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Billy Meier Traveling on the Mothership Across Our Galaxy
What is the Danger of Artificial Intelligence?What is Artificial Intelligence?What are the limits of AI?The TribulationThe Second Advent
Dr Lorraine Day InterviewNew World Order.Tavistock Institute.Tribulation.Trump.Area 51.Aliens Operation Blue BeamIlluminati
Dave Weiss and Fly Over ConservativeThe Stolen Election and The Southern Border (Fly Over Conservatives and Greg Reese)Trump Calls for the End of Ukraine War FundingThey Want to Corrupt the DNA of Everyone Just Like in Genesis 6Did Trump Rape This Woman Decades AgoTITLE 42 & UNRESTRICTED WARFAREMark of Beast, CCP, Hundreds of Millions of Chinese
Jan 6th Lawyers OverviewLawyers For Jan. 6th Political Prisoners Say Prosecutors Are Targeting Trump Next VAX CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! - Australians Demand JUSTICE For The Government's TYRANNYDC Court Obliterates US Bill of Rights Clif High - Novelty is Why We Have EmotionClif High - Time Pulse 22 Trillion Times Per SecondClif High - Hyperspace, Novelty
Having become incapable of fighting, they bred new and genetically-manipulated human races, which were capable of fighting and could protect them from aggressors who appeared again and again. These new human races were made into forms of life by intervening genetic manipulations, which carried barbaric traits up to the degeneration and mercilessness in themselves, whose life however was limited to only about 100 years, likewise genetically-manipulated, out of the justified fear and precaution that the gene-manipulated ones could flock together against their producers and rulers and destroy these.
Clif High - Theory of Everything, Why, Design Pattern, Spiral, NoveltyCyrus Parsa - We Have A Technology That Will Allow Us to Look Inside Moving Alien Space CraftCyrus Parsa - Biden Sex CrimeDr. Rima Laibow Warns Globalists Preparing New Bio Attack - General Stubblebine Was Murdered
Trump IndictmentUkraine WarThe Tall WhitesUFO Over Washington DCLife ExtensionHollow MoonStructures on the MoonIngo SwannUniversal ConsciousnessThe Power of Thought
Young Woman Having Drano Poured in Her Eyes to Go BlindMen Having Their Arms and Legs Cut Off To Become What is Called NuggetsThere Are Bio Weapons Labs in UkraineThe Covid Shot Contains Nano TechnologyThe Covid Shot is Intended to KillSevere Contaminants in the Covid ShotThere is Nothing Natural In the Covid ShotThe Banks Are Having TroubleThe Dollar is In TroubleWe Are Lacking In WeaponsTrains Full Of Troops Coming from North KoreaJudge Napolitano Predicts Attack on Trump is Part of a Scam to Install Hillary Clinton as PresidentAmerican Farmers To Begin Injecting Livestock With mRNA Shots This Month
This recently revised 388 page book conclusively reports that Washington, D.C., is statistically the UFO sightings capital of the world. The author presents over 200 eye-witness accounts of UFO incursions in DC from 1850 to 2007. For the first time, it is revealed that UFOs were sighted over DC at least 22 times in 1952. This caused President Truman to issue a "shoot-on-sight" order of all UFOs in American airspace. However, this presidential directive was soon rescinded after military jets fell from the sky while attempting to intercept UFOs over Washington, D.C. Exactly 50 years later, in July of 2002, UFOs were photographed with 35mm film landing on Capitol Hill. Just ten days later, NORAD scrambled military jets to intercept UFOs in the prohibited/restricted airspace around the capital. The author's two-and-a-half-year investigation of the authentic photographs, and the ongoing military intercepts, led him to dig deep and uncover the amazing covert history of UFOs and ETs in Washington, D.C.
CIA Classified Book about the Pole Shift, Mass Extinctions and The True Adam & Eve StoryTwenty Foot Tall Giants Found in North AmericaGiants in North AmericaThe Eye of the Sahara
Trump Arrest Expected To Happen Next weekClif High - Bank Failures, Tesla, Dollar Failure, First Week Of MayJuan O Savin - People Dropping Like FliesJuan O Savin - The Military Is Not In Charge But the Fight is Still OnAage Nost - Operation Blue Beam. Holograms of UFOs.Aage Nost - The Universe is Made Out of Nothing?Dr. Greer Talks About Free Energy DevicesBilly Meier Might of Thoughts Page 230 Part1
Tom Rense Brings Out Whistle BlowersWW3 ALERT Congress Framing China for COVID as War Pretext535,000 Americans Dead From Covid ShotsI Saw What Tucker Is Releasing NextMassive Snows in Northern CaliforniaClif High: Are Electric Cars Actually Saving Anything?The Reason Behind the Train DerailmentsThe Bob Dean Story Part2
Young Lawyer Defends Americans Fired For Refusing COVID Death JabLook Here Everyone, Then You Won't See What Really Happened (David Icke)Bill Gates Wanted In International CourtsAttorney Robert Barnes Battling Pfizer In Court Over COVID Vaccine Part 1Attorney Robert Barnes Battling Pfizer In Court Over COVID Vaccine Part 2Orthon from VenusTrain Wreck at East Palestine OhioNWO Set to Unleash Violent Criminals Across AmericaAlex Talking About PrayingSteven Greer - Nukes Affect The Fabric of Space Time
HARRP Earthquakes Order Out of Chaos Jewish illuminati One World Government Sodom and Gomorrah End Times Nikola Tesla Weather Control Second Advent
SolarisIT'S TIME TO ABOLISH THE CIVIL GOVERNMENT SCHOOL SYSTEM | KEVIN NOVAKThe KillboxTrain Wreck East Palestine Ohio (Greeg Reese Film)Learn How Euphrates River Drought Is A Sign Of End TimesChemtrails Killing LifeKids Forced to Take COVID ShotsOctagonal Structured Machine Shot Down By Fighter JetDrum, Cylinder and Octagon Shot Down Clif High Talks About Time and Carrying Thoughts Into The Future
David Weiss Flat Earth

David Weiss Flat Earth


Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? The choice is yours. If you want to know the truth about our flat world, listen to this show and there will be no turning back.
Colonel Wendelle StevensGerman Flying Saucer (Haunebu)ReincarnationUkraineLife ExensionStructures on the MoonSouth Pole
We Have Been Lied To About Every Part of the COVID Pandemic Dr Michael YeadonThe Intentional Mutation of the Virus for Gain of FunctionProject Veritas Reporter Exposes the True Danger of PfizerPfizer Directory of Research and Development Admiting They are Making Dangerous VariantsPeter McCullough Explains The Damage the Covid Shot is DoingDr Michael Yeadon Explains How Dangerous the COVID Shot isLearn What is Causing a Sudden Increase in Mass Death Before It Is Too Late
Clif High Talks About the World Economic ForumCovid Bioweapons Gone WrongWe are at War With ChinaThe CIA is Getting Rid of BidenMike Pence Is EvilRoger Stone Talks About Dangerous RepublicansAlex Goes Crazy!More Hudson Valley UFO SightingsThe ET From Tuscon The Dotman
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Brandon Higgins

best place for a copy of Might of Thoughts?

Jul 1st

Thomas George

Lear and what he has put out there for the open minded to ponder on, is just fascinating. I had seen an orange orb about the size of something between a baseball and a football about 3 years ago at the edge of the forest, hovering in the trees, pulsing irregularly and slowly, and flying deeper into the forest upon my approach on foot. I will forever wonder what it was doing there, and what exactly is was. At some point it would go off completely, only to come back on again. It had just gone dark outside. Wondrous life.

May 20th
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