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An American History podcast, hosted by Alex Hastie.

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Alex speaks with four experts on the black Civil War experience from emancipation to the post-war years. We're celebrating Juneteenth with a comprehensive look at the history of the battles, the struggles and the ultimate triumph of the United States Colored Troops (USCT), as they were known during the Civil War. From the battle of Fort Wagner to the disaster of the Battle of the Crater and the Union victory at Fort Fisher that accelerated the end of the Confederacy. Alex analyzes the too often overlooked contributions of black soldiers that helped win the Civl War.. We sit down with Doug Egerton, author of the definitive book about the black soldiers in the Civil War, Thunder at the Gates (2016). Doug speaks to us about the pioneering 54th and 55th Massachusetts regiments, the first two all-black regiments in the Union Army. We look at the life and service of Ohioan, James Monroe Trotter in the 55th and his rise to being one of the first African American army officers in US History. Doug takes us through the importance of the Battle of Fort Wagner in 1863 and how it shatters the racist image of the black soldier. Buy Thunder at the Gates here... We look at the experiences and bravery of the 5th and 27th USCT, the all-black Ohio USCT regiments. We're joined by authors and historians, Kelly Mezurek of Walsh University and Verb Washington from the University of Dayton. Both scholars take us inside the life of an all-black Civil War infantry regiment. The inequalities they faced when compared to the their white counterparts and their thrilling achievements on the battlefield from 1863-65. Both share the stories of two black Medal of Honor winners from Ohio, Robert Pinn and Milton Holland. As well as the black soldiers struggles and their impact on the broader civil rights battles of the 19th century. Buy Verb's book, Eagles On the Buttons here... Buy Kelly's book For the Own Cause here We also welcome Emmanuel Dabney, museum curator of the Petersburg National Battlefield Park in Virginia, to tell us about the catastrophic Battle of the Crater on July 30, 1864. This infamous battle is one of the most fascinating and disastrous days in the Union Army's history. Emmanuel looks at how the change of the battle plan involving black troops may have affected the outcome of the battle. Ohio v. the World: An American History podcast is now part of the Evergreen Podcast Network. Go to to check out all our past episodes and dozens of other great podcasts. Don't forget to rate and review our show and we'll read your reviews on the air in a future episode. Also you can email Alex at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Treason has been a popular topic in 2021 and Alex looks at two of the most infamous treason trials in American History w/Ohio connections: the Aaron Burr Conspiracy and the trial of Axis Sally. We sit down with one of our favorite historians, David O. Stewart, to discuss the long forgotten Burr Conspiracy of 1806-07. David sharers insight into Burr's life after he shoots and kills Alexander Hamilton while serving as the Vice President. We follow Burr into the West and his travels to Marietta, Ohio and nearby Blennerhassett Island. Did Burr really try to start a new country in the Western US with him as its leader? David Stewart, the author of the excellent book American Emperor: Aaron Burr's Challenge to Jefferson's America (Simon & Schuster, 2012) walks us through the ill-fated Burr Conspiracy and the country's first "Trial of the Century" as the former VP and founding father is tried for treason. Buy David's book about Aaron Burr here: We also visit with Bill Reynolds, historian from Marietta, Ohio's River Museum and Campus Martius Museum about Burr's activities in the Ohio settlement. Visit Marietta's great two museums online here Also Craig Pyles, the Superintendent of Blennerhassett Island State Park takes us to the shady happenings on this historic island in the Ohio River. We analyze the conspiracy between Burr and his financier on the island, Harman Blennerhassett. The Burr Conspiracy comes unraveled in spectacular fashion and both Burr and Blennershassett are arrested. Take a boat and tour the island this summer, a great day trip. In the second part of the episode we travel to Nazi Germany to hear the story of Mildred Gillars, aka Axis Sally, the American voice of Nazi Germany. Author Richard Lucas describes the transformation of a struggling Ohio actress to the top Nazi propagandist on Nazi radio. Lucas' biography of Axis Sally broke new ground on one of the most hated women in American History. His book, Axis Sally: the American Voice of Nazi Germany is available here: We follow Mildred's rise from theatre student at Ohio Wesleyan University to one of the Third Reich's most prized radio propagandists. Richard leads us through her infamous treason trial in 1949, which is the subject of the new Al Pacino movie "American Traitor." Lucas and Alex also uncover just how much she knew about the atrocities of the Nazi regime and her quiet life in Columbus, Ohio decades after her treasonous activity. Ohio v. the World: An American History podcast is now part of the Evergreen Podcast Network. Go to to check out all our past episodes and dozens of other great podcasts. Don't forget to rate and review our show and we'll read your reviews on the air in a future episode. Also you can email Alex at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Lions, tigers and bears...oh my! Alex travels to Eastern Ohio and the city of Zanesville to tell the story of one of the craziest and most dangerous events in Ohio history: the Zanesville Zoo Escape. When Terry Thompson released 50 of the world's most exotic and deadly animals on his hometown and then took his own life in October 2011. Alex relives the events of that surreal night with writers and even an animal activist that was on the ground in Zanesville. We tell the crazy true story of exotic animal ownership in the United States, it's bizarre history from Jack Hanna to Joe Exotic: the Tiger King. Alex is joined by Tim Harrison, Executive Director of Outreach for Animals to discuss his first hand experience of the Zanesville Zoo Escape and the continuing problem of exotic animal ownership and exploitation in America. Please donate to Tim's great organization Outreach for Animals by clicking here. We sit down with award-winning journalist and author, Rachel Nuwer, to discuss the story of Terry Thompson and her excellent book, Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking (2018). Rachel discusses the rise of exotic pet numbers in the US, the role of reality TV and the lack of laws in place prior to the Zanesville Zoo Escape. Also, check out Rachel's podcast from 2020, "Cat People". Buy her book Poached here Our third guest, Matt Tullis, professor at Fairfield University and former Columbus Dispatch zoo reporter joins us to talk about the life and shocking death of Terry Thompson and the details surrounding his release of his dozens of exotic animals in October 2011. Matt also talks with us about Jack Hanna, former Columbus Zoo director and television start. We chat about his career and his role in the tragic Zanesville Zoo Escape. Check out Matt's great podcast "Gangrey" about narrative journalism and his interviews with our nation's finest reporters. Ohio v. the World: An American History podcast is now part of the Evergreen Podcast Network. Go to to check out all our past episodes and dozens of other great podcasts. Don't forget to rate and review our show and we'll read your reviews on the air in a future episode. Also you can email Alex at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In Episode 2 of Season 6, Alex analyzes the rise and fall of Senator Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism's effect on the country and Ohio during the 2nd Red Scare of the 1950s. We study how America's love affair with bullies and how a paranoid nation briefly lost its way during the early years of the Cold War. We're joined by best selling author Larry Tye to discuss his book Demagogue, the definitive account of Senator Joe McCarthy from 2020. Buy Larry's book here Larry talks about McCarthy's meteoric rise in American politics and his equally rapid descent from the top of the political world. McCarthy's crusade against Communism at home shakes the very foundation of the country and divides the nation in half. Lives are ruined by McCarthy's baseless attacks on the Constitutional rights of Americans and we analyze how he was enabled by his political party, the media and even the President of the United States. The Second Red Scare cast its long shadow on Ohio and Ohioans as well. We sit down with University of Akron professor, Greg Wilson, about McCarthyism's effect on the Buckeye State. From the halls of the Ohio Statehouse, the Ohio UnAmerican Activities Committee wields its inquisition into suspected communists and subversives throughout the state. Greg walks us through 1950s Ohio and the Cold War stories of Ohioans persecuted by its own government. Don't forget to buy Greg's book Ohio: the History of the Buckeye State, the most comprehensive book on Ohio history on the market today. Buy his book co-authored by Kevin Kern here: Ohio v. the World: An American History podcast is now part of the Evergreen Podcast Network. Go to to check out all our past episodes and dozens of other great podcasts. Don't forget to rate and review our show and we'll read your reviews on the air in a future episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We're back! In the Season 6 premiere episode Alex looks at the extraordinary life of Akron, Ohio native NASA astronaut, Judy Resnik. We analyze the causes behind her tragic death in the Challenger Disaster on Jan. 28, 1986. On this 35th anniversary we take a fresh look at Judy's career and NASA's role in the loss of Challenger. Our guests include Helene Norin, Judy's cousin to discuss the Resnik family, Judy's youth in Akron and her journey to becoming the 2nd American female astronaut in space. Steven Leckart joins the show to talk about his excellent Netflix documentary, Challenger: The Final Flight. The 2020 documentary brings the Challenger crew and the controversy surrounding its final flight to millions of viewers. Lastly, we sat down with author and Columbia University professor Dr. Diane Vaughan to debunk some of the myths surrounding Challenger and her 1996 book Challenger Launch Decision. Click here to buy her award-winning book. This episode is in honor of Judy Resnik and Allan McDonald who passed away before we could complete our interview earlier this year. Allan was the "whistleblower" when it comes to the Challenger Disaster. We play some of Allan's testimony to the Rogers Commission following the accident and discuss his role in exposing the cover-up by some NASA administrators. Special thanks as well to friend of the show, Eric Hall, guitarist for the great Ohio band Red Wanting Blue. The music from today's episode was from Eric's new side project, Tick Tick Tick. Check out their debut EP at Ohio v. the World: An American History podcast is now part of the Evergreen Podcast Network. Go to to check out all our past episodes and dozens of other great podcasts. Don't forget to rate and review our show and we'll read your reviews on the air in a future episode. We'll be releasing episodes every other Tuesday this season, great to be back and thanks for listening. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 13: “William Howard Taft v. the World”. The Season 5 finale is here and we end our season on Ohio and the Presidency in a big way. Alex travels to Cincinnati, Ohio to bring you the story of William Howard Taft, the 27th President of the United States. The only person to be the Chief Executive and the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. We examine why Taft is an overlooked and underrated Commander in Chief in the early 20th Century. Alex speaks with Taft biographer, Jeffrey Rosen about the fascinating life and career of Will Taft. Rosen, the CEO of the National Constitution Center in Philiadelphia, is the author of the 2018 biography, William Howard Taft. An awesome book in the American Presidents Series, buy Jeffrey’s book here: Or get the audiobook on Audible Jeffrey discusses the mixed results of Taft’s presidency, his decade as Chief Justice and what President Taft would think of our chaotic politics today. Alex visits the William Howard Taft National Historic Site in Cincinnati and meets with Reggie Murray and Paula Marett to discuss Taft’s years as a student and judge in the Queen City. We chat about Taft’s years in the White House as a trustbuster and conservationist as well as his complicated relationship with Theodore Roosevelt. Visit the Taft Historic Site in Cincinnati at Lastly we’re joined by historians Jim Robenalt and Bruce Carlson to discuss Taft’s presidency and the unprecedented 1912 presidential election. They walk us through Taft’s infamous rift with former President Roosevelt and TR’s 3rd party bid for the White House against Taft in 1912. Bruce, host of the excellent podcast, My History Can Beat Up Your Politics, discusses the ultimate “October Surprise” when Roosevelt is nearly assassinated just before the election. An election that Taft would lose in historic fashion, only garnering 8 electoral votes. This might be our last episode of 2020 but we’ll still be very active and have new content during our break. Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram (ohiovtheworldpodcast) and Twitter @ohiovtheworld. You can email the show at with your show ideas or to order an Ohio v. the World t-shirt ($15 free shipping) to support the show. We’ll see everybody in 2021 for Season 6! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 12: Ohio v. First Ladies. Alex travels to Canton to the National First Ladies and Historic Site to speak with President and CEO Jennifer Highfield about Ohio’s 1st Ladies. We look at all 8 spouses of Ohio’s presidents and the evolution of the role of the First Lady. Visit the museum and library at in downtown Canton. Jennie shares the stories of Canton’s own Ida Saxton McKinley and Ohio’s last first lady, Florence Harding Alex is joined by author and historian Cormac O’Brien to discuss his fun and informative book, The Secret Lives of the First Ladies. Cormac leads our discussion on the fascinating Nellie Herron Taft and her life that seemed destined to live in the White House. Cormac also highlights the trailblazing Caroline Harrison and her tragic death in the White House in 1892. Buy Cormac’s awesome book here: We also discuss Ohio’s other First Ladies: Lucretia Garfield, Anna Harrison, Lucy Hayes and the wife of an Ohio President, Julia Grant and her awkward dinner with Queen Victoria in London. Many guests from earlier in the season join us to share stories about Ohio’s First Ladies in our penultimate episode of Season 5: Ohio and the Presidency. Don’t forget to email the show at and rate and review us on iTunes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 11: Ohio v. Debates

Episode 11: Ohio v. Debates


Episode 11: Ohio v Debates. It’s presidential debate season! As Trump and Biden prepare to square off this week in Cleveland at the 1st presidential debate of 2020, Alex looks back at the top 5 debates in presidential (and VP) debate history. We also look at the two previous debates that have taken place in the Buckeye State prior to Trump-Biden, Part 1. We are joined by author, professor and debate expert Alan Schroeder to discuss the history of presidential debates. Schroeder, author of Presidential Debates: 50 Years of High Risk TV, discusses the huge ratings of debates in the US and around the world. He helps us break down all the debates that have occurred in Ohio, including an interesting night in 2015 during the Republican primary. Alan shares his expertise on our top 5 debates of all time. Buy his fantastic book here. Former guests and historians, Jim Robenalt and Bruce Carlson, rejoin the show to talk about two debates from Ohio: the 1980 presidential debate between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter and the 2004 VP debate between Sen. John Edwards and VP Dick Cheney. Both taking place in Cleveland. Our other debates from the top 5 include the 1st televised presidential debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon from 1960, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s battle from 1976, George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis from 1988 and the infamous VP debate from that same year between Lloyd Bentsen and Dan Quayle. Only two shows left in Season 5: Ohio and the Presidency, thanks so much for listening to Ohio v. the Wold this year. Have fun watching the Trump-Biden debate in Cleveland this week and make sure you vote this fall. Email the show at and don’t forget to rate/review us on iTunes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 10: Benjamin Harrison v. the World. Alex goes to 4 different areas of the country to tell the story of one of America’s most forgotten Presidents, Benjamin Harrison. Our 23rd President was raised and educated in Ohio before moving to Indianapolis in his 20s and is claimed by both states. We discover that Harrison was a strong advocate for African American equality, an early environmentalist and a fantastic public speaker. He even stopped a pandemic as President before it could spread and kill Americans. Those qualities are compared to some of his failings as well. He was a one-term President and the country fell into a terrible depression shortly after he left the White House. Charles Hyde, President and CEO of the Harrison Presidential Site in Indianapolis, IN joins the show to discuss his youth in Ohio, his career in Indiana and his rise to General in the Union Army during the Civil War. Visit their excellent museum and check out their 3-D collection at Alexandra Petri, columnist at the Washington Post and self-proclaimed “Harrison enthusiast” talks about her love of the 23rd President and all of the important things that happened during his Presidency from 1889-1893. Alexandra discusses his cold nature in person, his narrow election win in 1888 and the introduction of electricity by the Harrisons to the White House. Follow Alexandra on Twitter @petridishes and check her hilarious new book Nothing is Wrong and Here is Why. Click link to purchase: Returning guests Zak Taylor from Georgia Tech University and Bruce Carlson of the podcast “My History Can Beat Up Your Politics” come on to discuss the Presidency of Benjamin Harrison. Zak discusses Harrison’s career, how his economic policies lead to the Panic of 1893 and the Cholera Scare of 1892. Bruce joins the show again and looks at Harrison’s campaign, the near war with Chile, the admission of a record 6 states into the Union and why Harrison is considered the “father of the modern navy.” Dont’ forget to rate and review the show on iTunes and you buy an Ohio v. the World t-shirt by emailing the show at Also, check out the PBS documentary “A President at the Crossroads”. Click here to stream Only 3 shows left in Season 5: Ohio v. the Presidency! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 9: “Warren G. Harding v. the World”. Alex gives the 29th President, Warren G. Harding, a thorough reevalutation 100 years after his election. You might be surprised with what he found. Harding, from Marion, OH, is always ranked near the bottom of the presidential rankings. After our research, we have to ask why? There’s scandals but there’s also some huge successes. We visit Harding’s hometown of Marion and meet with Sherry Hall, site manager of the Harding Home and soon to be open Harding Presidential Center. Sherry discusses his early years, 1st Lady Florence Harding and Harding’s rise to power. Sherry walks us through the front porch campaign of 1920, his election to Presidential and his 2.5 years in the White House. Sherry discusses President Harding’s “Return to Normalcy.” Visit for more information about the Harding Home and Memorial. As well as the Harding Presidential Center, opening in March to mark the 100 year anniversary of the inauguration. We are also joined once again by Jim Robenalt, author of The Harding Affair: Love and Espionage During the Great War. Buy a copy of that great book about President Harding here: Jim discusses why Harding is an underrated President and sheds light on some of the personal and political scandals that have dogged Harding’s legacy for a century. Two other former guests join us to discuss Harding as well. Kyle Kondik, political analyst from the Virginia Center for Politics comes on to discuss Harding’s landslide win in the 1920 election over Ohio Governor James Cox. Yes, there were two Ohioans running for President in 1920. Political scientist, Zak Taylor from Georgia Tech joins us to discuss Harding’s excellent economic record and helping the country bounce back from a serious economic downturn following World War I and the Spanish Flu pandemic. We are on the back stretch of Season 5: Ohio and the Presidency. Thanks so much for listening. Don’t forget to go buy Jim Robenalt’s amazing book about Warren G. Harding: The Harding Affair: Love and Espionage During the Great War. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 8: “Ohio v. Conventions”. Alex visits the convention hall floor and the smoke-filled rooms of America’s past political conventions in Ohio. Political conventions are going to look very different in 2020 but usually they’re the Super Bowl for political junkies. We breakdown all six major party political conventions that have taken place in Ohio in American history. We focus on the first convention to be held in the Buckeye State: the 1856 Democratic Convention in Cincinnati. This first Ohio convention nominates our 15th President, James Buchanan. Journalist and author, Robert Strauss joins us to discuss his book about Buchanan, Worst. President. Ever. Robert shares how Buchanan got the nomination in Cincinnati, won the election and why many historians consider him our worst president. Buy Robert’s book Worst. President. Ever. here We hit two conventions in Cincinnati in 1876 and 1880 with former guests Mike Allbritain, Todd Arrington and Dustin McLochlin. They walk us through the unlikely nomination of Ohioan Rutherford B. Hayes at the 1876 Republican Convention and Winfield Scott Hancock’s almost presidency as the nominee at the 1880 Democratic National Convention. We are joined by former guest and history professor at Case Western Reserve University, John Grabowski, to discuss the 1924 and 1936 Republican Conventions in Cleveland, OH. The successful presidential run of Calvin Coolidge is discussed as well as why a total of 3 political conventions were held on the shores of Lake Erie in 1924. We visit Depression-era Cleveland and the ill-fated nomination of Alf Landon at the 1936 Republican Convention. John and Alex look at life in Cleveland in the midst of the Great Depression and discuss the reasons behind Landon’s landslide defeat to FDR. Lastly, we go back to 2016 and the Republican National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. The unlikely nomination of Donald Trump is analyzed with author and political analyst, Kyle Kondik. Kyle was at the convention in 2016 and discusses Trump’s speech and the mood in the convention hall. We also look forward to President Trump’s re-election bid in 2020 in the ultimate swing state of Ohio. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 7: Ohio v. the Contenders. Alex catches “presidential fever” with 4 Ohioans who attempted to capture the highest office in the land. We sit down with the co-creators of “1865”, Steven Walters and Erik Archilla, to discuss the presidency and impeachment of Andrew Johnson. We discuss their 1865 Podcast, the impeachment of Andrew Johnson and the near presidency of Ohioan Benjamin Wade. Listen to 1865 here, my favorite podcast from 2019. Erik and Steven discuss their excellent show and answer the question: why is Andrew Johnson our worst President ever? Bruce Carlson from the excellent “My History Can Beat Up Your Politics” podcast rejoins the show to discuss Senator Ben Wade. We discuss how close Sen. Wade came to becoming the 18th President of the United States. Alex also revisits the story of the first woman to run for President, Victoria Woodhull. Woodhull, from Homer, Ohio, is what Alex calls “the most interesting woman in the world.” We follow Woodhull’s brief time in the woman’s suffrage movement, her run as the presidential candidate of the Equal Rights Party in the 1872 Election and her arrest just days before that election. We replay our interview with Lisa Wood from the Ohio History Connection. Alex also discusses two more modern contenders: John Glenn in 1984 and John Kasich in 2016. Bruce rejoins us to discuss Glenn’s failed run at the Democratic nomination and the similarities between the crowded ’84 field and the two dozen Democratic candidates in 2020. Political analyst Kyle Kondik joins the show again to discuss the failed presidential campaign of Ohio Governor John Kasich in 2016. We look at the crazy 2016 Republican primary campaign and Kasich’s attempted run as the moderate Republican candidate vs. Donald Trump. Stop what you’re doing and go listen to the 1865 Podcast from our guests Steven Walter and Erik Archilla. It’s my favorite history podcast from 2019 hands down. Also check out their great new show, American Election: Wicked Game. They breakdown the drama and the politics surrounding every US presidential election. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 6: Rutherford B. Hayes v. the World. Alex and his guests take a deep dive on Central Ohio’s only President and the most controversial election in US history. It’s time to talk some Rutherford B. Hayes, our 19th President (1877-1881). We visit the Hayes Presidential Museum & Library in Fremont, Ohio to discuss Rud’s career and his childhood in Delaware, Ohio. From Civil War general to Congressman and Governor to his run for the White House in 1876 we chat with Dustin McLochlin, historian from the Hayes Museum. Author Roy Morris, Jr. joins the show to explain the most complicated and controversial election in American history: the Election of 1876. Did Hayes actually lose the election against Democrat Samuel Tilden? Roy discuss his excellent book about the election, Fraud of the Century (Simon & Schuster, 2003). Buy the book here: We’re also joined by Zak Taylor, political scientist and professor at Georgia Tech, to discuss why Hayes’ presidency is vastly underrated and how the Hayes administration brought the country out of the Panic of 1873 and set the U.S. on a path for 50 years of economic growth. David Simmons joins to discuss Hayes’ central role in the founding of the Ohio State University as the Governor of Ohio in 1870 and later in post-presidency years as a Trustee of the University. We focus on the “stolen” election of 1876 and why President Hayes was known as “Rutherfraud” B. Hayes during his early years in the White House. But also discover that Hayes was a much better President than historians realize. Also, we study Hayes’ often criticized role in ending Reconstruction in the South and why the popular belief that he was singlehandedly responsible for the end of the Reconstruction Era is incorrect. Roy Morris lays out the striking similarities between the Election of 1876 and the more recent controversial Election of 2000 (Bush v. Gore). Rate/review the show on iTunes and email us Don’t forget to go visit Dustin McLochlin at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museum in Fremont, OH. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 5: William Henry Harrison v. The World. Alex jumps in the way, way back machine to the Campaign of 1840 to tell the story of the election of Ohio’s 1st President, William Henry Harrison. We learn why 1840 is truly the first modern presidential campaign from journalist and historian, Ron Shafer, as he walks us through the exciting campaign of “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.” Go buy Ron’s great book, The Carnival Campaign, click here. The 1840 Campaign between North Bend, Ohio’s General Harrison and incumbent President Martin Van Buren was the source of numerous “firsts” in presidential campaign history. From popularizing the word Buckeye to the first presidential campaign speech and almost all of this incredible history happened here in Ohio. Mud throwing, huge campaign rallies and even the first President to die in office, this election had it all. Historian, podcast host and Harrison enthusiast, Jerry Landry, join us to talk about the election of Harrison and his untimely death only one month into office. Jerry produced the William Henry Harrison Podcast and now hosts the history show, The Presidencies of the United States. We discuss what exactly is the Whig Party, as Harrison was the 1st Whig to be President. Jerry helps us finally debunk the old theory that Harrison died from pneumonia caused by giving the longest ever inaugural speech in the cold. So much of what we see in 21st Century presidential elections got its start 180 years ago in the “Log Cabin and Hard Cider” campaign. Thanks to Ron Shafer for joining us to discuss this transformative moment in Ohio and presidential history. Click the link below to buy his book, The Carnival Campaign: How the Rollicking 1840 Campaign of "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" Changed Presidential Elections Forever. Don’t forget to rate and review the show and you can always email us at Thanks for listening! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
EPISODE 4: “OHIO v. THE CAMPAIGN”. Alex takes a break from Ohio’s presidents to go on the campaign trail through the history of presidential elections in the Buckeye State. We focus on the Ohio campaigns of four famous chief executives: Abraham Lincoln, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama. We visit the Ohio Statehouse to talk with Chris Matheney, the historic site manager of the Ohio Statehouse, about Abraham Lincoln’s three visits to “The People’s House” in downtown Columbus from 1859-1865. Alex also sits down with author and historian Jim Robenalt to discuss Teddy Roosevelt’s famous visit to Ohio in 1912 to declare his candidacy for the Republican nomination against incumbent Republican President, William Howard Taft. Robenalt takes us to both Cleveland and Columbus to lay out when Roosevelt “threw his hat in the ring” for another bid for the White House. Kyle Kondik, author of The Bellwether: Why Ohio Picks the President, joins us from his home at the Univ. of Virginia Center for Politics to relive the 1932 and 1940 campaigns of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Ohio. Hear from FDR himself on the stump in Ohio and buy Kyle’s awesome book, The Bellwether. It’s the ultimate book on presidential elections in Ohio, click link here to buy it. Lastly, Alex sits down with two friends both named Mike to discuss the 2008 campaign between Barack Obama and John McCain. Alex visits with Defiance, OH native Mike O’Neil, former special assistant to President Obama, to discuss Senator Obama’s victorious campaigns in Ohio in ’08 and ’12. It was one of the most fun interviews we’ve done on Ohio v. the World. We also welcome back to the show Mike Allbritain to discuss McCain’s announcement of Sarah Palin as VP in Dayton, Ohio. Mike and Alex also talk about the role of Toledo, Ohio native, “Joe the Plumber”, in the historic 2008 campaign. Don’t forget to rate/review the show on iTunes and don’t hesitate to reach out to Alex about the show and future show ideas at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 3: James Garfield v. the World. Alex tells a story he’s waited years to share, the improbable rise and tragic death of our 20th President, Cleveland’s own James Garfield. We’re joined by one of Alex’s favorite authors and historians, the incomparable Candice Millard. Millard, the Ohio native, is the author of the award-winning book Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President (2012). BUY THIS BOOK here, you won’t be sorry. Alex goes to Garfield’s home in Mentor, OH and meets with Todd Arrington, site manager of the James A. Garfield National Historic Site. Todd and Alex discuss Garfield’s humble beginnings in NE Ohio, his brilliance in all disciplines, rise to General in the Union Army and his career in the US Congress. We also discuss his dark horse nomination and narrow election to the Presidency in 1880. We encourage you to visit the National Park Service’s site that Todd manages in Mentor. Lastly, we met with Sarah Chase, graduate of Garfield’s alma mater Hiram College in NE Ohio and producer of the awesome podcast, Clear and Vivid w/ Alan Alda. We focus on Garfield’s unlikely election in 1880 and his short presidency. His rivalry with powerful Senator Roscoe Conkling and their battle over civil service reform dominates his healthy months in office. Candice introduces us to his assassin, the deranged office seeker, Charles Guiteau. She takes us through the medical malpractice that dooms the President’s recovery and the political fallout of his slow and agonizing death. Don’t forget to rate and review the show and you can always email us Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@ohiovtheworld) and Instagram. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 2: Ulysses S. Grant v. the World. Alex is back with the story of one of the most famous Ohioans of all time, our 18th President Ulysses S. Grant of Georgetown, Ohio. We explain why Grant, the hero of the Civil War, is one of America’s most underrated Presidents. In fact no President is rising faster in 21st Century presidential rankings than US Grant. Our episode will focus on Grant’s youth near the Ohio River in Georgetown, OH and his presidency from 1869-77. We’ll leave his Civil War heroics for a different show. Or just go watch the new mini-series, GRANT, out Memorial Day 2020 on the History Channel. Alex is joined by biographer and historian, Dr. Ronald C. White, Jr., to discuss his New York Times bestseller, American Ulysses (2016). This incredible biography of General Grant helped to spark a new analysis among historians of President Grant’s administration and his standing in presidential rankings. Buy Ron’s book here: Alex is also joined Lee Schweickart from the US Grant Homestead Association. Lee joined us to discuss Ulysses’ youth in SW Ohio, his time at West Point and how he got the name Ulysses S. Grant, because that’s not his given name at his birth in April 1822 in Pt. Pleasant, OH. You can visit the historical sites in Georgetown, Ohio at: Lastly, Alex sits down with Ryan Semmes from the US Grant President Presidential Library. This beautiful new building dedicated to Grant and the era of Reconstruction is located on the campus of Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS. Ryan joins to talk about the Grant Administration’s major foreign policy initiatives, his 1872 reelection and his eventful post presidential years. Don’t forget to Subscribe to the show on iTunes. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (ohiovttheworldpodcast) and Twitter (@ohiovtheworld). Or just email us at Happy Memorial Day! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
EP. 1: William McKinley v. the World (Part 1). We’re back and ready to get presidential in 2020. We kickoff Season 5 with a two-part episode on our 25th President, William McKinley from Canton, OH. Part One examines McKinley’s childhood in NE Ohio, Civil War service (he was the final Civil War vet to be POTUS), rise in Ohio and national politics and his election to the White House in 1896 against the Democrat challenger, William Jennings Bryan. We are joined in Part One by Robert Merry, author of the book President McKinley: Architect of the American Century (Simon&Schuster, 2017). Buy that book! It’s fantastic. Here’s a link: Robert will let us know just how President McKinley became the architect of the American Century with his understated style of leadership and why that has lead to his distinguished career to be too often forgotten in American history. Alex also speaks with University of Akron history professor Kevin Kern about McKinley’s career and life in Ohio and in Congress in the 19th century. We meet with Amber Farris, the museum director at the McKinley Birthplace Museum in Niles, OH about the Will McKinley’s early years in the Youngstown area, his Civil War years and his move to Canton, OH. Visit that great museum online (for now) at It’s great to be back for our 5th season which will focus on Ohio and the Presidency. Don’t forget to listen to the exciting conclusion of Episode One in Part 2 of “William McKinley v. the World” which is always out now! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@ohiovtheworldpodcast) and Twitter (@ohiovtheworld). You can reach us at as well. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
EP. 1: William McKinley v. the World (Part 2). Thanks for listening to the exciting conclusion of our Season 5 premiere. We discuss with our guests McKinley’s relationship with Theodore Roosevelt, the “Splendid Little War” known as the Spanish American War, the economic boom of the McKinley years and his tragic assassination in Buffalo, NY in 1901. We are joined in Part One by Robert Merry, author of the book President McKinley: Architect of the American Century (Simon&Schuster, 2017). Buy that book! It’s fantastic. Here’s a link: Robert helps us breakdown how the United States became a world power and an empire in McKinley’s 4.5 years as Commander in Chief. We look at the success of the Spanish American War and McKinley’s complicated legacy following his death. Alex also speaks again with University of Akron history professor Kevin Kern about McKinley’s foreign policy successes, the humanitarian crisis in Cuba that lead to the Spanish American War and the President’s assassin, Leon Czolgosz. We are also joined by Anthony Greco from the Buffalo History Museum to discuss the McKinley’s tragic killing at the Pan American Exposition in 1901. Visit the great Buffalo History Museum (online for now) at Make sure you listen to Part 1 of “William McKinley v. the World” before enjoying Part 2 of our Season 5 premiere episode. Thanks for joining us in 2020 for our season on Ohio and the Presidency. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@ohiovtheworldpodcast) and Twitter (@ohiovtheworld). You can reach us at as well. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Season 5 Preview: We’ll preview Season 5 of Ohio v. the World with clips and sneak peaks of all 13 episodes for our election year season. We’re calling Season 5: “Ohio v. the Presidency.” From President Monroe to President Trump we’ll relive all the famous presidents and presidential moments from the history of the Buckeye State. Episode 1: William McKinley v. the World will premiere on Sunday May 10th. It’a two-part episode on our 25th President from Canton, Ohio. New episodes come out every other Sunday all the way up until Election Day 2020. Subscribe to the pod on iTunes, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram (ohiovtheworldpodcast) and Twitter (@ohiovtheworld). Email the show directly at and check out our website Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Daniel Taylor

I really enjoy the Ohio v. series especially those events that happened during my lifetime. However, during the John Glenn episode one fact is completely wrong. The Friendship 7 flight did not splash down in the Pacific Ocean but in the Atlantic. This is well known and hopefully it doesn't reflect on the research quality of this or other episodes.

Aug 21st
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