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Author: Michael R Herst

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An engaging and honest conversation about Life…what makes us laugh, cry, contemplate, feel, hate and love. That One More Thing.....the Personal Journeys, the words never said, the deep discussions about Loss and Life after Death, Politics, Alternative Health, the latest Entertainment, Film and TV topics, as well as life's daily irritations! Several times a week, through personal and professional guests, we are finding Mental Health and well-being solutions through Meditation, Yoga, Diet, Alternative Naturopathic methods of Mind, Body and Soul medicine. We want to enlighten you, entertain you, educate and inform you, we want to open your eyes, your ears and your heart to the universe around you. Come on in! Join the Conversation! ℗ © 2010-2020
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In this episode we’re going to learn the importance of caregiving especially with somebody with dementia, and why the caregiver to not forget to take care of themselves. This is our 78th episode, but it actually was recorded as the very first episode and never published until now. It’s very personal to us and we wanted to share it with you. My wife Diane and I were the primary caretakers for her father who been diagnosed with Lewy body dementia, we took him in when he was 70 years old, which is significant and why we decided to post it on our 70th episode. we cared for him for last 18 months of his life. I’m about to share Our journey with taking care of somebody with Lewy body dementia, The importance of caregivers, Hospice and end of life care for someone you love. We’re going to learn firsthand from Jody Khotum A professional family care consultant (
In this episode we explore angels and demons demons,and how they are part of our lives whether we realize it or not. This is a throwback Thursday special edition replay of one of my favorite episodes From back in July 2020. And stay tuned I’ve added a clip in there about the 15 minute Mark, that will make you question what’s in the room with you. In this episode we’re going to talk to Laura Michelle Powers she’s a celebrity psychic medium, and we’re going to learn all about angels and demons from this amazing woman with first hand experience. Laura Powers is a celebrity psychic who has been featured by Buzzfeed, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Motherboard Magazine by Vice, and many other media outlets. She is a clairvoyant, psychic medium, writer, actress, model, producer, writer, singer and speaker who helps other receive guidance and communicate with loved ones. Find more info and h99w to contact Laura at
In this episode we learn that the mysterious Thirteenth Floor has a trove of secrets that includes conspiracy theories like Big Foot, Monsters like lizard people living among us, and Unidentified Flying Objects. We have a unique conversation with James Leo York, one of the cohosts of the podcast of the same name, who shares some of their weird and crazy discussions and what James did when he came face to face with a piano playing ghost. Find out more at https://beforeyougopodcast (https://beforeyougopodcast).com you can find The Thirteenth Floor podcast here at (
In this episode we have a conversation with a young man that wasn’t able to speak his name for the first time without stuttering until he was 18 years old! We learn how he overcame a stutter with some unique tools, and perseverance. Callum Schofield suffered with a stutter since childhood, and felt like he didn't have a voice for 18 years of his life. His mental health deteriorated and his social life was non-existent. Callum didn't have the voice or social skills his friends had, so he always felt left behind, he held himself back, and didn't live his life how he wanted. He was working a full time job he hated, and knew his true self was in there just waiting to come out. He attended a speech course, committed part of his life to personal development and working on his speech, and now, the boy who couldn't say his own name is a Podcast Host, Stuttering Activist, Mental Health Advocate, and aspiring Comedian. This is his story of becoming the person he’s always wanted to be. Along with hosting a podcast, he is reaching for his life long dream of being a comedian! Find out more about Callum at ( as well as his podcast The Schofield Stories on your favorite platform! 
In this episode we have a conversation with a woman that descends from royalty and brings with her the wisdom in regard to creating happiness and combines eastern and western philosophies with regard to creating personal astrological charts and insights. My guest is Kate Lee, A healer, entrepreneur, storyteller, and humanitarian. She began her career as a corporate educator, a workaholic who realized her stress, sadness, and unhappiness were at the core of feeling dissatisfaction with life. Kate spent some time into mental institution which gave her the opportunity to reflect upon her life , where she came from and discovered how to enhance her life through silent meditation, prayers, yoga, dharma practice, purification rituals, mindful speech, inner child work, shadow work, mind body soul integration techniques. Through healthy relationship building strategies, soul retrieval, internal family system therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, past life regression therapy, astrology, human design, chakra healing reiki, cranial sacral therapy, angel therapy, alchemy, non violent communication (NVC), 5 emotional intelligence, 5 universal emotions, 5 elements in Master Sha’s healing tradition, and how to transform painful memories and feelings. She built a stronger connection with herself and others, which led her to feel that sense of warmth, contentment, and inner peace I’d been searching for all those years, and wants to share that journey with you. Find out more including how to contact Kate at (HTTPS://
In this episode we hear the personal journey of a man that worked during the week designing buildings and played drums on weekends, and then the entertainment bug got the better of him. So he went after his dream to be an actor until his love of stand up comedy sent him in a new direction. Wali Collins became the first African American to host his own show, and has MC’d events that included Michelle Obama and then later worked with former Presidents George Bush, Sr. and Barack Obama. Be sure to check out his latest project which is called, WAIT. WHAT? with Wali now on YouTube. Wali is a published author. His book called, The Y’NEVANO(you never know) Book of Encouragements. Available now at ( find more at (
In this episode we are going to learn what it’s like for an American to live and work in a foreign country when we have a conversation with Todd Sullivan, an American who lives in South Korea, teaches English Language, and English Literature & Writing in Asia. Todd shares his journey as is a writer having had numerous short stories, novelettes, and novellas published across several countries. He also he shares his journey in becoming a screenwriter for a  brand new Web Series. Find out more at (  
In this episode we have a conversation with Eric Herrera who served in the US Army as a Combat Engineer from 2005-2010. He did two tours in Iraq and their mission was to conduct route clearance for safe movement of US forces. He was stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany and lived there for 3 years. Eric received a degree in Business Administration and currently is a property manager in the Chicago Area. From Eric’s Book: A Bomb Hunter's Story: My Life Clearing the Roads of Iraq which can be found on Amazon HERE We all have turning points in our lives. One man’s turning point led him to join the army. Despite the opposition from shocked family members, he makes the commitment one fateful day in June. What follows is a series of hardships, both physical and emotional, that will change his life forever. After ten years of silence, he is ready to tell his story. It is a story of friendship, politics, loss, and love. When Private Eric Herrera begins his military journey, he starts at the bottom, like they all do. Basic training gives him the courage to do things he hadn’t realized he was capable of. It also sets the stage for brother-like friendships that will last a lifetime. Upon arriving in Iraq, he experiences firsthand the consequences of narcissists in power. Not all fit that description though. When a night mission turns into tragedy, he and his platoon must search the ranks for someone who will come to their aid. They find the few who are truly worthy of their rank. Left to deal with the loss of his friends, Eric must choose to move forward in spite of his grief. His struggle is real, but in the end, love comes to the rescue, helping him to pull through when he otherwise may have given up.
In this episode we have a conversation with Claudia Clark who is an Ex-Pat currently living overseas, who shares her journey of researching and writing her book My Partner, My Friend which explains why Barack Obama’s and Dr. Angela Merkel’s partnership is so important to today’s world leaders, and how the transformation of their relationship exemplifies how it is possible for political adversaries to establish a bond of trust, respect, and even friendship. My Partner, My Friend explores how the relationship between Barack Obama and Dr. Angela Merkel evolved from one of extreme apprehension to one of deep friendship and a partnership that captivated the world. Find more at (
In this episode we are going to learn that that our relationship to pleasure is directly proportional to our well being and by expanding our window of tolerance for pleasure, we can expand our capacity for just about every aspect of our lives. Nischa Phair, an embodiment researcher and coach specializing in trauma informed pleasure work, will discuss how to get the feel-good life you envision for yourself without having to toil so much, as well as discover that Pleasure Work allows us to better understand how we relate to safety and security, and understand that the repressed shame around sex and pleasure that prevents us from fully stepping into our potential can be released. Find out more at (
In this episode we learn how a 7-year-old young lady loved books so much and dreamed about being a writer one day, was put into a position to make a life and death decision that changed her life forever. She grew up to become an award-winning entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of multiple businesses in the Singapore and the United Kingdom. She never gave up on her dream to become an author, and because of that she developed and founded a publishing company “The World Is So Big,” and is an Author of some best-selling books on Amazon. You can find out more at (Https:// as well as her website (
In this episode we have a conversation with a woman who suffers from anxiety, a guilt complex, loneliness, and panic attacks, all while being a solo world traveler and podcaster. We talk life as an Expat during COVID-19, and the challenges of being a small travel business owner during a pandemic. Since 2016, Allison Green has hitchhiked through the Balkans, rode camels through the Sahara, boarded down an active volcano, slept atop other volcanoes, gone scuba diving on 3 continents, climbed the highest mountain in Montenegro, gone dogsledding in the Arctic, seen the Northern lights in Sweden, rode a train through Switzerland and gawked at the Matterhorn, swam with sharks in Belize, caved in Guatemala, canyoned in Nicaragua, helicoptered over the Grand Canyon, and hot air ballooned in Cappadocia. You can more about her and her services on my website or on her websites at (Eternal Arrival) (Travel Massive) (I’m Anxious About)  or Sophia adventures
In this episode we are going to talk to a woman that was the only child of an alcoholic single mother, joined Alateen at seven years old, and after decades of therapy self-help books religious experimentations, found herself back in the 12 step program she's on a journey of discovery and, we’re going to learn how she transformed her life after years of struggling to find herself. McCall Bennett-Lawrence has built up layers of defenses and coping skills, as the only child of an alcoholic single mother. In Alateen at 7-years-old, after decades of eclectic therapies, self-help books, and religious experimentations from mundane to profane… McCall has now found herself back in a 12-step program, with more questions than answers. With an articulate quirkiness and irreverent wit, McCall invites listeners to join her on an unconventional journey of “discovery and recovery”. Her podcast UnBoxing “God” dances along the edges of spirituality and science - in an unflinching exploration of both - often through the lens of 12-Step recovery. Https;//
On this episode we are going to learn how Elliot Conner, a young man who before the age of 18, took a love of nature and animals and turned it into a global empire of conservation and education. The Human Nature Project was developed by this aspiring young conservationist, photographer and leader. We discuss his passion, motivation and being an advocate for change; his work with organizations spanning local grassroots startups and established international names. How his life goal is to dispel some of the cognitive biases surrounding humans' natural superiority over other lifeforms, and to contribute towards a thriving global community of nature lovers. Elliot is a social entrepreneur, a podcast host, and the CEO of the Human Nature Project Charity. You find more at our website ( ) (  or visit The Human Nature Project at (
In this episode we have a conversation with a woman who shares her journey with Cerebral Palsy, retiring as a music teaching, becoming a podcaster, a writer, as well as currently in University to become a journalist. Her mission is to help others with physical and mental disabilities to find their voices through written or spoken word, using today's assistive technologies as needed. Her journey including being emotionally abused, and developing her podcast, Ask Win which is about celebrating life with people from different walks of life, with a focus on those sharing their stories through writing books and/or blogs. More Information can be found on our website
In this episode we are going to hear the personal journey of a man that survived a rare form of cancer, only to have cancer return with a vengeance. We are going to learn how embracing the hard, difficult and uncomfortable times we all experience in our lives can be used to make us stronger and more determined and what motivates him every day to live life to the fullest. My guest is Terry Tucker, he has been an NCAA Division I College basketball player, a Citadel cadet, a Marketing executive, a Hospital administrator, an undercover Narcotics Investigator, a SWAT Team Hostage Negotiator, a High School basketball coach, a business owner, and most recently, a cancer warrior. His book “Ten Principles To Leading Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life” can be found on (Amazon) and I have a direct link in the show notes on (, as well as more about Terry and his journey.
In this episode were going to learn what it's like to have ALS, (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis) also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. We are having a conversation with a woman who is dying from ALS, yet encouraged to live life to the fullest. She has inspired by so much and learned to focus on the positive and remain hopeful about what time she has left. Lorri Knox Carey is going to tell us about her journey with ALS, her diagnosis of having a fatal disease where there is no cure, how she still continues to raise her family and make a positive impact on others. Her story is one of compassion, empathy, support, and living life to the fullest while she still here. She is a mom, a wife, and the host of I'm dying to tell you podcast, as well as and Author of the book with the same title. if you want to learn more about Lorri’s journey you can find convenient and easy links to find her website, her book, and all of her social media contact information at ( If you want to know more about ALS and how you can get involved please check out and get educated and informed and involved
In this episode we have a conversation with a woman who, in her youth, struggled in abuse and trauma, carrying the pain forth into adulthood. Hating life was her home and daily struggle until the day she decided to change her thoughts and beliefs and pursued love with a fervor that superseded everything else. Now her mission is to guide over a million individuals into the fullness of love so they can pursue their purpose with passion and love. She is passionate about others never having to go another day feeling worthless, unwanted, unloved, feeling guilt, shame, pain, and judgment. Everything Laurie Herbers does is done in love and she believes in honoring all life. She is passionate about leading others to truth, their purpose and falling into love with life, every aspect of it. Her number one goal in life is to change the world through a movement of love from the soul. She is an Empowerment Coach and Author, and her book is Second Chances How I Turned Hate into Love and Found My Purpose. You can find more at and find her book on Amazon. You can contact her via her website
In this episode we have a conversation about how we’ve made it! We are almost through 2020! In spite of all the heartache and stress that this year has brought, we have reasons to celebrate also. Christmas is the time of year that is celebrated all over the world in a very unique and distinct way. Unfortunately in the past it’s gotten convoluted by commercialism. 2020 has been an unprecedented presentation of negativity, sorrow, loss, and more. because of what we’ve gone through this year, and how people have come back to the real meaning of what Christmas is, and how it's evolved from a pagan ritual to what we celebrate today. ( )
In this episode we are going to have a conversation with the son of a prominent Arabic linguist from Cairo, who at four years old, was left with his grandparents in post-WWII Germany, was neglected throughout his childhood and shuffled across Egypt, Germany, and London and was an isolated and depressed teen. He survived and overcame becoming a world-renowned surgeon specializing in Oncology and Nutrition. Dr Michael Marwan Meguid conducted research at Harvard's Massachusetts General, MIT, Brigham & Women's, UCLA, and Syracuse University, and discovered groundbreaking advancements in Nutrition with regard to Cancer and other ailments. He is an author, a podcast producer and living the retired life in Florida, we conducted our interview from his small island residence. You can find more about Dr Meguids Podcast, his books and his next projects on my website Also at Dr Meguid’s website at ( )His Unique Podcast can be found at: ( or an any of your favorite platforms
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