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Real estate securities laws that apply to Qualified Opportunity Funds can have a huge (and often times ignored) impact on OZ developers and project sponsors. Coni Rathbone, real estate and securities attorney at Dunn Carney, joins the show to discuss what real estate developers and fund operators need to be aware of before raising Opportunity Zone capital from investors. Show notes:
Community activation may be the key to long-term success of Opportunity Zones. Chris Cooley, CEO of OZworks Group, joins episode #200 of the Opportunity Zones Podcast to discuss OZ advocacy, why community-led OZ projects are crucial to the long-term success of the initiative, and updates on the progress of OZworks Group's online community. Show notes:
It's incredibly easy for Qualified Opportunity Fund managers and limited partners who invest in such funds to get tripped up by many of the novel complexities that arise from the statute and regulations dictating Opportunity Zone investing. Andrew Gradman, a tax attorney who specializes in Opportunity Zone transactions, joins the show to discuss his recent article for California Tax Lawyer, titled "QOZ Planning When Penalties Are A Certainty." Show notes:
Multifamily is the most popular asset class for Opportunity Zone investors. According to the latest Qualified Opportunity Fund survey data from Novogradac, approximately 80% of all QOFs have exposure to residential real estate. Scott Hawksworth, co-founder of, joins the show to discuss multifamily real estate investing trends that are unfolding in 2022, how current macroeconomic conditions are affecting investors, and how Opportunity Zone investors are reacting to the asset class. Transcript and show notes:
With stocks and bonds trending downward as of late, record amounts of money are pouring into alternative investments, including Qualified Opportunity Funds. Andy Hagans, co-founder of AltsDb, joins the show to discuss where Opportunity Zones fit into the broader alternative investments asset class and how financial repression is creating an opportunity for OZ investors. Transcript and show notes:
Opportunity Zone reform legislation, social impact, and fundraising trends were hot topics at last month's Novogradac OZ Conference in Long Beach, California. Ashley Tison, co-founder of OZ Pros, joins the show live on-site to discuss where the Opportunity Zone program currently stands and what the future holds for OZ investments. Transcript and show notes:
In today’s “man-on-the-street” style episode, Jimmy Atkinson conducts five rapid-fire live interviews at the ADISA 2022 Spring Conference, featuring OZ investing insights from Erik Hayden (Urban Catalyst), James Brunger (Capital Square), Jamie Nahon (Eagle OZ), Matt Iak (U.S. Energy Development Corporation), and Rob Johnson (Realized). ADISA’s Spring Conference is designed for all industry professionals who sponsor, analyze, market, distribute or sell alternative investments with several educational sessions offered, many of which qualify for Continuing Education credit. Transcript and show notes at
Investing across different asset classes provides not only diversification benefits but alternative sources of growth and revenue. Opportunity zones can offer strong investment returns with an added social impact component in the United States and in Puerto Rico. Kira Golden is the CEO of Direct Source Wealth, a real estate development company out of Denver that does direct deals and serves as a platform for new and experienced investors. By the time she was 18, Kira had holdings in both the real estate and stock market.  Transcript and show notes at
Learn how you can voice your support for the Opportunity Zones Improvement, Transparency, and Extension Act (H.R.7467 / S.4065). The panel was moderated by OpportunityDb founder Jimmy Atkinson. Panelists: Chris Cooley, Catherine Lyons, and Rachel Reilly.  Transcript and show notes at
The hospitality industry has been one of the most watched trends in recent years, with boutique hotels at the forefront of the ever-evolving hospitality business. Smaller, less commercial hotels offer the safety and personalized service travelers seek in a post-pandemic world. Coupled with an Opportunity Zone incentive, investors are taking notice - and the result is as exciting as it is unique. David Kessler, founder and CEO of Sandstone Partners, shares his experiences in the boutique hotel industry, specific to projects in OZ communities. David has over 19 years of real estate investment and development experience. Sandstone Partners targets underperforming mixed-use, hospitality, and multifamily properties executing business plans ranging from value-add to ground-up development. Transcript and show notes at
Bipartisan and bicameral legislation was recently introduced that would improve Opportunity Zones and push back the tax incentive’s deferral date by two years, from 2026 to 2028. The extension will allow OZ investors to continue attracting capital for a program that both supports the local tax base and boosts job growth in these communities.  Senator Tim Scott's former tax adviser, Shay Hawkins is founder and CEO of the Opportunity Funds Association (OFA) -- a Washington, DC-based advocacy, education, and communications group for the Qualified Opportunity Fund industry.  Transcript and show notes at
When combined with the opportunity zone incentive, can orchard farming be a compelling asset class for investors? What are the risks and benefits? Farming offers unique features compared to traditional real estate, but it's imperative to understanding these variables before diving in. Listen in to learn more from our guest Josh Guggenheim, the Director of Acquisitions at Gold Leaf Farming, a hybrid farming company and investment firm located in San Francisco, California.
In this panel from OZ Pitch Day Spring 2022, a trio of experts discuss the various strategies that investors can use to optimize the tax efficiency of their portfolios. This episode is the audio version of an OZ Pitch Day Spring 2022 panel titled, “Opportunity Zone Strategies for High Net Worth Investors.” The panel was moderated by OpportunityDb founder Jimmy Atkinson. Panelists: Jay Frank, Rob Johnson, and Scott Hawksworth. Recorded live on March 29, 2022.  Transcript and show notes at
What are the differences between Opportunity Zones and 1031 Exchanges? And why might one be a good choice for your own investments? Listen as we discuss this topic and more with Jay Frank, the President of Cantor Fitzgerald Capital and Chief Operating Officer of Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Management. Cantor Fitzgerald is a global financial services and real estate investment management firm. Jay is involved in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business, providing direction and implementing strategic initiatives.  Transcript and show notes at
Find out how you can invest in distressed areas around the country while connecting with some of the brightest professionals in the opportunity zones (OZ) arena during this two-day conference sponsored by Novogradac, a national professional services organization that consists of affiliates and divisions in certified public accounting, valuation, and consulting.  Transcript and show notes at
Erik Hayden, founder and CEO of Urban Catalyst, returns to the show to provide updates on Silicon Valley Opportunity Zones and what funds are currently proving attractive investment opportunities. Urban Catalyst is the largest developer of Opportunity Zone real estate in Silicon Valley. Transcript and show notes at
What does it mean to be vertically integrated in the opportunity zones investment process? And how might vertical integration increase profits and shareholder returns? Chris Loeffler is the CEO of Caliber and serves as Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors. As CEO, Chris directs and executes global strategy, oversees investments and fund management, and contributes to private and public capital formation. Transcript and show notes at
Since its inception, opportunity funds have captured the attention of investors, asset managers, policymakers, community leaders, and financial institutions, with no sign of the trend abating. In fact, interest has been staggering due to the tax benefits, ranging from tax-free appreciation to capital gains deferral. But approach and fit are key components to scale and sustain an OZ investment strategy. And selecting the right fund and fund manager is critical to long-term success. Greg Genovese, CEO of USG Realty Capital and Investors Choice OZ Fund, shares his view on investor advocacy and how to ensure alignment among stakeholders within OZ. Transcript and show notes at
Misconceptions often cause investors to opt out of potentially profitable and viable investment opportunities. The Federal Opportunity Zone tax incentive program has had its fair share of uncertainties due to miseducation and confusion around alternative investments. But with the right fund manager and scheme in place, investors can feel good about helping underserved communities while experiencing significant tax breaks. Michael Episcope unpacks opportunity zone investing misconceptions and explores the potential benefits of adding alternative assets to a portfolio. Michael is co-founder and principal of Origin Investments, a private equity real estate firm founded in 2007. Transcript and show notes at
Taxpayers can defer taxes by reinvesting capital gains from an asset sale into a QOF. To do so, IRS Form 8996 must be filed by all taxpayers holding a QOF investment. Guidance on how to fill out this form will eliminate inconsistencies prior to submission. Ashley Tison is an Opportunity Zone consultant and attorney based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Along with Jimmy Atkinson, he is co-founder of OZ Pros, an Opportunity Zone advisory firm. Transcript and show notes at
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