DiscoverOne Next Step: Management Tips & Tools for Small Business Owners
One Next Step: Management Tips & Tools for Small Business Owners

One Next Step: Management Tips & Tools for Small Business Owners

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It’s time to run your business – and stop letting it run you. One Next Step, hosted by BELAY CEO and author Tricia Sciortino and Lisa Zeeveld, CFO and COO, is the most practical business podcast in the world. It provides tangible takeaways and actionable insights for listeners every week so leaders can affect change in their business immediately. Because after working with thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations, powerhouse virtual staffing company BELAY has the real-world business knowledge to help real-life leaders get more done and see more results. World-renown guests like Daymond John and Michael Hyatt join Tricia and Lisa weekly to share the small steps, experiences, coaching and resources that have helped them propel their businesses and lead with confidence. For podcast show notes and additional resources on business growth for the business owner, visit
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If you find yourself thinking you need to grow before you can start bringing on help, you might have it backwards. Often, investing in the right people can free you up to focus on growing far more efficiently than you could on your own. Today’s guests are a powerful team who have learned this truth through firsthand experience: Geoff Welch and Trúc Towns.Geoff is a leadership consultant helping growth-focused leaders simplify their work so they can accomplish more than they thought possible. When he was ready to delegate some of his administrative work, he brought on Trúc, an experienced executive assistant he found through BELAY. Trúc and Geoff talk with Tricia about their experience of learning to work together and their top tips for getting started working with a virtual assistant. Geoff also explains how delegation has allowed him to play to his strengths in both his career and his personal life. 3 Key Takeaways1. Every person with a remarkable impact started with a belief in what was possible. If you have an idea and a passion for carrying it out, there’s no reason why you can’t make an impact on a national or even global scale. The people you look up to now were once starting out just like you. 2. No matter your situation, there is help out there for you. Many of us think we need to grow more before we can ask for help, but we tend to have it backwards. No matter where you live or how small your business might be, there are steps you can take today to start investing in the support you need. And when you begin to delegate, it will give you the freedom to focus on growing your impact. 3. Delegation is a collaborative process.A great virtual assistant balances proactivity with a willingness to take things one step at a time. If you’re not sure how to delegate, they can help you figure out next steps. It’s OK to start small, as long as you’re starting somewhere! Links and Resources: Geoff Welch’s website BELAY Virtual Assistants See for privacy information.
In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, harnessing the power of technology and artificial intelligence has become essential for businesses and professionals aiming to thrive in their respective fields. Today, we have the privilege of hearing from a remarkable duo who have embraced the potential of AI to enhance their productivity and streamline their work processes. Wes Gay is a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Agency Owner, and Private Workshop Facilitator. And since 2016, he’s helped hundreds of organizations find clarity with StoryBrand. Jodi Reiter is an accomplished Executive Assistant, bringing a wealth of experience from the marketing, advertising and photography industries as she supports Wes. They sat down with Ryan to share their experiences, strategies and success stories in utilizing AI to collaborate more efficiently and achieve remarkable outcomes. Listeners will learn about the most impactful AI tools on the market and how to weave them into your daily workflow. Welcome to Episode 128 of One Next Step.See for privacy information.
Today on the podcast, we have a special episode courtesy of our friends at the Maxwell Leadership Podcast. BELAY CFO Lisa Zeeveld sat down with Mark Cole recently to co-host an episode of the Maxwell Leadership Podcast about how to get time back as a leader. The conversation was so great that we wanted to be sure our One Next Step listeners could hear it too.  See for privacy information.
In this Bonus Next Step, Tricia and LZ share how to identify and prioritize your most important emails so they don’t get lost in the mix.  See for privacy information.
Communication is a critical part of leadership. But managing email can be tedious and frustrating for busy leaders. In this episode, Tricia and LZ will discuss their strategies for email management and reaching “inbox zero.” Leaders will get new ideas about how to manage email, how Tricia and LZ  delegate to their virtual assistants, how they  prioritize their emails, and a lot more! Welcome to episode 126 of One Next Step. See for privacy information.
In this Bonus Next Step, Ashley Webb shares the one thing she wishes she would have known before starting this process of building relationships with potential partners and affiliates.See for privacy information.
B2B marketing can often be hit or miss. And determining and getting access to your target market can also be difficult. The best way to find and access that target market is to align yourself with companies who already have relationships with those people.  They can introduce you to that market directly using their relationship, trust and team. Our goal is for business owners to be able to more effectively leverage partnerships and affiliates in their sales and marketing efforts.In this episode, we’ll be joined by BELAY Sr. Acquisitions Manager, Ashlee Webb. She will chat with us about how to build and scale your business using partnerships and affiliates. Welcome to episode 125 of One Next Step. See for privacy information.
In this Bonus Next Step, Theresa Summerlin breaks down the pros and cons of hiring a virtual assistant to help run your social media, versus hiring a dedicated social media manager.See for privacy information.
There’s a major difference between recognizing that social media is important and having the knowledge and skills you need to use it effectively. If you’re struggling to find the time to devote to social media, or you want to take your strategy to the next level, it might be time to hire a social media manager. In this episode, BELAY VP of Marketing Amy Appleton talks with Solutions Consultant Theresa Summerlin about the different ways that hiring a social media expert can help your business’ marketing, sales, and customer service. Theresa also shares some practical tips for leaders who are managing their own accounts and discusses a few key signs that it might be time to start outsourcing this piece of your business. Welcome to episode 124 of One Next Step.  See for privacy information.
In this Bonus Next Step, Tricia and LZ share some of the key red flags to look out for when someone isn't right for the job.See for privacy information.
123: DNA of a great VA

123: DNA of a great VA


What makes up the perfect virtual assistant? What should leaders be looking for when they are hiring this important position?In this episode, Tricia and LZ will share the key attributes that make up a great VA, from their decades of experience in interviewing, hiring, and being them. They’ll leave our listeners empowered and equipped to find the right fit for the job, knowing exactly what to look for in a great VA. Welcome to episode 123 of One Next Step.  See for privacy information.
In this Bonus Next Step, Ryan Fitzgerald shares what benefits business owners and leaders fail to think about when it comes to the hybrid, remote model. See for privacy information.
In this episode we’ll talk with BELAY’s own Ryan Fitzgerald, who is our Senior Marketing Manager. He’ll talk about the benefits of fractional, hybrid workforces. With so many businesses going remote over the last two years, Ryan has some incredible insight into the benefits they are beginning to see as remote companies, and what the business world looks like moving forward. Business owners who are on the fence about remote work should get a lot from this episode. Welcome to episode 122 of One Next Step.  See for privacy information.
In this Bonus Next Step, Amy Appleton tells small business owners and solopreneurs without someone dedicated to marketing, where do they can go to get help. See for privacy information.
Return on Investment (ROI). Every business leader knows what it is, and knows it’s important, but how many really have put a plan in practice to build a healthy ROI in their marketing? In this episode, Amy Appleton, Director of Marketing at BELAY, rejoins the podcast to talk with LZ about all things ROI. They’ll discuss what a good ROI looks like, how to know when you’re succeeding with ROI, what to do when things go wrong, what type of technology can help, and more. Welcome to episode 121 of One Next Step. See for privacy information.
In this Bonus Next Step, Madison Morgan share some of the characteristics that sets a great VA apart from the crowd during the interview process.  See for privacy information.
The process of finding a great virtual assistant can feel overwhelming, so it’s important to make sure you know what traits you’re looking for and how to screen for them in the interview process. In this episode, BELAY Director of Talent Madison Morgan will share an overview of BELAY’s proven process for hiring great VAs. She’ll also explain how partnering with BELAY can save leaders an enormous amount of time and stress. Listeners should leave this episode with an understanding of what it takes to hire a virtual assistant, as well as the benefits of working with BELAY rather than hiring someone on their own.Welcome to episode 120 of One Next Step.  See for privacy information.
It’s the leader’s job to chart the direction of the business. However, even with a clear vision, selecting the right goals can be challenging and overwhelming, especially when there are more options and opportunities than resources. Without specific goals, you and your team will struggle to focus and maximize the return on your effort.    Tracking progress often feels just as confusing. Even the most profit-minded leaders sometimes question if they’re headed in the right direction and wonder how if what they’re doing is working.    This week, we're revisiting one of our favorite (and first) episodes of the podcast in case you missed it back in 2020. In this episode, Tricia and Lisa interview entrepreneur, best-selling author, and investor of ABC Network’s Shark Tank, Daymond John about taking control of your game by setting goals and tracking progress for your business.   Welcome to One Next Step.See for privacy information.
In this Bonus Next Step, Carrie Fabris explains what “all in” means and shares a few tips for leaders to help them confront the barriers keeping them from experiencing everything life has to offer. See for privacy information.
We all want to hire people who are good at what they do, but how do we make sure we’re allowing our team members to play to their unique strengths? This is a question that Carrie Fabris has helped many leaders answer as a coach and a speaker, and in this episode, she’s going to share her insight with our listeners. Anyone who listens to this episode should gain a better understanding of what it means to leverage your strengths in your personal and professional life, while also equipping others to do the same. Welcome to episode 119 of One Next Step.See for privacy information.
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