DiscoverOn Air with Mirick O'Connell, a Legal Podcast hosted by Howard Caplan
On Air with Mirick O'Connell, a Legal Podcast hosted by Howard Caplan

On Air with Mirick O'Connell, a Legal Podcast hosted by Howard Caplan

Author: On Air with Mirick O'Connell

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On Air with Mirick O'Connell is a podcast featuring host Howard Caplan and the attorneys from Mirick O'Connell, a full-service law firm with offices in Worcester, Westborough and Boston, Massachusetts. Episodes provide legal perspective and commentary about various topics from world or local news, including the COVID-19 pandemic, to issues facing our clients. To learn how Mirick O'Connell can assist you with all of your business and personal legal needs, visit

Legal disclaimer:
On Air with Mirick O’Connell is published by Mirick, O’Connell, DeMallie & Lougee, LLP. It is intended to inform about developments in the law and to provide information of general interest. It is not intended to constitute legal advice regarding a client’s specific legal issues and should not be relied upon as such. The opinions expressed are those of individual attorneys and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of other attorneys at Mirick O’Connell or the firm generally. This podcast may constitute attorney advertising.
31 Episodes
Massachusetts is one of many states known as an equitable distribution state. What does this mean exactly and how does the law determine how property should be divided in a divorce? Divorce Attorney Tim Braughler discusses division of property factors in divorces.
Litigation Attorney Lauren Sparks analyzes and provides background about the recent US Supreme Court case that held Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 bars workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
We love our pets. They are family members. One way to make sure your pet is taken care of after you pass away is to have a Pet Trust in place. Trusts and Estates Attorney Tracy Craig does a deep dive into what exactly is a Pet Trust and what should you consider when crafting one.
Family Law and Divorce Attorney Grace Roessler discusses the role of life insurance in divorce matters.
Personal Injury Attorney Tom Flaws addresses the bias against personal injury plaintiffs.
Employment Law Attorney Nicholas Anastasopoulos is joined by guest James Croteau, Vice President of Starweather and Shepley Insurance Brokerage, Inc. in a discussion about how business owners can protect themselves, their employees and clients once businesses start to reopen during/after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Employment Attorney Reid Wakefield discusses fair housing and housing discrimination in Massachusetts. What constitutes discrimination when it comes to housing matters? Find out in this episode of On Air with Mirick O'Connell.
Employment Law Attorney Brian Casaceli is joined by Stephen Graham of Corporate Environmental Advisors, Inc. for a discussion about how building owners and business owners can reopen operations while minimizing the risk of becoming a COVID-19 hot spot.
Attorney Chris Collins describes Life, Health, Disability and ERISA litigation, particularly during COVID-19. Think this has nothing to do with you, think again!
Family Law and Divorce Attorney Timothy Braughler talks about a SJC case, Shak v. Shak, which tackled the issue of divorcing couples' First Amendment rights to disparage each other on social media.
Family Law and Divorce Attorney Fern Frolin discusses how to divorce without court.
Elder Law Attorney Lisa Neeley discusses key nursing home and MassHealth issues amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Labor and Employment Lawyer Bob Kilroy discusses issues employers may face upon re-entry into the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic.
What will re-entry into the workplace look like after the COVID-19 quarantine? Employment Lawyer Jonathan Sigel provides some Do's and Don'ts for Employers.
Family Law and Divorce Attorney Fern Frolin provides an overview of the divorce process in Massachusetts.
Personal Injury Litigator Tom Flaws talks about liability during and post-COVID-19 pandemic.
Family Law Attorney Tim Braughler talks about the rights of unmarried couples who live together.
Estate Planning Attorney Emily Crim talks about estate planning for same-sex couples.
Nursing homes and COVID-19 are top of mind for many during this pandemic. Elder Law attorney discusses temporary alternatives to nursing homes for seniors already living in nursing homes and those about to go into a nursing home.
Attorney Ted Bassett discusses the need for more federal funding for nursing home facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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