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Author: Carla Youngblood

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On the Edge of The Truth Podcast is an interview podcast with quarterly topics. The show focuses on anything from personal finances, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and anything that motivates quality living with a humorous twist. Carla is a Certified Public Accountant, Comedienne, and Author. New shows uploaded every Saturday.
48 Episodes
In this Episode, Mollie Hester of Travelers Aid of Greater Birmingham discuss the solutions provide on day-to-day basis for individuals who find themselves in difficult situations. The serves include help people who are stranded in the Birmingham with no way to go home, to helping senior citizens go to the doctor's appointments. For more information, visit:
In this episode, Jessica Moody , Director of Programs share details of how their organization, Create Birmingham help small entrepreneurs to large museums fulfill the goals and desires to contribute to growth of the city of Birmingham and the surrounding areas. She breaks down all the programs available, the cost associated and yes most of them are Free. 
In this episode, Alice Westery, the founder and Executive Director of Youth Towers discusses this nonprofit organization from just and idea to the great plans of the future.  Also, she shares the detail about program housing and the transitional training.  The goal is to prevent youth homelessness with a focus on children in Foster Care. 
This episode discusses the nonprofit, The Flourish. This organization teaches poetry and film creation to the students at Birmingham City Schools. Also, Jahman discusses  the events held in Birmingham exposing the city to another world of art. 
In this episode, Raquel Smith, the Owner and Founder of Pinktopps shares her personal story with breast cancer and why she started PinkTopps. This organization has a focus on breast cancer survivors age 35 and younger. She also shares information about working to change legislation dealing with the age requirements for mammograms'. 
In this episode, Janet Dees, Client Services Coordinator of Forge Breast Cancer Center shares how Forge begin and the available services  to survivors to include financial and mental. She also shares information about their upcoming events with a focus on the Haute Pink  - Designed to Inspire fashion show. For more information visit
In this episode, Loretta shares her first encounter with cancer via her mother's journey, then 10 years later she had her own journey. She also shares the reason she and her sisters started Cancer Awareness Network and how they pivoted during COVID-19.For more information visit: 
In this episode, I kick-off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a conversation with Sheila "Free U" Williams. She is a wife, mother, banker, comedian, college student and a eight year breast cancer survivor.  She shares her story with honesty and humor.  
In this episode, I summarize the advice given from prior guest which includes passion, understanding your why and the financial knowledge required to succeed. I also share Daymond John's story about FUBU. I close with my ending the podcast being recorded on Facebook Live. 
In this episode, I am discussing the book The Gift of Shift  written by Tracey MacDonald and Ann Papayoti.  Ann guides us through ways to discover keys within to unlock your Best Life.  Starting with "Betrayal" leading to understanding how  "Forgiveness" works, to knowing "Who You Are" and everything in between.  You can reach Ann Papayoti on Facebook :Ann Ensey Papayoti, on IG: @annpapayoti and her website is: 
In this episode, LaShanna discusses her many talents and skills that led to her entrepreneur destination which continues to grow. She connects purpose and passion.  She also gives financial insight to for entrepreneurs to keep good financial records.
In this episode, Antonio shares his unique entrepreneur journey. From Alabama State University to A. Bowell Media. He gives many nuggets to guide new entrepreneurs to success.  We close the show with questions from the Joe Locket Show, Messy Monday where he is the co-host. Contact Antonio at
In this episode, a recap on some of the previous guest's definitions of an entrepreneur is provided along with my definition before today's guest, Shayla arrives.  Shayla discusses her multiple businesses to include her cosmetic lip line and her multi-media services. She closes with excellent financial advice for entrepreneurs and how she promotes other female entrepreneurs on her podcast Shero Convo.Shayla can be reached at and
In this episode, Mandy provides tips for entrepreneurs about finances, starting as a side hustle and adding an asshole tax when necessary.  Also, she gives detailed information about starting a freelance writing career and becoming a published author. 
In this episode, Belinda gives her everlasting definition of an entrepreneur. She discusses the importance of having a good foundation when you start a business that begins with an HR set-up to which she is an expert. Also, she shares valuable information about how entrepreneurs should work together because there is enough money to go around along with an example of how she works with other businesses on the Event Management side of Hopson Enterprises. She closes with a financial nugget: "pay yourself". 
In this episode, Jarvis gives his definition of an entrepreneur and breaks down every aspect of his entrepreneurial journey starting with text blast to email blast to podcasting. He discusses some of his favorite interviews and he gives the audience financial  advice about income. All entrepreneurs need short and long income.  Listen for all the details. You can contact Jarvis Escott at
In this episode, Taylor shares how the love of her baby led to her design business. She began making shirts for the baby and herself. When others saw the shirts, the business was birthed. Also, she shared financial tips for entrepreneurs. Email her at
In this episode, Rochelle explains her connection to Dr. A. G. Gaston and his entrepreneurial spirit. She gives her definition of what an entrepreneur is and she leaves you with six financial tips that can be used by all.  She empowers your life with positive actions to take in difficult, life-altering situations.Her website
In this episode, I discuss the entrepreneurial spirit within me. I discuss how being a CPA helped me launch my business. I started with stand-up comedy. Then I was derailed with a breast cancer diagnosis which led to my becoming an author, which lead to my becoming a motivational speaker. Then the pandemic hit and lead me to become a podcaster and the writing of my 2nd book: Bama Tales with a Twist. 
In this episode, I review the past 11 shows from the finance series. I include all the high of personal finance to include eliminating debt, building and emergency fund and investing for retirement.  Some key highlights include knowing you money psychology, having an accountability partner, knowing when you need help and understanding the Three Legged Stool for retirement. 
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