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Author: Michael Haigney

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For the first time, the man who adapted, voice directed, and performed more than 30 Pokémon characters in the classic seasons of the Pokémon TV series shares memories, mysteries, and behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the most successful anime series ever.
8 Episodes
A comic cushion, Pikachu's fans, and a major apology for my "Poké-crastination."
Ash and Pikachu get a bewildering, watery welcome to Cerulean City, but this time, Misty does the shocking. We'll also take a deep dive into one of Pokémon's enduring mysteries as the case of the Missing Brock is finally solved! (Probably.) Plus the usual excuses for my various goofs and gaffes.
A Clefairy tale that features the premiere performance of a Pokémon voice icon, plus a meandering meditation on the moon and the Macarena.
Our man Flint, a new breed(er), and how I murdered a mother. My full confession plus a Pokémon pickle and the mystery of the missing child solved! (Sort of.)
The big Kakuna, Ash goes head to kabuto in his first Pokémon battle, and how Team Rocket ruined my life.
A Pokémon milestone, the surprising source of Caterpie's creation, and a puzzling Pokémon predicament. Plus: I try to unravel the secret of the slaps!
The focus is on the fabulous females of Pokémon as Ash encounters Jessie, Joy, Jennie, and Misty. Plus plural Pikachu...gender issues...and the backstory of a very fishy Pokémon!
A major disclaimer kicks off the premiere episode of this podcast series, and I admit my first Pokémon goofs. Also: Ash awakes, Poké-pronunciation, the first Pokémerch, the Gary mystery, flash fixes, a puzzling Pika pun, the gender issue, and Misty 's censored slap.