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Author: Jenny Eclair & Judith Holder

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From the writers of the internationally successful Grumpy Old Women, award winning Comedian Jenny Eclair and Producer and Writer Judith Holder deliver Older & Wider, a podcast that offers insight, gossip and general news from the menopausal front and beyond. A podcast worth getting your ears syringed for.
95 Episodes
This week on the podcast Jenny and Judith discuss faffing, footballer's names, a hankering for corned beef and a big cycling achievement. To enter the craft competition send your pics to To find out more about Jenny's Bake off event with Waterstone's visit To find out more about Clare's Crafts visit
Its the 90th episode of Older & Wider and the two J's discuss what they might be like at 90! There is a hotel update from Jenny and some art and Poppy news from Judith. They chat all things The Crown and celebrate the Gang's 'reason's to be cheerful'. Enjoy!
***Merch Alert***

***Merch Alert***


Good news Older & Wider gang, our merch is available to order! For key rings, badges, tea towels and more visit Enjoy!
On this week's podcast Jenny joins the gang from Manchester where she is currently staying (very safely) in a hotel for work... She fills Judith in on her new routine and of course meal choices. Judith had a pre lockdown trip with Sienna and got crafty with jewellery and the pair discuss their latest book choices.
On the podcast this week Jenny and Judith prepare themselves for lockdown part 2. This includes getting some kind of box and hibernating. They discuss new projects, their fitness regimes and partners pulling meals. Email the show Follow the show on Instagram @olderandwiderpodcast
This week on the podcast Judith has some news, Jenny has had some unwelcome house guests and the pair bond over Rebecca on Netflix. They also talk portraits, jogging and some very cold wild swimming. Email the podcast Follow the podcast on Insta @olderandwiderpodcast To find out more about Polo Images visit
This week on the podcast Jenny and Judith discuss dips, coleslaw (natch) tiers and there is an update on Judith's worry group which involves zip wires and tax returns. Enjoy! Email the podcast Follow the podcast on Instagram @olderandwiderpodcast
This week on the podcast Judith fills us on her cycling trip up north, Jenny has a running update and the two discuss other podcasts... Jenny has completed a tapestry and Judith is hoping to get rid of the trouser press. All of this and a culture round up! The charity that Jenny talked about is Email the show Follow the show on Instagram @olderandwiderpodcast
This week on the podcast the team reunite after a week's break. Judith has been at the Norfolk Painting school and Jenny has been visiting her Mum and keeping up with the running app! There is some glasses chat, a culture round up and some Poppy play date news. Email the show Follow the show on Instagram @olderandwiderpodcast For more information on Norfolk painting school go to
On the podcast this week Jenny & Judith put out a pledge for some more versions of the theme tune...perhaps some beat boxing? Judith reveals what she has been doing with all her apples and Jenny describes a perfect Sunday - deckchairs and show off yoga included. The podcast will return on Friday 9th October - please email the podcast : Follow the podcast on Instagram @olderandwiderpodcast If you would like to get in touch with the podcast about sponsorship or have any other queries please email
This week on the podcast Jenny reveals a new fitness regime - much to Judith's horror. They catch up on how Jenny's Mum is doing and share some memories of 'too many women in the kitchen'. There is some horse riding and a Poppy the Puppy update. Enjoy! Email the show Follow the show on instagram @olderwiderpodcast
This week on the podcast Jenny is at her Mum's and it's been a difficult few days after June was taken ill . Judith is recording from West Wales where it's been a drizzly holiday with Fish and Chips on the car bonnet and some dolphin watching... sans dolphin. Email the show at Follow the show on instagram @olderandwiderpodcast
This week on the podcast Jenny and Judith discuss how good (and fat) they would be as detectives and they also ponder over a new career in retails. Jenny has had a busy weekend and is at a loss after finishing the Sopranos and Judith is gearing up for a family holiday with lots of board games! Enjoy. Email the show Follow the show on instgram @olderwandwiderpodcast
Jenny and Judith were finally reunited for a spot of lunch and a couple of costume changes! This week on the podcast they rate each other out of ten for host and guest. They discuss recorders and music class memories and they both recount some face mask confrontation. Stay safe and enjoy! Email the show Follow the show on Instagram @olderandwiderpodcast
This week Jenny and Judith catch up on what they have been up to the last couple of weeks - Jenny has visited her Mum and Judith as been having car wash troubles - with Poppy in toe! Email the show Follow the show on Instagram @olderwiderpodcast
Jenny and Judith bring you a slightly different Older & Wider this week. They have been answering questions from the gang which unsurprisingly were brilliant! Enjoy the two talking about their career highlights, desert island choices and of course the Lakeland Catalogue. Stay safe! x
Older & Wider returns this week with some great holiday stories and we find out how Judith's Birthday went. Jenny gives an update on a health issue and of course there is a brief Puppy update. Stay safe and enjoy!
It's holiday season and this week Judith sends the gang a short message and a Poppy the Puppy update. Older & Wider HQ will return to normal service next week. If you would like to email Judith and Jenny the address is and follow them on Instagram @olderandwiderpodcast.
This week on the podcast Judith shares with the gang the arrival of Poppy the Pup and Jenny introduces the 'snore law' to monitor how much puppy chat there is. The pair discuss the latest royal wedding, sandal gate and a cooking incident involving some very pretty swiss chard. Follow the podcast on Instagram @olderandwiderpodcast Email the show
On the podcast this week Judith reports back after her break to Cornwall. Jenny is having holiday envy and has started wearing sleepwear outside plus she has finally been sent her DIY bowel cancer testing kit. The pair discuss Judith's sandals, make up under face masks and memories from your phone. Enjoy and stay safe! You can email the podcast You can follow the show on instagram @olderandwiderpodcast
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Debbie Whewell

Tried to purchase before..don't have any of the payment methods offered.

Nov 13th

Kathleen Johnstone


Jul 27th

Jane Matthews

pls hurry and get broadcasting more. sitting here in NZ waiting xxx

Jun 25th

Anne Simpson

Soo enjoyed this podcast, missed you ladies lots

Nov 23rd

Belinda Rose Bond

Just love it! Been waiting patiently for the next pod cast, thanks Jenny & Judith you make my day! Lots of love Belinda xx

Jun 21st

Belinda Rose Bond

Hi girls just love your little podcast lay in bed at nite with my headphones on chuckling to myself. Hubby thinks I have gone absolutely mad. Keep up the good work!! Lots of love Belinda from Suffolk

May 23rd

Deborah Champion

Just love listening to your podcast. Thank you for making we 50+ women more visible. Love you both and your wonderful guests. Dee xxx

Mar 29th

Dave Ward

saw you both on breakfast tv...decided to have a gander....interesting, entertaining and humorous....stick with it girls....kindest regards...Dave...

Feb 15th
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