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Author: Gregory Goodale

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Some people join the military due to hearing the national call of duty. Others want to face the challenge of pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits. And then there are those that sign up for the all-inclusive travel benefits of being constantly on the move (or Oscar Mike)!
Lace up your combat boots and join 2G as he discusses his traveling experiences while in the United States Marine Corps both home and overseas. It is NOT necessarily as it appears on the big screen! Never served? No problem! This podcast is not only about military travel experiences. 2G will also discuss the traveling he, friends, and family have done and are doing now that the uniform is put away.
Guests will be joining 2G on a regular basis to talk about their travel experiences, tricks to travel, and more!
Fall in, grab your gear, and stay hydrated because Now Boarding Radio is Oscar Mike!
47 Episodes
A trio of ladies get Oscar Mike this week as they share their hall passes and objectify men near and far!
S02E26: A Foreign Home

S02E26: A Foreign Home


2G discusses what the journey home can look like for a veteran and why it can be so difficult.
2G introduces the newest member of the Now Boarding Radio Family and shares his recollection of 9/11/2001.
2G follows up last week's Top 5 Hall Passes with baseball cards, soft tissue injuries, and election odds...what?
2G is joined by his closest associates and the brightest minds in the business of hall passes and celebrity crushes. Listen as they each navigate their top 5!
Oscar Mike returns after a brief hiatus from battling a world record hangover and discusses a series of topics.
2G discusses embarking the Minne-Ha-Ha in Lake George, NY. How well did the summer destination spot in the Adirondacks guard against COVID?
S02E20: Play Ball!

S02E20: Play Ball!


2G rolls out the red carpet as he is joined by a cast of characters for advice and to discuss a number of topics on MLB Opening Night!
Did 2G accidentally pick up a non-paying side job during quarantine? Sometimes you just can't say no!
Before checking in with the professional sports world, 2G discusses travel cancellation strategies during the Rona.
2G summarizes the closest thing he has done to travel since RONA arrived and follows up on some professional sports news.
This week 2G looks at the changing professional sports landscape as there is some light at the end of the RONA tunnel.
The Godfather of Now Boarding Radio stops by to moderate a conversation about basic training between three Marines that grew up together and called Parris Island home in 2002.
S02E14: Third Phase

S02E14: Third Phase


Join 2G for the last phase of Marine Corps Recruit Training at Parris Island. From the gas chamber to crucible, come hear the details about the home stretch of becoming a United States Marine.
S02E13: Second Phase

S02E13: Second Phase


Get Oscar Mike to the rifle range at Parris Island with 2G and see what Second Phase of Marine Corps Basic Training was all about.
S02E12: First Phase

S02E12: First Phase


Get Oscar Mike to Parris Island with 2G and join him in reliving the First Phase of Marine Corps Recruit Training in 2002.
Join 2G as he discusses the end of The Last Dance with Chopper Test Kitchen and Dirty D. Sports heartbreak is discussed as well as who the GOAT is of the NBA.
Chopper Test Kitchen and Dirty D return to go over the next four episodes of The Last Dance. We are nearing the end of the documentary and no content is safe. Gambling addiction, murder, possible extramarital affairs? We touch on all of it in this week's episode! 
Oscar Mike with the assistance of Chopper Test Kitchen and Dirty D review the first four episodes of The Last Dance Documentary. Hot takes and strong opinions galore!
2G checks in with the Oscar Mike faithful and discusses some quarantine topics such as television programing and Skype drinking.
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