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Office Hours with Georgia Howe

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Welcome to Office Hours with Georgia Howe, The Daily Wire’s companion show to the famous PragerU “5-Minute Videos.” Every week, converted liberal and former teacher Georgia Howe hosts an in-depth discussion with a PragerU expert about their 5-minute video topic. Georgia’s journey from the political Left offers a unique perspective when asking guests about topics like Communist China, socialism, or Antifa. Watch her unravel the lies that are told in America’s classrooms and go beyond the basics with these PragerU experts to hear their powerful stories.

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Trust in the media is at an all-time low. And there’s a reason: Hidden agendas. Partisan politics. Feelings over facts. So where can you go for the important, relevant news that you can trust? Introducing Morning Wire, the daily news show you’ve been waiting for - brought to you by one of the nation's fastest growing media companies. Subscribe today:
Heritage Senior legal fellow and manager of Heritage's election law reform initiative, Hans Von Spakovsky joins to talk about the Georgia voting reform debate happening across the country. On one side, folks are fighting to ensure that all votes are casted legitimately. On the other side, folks are fighting to ensure that the maximum number of people have the chance to vote. Two ideas that seem completely compatible. So why all the controversy? Let's find out.
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Author, research professor and executive director of the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism, Dr. C. Bradley Thompson stops by to discuss American Founding Father and "engine of the revolution," John Adams. From his cantankerous nature, to his history defining speech, Professor Thompson brings fresh insight into the life and legacy of our 2nd US President.
Surgeon and Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Marty Makary joins the program to discuss how, despite being more medicated than ever, Americans are more sick than ever before. Dr. Makary proposes this paradox may actually be solved by reimagining the way we handle healthcare in the United States.
Author, radio host, and founder of PragerU, Dennis Prager stops by to examine why the left seems to have it out for fathers. They also explore how to fix the issue of national fatherlessness, could the solution be simpler than we think?
How to Beat Woke Inc.

How to Beat Woke Inc.


Co-Founder of The Daily Wire and host of The Ben Shapiro Show, Ben Shapiro stops by to discuss how conservatives can stand up against wokeness. By using the same tactics that leftists have used in universities for years, conservatives have the chance to turn the tide of leftism seeping out of the universities and into the corporations.
Host of The Hugh Hewitt show and President of the Richard Nixon Foundation, Hugh Hewitt stops by to discuss the political scandal that rocked the American public over 50 years ago. He highlights a few things that your high school history teacher may have forgotten to mention.
Sports Journalist, Jason Whitlock joins the program to discuss the promise of America. At a time when the left is constantly telling you what America owes you, Jason believes America only promises just one thing. And that's freedom.
CEO of the famous satire site, The Babylon Bee, Seth Dillon joins to discuss the left and the media's war against comedy. Through turning reality into a parody of itself or outright censorship, the left is dead set on shutting down any and all dissent, even when it's just a joke.
Comedian, New York Times Bestselling Author and host of the Adam Carolla Show, Adam Carolla stops by to tell us what the real "white privilege" in society is. You may be surprised, it has far less to do with one's race and far more to do with the superficial groups one identifies with.
Nationally syndicated radio host, author, and founder of PragerU, Dennis Prager joins us to discuss the question, "Is Communism moral?". At a time when so many people know little to nothing about communism, Dennis highlights the many terrible tragedies that communism has brought upon humanity.
Author, Mathematician, and founder of, James Lindsay joins to discuss Critical Race Theory. While it's proponents claim that it is the modern day civil rights movement, James explains that it's actually the exact opposite. It judges people by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. Is there any way to reverse this societal trend?
Former Governor of South Carolina and Former Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley sits down to discuss the greatest geopolitical threat we face today, China. From the stealing of trade secrets, to the physical and sexual abuse of their Uighur Muslim citizens.
Astrophysicist and author, Brian Keating joins us to talk about why anytime someone says "Follow the Science" he gets worried. We also explore what science can and can't provide to society.
Journalist and author of Irreversible Damage: The transgender craze seducing our daughters, Abigail Shirer, stops by to explore the question of why so many young girls are deciding to become transgender.
Can Greed Be Good?

Can Greed Be Good?


International Libertarian Broadcaster and author, Gloria Alvarez stops by to discuss Ayn Rand and her philosophy of objectivism. Can greed be good? That controversial question is taken head on in this enlightening conversation.
Chinese Immigrant and author of "Confucius Never Said", Helen Raleigh sits down with Georgia to discuss how capitalism lifted the Chinese people out of national poverty. As well as how the return of their Maoist ways may result in dire consequences.
Former member of Antifa turned conservative activist, Gabriel Nadales, joins the show to discuss what it was like to be a part of the Black Bloc and the shocking story that began his conversion to conservatism.
Dinesh D’Souza stops by to talk with Georgia Howe about his brand new PragerU video, “What is Identity Socialism?”. Dinesh D'Souza's New PragerU Video:
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