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Author: Trevor White, M.S.

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Optimize Me is an interview style podcast that takes a deep dive into what makes some of the most influential thought-leaders in diverse scientific fields focusing on low-carb ketogenic diets, biohacking, entrepreneurship, mindset and optimal human performance so successful. Hosted by Trevor White an exercise and nutrition specialist and entrepreneur who received his both his Bachelor's and Master’s Degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science from The University of Tampa. Tune in weekly to learn how to apply the tools you need for cultivating a growth mindset, how to utilize nutrition to fuel performance and how to gain muscle and build a lean physique to live your most optimal life.
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This week on optimize me I had the great pleasure of speaking with fellow coach, speaker, entrepreneur, meathead and someone who I call a great friend, Danny Vega. We dive deep on topics surrounding building muscle, training techniques and his current training split to optimize muscle and performance.⁣⁣Danny has a Master’s of Science in Human Performance from the University of Florida and has spent decades surrounded by some of the top minds and thought leaders in sport, fitness and human performance including his time as the Strength & Conditioning coordinator for VCU where he helped them win the the conference in 2007.⁣⁣He has always been an athlete himself from running back to cross-fitter to powerlifter and even endurance sport such as half-marathons.  In 2016 he was introduced to the ketogenic diet from someone (me) 🙋🏻‍♂️ and since then has never looked back. He not only has learned how to leverage a ketogenic state for himself but his family and clients as well. ⁣⁣I honestly could go on and on talking about Danny because as most of you who know him know that he is a kind, generous and honest friend who would help anyone out in a moments notice. For now I’ll stop blabbing and you can check out the first of what I consider to be many podcasts with my friend and brother ⁣⁣If you’re interested in learning more about Danny, his wife Maura and his two boys Desmond and Dean you can follow them on these accounts here and check out there amazing website where they teach topics about un-schooling, peaceful parenting and much more!⁣⁣🔥Oh and p.s. ladies @fatfueledmom is dropping her new website soon go check it out at 🔥 ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣@fatfueledmom ⁣@fatfueledkids ⁣⁣⁣#optimizeme #optimizemepodcast #muscle #performance #podcast #keto #ketogenic 
Kiran Malik is a lifelong athlete and nutrition coach with a penchant for data analysis and optimization. He utilizes a flexible ketogenic diet and lifestyle to enhance his cognition, performance, and health. Kiran can help you optimize your ketogenic approach and confer the true benefits that come with leveraging a deeper state of ketosis!Kiran's Coaching's Instagram
This week on Optimize me I  was honored to speak with none other than Ashleigh VanHouten aka Muscle Maven. Ashleigh is an author, speaker, podcast host, and self-proclaimed muscle nerd. Her first book, a nose-to-tail, organ-meat centric cookbook called It Takes Guts, is available for pre-order now and will be in stores October 20. She is the host of the Muscle Maven Radio podcast, interviewing some of the leading minds in exercise and nutrition methodology and overall wellness. She is a longtime contributor to Paleo magazine, and Ashleigh is also a consultant in the fitness industry, helping others build their brand and communicate their messages to the world, working with notable figures like legendary Canadian bodybuilder and life optimization guru Ben Pakulski, and thyroid health expert Elle Russ. In her downtime, Ashleigh is a nationally ranked natural figure competitor and also dabbles in powerlifting, armwrestling, and BJJ, although her biggest hobby is trying to convince people to eat organ meat. Connect with Ashleigh on Instagram @themusclemaven or on her website,
This week on Optimize Me I dive deep with good friend and special guest Robert Sikes aka Keto Savage. We discuss topics surrounding building muscle, losing fat, becoming a fat adapted athlete and all things Keto. Robert is a lifetime natural competitive bodybuilder. He has a passion to help motivate and educate others about the importance of following your passions and getting the results you want while living a ketogenic lifestyle. He preaches intensity, dedication, discipline, hard work, and sacrifice to create your most optimal life.Find Robert here:Website: https://ketosavage.comYouTube: Robert's businesses:Keto Brick: https://www.ketobrick.comLive Savage: https://livesavageapparel.comDeeper State Keto Coaching:
Welcome to Optimize Me

Welcome to Optimize Me


First of all, Thank you so much for taking the time to tune in to this brief episode. I really do appreciate it.I’m your host Trevor White a fitness & nutrition enthusiast, natural ketogenic physique athlete and an online training & nutrition coach. I hold both bachelors and master’s degree in exercise and nutrition science. I wanted to pop on here and give you all a brief outline of what you can expect to gain from this podcast moving forward.This will be an interview style podcast. Each week I’ll be taking a deep dive into conversations with some of the top thought-leaders from vast disciplines including science, health, and fitness to deliver you the tools necessary to cultivate and optimize a happier, healthier life. This podcast is designed to dive deep into topics surrounding different dietary approaches, fitness modalities, performance, biohacking, entrepreneurship,mindset and much more so that you can positively impact your greatest potential and thrive in todays modern world. The topics, tips, and life hacks covered in this podcast are essential for individuals searching to perform better, eat healthier and lead happier lives.Once again thank you so much for tuning in and I’m super excited for the opportunity to provide you with what I hope is valuable information to help you live your most optimal life.Links:Trevor WhiteTrevor White on InstagramTrevor White on YouTube
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