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Author: HartLife NFP

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Our Fair City is a campy, post-apocalyptic audio drama, produced by HartLife NFP in Chicago, IL.

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For our first week of the Mid-Season Break, we present the complete version of the song “I Don’t Want to Feel Guilty,” from “Fealty/Frailty.” Vocals —Natalie Clyne Keys —Stephen Poon Arranged and Composed by Stephen Poon. Illustration by Jess Cwik.
Our Fair City wishes you a very spoo-oo-ooky Halloween! Enjoy our telling of an Edgar Allen Poe short story. ‘Ενδονσιν δ’ ορεων κορνφαι τε και φαράγγες Πρώονές τε και χάραδραι. -ALCMAN “The mountain pinnacles slumber; valleys, crags and caves are silent. ” Read by —Clayton Faits Written by Edgar Allan Poe. Directed by Jeffrey Gardner. Sound Design by David Rheinstrom. Music by Evan Kuhn. Photo from the US Geological Survey.
Go behind the scenes with the Vice Presidents as they present, in all of its somewhat dubious glory, the Seasons One/Two blooper reel. Be warned, there is a fair amount of foul language (y’know, if you’re bothered by that sort of thing). A huge thank you to all of the amazing performers, technicians, writers, and others who have come together to create Our Fair City- here’s to many hours of laughs, hijinks, and dubious noises made into microphones. Always singing —Tara Schile The Voice of…reason? — Clayton Faits Not sure about how plants work — Ryan Schile Not actually British — Leslie Nesbit Has the wrong script — Jeffrey Gardner Talking to himself — Jim McDoniel Zombies all over — Terri LaMont Fightin’ Noises— Mark Soloff Upset by doorbells — Nathan Sowell There’s a problem with this — Ansel Burch Has seen all kinds of things — Tyler Samples Acts so hard his ears pop — Frank Sjodin Swears like a sailor — Martine Moore Understands indecipherable notes— Michael Tomczak Edited (butchered) by Jeffrey Gardner. Photographic Proof by Travis Sauder. Approved of by no-one at all.
Winning second place in the 75th Anniversary War of the Worlds contest, this tale of Our Fair City pays homage to H.G. Wells’ incredible “War of the Worlds.”
Recorded live at CONvergence 2013, the HartLife players perform “Agent of the Company,” a heartwarming ballad about the Agents of M.U.R.D.E.R. who protect us each and every day. A parody based on “Angel From Montgomery” by John Prine. Lyrics by David Rheinstrom. Arrangement by Betsey Palmer and Stephen Poon. Recording by Fred Greenhalgh and Matt Boudreau. Photo by Sebastian H. Orr.
For our third week of the Season Four mid-season break we have “I Will Compy,” recorded live at CONvergence 2013 as part of Our Fair City: The Live Episode! Lead Vocals—Betsey Palmer Guitar—Stephen Poon Harmony Vocals— David Rheinstrom, Abby Doud, Sebastian H. Orr, Clayton Faits, Stephen Poon, Jeffrey Gardner Archibald FunnyPants—Mark Soloff A parody based on “I’ll Fly Away” by Alfred E. Brumley. Lyrics by David Rheinstrom. Arrangement by Betsey Palmer and Stephen Poon. Recording by Fred Greenhalgh and Matt Boudreau.
Rounding out our Season Four Mid-Season Break, we have our Season Three Blooper Reel! Enjoy, all. Radio HartLife— Ansel Burch Squashed with fear—Lisa Burton Vomited Lime Jello—Sebastian H. Orr Secrets of Clowning—Frank Sjodin Textbook case—Tara Schile Stop apologizing—Ryan Schile Pizza coupons—Clayton Faits Making Art—Mark Soloff Being dead is a big bummer—Lise “Kat” Evans Has a condition—David Rheinstrom Edited by David Rheinstrom. Photo by Sebastian H. Orr. We’re very, very sorry.
As the HartLife NFP crew recovers from DragonCon 2013 and prepares for the upcoming Our Fair City: the Live Episode! performance at the 2013 Chicago Fringe Festival, we share another tidbit from our live recording at CONvergence– an advertisement for HartLife Gives Back. Regularly scheduled broadcasts of the Historical Records will return next week. Archibald FunnyPants— Mark Soloff HartLife Representative — Clayton Faits Live Foley— David Rheinstrom Written by Clayton Faits, with Mark Soloff. Directed by Jeffrey Gardner. Recorded live by Fred Greenhalgh and Matt Boudreau. Photo by Sebastian H. Orr. Created by Clayton Faits.
Season Five Trailer

Season Five Trailer


Loyal Policies: we are incredibly pleased to offer you this first peek at the Fifth Season of Our Fair City! We strongly recommend listening to this piece of the Historical Record with headphones. This preview contains spoilers for Season Four. Neal Henderson— Sebastian H Orr Andrew Snidge— Frank Sjodin Doctor Herbert West— Ryan Schile Doctor Emily Caligari— Marsha Harman Archibald FunnyPants— Mark Soloff Project Manager Charlie Wynn— Jared Latore Cassie Wilkins — Ele Matelan The Dealer — Jeffrey Gardner Old Man— Clayton Faits
That's right, folks! It's a PARTY. And you're invited! 1/18/14 at DFBRL8R, in Chicago - Doors @ 8, suggested donation $20 Music: "Another Boring Lunchtime (Edit)" by Psychadelik Pedestrian
Attn: Loyal Policies:  Per the mandate of the Directors, we will be beginning our mid-season break slightly ahead of schedule.  Never fear: while you wait for further True Historical Accounts of HartLife, we will be providing you with several entertaining bits of ephemera from our archives.  First up: Our Fair City’s Associate Producer David Rheinstrom has prepared this delightful preview of an upcoming piece of documentary work on capturing foley and sound effects.   Edited by David Rheinstrom.  Audio captured by Ryan Schile, David Rheinstrom, and DJ Catnip.  Recorded on location at Cash for Junk Autos in Chicago, IL.
We hope you enjoy these things as much as we enjoy making them. Insidious Forces of….— Ansel Burch Needs to be healthy for the rest of his life—Mark Soloff The Risen Dead—Ryan Schile Photobombing the Risen Dead—Tara Schile Can you make weird noises?—Jeffrey Gardner Woooooo…—Sebastian H. Orr Excessive Flatulence—Frank Sjodin No matter how old he gets—Tyler Samples Protective of his words—Clayton Faits Looking great today—David Rheinstrom Edited by David Rheinstrom.  Photo by Sebastian H. Orr. Music by Latché Swing.  We’re very, very sorry.
We bring our mid-season break to a close with a new experiment from HartLife NFP- our first audio documentary.  Join associate producer David Rheinstrom, sound designer Ryan Schile, and audio engineer DJ Catnip as they venture into a Chicago destroy a few cars.  For sound. You can also view a few more images from our trip on our website! Edited by David Rheinstrom.  Audio captured by Ryan Schile, David Rheinstrom, and DJ Catnip.  Recorded on location at Cash for Junk Autos in Chicago, IL. Music: The Good Lawdz and Latché Swing, licensed under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licenses.
Just because Season 5 is over doesn't mean you won't be getting tasty Our Fair City content all summer long!  Producer David Rheinstrom drops the deets.   That marvelous photo of Clayton comes courtesy of Sebastian Orr Photography.
Lots of great cuts from this season—watch for pt 2 later in the year! Welcome aboard!— Jared Latore Love for Fish—Ryan Schile Working Leg—Tyler Samples For the record, he writes this schlock—Mark Soloff Agent to the stars—Clayton Faits The Best Doctor—Marsha Harman Tastes Microphones—Ele Matelan Knock knock, MolePeople!—David Rheinstrom Singing Fool—Jeffrey Gardner Tasteless Pants— Ansel Burch Improv is about Specifics— Jim McDoniel Very patient with our attempts at Music— Stephen Poon So many syllables— Frank Sjodin Nintendo Old Man— Whitney Kraus Jones Quaking in Our Boots— Ben Aldred Edited by David Rheinstrom.  Photo by Sebastian H. Orr. Music by Latché Swing.  We’re very, very sorry.
Recorded on-site at the 2014 Chicago Fringe Festival, Our Fair City is pleased to present our very first full recording of a live episode.  Uncover the dark secrets of Hartlife as Detective Jack Winters gets to the bottom of a double murder in the algae fields. Detective Jack Winters— Jared Latore Edwin Burke— Sebastian H. Orr Detective Haley Burnham— Kat Evans Chris— Sebastian H. Orr Harlan— Kat Evans Bernice Prendergast— Kat Evans Curtis— Sebastian H. Orr Brian Orlan— Sebastian H. Orr An Intern—Kat Evans   Written by Clayton Faits. Directed by Jeffrey Gardner. Live Foley design and performance by Ele Matelan.  Music Direction by Betsey Palmer Music and electronic environment by DJ Catnip, with Betsey Palmer.  Assistant Direction by Brian Foster. Lyrics by David Rheinstrom, with Clayton Faits.  Stage management by Cat Cefalu.  Production Management by Betsey Palmer.  Created by Clayton Faits.  Recorded live at the 2014 Chicago Fringe Festival.
This July, four of us - head writer Clayton Faits, director Jeffrey Gardner, composer Stephen Poon, and producer David Rheinstrom - took to the streets of Chicago to compete in KCRW's 24-Hour Radio Race; we had 24 hours to produce a 4-minute documentary, and the prompt we were given was "You Should Know..." We didn't win.  But!  We liked what we made, and so we're sharing it with you. The piece was primarily edited by Clayton and David, directed by Jeffrey, and the music composed and performed by Stephen.  It was awesome.  We'd do it again.



This Halloween, HartLife is proud to present "Record/Record" by Mark Harrison- a finalist from the 2013 Deathscribe International Festival of Horror Audiodrama.  This piece was originally produced live at the 2013 festival, which was produced by WildClaw Theatre.    Alan Jenson— Jared Latore Written by Mark Harrison. Directed by Jeffrey Gardner. Sound Design by DJ Catnip.  Music by Stephen Poon. Photograph by Michael Sander. Produced by David Rheinstrom, with Ryan Schile. Production Management by Betsey Palmer.  With special thanks to Ryan Schile, David Rheinstrom, Ele Matelan, Allie Kunkler, Sarah D Espinoza, Brian Amidei, Aly Renee Amidei, Scott T. Barsotti, and everyone at WildClaw Theatre and the Deathscribe Festival.    
We’re excited to share part 2 of the Season Five blooper reel- listen to part 1 here! Do you make Blooper Reels?— Whitney Kraus Jones A Need for Brandy—Nina O’Keefe Playing the Home Game—Mark Soloff Okay, Improvise!—Tyler Samples Clear Skies Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim—David Rheinstrom You’re Going to Die—Jared Latore Standing on Mark—Tara Schile Tough Words—Frank Sjodin Creepiest Poem—Ele Matelan Did I yell for Science again?— Ryan Schile Rude Mole Songs— Sebastian H. Orr The Cutest Mole— Abby Doud Hugging Revolutionary— Clayton Faits Speak to the Gods— Kat Evans Trying Valiantly— Jeffrey Gardner Edited by David Rheinstrom.  Photo by Sebastian H. Orr. Music by Latché Swing.  We’re very, very sorry.
This winter, HartLife is excited to share a new Exclusion Day Special- an Our Fair City retelling of the classic “Christmas Carol.”   This episode is a new experiment in recording for us, and will sound very different from previous episodes.  Recorded “live,” without significant editing or retakes, we hope to capture the fun of sitting around a living room, telling stories into a microphone. Dr. Emily Caligari— Marsha Harman Larry Joiner, Guest Narrator—Ryan Lucas Clay—Clint Worthington Sandy—Abby Doud Andrew Snidge—Frank Sjodin Flint—Clayton Faits Roman—Jeffrey Gardner Dr. Moro—Mark Soloff Lindsey the Time Traveler—Kat Evans Neal Henderson— Sebastian H. Orr Ol’ Silty— Sebastian H. Orr Dr. Herbert West— Ryan Schile Cassie Wilkins— Ele Matelan Lily Wilkins— Kat Evans Mrs. Wilkins— Lauren Faits Loamy— Kat Evans Ash— Ryan Lucas Ferrous— Lauren Faits George Chamberlain— Jim McDoniel Ebeneezer Scrooge— Ryan Lucas
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Carey Murphy

Thank you keeping the original recordings. I wasn't too far in, but I prefer the originals... sorry! Thank you so much for your work and dedication! 😊

Jan 23rd

Amari Elliott

finally finished after taking a break from listening. I really enjoyed this and am going to listen to Unwell now. If the voice acting and scene setting is anything like this I know I'll love it

Jan 11th

Eli Jackson

so yalls talkin aboht ships and andrew and cassie, and YOU KILLED THEM

Dec 27th

Rai constitutionalist

this podcast was my most favorite show I have hear yet thank you all for your amazing story's form heart life. It has been a glorious show and I thank you all for this show.

Aug 3rd

Diandra C

too weird for me

Feb 14th

David Mruk

I just powered through the entire series in 2 weeks thanks to some super long work weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Sep 27th


oh wow did I just hear a mars Corp employee in this podcast?

Sep 13th

Marco Villafana

I'm confused is it people or molepeople???

Jun 26th

Thomas simmons

Been listening since season one and two were made available. I've been listing for long time and it's the best story pod I have been able to find. best pod I've ever listened too.... biggest fan wish u had a live show in st. Louis MO.

May 12th

Azure H

I'm sorry that was an impeccable representation of Nathan

Feb 3rd

Golu Yarwar

tum mere baad Mohabbat Ko Taras Jaoge ringtone

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Golu Yarwar

tum mere baad Mohabbat Ko Taras Jaoge

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