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Opto Sessions: Stock market | Investing | Trading | Stocks & Shares | Finance | Business | Entrepreneurship | ETF

Author: Haydn Brain & Ed Gotham

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Stock Market Opportunities: Opto Sessions brings you in-depth interviews with the best minds in finance, from hedge fund managers to options traders, uncovering their secrets to success. Learn to trade or improve your investing with ideas, tips and techniques from the industry's greatest minds.
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On Friday 12th February I spoke to Jay Jacobs, the Head of Research & Strategy at Global X. Global X is an innovative provider of thematic ETFs – an industry segment that shot to prominence last year, netting record returns. Jay - frequently cited on platforms like CNBC, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal - leads Global X’s research efforts, identifying potential growth opportunities, and instigating the development of new, industry-first products. Jay talked through the firm’s Thematic Growth ETFs, a range of funds that gives investors exposure to anything from Genomics, to Lithium, to Artificial intelligence. Jay outlines the benefits of a thematic investment approach, and finishes by highlighting his ‘Themes to Watch’. Enjoy the episode!Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Jesse Felder makes his second appearance on Opto Sessions, having made his debut with Ed back in October. Jesse began his professional career at Bear, Stearns & Co. and later co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Then in 2000, Jesse moved to Oregon, founding The Felder Report shortly after, and since his research has featured in major publications like The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and Business Insider.Jesse and I spoke about an asset that has polarised opinion like no other – Bitcoin. Jesse presents a typically contrarian outlook for the long-term value of the cryptocurrency while recognising the speculative gains to be made now. Felder highlights intriguing investments in Energy, Commodities more broadly, and a potential pivot away from overvalued growth stocks toward real assets – you heard it here first!A link to Jesse's article on rampant speculation: a link to a piece we reference during the interview, published on Variant Perception: Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter: 
This week we’ve got Dr Jeff Ross who is both a radiologist and the founder of a successful hedge fund Vailshire Capital Management which utilises an innovative “all-weather,” full-cycle portfolio management strategy for its clients. Achieving triple digit returns over the past year.In this interview however we dive into something both Jeff & I have an interest in, Bitcoin. We go from the basics, why does Bitcoin have value, to the opportunity and risks ahead in this market environment including analysing the future performance of stocks vs Bitcoin and any impact from potential rising rates further down the line. We finish up by discussing hias films criteria for selecting equities which is not dissimilar to a VC investing strategy for later stage startups. Jeff has some really interesting insights and above all it’s very topical for today's markets. further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Today I welcome back Trevor Neil, a trader for over 50 years having started out trading commodities with Merrill Lynch in the mid 1970’s. We first spoke in April last year, and Trevor has since appeared on the show to discuss his innovative, new trading product, the RRG UK Momentum+ - links to both of these interviews can be found below.During today's episode, we discuss the market mania surrounding GameStop, the relationship between a rapidly growing group of ‘Average Joe’ traders and their Big Money counterparts, as well as the ‘madness of crowds’, and whether similarities exist between this latest phenomenon and events like the South Sea Bubble. Hope you enjoy the episode!My interview with Trevor back in April 2020: Trevor's more recent appearance, can be found here: Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter: 
Today I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Koyfman, a former wall st veteran and founder and CEO of Koyfin. Koyfin is a financial data and analytics platform for researching stocks and understanding market trends. It’s an exceptional tool which is particularly good for those who like digging into the fundamentals behind stocks or comparing the performance of different stocks sectors or themes over different time periods.We discuss koyfin in detail and finish by digging into Robs investing process with examples of how he uses koyfin to support this. After the interview, if you’re interested in using koyfin you can sign up for a free account at I promise you won’t be disappointed. Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Steve Hanke is a professor of applied economics at The Johns Hopkins University and senior fellow at the Cato Institute. Over four decades Hanke has advised dozens of world leaders from President Ronald Reagan to Indonesia’s Suharto on currency reforms, privatization, and how to tame hyperinflation. An active trader of currencies and commodities, Hanke was the president of the world’s best performing mutual fund in 1995, a year in which Toronto Trust Argentina recorded a 79.25% return. Hanke takes us on a fascinating journey through post-war politics and economic policy, not forgetting to explain the current landscape, just a week after Biden’s inauguration and days after Janet Yellen’s appointment as US Treasury Secretary. Hanke also allows me to tie his more macro insights back to global equity markets, speculating on where they’re likely to head in what promises to be an eventful 2021. Enjoy the episode!Read Hanke's article on his inflation dashboard, and Venezuela’s spiralling hyperinflation: further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
This is a special episode with Trevor Neil who gives us exclusive insight into a new tradable product CMC Markets has developed with his guidance - The RRG UK Momentum+ Trevor is an ex floor trader & hedge fund manager and director at RRG. We talk about the product methodology, how it captures early stage +ve momentum in UK stocks and why you might be interested in a momentum strategy over an index play.Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Julius de Kempenaer is the creator of Relative Rotation Graphs™. RRGs, for short, enable investors to distill the relative strength of hundreds, and even thousands of securities, into a single picture. Be it individual stocks, sectors or even entire indexes, RRGs enable a comparison that would otherwise take days to reproduce, and be impossible to visualise.I talk to Julius about how this investment tool, a secret weapon in the armouries of institutional investors across the globe, came to be. And, like his career-to-date, it’s an intriguing tale. Julius describes that gripping story, from his time in the Dutch air force, to heading up RABObank’s Technical analysis in the early 2000s, to his role on the trading floor with Kempen & Co.Julius talks passionately about Relative Rotation Graphs, and the benefits they offer investors, individual and institutional alike; and we finish our conversation by applying his methods to investigate the impact of seasonality on equity sector performance, revealing some fascinating results. Enjoy!Julius and I discuss an article of his, analysis the impact of seasonality on sector performance. Read the full piece here: And to test RRGs for free, check out the StockCharts website: Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Rob Arnott is the founder and chairman of Research Affiliates. As of September 2020, $145 billion in assets were managed worldwide using investment strategies developed by Arnott’s firm.Having pioneered several unconventional portfolio strategies that are now widely applied, including the Fundamental Index™ investment approach, Rob has earned a reputation as one of the word’s most provocative practitioners, challenging conventional wisdom at every turn.Prior to founding Research Affiliates, Rob managed two asset management firms. As chairman of First Quadrant, LP, he built the company into a highly regarded quantitative asset management firm. Arnott has also taken in spells as global equity strategist at Salomon Brothers (now part of Citigroup), as the founding president and CEO of TSA Capital Management (now part of Analytic Investors, LLC), and as vice president at The Boston Company.We discuss Rob’s prolific research, his insatiable appetite for new ideas, and how to apply his theories to 2021’s global stock markets. For more of Rob's groundbreaking research, visit the site:!/?f=%5B%5D&gq=%5B%5D&s=date Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Welcome to a special edition of the Opto Sessions podcast, Ed and I have identified our favourite episodes from what has been an unprecedented year for global stock markets. We’ve narrowed it down to our top 8, selecting 4 clips each from our favourite interviews this year. Featured guests include investing royalty, Jim Rogers, who alongside George Soros, co-founded the Quantum Fund; and Jack Schwager, the international best-selling author responsible for the Market Wizards series. We really enjoyed taking stock and looking back at some fascinating interviews, and we hope you do too!Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Opto Sessions is off for our holiday break (Merry Christmas, by the way)We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has listened to the show this year and that we’ll be back in the new year with more interviews from the world’s best traders.Next week (31st December 2020) we’ll be releasing a slightly different episode: our highlights from the year. If you’re interested in hearing the best bits from our interviews in one place, be sure to give it a listen.Before leaving you, we’ll end with a little flavour of what we’ve got in store… 
Today I welcome Keith McCullogh, the founder of hedgeye risk management which is a no-excuses provider of real-time investment research and a premier online financial media company. Keith and his team of 80 analysts are hard at work tearing down the edifice of Old Wall Street, brick by brick.We deconstruct the proprietary models which hedgeye uses to both assess the markets and recommend positions. This includes his quad based investing approach, risk ranges, and even portfolio and position sizing. We also discuss what quadrant we’re in today and what this means for investors. I had a lot of fun talking to Keith, he’s developed his unique approach to the markets by analyzing a huge amount of data. Fundamental data is at the core of his strategy. His insights are second to none. further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Frank E. Holmes is CEO and Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors. Under Frank’s direction, the company has exceeded all expectations in the highly-competitive ETF market, having launched the JETS ETF in 2015, a fund that shot to prominence this year – a darling of Robinhood traders -, and which now commands nearly $3bn AUM.Frank made his name in Mining, receiving various awards from the Mining Journal, including Fund Manager of the Year in 2006 and Best Americas Based Fund Manager in 2016. Other achievements include the co-authorship of The Goldwatcher: Demystifying Gold Investing, a book published with John Katz in 2008.Frank & U.S. Global Investors have looked beyond traditional markets, too – investing in the first publicly-traded cryptocurrency mining firm, HIVE, in 2017. Frank shares his plans for HIVE, and how the company’s stock has surged over 1570% this year. Enjoy the episode!Check out Frank's Blog, here: Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
David Mazza is the managing Director and Head of Product at Direxion, a well-known provider of ETFs and Mutual funds. As head of product David leads the research and development of new products at Direxion in addition to the ongoing product management and strategy for the firm. Direxion has recently been highlighted as an innovator in the realm of thematic ETFs and this is exactly what we’ll be discussing in detail in this episode. You’ll hear about Moon - the latest moonshot innovators ETF as well as the popular work from home and connect consumer ETFs leveraging trends such as Remote Healthcare, Streaming platforms & Cybersecurity.Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Michael A. Gayed is Portfolio Manager at Toroso Investments, a company with $5 billion AUM. Michael manages the ATAC Rotation fund, which has returned roughly 50% this year, an extremely impressive result amid unprecedented market volatility.Michael is also the co-author of four award-winning research papers on market anomalies & investing, an active contributor to MarketWatch & Seeking Alpha, and has been interviewed on CNBC, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal Live. Michael has a truly unique approach to interpreting market movements, which is chronicled in his daily output on the critically acclaimed Lead-Lag Report. It is Michael’s tactical, risk-on/risk-off strategy that we focus on during the interview – It’s not one to miss!Check out the Lead-Lag Report: Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter: 
Peter Tuchman has spent over 35 years on Wall Street, making him one of the most experienced brokers on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Two white sprouts of hair coupled with a larger-than-life personality have earned him the moniker “The Einstein of Wall Street", and have seen him become a firm-favorite with the press. Peter is the most photographed man on the Street and has been depicted during some of the most pivotal moments in recent financial history.Peter gives us unparalleled insight into what it’s like amid the frenetic foray on the floor, or the “heat of battle” as Peter describes it. And for anyone that’s watched classic films like ‘Trading Places’ but wondered what a real-life trading floor is really like, this is an interview for you. Enjoy the episode!Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Jack Schwager is back again, Author of the well renowned Market Wizards series. We’re here to celebrate the launch of his latest release - Unknown Market Wizards - by digging into a couple of the hugely successful traders Jack interviews in the book.You’ll hear about the unicorn sniper who hunts down high conviction trades and the penny stock trader who now rides disruptive trends and is all about being early. You can purchase Jack's latest book on Amazon, just search for ‘Unknown Market Wizards’ further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
This is a US election special where I have the pleasure of talking to JC Parets the founder of allstarcharts about price action and opportunities he’s seeing in the market today. As JC says ‘it’s not about being right, it’s about making money’ and we highlight the sectors and themes hitting all time highs in global stocks as well as touching on interesting action in gold and bitcoin.Enjoy@allstarcharts further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
This week I spoke to Morgan Housel. Morgan is a partner at the Collaborative Fund – a firm responsible for over $300 million - a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal, and, crucially for today’s interview, the award-winning author of ‘The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness’. Morgan’s insight into how the human mind thinks about this well-trodden topic are truly unique, as he busts some well-established myths, by telling the stories of investing and business greats including:  Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jesse Livermore & many more that you’ve probably never heard of. Enjoy the episode!Morgan’s book is available on Amazon - just hit the link to order your copy: Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
Today I welcome Jesse Felder, Founder of the Felder Report. Jesse began his professional career at Bear Stearns and later co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund in Santa Monica, California. Today he manages the Felder report from his home in Oregon. Jesse runs a really fascinating blog @ the and I’ve dug into some of his more recent musings on the market including why it’s time to get greedy in the energy sector and the vampire squid that’s potentially behind the recent call buying frenzy in tesla. @jessefelder further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:
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