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Our First Rodeo

Author: Lauren and Tara

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"Actually, this IS our first rodeo!" Meet Lauren and Tara, two autism moms who met on Instagram all because of their two amazing autistic sons. Struggling to find themselves again on this new parenting journey, they quickly realized that there's no manual; you just saddle up, lead with love and learn as you go!

They're best friends, business owners and can't wait to chat everything autism, parenting, their passion projects and more. 

8 Episodes
Happy Juneteenth! They're a day late and had a few technical difficulties, but Lauren and Tara are back with episode 8. Join them for a life update chat where Tara talks about a hard moment over the weekend which led into a discussion about redirecting, meltdowns and denied access. If you notice a few delays in the sound, Lauren's internet decided it didn't want to work halfway through and they had to restart. Stick with them though, they promise it's a good chat that ...
What! We’re already at episode 7?! On today’s episode, we chat about life updates which lead into a discussion all about raising siblings of neurodivergent children as well as the struggles of parenting.Grab a coffee or your favorite drink and join us.Send us a Text Message.Instagram: @ourfirstrodeo_podcast
They're together in person for episode 7! Join Lauren and Tara as they chat all about the retreat they attended for PLA and CJ, share new merch details and school deets.They discuss Channing's school, what Tara is looking for in a school setting for Robby and what the Channing's Joy Foundation is doing to help families with school scholarships. Send us a Text Message.Instagram: @ourfirstrodeo_podcast
In today's episode, Lauren interviews Tara all about Peace Love Autism, the shop. She gets into the nitty gritty of how she started, the creative side of things, big wins and the hard stuff. Grab a coffee and join them as they dive into PLA. to shop PLA, visit www.peaceloveautism.comSend us a Text Message.Instagram: @ourfirstrodeo_podcast
In today's episode, Tara interviews Lauren all about the Channing's Joy Foundation for autism awareness and inclusion. Join them as they deep dive into her why, how she started, exciting upcoming events, the hard stuff and what it takes to create a successful non profit. To donate, shop or apply for funds, please visit www.channingsjoy.comSend us a Text Message.Instagram: @ourfirstrodeo_podcast
Q+A with Lauren + Tara

Q+A with Lauren + Tara


You asked, they answered! Lauren and Tara gathered up some questions from ya'll and answered as many as they could this round while talking ashwagandha, pop tarts and teeth. Grab a coffee and/or the wheel and enjoy this latest episode!Send us a Text Message.Instagram: @ourfirstrodeo_podcast
Who We Were + Life Updates

Who We Were + Life Updates


They're back with episode #2! In today's episode, Lauren + Tara start off with a few life updates then jump into the main topic of "Who We Were". They share more about who they were before beginning their autism journey, how things changed upon the diagnosis period, and how it shaped them (and will continue to positively shape them) into who they are today. Grab a coffee or your fave beverage for an extra long episode, because 1 hour just wasn't enough! Send us a Text Message.Instag...
Our First Rodeo

Our First Rodeo


Welcome to the first episode of "Our First Rodeo"! In the kick-off episode, you'll get to know Lauren and Tara a little more, how they met and why they're excited to create a place for moms like them to check in, cry a little and laugh A LOT. Send us a Text Message.Instagram: @ourfirstrodeo_podcast