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Author: Daniel Prince

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Bitcoin can be a very deep and confusing rabbit hole to fall into.
This podcast is for people who are looking for answers.
Daniel Prince, author of Choose Life, is on a mission to share real life stories of how Bitcoin has changed and shaped individuals and families lives forever.

Are you considering investing in Bitcoin but too skeptical? Are you afraid that you have missed the boat or are you unsure of what Bitcoin is?
Are you looking for a way to change your families life, invest for the future, store your wealth or hedge against the current financial system?

Could Bitcoin be for you?
38 Episodes
BTC $ 9283 Today's guest on the show is none other than @gladstein the CSO of the Human Rights Foundation @HRF. Listen to @Gladstein explain the history of freedom to Lauren and introduce us to the ancient Athenian Cleisthenes and why he was so important to shaping democracy around the world. What do Human Rights mean to @gladstein and what specific rights does he devote his life to? How did Alex find #Bitcoin and how does he see this invention helping people around the world gain more human rights, democracy and escape authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. Who are the worst dictators of our time and which countries are currently top of the list of committing atrocities? What countries are testing tracking apps and why has the @NHSuk secretly been discussing this technology? Listen to @gladstein lay out a positive future for humanity built on #bitcoin. Finally, how can @tim_cook help with the fight for Human Rights and the education of #Bitcoin? Full list of Shills and Mench's: @HRF @LittleBitcoinBk @tim_cook @jack @PeterMcCormack @aantonop @TheCryptoconomy @Quillette - @YeonmiParkNK - @WIRED @nic__carter @NHSuk @blackmirror
BTC $ 9661 Today's guest on the show is @obi Nwosu the CEO @Coinfloor the world's only #Bitcoin only exchange with 100% proof of reserves. Listen to @obi describe the journey of @coinfloor and their decision to compile full audits and publicly share proof of reserves from day one. Listen to the story behind their recent decision to go #Bitcoin only and the launch of their new auto-buy Dollar (Pound) Cost Average service for UK based residents and expats. What is the future for @Coinfloor and how do we, as a community help prepare and educate new people entering the space looking to learn about #Bitcoin? Finally, find out why @obi thinks we need people like @Mrexposed @marvabbey @tazerblack of @thisis3shots to learn and help us educate people about #bitcoin. Guys, if you see this, listen to the last 10 minutes of the pod. Peace. A huge thank you to @obi for taking the time to connect with me and conduct this interview. Special thanks for supporting and sponsoring the show @coinfloor! As always, a big hat tip to @adamwoodhams1 for producing the show! If you would like to check out @Coinfloor please hit this link to learn more Full list of Shills and Mench's: @Obi @Coinfloor @CoinFest @bitcoinembassyu @coinscrum @Swanbitcoin - @theamberapp @BullBitcoin_ @CoinCorner @GetBittr @coinflexdotcom 3 Shots of Tequila @thisis3shots @Mrexposed @marvabbey @tazerblack  
BTC $ 9347 Today's guest on the show is @knutsvanholm who joins me to discuss his new book "Independence Reimagined", the most dangerous book in #bitcoin. Find out why @knutsvanholm ' s book was banned for release by Amazon and how that made him feel.  Where the hell the did the new intro music come from for this show and does it need more cowbell?  Join us in a fun game of diving into the rabbit holes from Knut's book. Listen closely as he unlocks his beautiful mind to explain some of his incredible thoughts and epiphanies. Lauren questions the legitimacy of Knut's name, is it real or just made up, if it's made up why the hell did he choose such a difficult name? Is @knutsvanholm a polymath, the messiah, or just a naughty boy? Will @knutsvanholm ever write an episode for @SouthPark about #bitcoin and wen #Bitcoin movie or death metal song? Thank you to @coinfloor for supporting the show! Full List Of Shills And Mench's: Books here - @coinfloor - @TheCryptoconomy @BitkoYinowsky @hodlonaut @FractalEncrypt @swedetoshi @ValueOfBitcoin @danielwingen @Diditaihuttu @montypython @GretaThunberg @100trillionUSD @matt_odell @dergigi @sapinker @mrcoolbp @heavilyarmedc @Breedlove22 @APompliano @Jack @Elonmusk @mises @ercwl @giacomozucco @benmezrich @thebitcoinrabbi @krakenfx @BtcpayServer @AdamWoodhams1 @kallerosenbaum
BTC $ 8600 Today's guest on the show is @RadarRayne the artist behind Plan B's Stock To Flow model artwork masterpiece, which together they have named Genesis. Find out how Petek finds her inspiration, channels her energy and attempts to 'draw' #Bitcoin. Learn how Petek's childhood and past have inadvertently bought her full circle to find and combine her passion for art, economics and #Bitcoin. Why did Petek film herself shredding US dollar bills and what was the reaction on Twitter?   What other pieces of artwork does Petek up her sleeve? Finally, listen to Petek's incredible story of being groomed by an anonymous Russian/French scammer involving a secret meetup in an exotic location with bags full of fiat money! Thank you to @RadarRayne for spending the time to share your story! As always huge thanks to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show! Full list of Shills and Mench's: - For UK based Bitcoin services - For USA based Bitcoin services - For families looking into online self-lead education for kids. @100trillionUSD @saifedean @RaoulGMI @DTAPCAP @TimDraper
BTC $ 9240 Today's guest on the show is @Jeffbooth the author of the book @priceoftomorrow. His book has been making waves in the #bitcoin community since it's release as it discusses the idea that we are facing a world of deflation rather than inflation. Having created a career in the field of tech #entrepreneurship, building, founding and advising multiple tech companies @JeffBooth is also an advocate of #Bitcoin. This experience has given Jeff invaluable insights into the future of business and the economic landscape from both camps of mainstream and Austrian economics.  What could a world of deflationary prices look like? What is going to drive this cycle? Why is #Covid19 accelerating this shift and how does #Bitcoin fit into this narrative? Thank you @jeffbooth for taking the time to discuss these and many more matters during our interview.  Thank you @Adamwoodhams1 for the continued excellent work with the podcast! Thank you to all of you who help by supporting the show! Full list of Shills and Mench's: @priceoftomorrow @Coinfloor @SwanBitcoin @PhilJBonello @RayDalio @realvision @APompliano @johnkvallis @PrestonPysh @joerogan
BTC/$ 8844 Today's guest on the show is @cypherdiaries2 who is sharing his story to prepare us all for what is going to happen with #bitcoin in the future. Listen as Otto explains how he is contacting the people of our time from a disused warehouse in an undisclosed location in the year 2028. What is life like in his time, what did endless money printing do to society, how has technology taken over our every decision and what can we do to avoid some of the traps that are currently being laid for us to blindly walk in to? Who can we recruit to the front lines of the money wars to stop some of the damage that they now have to fight in 2028? Are you ready to heed this warning? Finally, do you have the knowledge and cryptographic skills to find and break the code to a seed phrase that Otto has sent to the people of our time in his @cypherdiaries2 story? That seed phrase will unlock 1 #bitcoin. Thank you @cypherdiaries2 for contacting me and making us all think differently. Thank you to @adamwoohams1 for another awesome show production! Full list of Shills and Mench's: @raydalio  @elonmusk @saifedean @naval @MartyBent @matt_odell
BTC/$ 7764 Today's guest is none other @stephanlivera, the Podfather of #Bitcoin podcasts! Listen to Stephan answer the customary 9-year-old #bitcoin questions and then try to describe Austrian economics in one sentence! What has been going on in Australia during this #Covid19 lockdown and how does Stephan see this playing out for the economy at large? Could Stephan Livera's Fat Camps idea save more people's lives and be more beneficial for society and humanity in the long run rather than a vaccine or continued lockdowns? What are the projects that Stephan is currently working on and how is he doing more to strengthen the #bitcoin ecosystem? Full list of Shills and Mench's: Ketan - Ministry Of Nodes @BitcoinerVC @mises @pierre_rochard Anders Tegnell @coryklippsten @skwp @louishliu @swan @AngelList @naval @NickSzabo4 @tferriss @matt_odell @kanyewest @ThomasEWoods @PeterSchiff @Nouriel John Ioannidis Eric Vorhees
BTC $ 7673 Today's guest is @renewableworks an old friend/colleague and client from my days in the financial markets. Henri-Jean is a Commodity trader with 25+ years experience. Join us as Henri lays bare exactly what happened in the oil markets last week. Why did oil close in negative territory, how is this even possible and what are the ripple effects of such an unprecedented occurrence?  This is not your usual #Bitcoin focused episode, but that is exactly why I invited Henri on to the show so that we can all learn a little more about markets and how they function. The energy market structure is so incredibly important and I think it's being grossly misunderstood and under-reported.  We are all taking last weeks events far too lightly.  A wave of hurt is coming but from where? Thank you @renewableworks Henri-Jean for coming onto the show and sharing your experience. Thank you also to show producer @AdamWoodhams1 There are no Shills and Mench's in this show, just pure gold!
BTC $ 7550 Today's guest on the show is @phil_geiger from @unchainedcap - The first #Bitcoin native financial services company offering collaborative custody multisig security and liquidity products. What is Multisig, what is collaborative custody and what financial services are we exactly talking about? @phil_geiger - lays everything out as simply as possible for us to understand! Learn about how @unchainedcap can help you take further control in securing your #Bitcoin, their ethos of 'not your keys not your coin' and how they are developing new products and partnerships within the space. @phil_geiger then gives up more of his time to do a separate recording where he does a full walk-through screen shared video demo of how @unchainedcap works and exactly how we can set up accounts, you will be able to find this on their youtube channel here - As usual, huge thanks to today's guest @phil_geiger and to the producer of the show @AdamWoodhams1 Full list of Shills and Mench's @TheCryptoconomy @parkeralewis @CitizenBitcoin @dhruvbansal @saifedean @mises @CasaHODL @ElectrumWallet @Trezor @Ledger @COLDCARDwallet @DalaiLama @joerogan @elonmusk @TheRock @MarkYusko @johnkvallis
BTC$ 6850 Today's guest is @ScottmSibley the creator of @PlaySHAmory! Scott is on a mission to educate kids and families about #bitcoin in a fun and engaging way with the invention of his super fun card game. Join us as we learn how an initial career in public accounting didn't ignite Scott's fire but ultimately armed him with the tools to immediately understand the value proposition of #Bitcoin. Learn how @ScottmSibley has since devoted his career to building an #Edtech company for young students to map their educational and vocational journey and why he felt compelled to invent an educational game about #Bitcoin. Finally, find out why @scottMsibley would like for @RussellOkung and  @KingJames to play his new card game! @scottMsibley has graciously offered a 10% Discount on all preorders - THE CODE IS  < bitten10 > Full list of Shills and Mench's @saifedean @MartyBent @matt_odell @bitpiggys @thebitcoinrabbi @PeterMcCormack @TheGivingBlock @RussellOkung @KingJames @elonmusk @SwanBitcoin @trylolli @fold_app @fold_app @kanyewest @joerogan @jordanbpeterson
BTC$ 7240 Today's episode is a special roundtable meetup with @keyvandavani and @johnkvallis. The three of us sit down to discuss how creating a #Bitcoin podcast has shaped our thinking and how incredibly lucky we find ourselves being exposed to such incredible guests. Get under the hood of how some guests have left us speechless and why the hell do Vladamir Putin @elonmusk and his excellency the @DalaiLama get a mench in a #bitcoin podcast? Full list of Shills and Mench's: @elonmusk @DalaiLama @ObiWanKenoBit @knutsvanholm @giacomozucco @MaximeBernier @peoplespca @LibertyBlitz @_benkaufman @100trillionusd @BillGates @va_shiva @PeterMcCormack    
BTC$ 6880 Today's guest is @isaacmorehouse who is the CEO of @careercrash and advisor @discoverpraxis. Find out how Isaac views the overlaps of #homeschool #freemarkets, #Education and #Bitcoin. Why has Isaac spent years building companies that are aimed at accelerating the careers of young adults who don't necessarily want to chase the honours and degrees of mainstream education? How has society shaped our thoughts and behaviours to believe that anything new or different from the status quo is wrong and irresponsible? Listen to @Isaacmorehouse bust the FUD around #homeschool including the Socialisation concerns and how to hack going to college or building a career without a 'conventional education.' How did Isaac discover #Bitcoin and why there is no going back since he experienced the freedom that it gives you. Learn how Isaac has developed a strategy to shill as lightly as possible when speaking with friends and family around #Homeschool and #Bitcoin. Thank you to @Isaacmorehouse for his time and sharing so much about these topics.  As always a huge thanks to @AdamWoodhams1 for producing the show! Full list of Shills and Mench's: @careercrash @discoverpraxis John Holt - John Taylor Gatto - @kerry_edu Kerry McDonald @khanacademy @salkhanacademy @tferriss @jeffreyatucker @joerogan
BTC/$ 7272 Today's guest is @Dergigi author of 21 lessons  Join us for a celebratory headwetting drink as we welcome Dergigi's new baby into this strange world of lockdown and learn how fatherhood has impacted Gigi. Lauren returns to grill @Dergigi about #Bitcoin and why he chooses to remain private. Listen to Gigi talk more about his experiences studying exponential trends in his professional work.  What does he think about legacy business practices and where does he see the future of humanity in a post virus world.  What businesses can arise from this situation and where should we be focusing our attention and why won't '#Bitcoiners' exist after three more halvings. Full list of Shills and Mench's: @jordanbpeterson @jockowillink @johnkvallis @rustyrockets @thebodycoach
BTC$ 6706 Today's guest is none other than @Saifedean Ammous author of the Bitcoin Standard.  Join us as we take a deep dive into the concept of time preference and #Bitcoin. Learn how @Saifedean views the world and what life experiences have helped him change and shape his thinking to a low time preference mindset. Co-host Lauren and twin brother Samuel return to ask a 9-year-old #Bitcoin related question to @Saifedean, which he answers with aplomb! Find out @Saifedean thoughts about the current University and #education system and why he now prefers to teach outside of mainstream academia. Finally, find out who @saifedean would like to read his book so that they could learn about #Bitcoin and low time preference in order to share the message with their huge audiences. Full List Of Shills and Mench's: Lionel Messi - @Cristiano Ronaldo 
BTC$ 6189 Today's guest is Robert Breedlove, CEO of Parallax Digital @breedlove22. Robert lit up Twitter and Medium this week with an incredible piece of writing titled The Number Zero And Bitcoin. The article goes to great lengths and depths to explain when, why and how the number zero was first discovered. @breedlove22 then walks us through the impact that this missing part of our numeral system had on humanity, how it shaped modernity and our understanding of literally everything. The analogies to #Bitcoin are more than tangible and this interview will, without doubt, have you questioning some fixed mindsets, core beliefs, and will force you into pondering about humanities past and your families future. Finally, find out why Robert calls out @jordanbpeterson @joerogan. A huge thank you to @breedlove22 for taking the time to write this incredible piece and for coming on the show to share it with us all. As always, thanks, @AdamWoodhams1 for the audio and music production! Full list of Shills and Mench's: @nntaleb @tferriss @jordanbpeterson @joerogan
BTC$ 6244 Today's guest is none other than @Peter McCormack host of the wildly popular podcast What Bitcoin Did and his latest show Defiance. Join @PeterMcCormack for a lockdown drink and a meandering conversation through his life-shaping experiences and how surreal it is for him to realise that he now has a 'voice' and how much responsibility he feels to use this platform to help and educate others. Lauren returns to ask some 9-year-old killer questions including why @PeterMcCormack doesn't like beer and why he hates flying. What point is @PeterMcCormack at in his trial against 'he who isn't Satoshi' and how has the #Brexit situation in the UK affected his thinking. This is not one to be missed as @PeterMcCormack is at his entertaining best and honestly opens up in a very frank conversation about many subjects including interviewing North Korea's most prominent defector! Why does @PeterMcCormack want to speak to @joerogan or @Snowden and find out once and for all why @LFC lost to @WatfordFC. Thank you, Peter, for taking the time to do this interview, chat with Lauren and help support a new #Bitcoin podcast! Full List Of Shills and Mench's: @richroll @laurashin @PatFlynn @VentureCoinist @gladstein - @HRF -  @OsloFF - @SingularityU @martybent @Slayer @Metallica @OwnYourDataNow @saifedean @TuurDemeester @stephanlivera @AleksSvetski @Snowden @joerogan @Sportsbetio @liverpool @WatfordFC @johnkvallis @knutsvanholm @raoulpal @martybent @realvision @ttmygh @DTAPCAP @MarkYusko @MarkHar13514700
Btc$ 6687 Today's guests on the show are @BlakeWBradley and his wife Erin. This double rabbit hole edition marries the topics of #bitcoin and #homeschooling, during these #quarantine times this is the perfect time to get some real-life insights into exploring your choices around #education! Erin and Blake openly discuss their past and present experiences and outline what led them to homeschool their kids and how Blake discovered #Bitcoin. How do Blake and Erin handle a busy and 'different' life and what resources do they recommend to those people suddenly pushed into a #Homeschooling situation? Join us as we navigate 2 bottomless warrens and ask yourselves, could an alternative education option actually be a net positive for our family? Full list of Shills and Mench's Sarah Mackenzie. Veritas Press @skwp - Yan Pritzker @Codecademy @shakepay - Blakes referral link - @TheRealBlockFi @bluewalletio @martybent @Sally_Clarkson @BraveWriter - Julie Bogart @Kanyewest @DaveRamsey - @khanacademy @100trillionUSD - Homeschooling Summit Free Access. - My personal family website for Worldschooling resources.
BTC$ 6018 Today's guest is @johnkvallis from the Bitcoin Rapid Fire Podcast. Join John and I as we share a beer over Zoom to talk about #Bitcoin and much more. Learn how John found himself a job in 'Wealth Management" whilst at a UFC fight in China and the preceding crazy trip through the jungles of the Amazon and Central and South America searching for shamans and truth! How does John feel about wealth management and how the hell did he end up working in medicine? What is John's view on the Coronavirus and how does he see the world post-pandemic? Does John believe that large US companies such as Boeing should get a bailout? Why does John feel nothing but hope for the future and what the hell is up with this episodes intro music? Full list of Shills and Mench's @LittleBitcoinBk @edstromandrew @dergigi @saifedean @joerogan @Diditaihuttu @Zurich for being total dirty bastards. @francispouliot_ @BullBitcoin_ @shakepay #stayhumblestacksats
BTC$ 5200  Language warning folks - If the kids are around put those headphones in! Today's guest is @AleksSvetski co-founder of @theamberapp which makes buying #bitcoin easy by Stacking Sats on Autopilot by Dollar Cost Averaging into Bitcoin from as little as $5 per purchase. Recently @AleksSvetski released a tweetstorm of epic proportions and a Medium article titled 'Corona Didn't Cause It'. This is a must-read which starts with outlining his view of how "The REAL problem is the fact that we’ve allowed those who purport to run the show to meddle & play fucking god with not only our wealth but now our health!" @AleksSvetski holds no punches in this interview and brings the noise and fire with gusto. Thank you @AleksSvetski for coming on and supporting the show and being so open with your thoughts of the current climate.  I can't wait to see @theamberapp launch in Europe after all of your hard work! Full list of Shills and Mench's @TimelessBitcoin @theamberapp @realvision @RaoulGMI @unchainedcap @giacomozucco @markyusko @GretaThunberg @kanyewest @matt_odell @Breedlove22 @aantonop @nic__carter @dergigi @francispouliot_ @_ConnerBrown_ @danheld @FriarHass @roryhighside
@HodlerThanThou - Yo Momma!

@HodlerThanThou - Yo Momma!


BTC$ 5210 Today's guest is @HodlerThanThou the Sir Badminton Of Bitcoin. Learn how a pseudonymous multiple platinum award-winning songwriter and music producer has escaped the fiat music world to build a citadel  and new life in a French forest How has #Bitcoin changed his life and where does he see the future of our global economy?  Is he optimistic that we will emerge from this weird Orwellian dystopic situation in which many countries suddenly find themselves?  Who do we need to help understand #Bitcoin and how can we as early adopters protect this incredible invention? Full list of Shills and Mench's @hodl_american @saifedean @lopp @dergigi @WhiteRabbitBTC @NakamotoInst
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