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Author: John Harman and Ron Bentley

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John Harman and Ron Bentley attempt to put their PhDs to use so that interpretation of scripture and Christian Theology make sense.
41 Episodes
Ron and John begin a new series through the book of Jonah. In this episode, we introduce the book with a look at its background and setting, what kind of story it is, and how the drama gets underway in chapter 1. The post Jonah, part 1: See Jonah Run appeared first on
On May 2, Ron and John joined Dr. Doug Fox, senior pastor of First United Methodist Church in Irving, Texas, for a live discussion in their worship service. Our focus was the Bible as a single story and the importance of reading the Old and New Testaments together. We hope [...] The post Live in Irving, Texas appeared first on
This episode concludes our series through the Book of Philippians with chapter 4. Paul exhorts the Philippians to rejoice as he does, experiencing God’ peace in all circumstances. The post The Center of Rejoicing is Jesus appeared first on
Citizens of Heaven

Citizens of Heaven


Our series in Philippians continues in chapter 3, where we learn that next to knowing Christ, everything else is valueless in comparison. Ron and John explore this crucial point that Paul makes and how he makes it, along with a further look at how he appeals to the Roman Philippians [...] The post Citizens of Heaven appeared first on
Ron and John continue in Philippians with chapter 2, including a discussion of how this chapter instructs Christians in both beliefs and behavior. The person and example of Jesus Christ are at the very center of what the apostle Paul has to say to both the Philippian church and to [...] The post Unity, Humility, and the Mindset of Christ appeared first on
In this first of four episodes surveying the Book of Philippians, Ron and John explore the unique background of Philippi as it relates to understanding Paul’s letter and dive into the first chapter. The post To Philippi from Prisoner Paul appeared first on
Ron and John conclude their survey of the Bible with a review of the final books of the New Testament and a brief look at the process by which the Christian Bible was recognized as scripture by Christians. The post Bible Survey (Part 5): Epistles and Revelation appeared first on
We continue our survey through the Bible to follow the core story into the New Testament. As the long-awaited Messiah comes and the good news spreads, the work that God began in and through Israel advances. Ron and John discuss the four gospels and the Book of Acts as the [...] The post Bible Survey (Part 4): The Good News appeared first on
Ron and John conclude the Old Testament portion of their survey through the Bible. We talk about King David, some history of the Israelite kingdoms that followed him, the prophets that spoke to those kingdoms and their neighbors, and the poetry that reflected on life with God. The post Bible Survey (Part 3): Kings, Prophets, and More appeared first on
The story continues as God works through Moses and his successors in Israel to fulfill a promise to redeem humankind. Ron and John survey the books of Exodus through the reign of Saul in 1 Samuel. The post Bible Survey (Part 2): From Moses to King Saul appeared first on
Ron and John begin a five-episode survey of the biblical story’s basic outline. We start with an introduction to the Bible itself and a look back to the beginning—the Book of Genesis. The post Bible Survey (Part 1): From the Beginning appeared first on
Ron and John conclude the series Prepare the Way with a look at two faithful followers of God who worshiped continuously as they waited for their Savior. When they saw him, they knew that God had fulfilled his promise to comfort and to restore humankind. We can learn much from [...] The post Worshiping, Waiting, and Witnessing appeared first on
In this episode, Ron and John take a close look at the classic nativity story in Luke 2. The fulfillment of God’s promise in Isaiah 40 bursts into the world as heaven sings! For information about our companion eBook for this series, Prepare the Way, visit the store at The post Ordinary Shepherds Hear from Heaven appeared first on
In the second episode of our series “Prepare the Way,” Ron and John show how Isaiah 40 is a key setting for how the gospels introduce Jesus. We look specifically at Matthew 3:1-12 and listen to the “voice of one calling” humankind to “prepare the way.” That voice is John [...] The post The Voice Who Calls Us to Prepare appeared first on
Ron and John introduce Isaiah 40, a magnificent chapter with dual themes of comfort and hope on one hand and the majesty of God on the other. This key passage is a foundation upon which all four New Testament gospel writers introduce the life and ministry of Jesus. Many Christians [...] The post Prepare the Way for the King appeared first on
Ron and John take a lighthearted pause in the regular lineup to talk about the first season of and to look ahead to Season 2. We connect with our mission and tee up the next episode, which begins Season 2 with a new series called Prepare the Way. We [...] The post Looking Back, Ahead, and Behind the Scenes appeared first on
We have examined where hope was fixed in the biblical story and how that informs us as we think about where our hope belongs today. In this final episode of Ultimate Hope Has a Name, Ron and John describe how early Christians focused all the hopes of ancient Israel on [...] The post Hope That Does Not Fail appeared first on
We find our best understanding of Christian hope when we look for it in the biblical story itself. In this third episode of our series Ultimate Hope Has a Name, we look at a time in history when hope could have been lost. God’s promises seemed to have no way [...] The post When Hope Takes a Detour appeared first on
Our series Ultimate Hope Has a Name continues in this episode that looks into hope’s Old Testament past. Biblical hope focuses on the fulfillment of ancient promises that God made and that gather around a coming Messiah-King. What are those promises, and how does a future Israelite king relate to [...] The post Ultimate Hope Has a History appeared first on
In this opening episode of our new series Ultimate Hope Has a Name, Ron and John begin to dig into what Christian hope really is. It is far more substantial and powerful than a mere desire for something to happen in the future. We begin a journey here toward a [...] The post How Christian Hope Goes Beyond Words appeared first on
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