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A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!
104 Episodes
In celebration of Our Fake History's 100th episode Sebastian runs the podcaster's gauntlet in front of a live crowd. Your host tells tales, plays guitar, and interviews an illustrious guest. But the show is stolen by guest Katie Daubs and the tales from her new book The Missing Millionaire. Tune in and find out how ritual murder, the French revolution, and the mysterious disappearance of Drake all play role in the story. Get The Missing Millionaire here: 
These days it's impossible to speak about the mysteries of the pyramids without saying something about aliens from outer space. Thanks to the writings of authors like Eric Von Danieken and a slew of cheesy cable shows, the ancient astronauts hypothesis has thoroughly infected the popular understanding of the pyramids. Is there anything to these theories? What about the belief that an army of ancient Israelites was forced to builds great tombs? Tune in and find out how Carl Sagan, a monument to botched construction, and Sebastian's favourite bible story all play a role.    Link to tickets for Our Fake History 100:  
The most elaborate theories concerning the pyramids of Giza usually position those monuments as deeply different and distinct from all other Egyptian pyramids. However, to fully understand the pyramids of Giza we need to understand them in the context of the monuments that came both before and after. As soon as we add that context some of the more audacious claims about Egypt's pyramids become much harder to believe. Tune in and find out how Pimp My Ride, missing mummies, and way too many OFH call backs all play a role in the story.   Follow this link for tickets for OFH Live 100th Episode!
The Egyptian pyramids are easily the most mythologized pieces of architecture on the planet. They have inspired historical myths and misconceptions essentially as long as "history" has been a literary genre. The so-called "father of history" Herodotus was one of the first writers to try and explain the construction of the Pyramids. But should we really trust a guy who has been called the "father of lies". Tune in and find out how my weird dating system, ancient machines, and Egyptian bathroom habits all play a role in the story.    For tickets to the upcoming OFH 100th Episode LIVE event follow this link: 
In the 1930's a famous California history professor thought he had discovered a long lost historical treasure. It was a brass plate apparently inscribed by the famous English adventurer Sir. Francis Drake. The plate was heralded as an amazing discovery, but it was actually an elaborate hoax orchestrated by an irreverent secret society. The group behind the hoax is known as E Clampus Vitus and it may be America's weirdest secret society. Tune in a find out how tin-can medallions, "widders", and a Grand Noble Humbug all play a role in the story.
Since The Prince was first published in 1532 it has attracted an eclectic group of admirers. Figures as diverse as Napoleon Bonaparte, Jean-Jaques Rousseau, and Tupac Shakur, have managed to find some deep wisdom in the pages of Niccolo Machiavelli's little book. Machiavelli's enduring allure has always been fueled by the controversy that swirls around his work. To this day there is no consensus around what Machiavelli's "real" goal was when he wrote The Prince. Is it possible to determine if Machiavelli deserves his bad reputation when there is so little agreement about him? Tune in and find out how 90's rap beef, The Grateful Dead, and the weirdest job application in history all play a role in the story. 
There are few political thinkers with as evil a reputation as the Florentine writer Niccolo Machiavelli. Machiavelli's philosophy was believed to be so cutthroat and cynically ruthless that some thought it was demonically inspired. There is even a historical myth that Niccolo Machiavelli's first name inspired the English to call the devil "Old Nick". Despite the fact that the story probably isn't true, Machiavelli's Satanic reputation has persisted. However, we need to ask if Machiavelli's reputation deserved. Have people been misunderstanding his writing for centuries? Tune in and find out how Beelzebub, Leonardo Da Vinci, and the Pope's Banker all play a role in the story.  
Once someone has embraced the moon landing hoax conspiracy it can be hard to change their mind. More often than not it's arguments concerning the Van Allen radiation belts and tiny photographic cross-hairs that convince people that the moon landings were faked. What makes these arguments so convincing? Should they be believed? In the season finale Sebastian evaluates these claims and even speaks to someone who worked on the Apollo missions. Can we finally put this conspiracy theory to rest? Tune in and find out how radiation donuts, golf balls on the moon, and Neil Armstrong's love of hobbits all play a role in the story.   Get OFH merch here:
The foundational text for all moon landing conspiracy theories is a humble little book called We Never Went To The Moon. It was self-published by the author, Bill Kaysing, in 1976 and soon became the de-facto bible of moon landing deniers. In this book Kaysing collects a handful of anomalous photographs, suggestive quotes, and common sense arguments that help him build a case against the reality of the moon landings. How well does Kaysing's "evidence" stand-up to scrutiny in 2019? Tune in and find out how suicidal astronauts, Watergate, and joy of RVing all play a role in the story.    Get Our Fake History Merch Here:  
As we near the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission many have started to reflect on the legacy of the moon landings. However, in 2019 it's hard to discuss this amazing human achievement without mentioning that it has also been the subject of one of the most tenacious and widely believed conspiracy theories. As the moon landings move further into our collective past do they risk becoming labelled "fake history". Tune in and find out how Nazi scientists, farmers meeting a spaceman, and Buzz Aldrin punching a guy all play a role in the story. Part 2 of this 3 part series will launch on July 16th. Want to learn more about the moon landing? "Make it to the Moon" uncovers the unsung heroes of the moon landing and premieres on Discovery Canada on Sunday, July 14th at 9PM. Follow the link to buy Our Fake History merch! T-Shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and more!   
Thanks to the mysterious pirate historian Captain Charles Johnson, Blackbeard became a truly legendary villain. According to the Captain, Blackbeard indulged in practically demonic behavior. The devil himself was rumored to be a crew member aboard Blackbeard's infamous flagship, The Queen Anne's Revenge. However, most of the really scandalous stories about the pirate cannot be verified by independent sources. Does Blackbeard really deserve his terrifying reputation? Tune in and find out how sniveling puppies, swimming headless bodies, and the ultimate double-cross all play a role in the story.
Blackbeard may be the most iconic pirate to ever roam the seas. His fearsome reputation and distinctive sense of personal style have made him the template upon which countless fictional pirates have been based. But how much do we really know about Blackbeard? How many of his infamous exploits really took place? Do we even know this guy's real name? Tune in and find out how gentleman pirates, punk rock poseurs, and the criminal patriots all play a role in the story.
There are few periods in history as hotly contested as the so-called "Dark Ages". Traditionally, the 5th to 10th centuries in Europe have been characterized as "bizarre and monstrous". But is this perception justified? Also, if there was a "dark age" should it be understood as a global phenomenon? Tune in and find out how Chinese paper, the biggest domed roof in the world, and Matt Damon movies all play a role in the story.  
There is evidence out there that King Arthur was more than just a myth. However, that evidence often comes in the form of tiny scraps found in questionable sources. Those bits of evidence can be arranged and interpreted in a variety of different ways. As a result there are a plethora of plausible theories about the identity of the historical King Arthur. Which of these theories offers the best explanation for the legendary king's true identity? Tune in and find out how the last of the Romans, savage tongues, and some dude named the Venerable Bede all play a role in the story. 
The Arthurian legend has been described by at least one scholar as a giant mythical vacuum. It has a reputation for sucking in and absorbing previously independent legends and making them part of Arthur's story. One of the most famous characters to be absorbed into the Arthurian legend was the ultra-devoted Sir. Lancelot. What can the Lancelot stories teach us about the evolution of Arthur's legend? Tune in and find out devious dwarves, a sword bridge, and guy named Bademagu all play a role in the story.   
King Arthur is easily the most requested topic in the history of this podcast. This probably isn't a surprise given Arthur's stature in world of mythology. But is Arthur more than a myth? Was there a real person who lived around 500 AD who inspired the tales of Arthur? Before we can answer that question we need to dive into the weird history of the medieval scholar Geoffrey of Monmouth. Tune in and find out how Trojan refugees, Wile E. Coyote style deaths, and a giant named Gogmagog all play a role in the story.
OFH will return on April 9th after a short hiatus. Sebastian announces what topic he will be covering when the show returns! 
Vodka may be the most controversial alcohol in history. The origin of the distilled liquor continues to be one of the culinary world's most bitterly contested historical debates. This is partially due to the fact Vilyam Pokhklebkin, the worlds foremost expert on vodka's history, was a known liar. The fact that Pokhklebkin was found murdered with a bottle of vodka in his system, makes the story all the more intriguing. We needed to conscript a real-life academic to get to the bottom of this one! Tune in and find out how sleeping potions, ancient distillation, and a murder mystery all play a role in the story.  
Some of the most enduring historical myths have to do with food and drink. Food history can sometimes be seen as frivolous, which makes it particularly vulnerable to myth-making. As a result some of the world's most popular foods are saddled with bogus origin stories. Getting to truth of these stories can often reveal surprising things about the cultures that birthed them. Tune in and find out how 24 hour gambling marathons, pizza snobs, and champagne jams all play a role in the story.   
Recounting the atrocities that took place in the Congo Free State during the reign of King Leopold II is a daunting process. It was a state where sadism was the norm and severed human hands became a grizzly form of currency. Still, a proper accounting of these horrors is essential to getting to truth of Leopold's regime. How bad did things get in the Congo Free State? What did it take to end the crimes against humanity? Tune in and find out how the first African-American historian, Bob Marley, and the greatest act of pimpery in history all play a role in the story. 
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sawatch branwatch

The commentator is constipated... or not? I stopped after 2min... your fake voice about fake history!!

Dec 3rd


Your *correct* pronunciation of the title 'Chariots of the Gods?'... brilliant-love it :) Great podcast, comprehensively researched and very entertaining. Thank you!

Nov 23rd

Kevin Sullivan

I was once told by a moon landing denier that telescope companies are all in on the conspiracy. his ezplanation was that they etched a flag into every telescope so you could se the flag that didn't exist on the moon.

Nov 7th
Reply (2)

Dan Pullar


Oct 14th

Ken W

Just started listening to these. Absolutely fantastic, as well as humorous. The music is great too. Makes me feel proud to be Canadian. Thank you Sebastian

Oct 2nd

mike pro

what is the song at 58mind called amazing

Sep 30th

Sarah Hull

Really appreciate the appropriate pronunciation of Niccolò in the Machiavelli episodes 😊

Sep 30th


Dude... makedonian greeks? Have you researched your subject properly? Some of your podcasts sound like you're parroting biased authors, if you dug deep enough you would see the propaganda machine altering history since the conception of the modern "Greek" state. The Macedonian Kingdom and its various denizens was unrelated to the Hellenes, they only appeared to be doing so for propaganda reasons and for subduing Greece under Macedon, there is very little information about the Macedonians from ancient texts, but when there is it is usually either the Hellenes' famous mythological fabrications about the descent of peoples (of which one the macedonian king Alexander I Philhellene claimed to have descended from, namely the "Argead dynasty" so that he could compete in the Hellene olympics which was reserved for "hellenes" only and people didn't want him competing because of this, at least all this is according to Herodotus, not to mention the nickname they gave him "philhellene" meaning lover or friend of hellenes (and man stop using the word "greek", those people then didn't call themselves that)) Alexander III and his father Phillip II were the precursor to the Roman Empire, in more ways than one, it seems to be scarcely mentioned as they employ many of their tactics and their ways of gaining power in their conquests. If you've watched the very bad Oliver Stone movie of Alexander, or even the unfaithful older one from 70 years ago, then you're terribly misinformed, as they are both inaccurate movies of Alexander's life or on the Macedonians. "Onwards Macedonians! For the Glory of Greece!", no such thing the legendary conqueror ever uttered. I suggest you read the oldest sources and earliest unedited translations of the actual biographies of Alexander's life and pursuits which have survived, not someone's edited, misinterpreted, digested summary of it, and see the truth for yourself. Nowhere in it will you find the macedonians being synonymous with hellenes, quite the opposite in fact. You do realize the Hellenes of that time despised everything macedonian, and their "race" as they frequently said? The language Cleopatra used was not "Greek", whatever that means, there is no single greek language throughout history. She used "Koine" in public, a "common" language that was a mix of different ones mainly of the Attic language, but simplified to be used in Macedonian administration, while reportedly by the ancient authors the Macedonians themselves spoke a 'macedonian language', which now has been lost to time, and one could only speculate what it was, we just know that it existed according to it being mentioned a few times, though some macedonian words written in one of the hellene languages have survived, I'd look for this genuine document as well. As for Cleopatra being "greek" for having a "greek name", think again. You meet a guy named David, or any other name today in the western world, do you take him for being a genuine hebrew/jew out of Ancient Israel? No, you can't be sure of that, and the probability is no doubt high for him being a mixed breed mutt like everyone else these days. David is a popular name, like many others who came from various stories, that's right, stories, that inspired people enough to name their child by it. Or perhaps of someone else named David, like say David Bowie? But doesn't that make you a jew, and surely he is a jew too? What is sad of course, is the continuous destruction of history and propaganda by the modern state that calls itself "Greece" today, which is a mixed breed mutt that was macedonized (koine-nized if you like), latinized, slavinized, vlachinized, and mostly, albanized. Their disgusting modern language is a shame to the beautiful ancient Attic language. You should do a podcast on Greece's fake history next my friend, it's the mother of all "our fake histories". Anyhow, I can't listen to this one about Cleopatra, my ears bleed from your misinformation and inaccurate retelling of what is known from history about that time period and the people, and what is most certainly unknown, so we may not conclude anything, or we will fail to truly understand and comprehend the past, we only fall into political agendas of these contemporary times.

Sep 5th
Reply (1)


Athens wasn't a capital of anything in that time period man....

Sep 1st
Reply (2)

Miles Greb

the devil of corse

Aug 8th
Reply (1)

Chris L

Did they not paint their face blue because of the Scotland flag 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Aug 8th

Kevin Sullivan

What if... Atlantis is the City of Enoch from the bible...

Jul 27th


Buzz was a freemason. . they all were. he even said not that long ago to a little girl in an interview that they didn't go... the fake news didn't air that one..

Jul 23rd

Sam Esser

Great in depth historical podcast on some very interesting topics. Highly recommended!

Jul 22nd

Miles Greb

I had totally no idea about his legacy at all somehow, other then he hit .400 sometimes. so intresting

Jun 28th

Tanya Crandall Anderson

The island off of Noth Carolina is Ocracoke. Pronounced Okra-coke.

Jun 20th

Chad Becker

I've always believed that after years of stories, research, historical accounts, etc. that the Dark Ages happened & were a time period of the Earth being dimmed from a volcanic eruption or natural disaster of sorts.

May 22nd

William M Westcott

I’m pretty sure he’s Canadian, eh?

May 14th

Co B.

more please 🙏

Apr 25th

Tania Maync

Great podcast. Loved the episode about the Pacific migrations. Thank you.

Apr 23rd
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