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Opto Sessions: Stock market | Investing | Trading | Stocks & Shares | Finance | Business | Entrepreneurship | ETF

Author: Haydn Brain & Ed Gotham

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Stock Market Opportunities: Opto Sessions brings you in-depth interviews with the best minds in finance, from hedge fund managers to options traders, uncovering their secrets to success. Learn to trade or improve your investing with ideas, tips and techniques from the industry's greatest minds.
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On this show, I welcome Katrina Daminova, part of the Business Development team at Gemini. Gemini is one of the principal companies in the digital assets space with a very popular exchange and custody product for institutional investors. At Gemini, Katrina focuses on developing partnerships and servicing institutions. Her client base includes digital asset managers, crypto funds, hedge funds, market makers, fintech including neobanks, and others. Previously Katrina was head of product at, a Custody and Prime Brokerage for Digital Assets.We dig into the details on Gemini’s institutional offering, the opportunity in defi and how it may transform financial services as we know it. to Cofruition for helping put together the podcast. Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Welcome to Opto Sessions where we interview the top traders and investors from around the world uncovering their secrets to success. Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Macro investor Diego Parrilla, the best-selling author of "The Energy World is Flat" and "The Anti-Bubbles". In his day to day, he’s the Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager at Quadriga Asset Managers with a focus on Global Macro, Volatility, and Tail Risk.Diego is a well-versed individual who’s also an engineer and economist in addition to having previous roles managing risk and global teams in prestigious investment banks, such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Merrill LynchWe have a great conversation deconstructing opportunities from the end of peak oil, what is a bubble & anti-bubble, how to take advantage of anti-bubbles and golds perfect storm. to Cofruition for helping put together the podcast. Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Frédérique Carrier is Managing Director and Head of Investment Strategy at RBC Wealth Management; she heads up the firm’s London equity desk and formulates equity strategy for the UK & Europe. Frédérique also co-chairs RBC Wealth Management’s global asset allocation committee, GPAC, which determines asset allocation for the firm’s global client base. As of the end of last year, RBC had 843.6 billion (CAD) under administration, making it the fifth-largest wealth manager in the world. Having spent 8 years at companies like Williams de Broë – later acquired by Investec -, managing several European equity mandates, Frédérique had previously taken in 5 years at BBVA Latinvest as a sell side analyst covering Latin America. A subsequent stint with Invesco, covering emerging markets and global equities, preceded her current position. Frédérique and I discuss what leading a global asset manager is like, before we embark on a whistle-stop tour across the globe, where Frédérique offers her investment outlook for the US, Europe & UK, and Emerging Markets too. Enjoy the interview!...Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
In a bumper episode, I speak to Neil Howe, Managing Director of Demographics at Hedgeye. Neil is a renowned authority on social change, an acclaimed bestselling author, and America’s leading thinker on today’s generations – who they are, what motivates them, and how they will shape our future. Vice President Al Gore called Howe’s first title, ‘Generations’, "the most stimulating book on American history that I have ever read", while the Boston Globe is prepared to label Howe one of “the great American prophets”, if predictions in his book ‘The Fourth Turning’, come to pass. Neil has also worked as a consultant and advisor for companies like Blackstone, the Concord Coalition, and the Global Aging Initiative at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies. Frequently featured on shows like USA Today, CNN, the New York Times, and CBS' 60 Minutes, we were extremely lucky to speak to Neil, and I took the chance to quiz him on how his theory can be applied to today’s financial markets – enjoy the interview! Here’s a link to Neil’s book, The Fourth Turning: Neil also mentions the following title by Tim Lee, Jamie Lee & Kevin Coldiron: ...Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Today I welcome Matt Hougan, the Chief Investment Officer at Bitwise Asset Management which has created the world's largest crypto index fund. Bitwise is the leading provider of rules-based exposure to the crypto-asset space with a selection of interesting crypto funds and even a recently launched ETF, Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators (Ticker: BITQ). Prior to working at Bitwise, Matt was CEO of and helped spearhead the ETF industry to the mammoth size it’s become today. We discuss the future of crypto, innovative use cases in DEFI (Decentralised finance), why an index-based approach to crypto should be of interest to you, and direct index investing.Matt is a great guest on the show. further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Jon Maier is currently Chief Investment Officer at Global X. The highly respected provider of a range of interesting ETF products such as LIT (the Lithium & Battery Tech ETF) as well as model portfolios. Previously, Jon worked at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management as the Senior Portfolio Manager for its ETF Model Portfolio business. Now Jon shapes Global X's market outlook, leading on the construction of all model portfolios.We had a great chat about assessing your risk profile, constructing a portfolio to achieve different goals as well as highlighting some interesting themes from the equity thematic disruptors portfolio.Enjoy the show. Twitter - @GlobalXETFs further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
James Davolos is a Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst at Horizon Kinetics. The New York-based asset manager and investment advisory firm manage over $4.5bn, an established industry presence for more than 25 years.James is the co-portfolio manager of the firm’s new Inflation Beneficiaries ETF (INFL) and manages Horizon’s Internet Fund, as well as several private and institutional accounts. Having started on Horizon’s trading desk in 2005, James quickly progressed to begin his tenure on the investment team by December 2006.We discuss what sets Horizon’s value, contrarian-oriented approach apart; James explains Predictive Attributes and how they give Horizon their edge; and finally, James takes me through the firm’s unique INFL ETF, up nearly 19% since inception in January – enjoy the interview!Visit the Horizon page for more info on their INFL ETF: further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
This week I have the pleasure of introducing Alan Brochstein who’s known as the leading Financial Analyst dedicated to the Cannabis industry. Alan spent decades on the inside of the investment industry as a portfolio manager on wall street before starting 420 Investor, the largest due diligence platform covering publicly-traded stocks in the cannabis industry. In addition he leads content development and strategic alliances at New Cannabis Ventures, a leading provider of relevant information in the cannabis industry. A necessary source of information for anyone interested in investing in this industry.We have a very interesting conversation where we discuss the huge potential of the industry, common misconceptions about some of the most popular stocks such as Tilray and Canopy growth and how cannabis could be considered as a growing consumer staple. further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Damien is a Managing Partner and Co-Chief Investment Officer at ARIS - Advanced Research Investment Solutions - a $19 billion investment advisor. Damien has over 19 years of experience advising some of the world’s leading institutional investors. Damien spent nearly a decade at Bridgewater Associates, one of the highest-profile hedge funds on the planet, founded by world-famous investor Ray Dalio. In this role, Damien was responsible for managing relationships with the company’s impressive list of clients, an array of family offices, foundations, and pension mandates, ranging from $1 billion to $100 billion in size. We discuss why risk-parity strategies are effective in today’s market environment, and uncover why some risk-parity managers missed their long-touted chance to record significant returns amid the pandemic’s volatility. We conclude by examining ARIS’s industry-first Risk-Parity ETF – Enjoy the interview!...Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Today I welcome Mark Yusko, the Founder, CEO & Chief Investment Officer at Morgan Creek Capital Management and Managing Partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets.He currently manages close to $2 billion in discretionary and non-discretionary assets at Morgan Creek. He’s known for his alternative Thinking About Investments and interest in emerging asset types. It makes sense then that a cornerstone of the morgan creek investment philosophy is to invest in innovation. In this interview, we touch on Blockchain and digital currency as the greatest wealth creation opportunity of our lifetime, SPACs, Bitcoin, and how some of the best investment opportunities come from being an early investor in further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Ben Goldsmith is an environmentalist and sustainability-focused investment pioneer. Founder and CEO of London-listed investment firm Menhaden, Ben, and the team focus their attention on the theme of energy and resource efficiency. Having previously co-founded the clean tech-focused investment firm WHEB back in 2003, Goldsmith has a long track record delivering returns in this space. Ben has also used his personal wealth to support both philanthropic and political projects in this area.Ben and I discuss how Menhaden identify companies delivering or benefiting from the efficient use of energy; we unpick the firm’s unique criteria for portfolio inclusion; and highlight the stocks that figure in the current fund. And after a historic year for clean energy returns in 2020, Ben gives us his outlook for the segment for the second half of 2021. Enjoy the interview!...Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Angela Chang Newell is a portfolio manager at Social Capital. As many of our listeners will know, Social Capital is the brainchild of Chamath Palihapitiya – a billionaire and Twitter influencer with over 1.4 million followers.Earlier this year Angela made it into an exclusive group, Chamath and Social Capital’s Emerging Managers class of 2021 – an industry-first initiative that has sought investors, of all backgrounds, who believe they can develop differentiated strategies to generate outsized returns. Social Capital has funded their portfolio managers with an initial capital base, with the aim of scaling that over time.Angela has worked for some of the biggest and most prestigious asset managers in the world – including JPMorgan and Macquarie – and her unique take on US equity investment was extremely compelling. We discuss what differentiates her approach from the rest of the market; what makes an exceptional portfolio manager; Angela takes us inside one of the most talked-about companies in the industry. Enjoy the interview!After the interview, Angela shared Dimon's 2020 letter to shareholders. Read for more insight into the JPMorgan CEO's insight: ...Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
On Friday 19th March I spoke to Lyn Alden, founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy. Lyn has been conducting investment research in various public and private capacities for over 15 years, and her methods have received global renown – Lyn has 165,000 followers on Twitter, and has contributed to sites like Business Insider, MarketWatch, CNBC, The Street, and Time’s Money Magazine. Lyn’s edge lies in the intersection between Engineering and Finance – we discuss how this influences her unique investment approach, and how a Contrarian slant helps Lyn identify quality, undervalued stocks.Also on the agenda are Network effects – we dig into their impact on businesses like Facebook and Amazon, and how their influence incited Lyn’s Bitcoin bet in April 2020. After an in-depth look at Lyn’s current portfolio, we discuss how stock market investors should navigate the tumultuous interest rate environment. Enjoy the episode!Sign up for Lyn’s free newsletter, here: Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Hello everyone, Ed Gotham here, and welcome to Opto Sessions where we interview the top traders and investors from around the world uncovering their secrets to success. In this episode, I’m talking to the wonderful Michele Schneider. Mish is a former floor trader and co-founder of Marketgauge serving as the Director of Trading Research & Education. Marketgauges' philosophy is to identify both the biggest macro and emerging trends using their proprietary tools, indicators, and proven trading models. It provides financial information and education to thousands of individuals, as well as large companies such as Barron’s, Fidelity, Thomson Reuters, and Bank of America. Mish has a daily newsletter highlighting some very interesting trends and opportunities on the markets in "Mish's Daily", available on and on Opto. In this interview we dive into Bitcoin Vs Gold, The potential commodity supercycle, stagflation and the inflation narrative spooking the markets. @marketminutemarketgauge.comMish’s Market Minute Advantage (Premium subscription) Opto Sessions we interview the top traders and investors from around the world uncovering their secrets to success. Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Justin Onuekwusi is Head of Retail Multi-Asset Funds at Legal & General Investment Management. The Legal and General group is one of the world’s biggest and most successful insurers and asset managers, with over £1 trillion in assets. LGIM’s Multi-Asset team manages more than £63bn, with Justin playing a leading role in the strategic allocation of those funds. Having started out as an analyst with Aon Hewitt in 2003, Justin next worked at Merrill Lynch during the now seminal period between 2007-08, staying with the firm until 2010, before taking up a role as Multi-Asset Fund Manager, at Aviva. And for the last seven and a half years Justin has been with LGIM, now heading up the firm’s extremely successful Retail Multi-Asset business.I talk to Justin about asset allocation, leveraging his cross-asset expertise to understand where investors should be weighing their portfolios in 2021, and beyond. We discuss his investment philosophy, and how LGIM’s use of their extensive index offering gives them one of the most successful, low-cost fund ranges on the market. Enjoy! Search #talkaboutblack to read about Justin's ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the asset management industry, and beyond.Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Today I have the delight of introducing Adam Robinson, someone I consider a mentor, an incredible thinker who has a unique but masterful way of looking at the market and how it operates. Adam is the founder of Robinson Global Strategies where he conveys his wisdom on global macro strategy to some of the most prominent hedge fund managers and family offices in the world. He uses a unique approach that combines game theory, systems thinking, Bayesian analysis, and behavioral economics to outsmart global markets.He is also a chess master and entrepreneur, having founded the Princeton review after graduating from Oxford university which helps students pass the tests that get them into their dream schools. In this interview, we discuss market mechanics, how a trend is simply the dissemination of an idea, Copper/gold - the ratio that metal traders use to predict market trends & the great game...Enjoy the show. Twitter - @IAmAdamRobinsoniamadamrobinson.comWant further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
We’ve got Howard Lindzon from Phoenix Arizona on the show today. He’s the founder and managing partner at Social Leverage, an early-stage seed investment fund who’s stand-out investments include Robinhood, eToro, Kustomer, Rally road & more. Many will also know him as the founder of StockTwits, the largest online community of investors and traders. 
On the podcast today we have entrepreneur and growth stock investor Jonah Lupton. He’s nurtured his own community of over 500,000 stock market enthusiasts with a very popular substack email list where he gives subscribers in-depth reports and insights into his new and existing growth stock positions. You can subscribe at jonahlupton.substack.comHe is also currently one of 8 chosen for the Social Capitals Emerging Managers class 2021 created by the one and only Chamath. In this interview, we discuss his strategy for finding emerging, innovative companies that have the potential for triple-digit returns over the next 4-5 years. We also dig into some of his highest conviction positions and the catalysts for their outperformance. Enjoy the show. Twitter - @JonahLuptonStocktwits - @JonahLuptonjonahlupton.comWant further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
On Friday 12th February I spoke to Jay Jacobs, the Head of Research & Strategy at Global X. Global X is an innovative provider of thematic ETFs – an industry segment that shot to prominence last year, netting record returns. Jay - frequently cited on platforms like CNBC, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal - leads Global X’s research efforts, identifying potential growth opportunities, and instigating the development of new, industry-first products. Jay talked through the firm’s Thematic Growth ETFs, a range of funds that gives investors exposure to anything from Genomics, to Lithium, to Artificial intelligence. Jay outlines the benefits of a thematic investment approach, and finishes by highlighting his ‘Themes to Watch’. Enjoy the episode!Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Jesse Felder makes his second appearance on Opto Sessions, having made his debut with Ed back in October. Jesse began his professional career at Bear, Stearns & Co. and later co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Then in 2000, Jesse moved to Oregon, founding The Felder Report shortly after, and since his research has featured in major publications like The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and Business Insider.Jesse and I spoke about an asset that has polarised opinion like no other – Bitcoin. Jesse presents a typically contrarian outlook for the long-term value of the cryptocurrency while recognising the speculative gains to be made now. Felder highlights intriguing investments in Energy, Commodities more broadly, and a potential pivot away from overvalued growth stocks toward real assets – you heard it here first!A link to Jesse's article on rampant speculation: a link to a piece we reference during the interview, published on Variant Perception: Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter: 
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