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How do complete strangers turn into perfect pairs? Real-life couples let us into their love stories, sharing the intimate, funny, joy-filled milestones of their relationship—without skipping over what’s been hard. Every Tuesday, cheer for the ups, brace for the downs, and celebrate the serendipity! Our Love Story is a Spotify Original from Parcast.

8 Episodes
After an on-again, off-again saga (for him) and a bleak review of the LA dating scene (for her), Kristy sent Jared a “wink” online — setting off a spree of fun dates, suggestive gifts, and a party they’ll never forget. Now, with five years of shared memories, the couple talks acing the proposal, pregnancy in a pandemic, and why they always make room for David Byrne on the dance floor.
After their first date, Anthony wasn’t sure if Sean was even into him. Did he just find a friend? But they kept dating, and soon enough, sparks grew into fireworks. Together now for eight years, the couple opens up about meeting as colleagues, braving insecurities, and a paradigm-shifting first year of marriage.
He caught her attention while running around shirtless on a standup set. Together now for eight years, the comedy podcasting couple open up about the early days of their relationship, and how a case of mistaken pants helped bring them together.
He was a self-described “wild man running the streets.” She was looking for some fun and a fresh start — not a soulmate. But after a dive bar date lasted 5 hours, Madilynn and Alan knew they’d found something special. Now, the pair pokes fun at his proposal, recalls their difficult and surprise-filled path to parenthood, and shares why they can’t wait for what the future holds.
What would you do if your date started rapping a Beastie Boys song in the middle of dinner? In Keith’s case, he married her. Now, the couple recounts early dating mishaps, answering probing questions from a parent, and choosing a first dance song for their decidedly un-stuffy wedding.
When you’ve spent half a century experiencing what it means to be together “till death do us part,” you learn some things — about promises, family patterns, speaking truth, and sticking it out when one person wants to leave.
Now, ahead of their six-year wedding anniversary, David, 41, and Sam, 36, unfold the journey of their relationship, from their improv-fueled friendship to their fateful first date and a park bench proposal.
Our Love Story features real couples as they share the biggest milestones of their relationship, opening up about their highlights and hardships. Meet couples who disliked each other before falling in love… who waltz together every time they hear their song… who helped each other through their hardest times… and ultimately keep making it work, even when the odds aren’t in their favor.
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