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Author: Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert

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Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with a weekly trippy look at a post red-pilled world. As an old fiat regime fades away and a new hard money system brings a new renaissance, they speak to guests from the world of bitcoin, macroeconomics, space travel, artificial intelligence and also finance, markets and monetary policy.
85 Episodes
Visit our sponsor: to stack satsTo join us for a spam-free conversation, join our telegram: more about our guest: https://bitfarms.comMax and Stacy discuss: Fiat airmiles inevitably devalueHow bitcoin turns you from a thug into a love nutFiat is the wonder bread and corn syrup of moneyOur fiat money has 7 eyes and three legs and stopped evolving after non-stop intervention in the processThe carnal escapades of the FOMC meetingsElon can't fix gravity and he can't fix bitcoinMax & Stacy are joined by Ben Gagnon of Bitfarms to talk about the latest in bitcoin mining:Debunking the boil the oceans FUDThe actual data disproves the environment fudAn option call on bitcoin price going upMining bitcoin in Argentina
Smash buy some bitcoin at:  SWANBITCOINMax and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 16 June 2021Topics: - Transitory inflation- Paul Tudor Jones on the Fed losing credibility- MicroStrategy buys even more bitcoin
Visit our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin to stack sats or The Sun Exchange to monetize sunshineLearn more about Julian Assange's case here: Assange DefenseContribute here: Wau Holland Stiftung=====Max and Stacy talk about how Bitcoin is not working for the clampdown but, in fact, removes the locksMax Keiser is the source codeAnd bitcoin has dug its way into truth about money and central banks=====Max and Stacy are joined by John and Gabriel Shipton to talk about Julian Assange, their son and brother, respectively. They discuss the relation of Julian's plight to bitcoin, the First Amendment and the future of brand America.
Visit our sponsors: Swan Bitcoin to stack sats and TheSunExchange to monetize sunshineMax and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 09 June 2021Topics: - The Nic Carter Spaces revolution- El Salvador adopts bitcoin as legal ten
Visit our sponsor: SwanBitcoin to stack your satsMax and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 08 June 2021Topics: - The aftermath of Bitcoin 2021- The F%^K ELON tour- The wealth tax- El Salvador / Jack Mallers
Visit our show sponsors: SwanBitcoin to stack sats and The Sun Exchange to monetize sunshineMax and Stacy discuss the bitcoin derangement syndrome as it has manifested in the IYI that is Nassim Taleb
Max and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 26 May 2021Topics: - The Bitcoin Mining Council- Bitcoin 2021- Cathie Wood buys $20 million worth of bitcoin- Carl Icahn finds Satoshi; does he plan on bringing his 'activist' investment modus operandi- Pentagon continues pushing an alien invasion
Visit our sponsors: SwanBitcoin to stack satsAnd The Sun Exchange to monetize sunshineCheck out our guests: Jan CapekEdward EvensonSlush PoolEnjoy more relentless optimism in our telegram group: and Stacy discuss: Pleb vs toffMisappropriation of diamond handsApproaching bitcoin with humilityThe value of liberty worth the cost of energyMax and Stacy are joined by Jan Capek and Edward Evenson of to discuss: The 'China controls bitcoin' FUDThe 'bitcoin is boiling the oceans' FUDThe Great Hashrate Migration 



Smash buy some bitcoin at: and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 19 May 2021Topics: Bitcoin tumblesThe first ever $10,000 candleCathie Wood reiterates her $500,000 callPlans for Bitcoin 2021Signaling taproot, dealing with FUDJustin Sun buys 150M worth of bitcoin on the dip
Max and Stacy discuss: Bitcoin is designed to kill central banksThe dollar devs at the central bank Doge is like putting baggies of gasoline on your stovetop Big Bitcoin You can't lobby bitcoinThey are joined by Crypto Mags to tear apart the bitcoin will boil the oceans FUD:Bitcoin is providing tremendous valueIt's unseizable money A valuable service of savings for the unbankedIt's using a lot of wasted resources - valuable energy put to good useOur energy grid is hugely centralized, bitcoin helps decentralize the infrastructureTransmission constraint; bitcoin mining pays for a load as something that takes energy Energy and carbon are both cost centersBitcoin is electrifying the financial system Bitcoin is a new heavy industry 
Join our telegram group: The Relentless Optimism of the Orange Pill Max and Stacy compare the man-made disaster of the Dust Bowl to the ongoing catastrophe of money and finance: The price is wrongThe incentives were wrongOpies are the okies of this depression There's been a New Deal for Wall Street for the past few decadesBlack blizzard of money The bad agricultural practices are the bad financial practices of today, over harvesting the same underlying collateralThe price is always right in a free marketThe price is always wrong in a rigged marketThey are joined by Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation to discuss: The petrodollarThe Triffin DilemmaHow Bitcoin fixes both
Visit our sponsors Swan Bitcoin to stack satsOr The Sun Exchange to monetize sunshineMax and Stacy discuss the drive toward banana republicanism as the money printing goes into overdrive. They chat to Parker Lewis of Unchained Capital about: Multisig wallets and control of your own bitcoinMoney printing and inflation The central banks have no idea what they are doingBitcoin citadels and cities like Austin and Miami competing for their businessRun the numbers and other memes that play a role in spreading bitcoin knowledge and culture
Max and Stacy's ORANGE PILL PODCAST livestream from 27 April 2021They discuss Tesla's successful 'proof of liquidity' test of the bitcoin market as they sell 10% of their holdings
Visit our sponsor: to stack satsAnd to monetize sunshineMax and Stacy chat about the 'Bitcoin OG state of mind' and why it is better to arrive late than to show up uglyThey chat to Adam Back of about: Why the halving was not priced inTaproot activation and what it means for bitcoinWhat happened to the hashrate when China went offline 'Blood coins' and 'virgin coins'The cypherpunk ideology spawning a Renaissance 2.0
Visit our sponsor: from Max and Stacy's livestream on YouTube discussing the bitcoin headlines from 21 April 2021Focus is on the bitcoin vs gold debate between Michael Saylor and Frank Giustra
Visit our sponsor SWAN BITCOIN to stack satsAnd THE SUN EXCHANGE to monetize sunshineFind out more about our guest at keys.casaMax and Stacy imagine no possessions, it's easy if you stack or if you live in a world in which price signals have misallocated capital so badly that nothing you need is availableAnd discuss: The monster of commodification and financialization The ultimate lieFrontrunning your thoughts with neuralink Isaiah Jackson, the Marvin Gaye of BitcoinThe interview Nick Neuman of Casa about:The inherent value of self-custody in an age of runaway money printing atop a fragile banking systemWhat is multi-sig and how does it help secure your corn?The uniquely OG problem of Schrödinger's bitcoin (coined by Jameson Lopp)
Audio of the YouTube livestream from 14 April 2021Topics: The Coinbase listing and its pop and then tumbleFrench 'tacos'British rock and comedyJerome Powell's statements on 'cryptocurrency being a speculative vehicle like gold' and his claim that the growing debt is not a concern
Max and Stacy look at the allegories and myths which turn the temporal into the eternal.Bitcoin is perfect money and perfect money is the perfect apocalypse Bitcoin is the story of Prometheus who stole fire from the gods; the cypherpunks took cryptography from the NSA and invented bitcoin which solves for the problem of time and moneyThe relativity of time and the death and rebirth every ten minutesBitcoin solves for time and money and we lose our attachment to both Certain past and an uncertain futureTransition from deity took place on the crossWarm up act for the Big Bang of consciousnessDream blizzard of negative ratesAll you need is Bob Marley to restart civilizationIn the beginning there was a vibe and that vibe made everything groovyMax and Stacy talk to Dea RezkithaWhat Hindu myths can teach us about bitcoinThe eternal truth Karma, harmony and balanceTurning 'negative' human traits into positive outcomes, the temporal to the eternal
Livestreamed on Wednesday, 07 April at and Stacy riff on Kevin O'Leary's claim that he will only buy 'virgin' bitcoin
Max & Stacy discuss:Bitcoin is a tool we discovered to probe deeper into the collective unconscious Bitcoin is a psychedelic revelation Bitcoin is an emergent property of nature Ego is an inhibitor to the disruptor processAll models of consciousness have been shatteredMind manifesting on bitcoinEveryone is impotent at the altar of bitcoinMichael Saylor is on the bitcoin hajj, the pilgrimageThe pilgrimage to bitcoin Mecca is happinessMoney is communication It is how we went from a unit of a few to a unit of more than a few, a societyAs Confucius said, "the longest journey begins with the first stack"Max and Stacy chat to Paul Itoi of Building a text application on a payments protocolPreserving the freedom to assembleValue 4 Value Model and streaming satsMaking it very expensive to behave badly in a chat room
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Mar 23rd


Where occupy wallstreet went wrong was trying to physically occupy wallstreet. Breaking into their buildings and sitting there achieves absolutely nothing. But occupying the contrarian position of the shorts they are obligated to cover will absolutely destroy them. And bottlenecking the metals by hodling all the physical supply is a mathematically guaranteed megaton nuclear bomb. So dont physically occupy, occupy physical.

Jan 29th
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Jan 29th
Reply (1)

Bob Bennett

outstanding program

Jan 29th

J Carlos Orduña R

Excelente programa. Muy informativo. Saludos desde México!

Dec 27th

David Coleman

Better than mushrooms man....

Sep 20th

Hachig Rudolph Alyanakian

Fake! Fake! Fake!....Now, let me tell you about "Satoshi". LOL. First, BTC people have to explain how "Satoshi" cannot possibly be Dick Cheney. At that point, BTC rises above a minor, value-storing hedge and it becomes the people's currency. ~Hayase-san, BTC wa chotto yabai, chau ka?

Sep 2nd
Reply (2)

Hachig Rudolph Alyanakian

That was a good episode. Thanks.... The dude who wanted something hard and plump in his mouth was an unfortunate segment, but a really useful show on the whole.

Aug 25th
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