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Grow Your Wealth With Opportunity Zone & Private Equity Investments.

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Limited partners (LPs) in private investment funds face many unique challenges when it comes to administration, portfolio management, and cash flow planning. Litan Yahav, founder and CEO of Vyzer, joins the show to discuss these challenges that High Net Worth investors face as LPs in multiple private placement offerings, and how his product can help address their investment management needs. Show notes & transcript:
Traditional wealth management is very experienced at managing an investor's portfolio of assets at a traditional brokerage account of stocks and bonds. But there's a gap when it comes to portfolio management of real estate properties, and when to utilize 1031s and Opportunity Zones. Drew Reynolds, CIO at Realized, joins the show to discuss how a portfolio of investment properties can be managed with the same level of sophistication as traditional investments. Show notes:
The key to investing success starts with having the right mindset. Steven Pesavento, president of VonFinch Capital, joins the show to discuss how living with "The Investor Mindset" can help High Net Worth investors generate more wealth. Show notes:
The nation’s housing shortage presents an opportunity to convert historic buildings into multifamily. But doing so comes with risk. Cullan Maumus, managing director at NORF Companies, joins the show to discuss how tax credit programs (in addition to Opportunity Zones) can de-risk historic building conversion projects. Show notes: ⁠⁠
Ray Mazzie, managing partner at Southern Waters Capital, joins the show to discuss the current market cycle, his outlook on suburban, secondary, and tertiary markets, and the opportunity that they may present in these uncertain economic times. Show notes:
Replay of a live webinar presented by WealthChannel co-founders Jimmy Atkinson and Andy Hagans, wherein we described what hard-earned experience has taught us about investing, and the 3 habits that we have found to be essential for High Net Worth investors. Plus, we give a sneak preview of our upcoming event in Fort Worth, TX -- WealthChannel Summit coming on June 16, 2023. Show notes:
Opportunity Zone investing is simple, until it's not. While the overall program is simple enough to comprehend, the devil is in the details. Complying with the statutory and regulatory requirements can be overwhelming for many fund managers, real estate operators, and investors. Landon Johnson, chief marketing officer at CapZone Analytics, joins the show to discuss best practices for Opportunity Zone compliance, and his firm's automated solution. Show notes:
With the rise of e-commerce and grocery delivery, is there a growing market opportunity for the cold storage real estate sector? Chad BeBolt, managing director and principal at Saxum Real Estate, joins the show to discuss the current state of the cold storage real estate market, and opportunities for investors to consider. Show notes:
Can Opportunity Zones help build home ownership opportunities in certain locations around the country? Chris Knoppe, president at CBUS OZ Funds, joins the show to discuss how a combination of renovation and new construction can rebuild neighborhoods and create a path to homeownership. Show notes:
How effective has the Opportunity Zone program been at driving private investment into low income communities? What potential improvements could make the program even more effective? Catherine Lyons, Director of Policy and Coalitions at the Economic Innovation Group, Rachel Reilly, founder at Aces & Archers, and Chris Cooley, CEO of OZworks Group, join the show to discuss how OZs are catalyzing social impact and what the future may hold for the program. Show notes:
The Opportunity Zone incentive can be a powerful (but underutilized) tax planning tool for certain investors. John Berlet, president of Coastal Bend OZ Fund, joins the show to discuss how he came to learn about Opportunity Zones after selling his business, and why he believes OZs should be used by more investors and advisors for tax planning and retirement planning. Show notes:
The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, coupled with rapidly rising interest rates may be creating a prime opportunity for investors with dry powder to invest in distressed debt in the coming weeks and months. Nathan Whigham, founder and president of EN Capital, joins the show to discuss the overall impact of the banking crisis on capital markets, and why he believes it could be a huge opportunity for some investors. Show notes:
On March 23, 2023, OZ Pros founder Ashley Tison joined OZ Pitch Day for another round of "Ask The OZ Expert." We peppered him with live Q&A from our audience of High Net Worth investors, and he didn't skip a beat. Today's podcast episode is a replay of this segment wherein Ashley covers a wide range of topics, including multiple tax incentive stacking, the impact of the banking crisis on OZs, insurance risks of OZ developers, and much more. Show notes:
Investing in ways that align with our personal values is an important aspect of portfolio construction. But the ESG movement may be muddying the waters. Reid Thomas, managing director and chief revenue officer at JTC Americas, joins the show to discuss a new report from JTC and OpportunityDb that offers the results of our 2023 impact investing survey. Show notes:
WealthChannel has grown into a large, engaged community of High Net Worth investors, but where did it all begin? WealthChannel co-founders Jimmy Atkinson and Andy Hagans discuss the origins of the WealthChannel media empire (including how it began in a dorm room at the University Notre Dame). Show notes:
Opportunity Zones have been around for about 5 years, but it's still a relatively new tax policy. A lot of investors, fund managers, and even advisors are still getting up to speed on how to operate within the statutory and regulatory requirements. Gordon Goldie and Valerie Grunduski from Plante Moran join the show to discuss 20+ traps that Opportunity Zone investors can fall into without the right guidance. Show notes:
How are High Net Worth investors using Opportunity Zones to build generational wealth? What opportunities are investors overlooking when it comes to this program? Brad Molotsky at Duane Morris, Gerry Reihsen at Reihsen & Associates, and Kirk Walton at GPWM Funds, participated in a live OZ Pitch Day panel on March 23rd to discuss some best practices to develop wealth with Opportunity Zones. Show notes:
I've been writing about, podcasting about, and hosting live webinars about Opportunity Zones for over four years. I've traveled the country attending and speaking to investors and OZ professionals at countless in-person events. And I've come to a few conclusions about OZ investing over the course of my journey. But two points really stand out. Show notes:
Logistics-based industrial real estate has been a strong sector in recent years, with the growth of e-commerce continuing to fuel its rise. Will industrial continue to outperform in 2023? Peter Ciganik, senior managing director at GTIS Partners, joins the show to discuss the bull case for the industrial sector and how Opportunity Zones may be utilized to help accelerate its growth. Show notes:
Inland Private Capital has over $12 billion in assets under management, across over 300 private placements, and they are the nation's largest sponsor of Delaware Statutory Trusts. Keith Lampi, CEO of Inland Private Capital Corporation, joins the show to discuss how Inland helped create the modern-day DST, and how they leveraged their success with that structure to expand into Opportunity Zone offerings. Show notes:
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