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CTK reports back on his weekend in NYC and 2G hits 4 countries in one night.
Oscar Mike preps for the holidays, 2G gets flipped off by his son, and Chopper discusses most searched Christmas movies.
CTK shares big news, the boys discuss high peaks, and a string of bad luck for politicians.
The boys break down their Thanksgivings, ridiculous college football coaching contracts, and what wrestlers they'd take their chances against.
The boys cover it all from vaccination boosters to Thanksgiving prep.
The boys and their ladies spend the weekend in Lake Placid but all 2G can think about was the rest area on the way there!
S03E13: Trick or Treat

S03E13: Trick or Treat


The boys break down Halloween, the difference between vaccination and being "immunized", and Christmas decorating timelines.
How much are TB12's balls worth, Alec Baldwin, ghost pranks gone wrong, living on amusement park fine dining, and more this week on Oscar Mike!
The boys discuss the fate of Brian Laundrie and other less serious topics.
The boys discuss the latest Dude Day at Spada's and if there is a statute of limitations on being stupid.
The boys prepare for Dude Day by discussing genealogy, bounce houses, and shell companies...obviously.
CTK and 2G provide an honest debrief of the Moody Wedding.
The last thing you'd find in a 1-year old's birthday card, the efforts that go into saving bunnies, and CTK's new title.
Chopper shares a golf etiquette horror story, 2G gets a hip injection, and the boys discuss hotel experiences good and bad.
The boys discuss another CTK gig at a bourbon tasting, Field of Dreams, and the situation in Afghanistan.
The boys discuss CTK's bucket list birthday present, his boss quitting, and the completion of spousal maintenance.
The boys regroup and discuss Olympics, COVID vaccinations, and unruly airline passengers.
CTK and 2G discuss regional nicknames you may hear on travel, the olympics, and where to go after faking your own death.
CTK follows up driving the Ferrari with weekend houses and jet skis on the ocean. 2G went to a llama farm.
CTK provides a debrief on his night with the Ferrari while 2G talks about where to find the best homeless people.
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