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This episode covers the evolution of the climate, various levels of gases (including greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane), along with various punctuated cycles related to climate evolution. The episode also covers cyanobacteria and the evolution of the atmosphere. 
This episode covers the evolution of planet Earth, the emergence of the moon,  glaciation, continental formation, the evolution of early life on earth and major extinction events. 
On this week of Origins & Evolution, we discuss moon artifacts which are millions and billions of years ago. How did they get there?  The Earth's moon is particularly well primed to store space artifacts and the reasons are discussed at length. In addition, light sails and their potential use in mapping out our galaxy will be covered in the second half of the episode. 
In this episode, Dimitar and Frank discuss 'Unidentified Arial Phenomena' (UAPs) along with the various signals that humans have been sending out all throughout the galaxy. Oumuamua, an interstellar object of great mystery, which passed through out solar system just two years ago. In addition, strategies for best searching for extraterrestrials in our own solar system are discussed.
This exciting episode covers the threat of cosmic radiation within our solar system vs. within our greater galaxy (once we have left the bounds of our cozy little star system.) We discuss high energy particle damage and the deleterious effects it can inflict upon our DNA strands. In addition, neutron stars, pulsars and the dangerous particles created by supernovas will be covered, followed by how to shield our bodies (during space travel) from ultra high energy protons!
This episode is all about space travel and the importance of treating cancer and preventing DNA damage emanating from various sources of cosmic radiation. As our species seeks to visit and colonize planets within our solar system like Mars, and potentially habitable planets light-years away, we will have to figure out how to use water shielding and other technologically advanced techniques to better protect the stands of our DNA.
This is the second part of our Cancer and Evolution Symposium discussion. Our fifth episode covers some of the current and future therapeutic strategies that are being used in the fight against cancer. Also, we discuss electroceuticals, or drugs that polarize ion channels, and their potential role in treating rogue cancer cells.
This episode of Origins & Evolution summarizes the recent Cancer and Evolution Symposium.  The rapid evolutionary adaptability of cancer and its impact on detection, treatment, remission and reemergence is discussed in great detail. 
The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox


Dimitar and Frank discuss the Fermi Paradox, who was Enrico Fermi and the likelihood of alien microbial life evolving into more advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. 
Dimitar and Frank discuss the habitable Goldilocks Zone, methane and the martian summer, along with the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover launch! 
Dimitar Sasselov & Frank Laukien introduce a multitude of theories related to the potential origin or origins of life, while discussing the current state of evolution research. 
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