday? Is Australia still celebrating over the hockey today? How wild are we feeling about Harry and the boxing? And just how many chairs will be thrown during our always heated athlete of the day segment? Climb yourself up as fast as a Norwegian to listen to another epic day of Olympic recap action!
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