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Author: Jill Winger

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Have you felt it? Something is rippling through humanity at this moment. It's a stirring... a longing... a remembering. A sense that we are more capable than we’ve been led to believe. We want to feel alive, not sedated.. but we've lost our way. We've traded a life intertwined with nature for asphalt and artificial lights. We've swapped natural movement for a sedentary existence. We've given up food from the earth in favor of food from the factory. We've sacrificed our traditional skillsets for apps and gadgets. But while our overdose on modernity may have made us sick, there is an antidote. Join best-selling author and mentor, Jill Winger, each week as she digs into a different facet of the old-fashioned on purpose lifestyle.
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Welcome to the very first episode of Old Fashioned On Purpose! My name is Jill Winger, and on today's episode I'm thrilled to share with you my very unlikely foray into homesteading. You'll hear why growing up as city kids didn't prevent my husband and I from achieving our goal of owning milk cows, cultivating our own gardens, building our own farm, and so much more. If you've ever had any interest in homesteading, don't miss your chance to peek in on my journey. Befo...
Have you ever wondered if raised beds were the answer to your garden issues? When Christian and I started our first garden on our homestead, we began with a traditional in-ground garden. After a somewhat comical mistake involving manure, we quickly had a yard growing in our garden. Certainly not an ideal situation. Though a temporary solution worked for a while, we discovered a deeper issue as a result of previous pesticide use. Enter raised beds. Listen today to...
It’s summertime, and beyond the beautiful weather, it means that all of the amazing fruits are in season. What does in-season fruit mean? Jam of course! While I love to make jam, I’ve always found that most jam and jelly recipes are loaded with added sugar. If you’re anything like me, you want to use as little added sugar as you can. Today I’m going to teach you how to easily create incredible tasting jams with having to overload them with white sugar. Some ...
One of the most common concerns I hear from people looking to get into homesteading is what happens when you need to leave or take a vacation? While we want all of the joys that a homestead provides, certainly there can be issues when needing to be away for a prolonged period of time. Fear not my friends, I'm here to explain how you can leave your homestead without a great deal of worry. Listen today to find out how we prepare for trips away from the homestead. This ep...
By far the number one fear I hear the most in regards to canning concerns food poisoning. Better known as botulism, this phenomenon has the potential to cause some very serious health problems. While botulism has the can be extremely dangerous, I’m here to provide some guidance to help you mitigate any possible risk. From acidity to temperature to different types of canning, listen to find a comprehensive guide on canning safely. Some key highlights from today's ...
First and foremost, let me ease your concerns. I’m not here to give you a recipe a special morning beverage made from compost. Today you’re going to learn about a special fertilizer that is sure to produce miracles in your garden. You’ll learn the difference between aerated and non-aerated tea, why non-aerated tea is my weapon of choice, and how you can make it for free. Listen to find out why compost tea is one of the best ways to give your plants a 100% organic boost...
Hail is one of the most destructive forces when it comes to the health and well-being of your garden. If you’re anything like myself, you can relate to the devastation of walking outside and seeing your garden in tatters following a hail storm. Unfortunately, a recent storm crushed months of hard work, time, and money. Even though I was bummed and initially wanted to quit gardening, it ultimately wound up creating a positive shift in my attitude. Today I’m going to ou...
Who knew canning tomatoes was such a controversial subject? When you stumble across canning discussions on Facebook or in other homestead groups, this seems to be one of the most hotly contested topics. Why you might ask? Primarily because many canning organizations challenge certain traditions in terms of how foods should be canned. Fear not my friends. In today’s episode, I share a simple solution that will allow you to utilize any canning method you desire. I also dig deep into the d...
Yes, it’s that special time of year that we all love: Fly Season! For all of my fellow homesteaders currently in the throes of fly season and the ones about to experience it, I’m here to deliver my top four strategies on how to mitigate our pesky little friends. I provide in depth details on each strategy and all of the necessary links to access the tools mentioned in the episode.My Top Four Strategies for Natural Fly Control: Fly predators: “Good" bugs fighting “Bad” bugs.&n...
Are you tired of dealing with soft, squishy pickles? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has dealt with this problem. After years of experimentation and fighting with different recipes, I’ve collected these 5 simple tips to take your pickles to the next level. We’ll learn why small cucumbers are the best, why immediate canning leads to crunchy pickles, and why the blossom end might be our biggest enemy. You’ll also hear about my favorite way to keep pickles fresh for th...
Have you ever struggled to keep your weeds at bay? It’s one of the most common problems for any homesteader. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to be spending three hours a day in my garden just to keep my weeds under control. Over the years I’ve tried dealing with this issue in many different ways. Today I’m here to share my most effective tips in weed control. These will not only save you time, but they will also give you peace of mind. Make su...
As we’re approaching harvesting season on the homestead, it’s crucial to be prepared for the bounty of food that’s about to roll in. Whether it’s coming from your own garden, a farmers market, or other local producers, understanding how to properly preserve the harvest will provide wonderful meals for months to come. Today we’re going to focus on my favorite method of food preparation: canning. In particular, I’m presenting the 5 most common mistakes people make when i...
We all make mistakes. Let me tell you, Christian and I have made quite a few on our homesteading journey. In today’s episode, I’m going to dive into the top 5 mistakes we’ve made over the last few years. These learning experiences are sure to save you time, money, and headaches in the process. No matter if you own a homestead, are interested in becoming a homesteader, or simply enjoy learning about the lifestyle, there are valuable lessons to learn throughout.Some high...
Eating fruits and vegetables fresh off the vine is always the preferred method for optimum nutritional value. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to consume our fresh foods before they go bad. So what’s the best way to preserve the harvest? Research shows that proper canning is the best way to ensure nutrients remain locked in your foods as long as possible. Listen today to discover everything you need to know about the shelf-life of nutrients when it comes to pres...
Greetings friends and family! Back in episode 3 I explained the benefits of raised garden beds and why we chose to use them on our homestead. Today I’m going to talk about several different options on how you can create raised beds on your own. You’ll also get a detailed explanation on how we built own very own, incredibly unique raised beds made out of steel. I’m hoping this episode will make it clear that there’s no right or wrong way to build a raised bed, it simply...
Today I’m going to be taking a deep dive into one of the more controversial topics on the homesteading front. Although both dairy goats and milk cows are viable options, find out why Christian and I eventually moved to milk cows and sold our goats. Learn the main differences when it comes to cost, pasture space, transportation, and overall taste of milk. If you are considering entering the world of home dairy or contemplating making a switch, this episode will provide everyt...
When Christian and I first started out, we were relying on his single income as an electrician. By staying out of debt and focusing on doing anything we could do to earn extra money, it allowed us to build our homestead piece-by-piece. Regardless of where you’re at financially, it’s possible to get into the homestead game. Before you begin on your journey there’s some key things you should know. First and foremost, it’s going to take a serious amount of discipline alon...
Whether or not you are currently a homesteader, I’m willing to bet that we both share this common problem. Time is our most valuable commodity, and usually the first and easiest thing to sacrifice is a good home cooked meal. Today I’m here to not only explain why you don’t have to sacrifice cooking from scratch but also provide the tools you need to make your home cooked meals a reality.Some highlights from the episode: Why humans are born to create Why menu planning wil...
When is the “simple life” not always simple? For those of you transitioning into the homestead lifestyle, it’s pretty much all the time. From barn construction to dairy goats to him baked bread and so much more, it’s a never ending cycle of building and improving. How do I know? I’ve been there. Even with all the homesteading experience Christian and I now have, we still find ourselves overwhelmed at times. Today I’m going to demystify the process of starti...
On today’s episode, you’re going to learn how Christian and I are managing to raise old-fashioned kids in the modern technological world. How our we accomplishing this? Mostly by providing our kids with unstructured time. It turns out that allowing time for your children to be bored will actually increase their creativity. Who knew? Listen to find out why letting go of your kids is actually the best thing you could ever do as a parent.Some highlights from the epi...
Comments (39)

Melissa Marie Parkes

I absolutely loved this. My husband and I wrestle daily with the where will we homestead after the military. Where is our community? All of these topics about how people are different together for the same cause is sooo good. Thank you!

May 9th

Saba Shehzadi


Feb 5th

Milania Greendevald

The changing seasons can be a major challenge for your garden and lawn. In this case, with greenhouses everything is much simpler and clearer, but not everyone knows how to prepare their plants for the cold. I read useful information on this topic here

Dec 8th

Shanna Toews

I'm not even half done listening yet and I'm really liking it

Sep 13th

star farer

this episode got a little bit new agey for me

Aug 13th

Chessa Stockton

I have been following Rob for several years now. I love the idea of using the problem to create the solution.

Apr 3rd

Shanna Toews


Feb 24th

Stephanie Warner

This was such a helpful podcast! As a diabetic, I deeply appreciated the info on low sugar jams.

Dec 22nd

Elizabeth Threlkeld

oh no!! what happened to the end?? 🙁

Sep 30th

Shanna Toews

And then there's Canada! I'm from Alberta

Jun 16th

Shanna Toews

Inspires me to sometime try blueberries here in Zone 3!

Jun 1st

Lila Miller

We're getting started with meat rabbits this year. I'd love to listen to a podcast about them!

May 21st

Lila Miller

I've heard the yellow fat means they are eating more grass/greens, so white fat means they didn't get access to grass like store cows.

May 21st

Lila Miller

I agree with this opinion, but it wasn't mentioned that chickens do perfectly fine in cold so long as they have all their feathers. Chicks without all their feathers DO need a heat source, whether it is a brooder plate, heat lamp, or mama hen. But once they reach the age of 6-8 weeks they should be fine. But you still have to harden them off to cold, like garden plants. You don't want to move chicks from your toasty house straight to freezing temps as soon as they reach two months of age.

May 20th


This woman is living my dream life. Kudos to her

May 17th

Lila Miller

I put determined broody hens who I want to break in a dog crate with a wire floor. I lift the cage up so the air comes up through the wire and onto her belly. I've found it to be the quickest method.

May 11th

My Inspiration

check out the casual pepper podcast. no fear mongering, but practical suggestions wrapped in satire.

Oct 20th

Karen Hall

So true!

Sep 30th

Shalom Acres

This is a great episode! I've been feeling the same way. so much craziness going on right now. I think I'm going to replace my smart phone with a Gabb phone. It's made for kids but I think it would benefit the distracted adult! No internet at all on it! Thank you!!

Oct 22nd

Rachel Purcell

file didn't seem to load properly

Aug 31st
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