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Old Bloke Goes Whaling

Old Bloke Goes Whaling


This time Old Bloke sets off to find some whales just outside Glasgow...
Old Bloke finished his camping experience while pondering the midge.
Old Bloke continues his camp on Islay but is tempted by two dusky maidens...
This time Old Bloke goes camping on Islay. Strange days and strange ways make it a trip to remember.
This time Old Bloke goes to a haunted house and thinks back to spooky happenings in his youth.
This time Old Bloke escapes lockdown and travels to Buckie by the sea. Apart from the odd scrape with the locals, all goes well...
This time Old Bloke ventures out for a restaurant meal after lockdown eases a bit. But all doesn’t go to plan.
This time old bloke wanders up the farm track but down memory lane. Old escapades while working with animals all come flooding back.
Old Bloke continues his shooting adventures in the macro world and gets a bit distracted. False accusations and thoughts of the old days begin to creep into he script.
This time Old Bloke takes up wildlife photography after a drunken purchase on eBay.
Old Blokevlooks at the bird life on his roof during lockdown and decides thr the Gulls have had a bad rap
Old Bloke Goes to War

Old Bloke Goes to War


This time Old Bloke during gets caught up in an age old battle between good and evil.
This time Old Bloke goes down to the river where he looks at the history and the wildlife. Dye-works and Goosanders feature in this wee escapade along the banks of the Leven.
This time Old Bloke uses his lockdown daily exercise to uncover more links between King Arthur and The Vale of Leven. Nature and history collide as we trace his steps.
This time Old Bloke is sent out to investigate some weird noises in the garden. But all does not go to plan
This time Old Bloke uses his exercise time to see if Camelot was in fact originally on the hill above his house.
Old Bloke Goes Slating

Old Bloke Goes Slating


This time Old Bloke looks up the roof that’s keeping him safe and sheltered from the outside world. In doing so he discovers all sorts of things about the materials, history, creatures and...perhaps his Better Half’s intentions.
This time, Old Bloke goes to his beech trees for inspiration and some interesting facts in these days of tedium...
Old Bloke Goes Buzzing

Old Bloke Goes Buzzing


This time, Old Bloke looks at spiders and bumble bees while coming under misile attack... we also get a nice Victorian poem about the bumble bee...
Old Bloke confesses more than a passing interest in bugs and owns up to a naughty escapade any years ago...
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