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Weekly show featuring interviews with opportunity zones professionals and experts. If it impacts opportunity zones or the opportunity funds industry, we cover it here.

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Puerto Rico is in dire need of redevelopment. How can Opportunity Zones and other tax incentives help to create a more resilient Puerto Rico? Jose Torres is managing partner and founder of Monllor Capital Partners and the Puerto Rico Opportunity Zone (PROZ) Fund. Transcript and show notes at
Why might an investor consider an Opportunity Zone hotel investment on the Las Vegas Strip? Bill Shopoff is president and CEO of Shopoff Realty Investments, a national, multi-disciplinary real estate investment firm founded in 1992. Transcript and show notes at
Who is the prototypical direct retail Opportunity Zone investor? Erik Hayden is founder and CEO of Urban Catalyst, the largest developer of Opportunity Zone real estate in Silicon Valley. Transcript and show notes at
How can the Opportunity Zone incentive be applied to energy investments in the oil and gas sector? Matthew Iak is executive vice president of U.S. Energy Development Corporation and has overseen the capital raise of $1.5 billion since 2005. Transcript and show notes at
Why is Opportunity Zone deal flow increasing, and by how much? Chris Loeffler is co-founder and CEO of Caliber, an asset management and real estate services firm headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Caliber Funds is currently offering a $500 million mixed-asset Qualified Opportunity Fund geographically focused in the greater southwest region of the United States. Transcript and show notes on
Terrica Lynn Smith grew up broke and homeless on the streets of New Orleans. But now, she is developing new affordable housing in an OZ in Lafayette, Louisiana. Terrica is managing partner of SALT Capital Equity Group, real estate developer of Madeline Cove, a housing development located in an Opportunity Zone on the north side of Lafayette, Louisiana. Transcript and show notes at
Tax rates could be on the rise under the Biden administration. What impact would a huge capital gains tax increase have on the Opportunity Zone marketplace? Alex Bhathal is co-owner of the Sacramento Kings and managing partner at RevOZ Capital, a large Opportunity Zone developer headquartered in Newport Beach, California. Transcript and show notes on
Panama City, Florida suffered massive damage from Hurricane Michael in 2018. How is the city using Opportunity Zones to rebuild? Mark McQueen is a former two-star general of the U.S. Army and current city manager for the City of Panama City. Transcript and show notes at
What should an investor consider before investing in a Qualified Opportunity Fund? Several Opportunity Zone experts provided their insights on a live panel recorded on March 9, 2021 during OZ Pitch Day, titled "How to Invest in Opportunity Zones." Today's podcast episode is the audio version of that panel. Moderated by OpportunityDb founder Jimmy Atkinson, the panel featured Greg Genovese of USG Realty Capital, Dave Kunz of Hall Venture Partners, Clark Spencer of Grubb Properties, Will Walker of Hall Labs, and Dana Woodbury of Buttonwood Due Diligence. Transcript and show notes at
Jackson Dearborn Partners is on their eighth Opportunity Zone deal in less than three years. What were some of the biggest challenges that they've faced and biggest lessons learned during their first seven OZ deals? Ryan Tobias is partner and co-founder of JDP and has worked on over $1 billion of real estate transactions. Transcript and show notes at
How is a former NBA player leveraging Opportunity Zones to create impactful change? Josh Childress is CEO of LandSpire Group and a member of the RevOZ Capital Social Impact Council. RevOZ Capital earlier this year launched a new social impact initiative with a commitment to invest $1 billion in Opportunity Zone projects over the next three years. Transcript and show notes at
What can Opportunity Zone investors expect from post-COVID market conditions? And how have Qualified Opportunity Funds evolved since program inception? Greg Genovese is CEO of USG Realty Capital and Investors Choice OZ Fund, a new Qualified Opportunity Fund offered by USG/OZI. Show notes and transcript at
With Joe Biden in the White House, how might Opportunity Zone policy evolve over the coming years? Steve Glickman recently joined me during a fireside chat at OZ Pitch Day to discuss this topic and more. Steve is founder and CEO of Develop Advisors, a consulting firm for Qualified Opportunity Funds. He previously co-founded the Economic Innovation Group. Show notes and transcript at
Why are shovel-ready projects so crucial to a multi-asset Qualified Opportunity Fund strategy? And how can a fund be structured in order to allow investment from self-directed QOFs at the project level? Jon White is president and managing director at Larson Capital, a real estate-focused private equity firm headquartered in St. Louis. Transcript and show notes at
Can an online membership platform bring different Opportunity Zone stakeholders together and help make the OZ initiative a bigger success? Chris Cooley is director and lead connector at OZworks Group. He has extensive experience consulting in the collaborative workspace industry, both nationally and internationally.  Show notes and transcript on
What are the three different classes of investors that are the most likely capital sources for Opportunity Zone funds or deals? And what are some tips for approaching and pitching to them? Dave Kunz is managing partner and general manager of Hall Venture Partners. Will Walker is a private equity veteran and advisor to Hall Labs and HVP. Transcript and show notes at
What are some of the factors that may make Puerto Rico a compelling destination for Opportunity Zone investment, particularly in a post-COVID world? Eric Berman is chief investment officer and Adrian Beales is director of sales at Lifeafar Capital, a boutique private equity real estate firm with two OZ projects in Puerto Rico. Transcript and show notes available at
How has the Opportunity Zone marketplace evolved over the past 2+ years and how will it continue to evolve going forward? Peter Truog is founder of The Opportunity Exchange, a marketplace that connects impactful Opportunity Zone projects to capital sources. The Opportunity Exchange is a key partner in OZ Pitch Day. Transcript and show notes at
After raising over $200 million for Qualified Opportunity Zone investment, how is one OZ fund creating impact with essential housing? Clark Spencer is senior vice president at Grubb Properties, a vertically integrated real estate operating company founded in 1963. Transcript and show notes available at
If you’re an investor with capital gains, how can you find your Opportunity Zone investment and get invested before the newly extended deadline of March 31, 2021? OpportunityDb's OZ Pitch Day 2021 online event is coming to help. OZ Pitch Day 2021 will take place on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 and will feature educational content and pitches from roughly one dozen Qualified Opportunity Funds. Visit to learn more and register today.
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