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Jenny and Judith get nostalgic for their Nana's as they discuss the realities of being a Grandparent. Judith is working on her projects in Cornwall while Jenny is on the hunt for a sofa bed in London.
It's been a busy and an emotional week for Jenny as her Grandson, Baby Arlo Jude came in to the world. As well as discussing Jenny's busy week the pair chat Grandparent duties and names, what will it be Granny or Nana? Judith had a birthday and a rather wonky cake and the two even have time to take a trip to culture corner!
It's a special podcast this week as Jenny kicks off early with a special announcement. As well some lovely news, the pair talk weddings, leftovers and heat wave fashion.
On this week's podcast Jenny and Judith get to grips with the heat, discuss the prep for the forthcoming wedding and both get excited for the imminent arrival of Phoebe's baby!
This week on the podcast Judith is taking some well deserved 'me' time. Meanwhile Jenny has been to the cinema and has developed a new crush. The pair discuss Bo Jo's exit and wait for him to take to the podium - even Charlie State is off the sofa! As the self appointed new Culture Ministers the 2 J's bring you all their weekly recommendations. Enjoy!
On the podcast this week Judith is on a family trip to Cornwall and is feeling 'panto' tired. Jenny has had a tooth out but managed a trip to the cinema and is on her best behaviour for her and Geoff's 5 year wedding anniversary.
After a week's break Jenny & Judith are back to discuss their holiday food highlights, Judith's undercarriage post mammoth cycle and what Jenny said they she immediately regretted...
Judith and Jenny catch up after an eventful week. Judith has been on a hen that involved cheerleading and a bottomless brunch. Jenny has been at Hay and saw a lovely (famous) mouth! They pay homage to Paula Rego and serve up some culture corner.
On the podcast this week Judith is still looking for the mother of the bride outfit which takes it's toll in Liberty. Jenny is having duvet troubles, 30 tog in June! The two discuss fake tan, meals from their week and there's even a bit of flouncing! All of this plus some culture corner and Abba Avatar news.
It's been an eventful week with some thundery weather, a trip to Somerset and a Cook discovery. Judith is annoyed with Mike over some misplaced frozen foods and the pair share their cultural recommendations. Enjoy gang!
On the podcast this week Jenny and Judith talk babies and temazepam and they say a big NO to food waste. Judith has been shopping for a mother of the bride dress while Jenny is suffering with her poor roses and post covid hair.
On the podcast this week Jenny & Judith discuss their get together with the twins - matching outfits and all. Judith has an unfortunate incident with a dog and Jenny has been getting lost on London's roads. All of tis plus Culture Corner and some gang correspondence.
On the podcast this week Jenny and Judith bond over dungarees and dummies, they discuss Swedish art and talk through the problems with cherry blossom confetti. Enjoy!
Jenny is in Stockholm and Judith is in Cornwall but by the magic of technology a podcast is still possible! This week the pair discuss Stockholm - food, art and hotel beds. Plus Judith is with Poppy having some twin free time on Cornwall.
The two J's are reunited after a double case of Covid, an Easter break and lots of dirty nappies! The pair catch up on all things gang related including Culture Corner and a purchase of the week!
It's a shorter episode than usual this week. Judith has been struck down with Covid and Jenny is in between tour shows. Nevertheless the pair manage to have catch up on their week which includes some shoe chat, a new house guest for Judith and Culture Corner. The podcast is taking a short break but will be back on April 22nd! Much love gang, Jenny & Judith xxx
On this week's podcast Judith fills Jenny in on the double night feeds and the latest wedding plans. Jenny shares her events from the week and the two talk Apprentice, fashion and of course - Culture Corner!
Jenny and Judith catch up this week and celebrate Jenny's Birthday! Judith also fills the gang in with her Grandmother duties! They talk menu masochism, feeding times and of course culture corner!
It's the first time the 2 J's speak since the birth of Stanley & Edward. Judith fills the gang in on life as a Grandmother and why she was stuck at a fancy diner before she met them. Jenny is up North for Drawers Off and manages some family visits. All of this plus Culture Corner. Email the show Follow the show on Instagram @olderandwiderpodcast
Tissues at the ready gang... This week is a bit different. Jenny is in Manchester & Judith is in Oxford but due to schedules (and new born Grandsons) the pair have separately recorded a brief message to update you on their week. Enjoy! x
CommentsΒ (16)

Jayne Horton

OMG, I cannot tell you how much I love love love listening to you two 'ladies'. I am currently going through your back catalogue ( probably 4 a day) and I will be devasted when I will have to just wait for weekly updates. Does that make me a sad weirdo? Jayne 59 and 1/12th 😘😘😘😘

Jun 3rd

Jenny Jones

sadly I dont live in Chch or I would drop her a care package. i know people are doing that. not long now

Jun 24th

Sal Bacon

Sal 57.5: Drawers off was great. Absolutely brilliant show, suitable for all (ages) and showed everyone should give drawing/painting a go. It also celebrated the amateur artist, and what a great range of lovely, talented people we got to see and appreciate. Jenny and Diane were fantastic, encouraging, generous and knowledgeable. I used to enjoy Paul OGrady when he was on at tea time, it was like going round after school to your mates house and not wanting to go home. Drawers Off is nothing like this form of entertainment (obviously), but has been the only programme that has exceeded this feel good factor and wish to tune in at tea time every day since. I loved it and hope Channel 4 sign you up for the next five years ... as long as that fits in with your plans :) xx #channel4

May 16th

Hayley Hammond

Bloody love your podcast

May 10th

Sal Bacon

Good thing about Mah Jong in the park is that it doesn't blow away πŸ˜†πŸ‘ Sal 57. 25

Apr 12th

Joan Pears

So glad you're both back, like many at the moment concentration can be a bit of an issue, so, this and Jennie's Little lifetimes are perfect. Thank you. Joan

Jan 20th

Julia Nelson

loving catching up on all previous episodes. Can we have a list of your recommended books in the blurb because i can never remember them! Thanks, Julia 50

Jan 14th

Jenny Jones

jolly jolly. πŸŽ…πŸ€Ά thanks so much

Dec 17th

Debbie Whewell

Tried to purchase before..don't have any of the payment methods offered.

Nov 13th

Kathleen Johnstone


Jul 27th

Jane Matthews

pls hurry and get broadcasting more. sitting here in NZ waiting xxx

Jun 25th

Anne Simpson

Soo enjoyed this podcast, missed you ladies lots

Nov 23rd

Belinda Rose Bond

Just love it! Been waiting patiently for the next pod cast, thanks Jenny & Judith you make my day! Lots of love Belinda xx

Jun 21st

Belinda Rose Bond

Hi girls just love your little podcast lay in bed at nite with my headphones on chuckling to myself. Hubby thinks I have gone absolutely mad. Keep up the good work!! Lots of love Belinda from Suffolk

May 23rd

Deborah Champion

Just love listening to your podcast. Thank you for making we 50+ women more visible. Love you both and your wonderful guests. Dee xxx

Mar 29th

Dave Ward

saw you both on breakfast tv...decided to have a gander....interesting, entertaining and humorous....stick with it girls....kindest regards...Dave...

Feb 15th
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