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Our Ludicrous Future

Author: Joe Scott, Tim Dodd and Ben Sullins

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Our Ludicrous Future is a collaboration between Joe Scott, Tim Dodd, and Ben Sullins. We have an obsession with how wild our future is going to be given the pace of technological innovation. Each week we get together to talk about the latest from SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and more.
78 Episodes
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Lucid's 400mi range test, Starships new payload details, and the possible positive outcomes in spite of the current pandemic.Links: Starship's Legs - payload user guide comes out - SN-3 Gets ready for its proof test and static fire - will hire SpaceX and Falcon Heavy with a New Dragon XL - 400mi EV test - + BYD new EV Company - Battery - Nasa Worm is Back - reduces air pollution - effects on the Environment - Heavy -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Starship SN3 assembly, Model Y's new radar heater, and Starlinks satellite's new anti-reflective coating.Links: Starlink updates  - SN3 - Model Y Heat Pump - Wins Case in CO -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about the first Model Y deliveries, Space, SLS's ridiculous budget and schedule, and Falcon 9 losing an engine.Links: Tesla might make respirators / Ventilators - offers to make ventilators - SpaceX "Why Don't They Just" Spiral welded tube: is even more behind and over budget than we thought - flying through Starship iterations - 9 loses engine on ascent and doesn't land - Model Y Deliveries Begin - from Tesla - to shut down CA factory -
Joe, and Ben talk about Model Y deliveries starting today, SpaceX's first human flight, and Coronavirus slowing down Gigafactory Berlin progress.Links: SpaceX First Crewed Flight - 300mi Range - Giga Berlin Employees - Y deliveries -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Model Y deliveries starting, Mars Rover 2020 new name, and the first sight of the New Glenn FairingLinks: Tesla Model 3 V2 Package - Ys at Fremont - Infotainment Upgrade - Explains Tires - 2020 (Perseverance) - Origin Fairing - Billion Pixel Photo - Removes Autopilot - SN1 Cryo Proof Test Failure - Taxi -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Earth's new Mini Moon, SpaceX's launchpad updates, Tesla Model Y deliveries starting in MarchLinks: Earth's Mini Moon - Satellite Docking - Falcon Program Draft - Tweets on Raptor Engine + Starship - 1GWh Battery Gets Approved - Y Deliveries - Don't They Just send wireless power to EVs -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Space Tourism with Virgin Galactic and SpaceX, a possible 400mi range Tesla, and a new better but unstable rocket designLinks: A new rocket engine that's awesome! - shares Starship progress - Build Progress - fails to land - 110 kWh Car - Galactic Space Tourism - Private Citizen Seats -
Tim, and Ben talk about the NASA 2021 budget proposal numbers, Tesla's in-house battery production, and SpaceX hiring a renowned NASA employee.Links: NASA 2021 Budget - hires Bill Gerstenmaier - Starliner errors - Battery Cell - 2B Stock Offering - Chica Gal -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Tesla Stock spikes, The Coronavirus scare at Tesla's China Factory, and the last 2 years of SpaceX Falcon HeavyLinks: Tesla Stock - China Shutdown - Texas - Koch Breaking records -'s ride share is official - Heavy 2 years later (review) -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about SpaceX's flawless Starlink Launch, Tesla's killer Q4 numbers, and Axiom Space's deal with NASALinks: Starship Bulkhead test and header tank nose cone Starlink - Bill is dumb - stock - Y - Q4 Update - and Axiom Space - Aeropsace passes on iSS -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Tesla's stock boost, Model Y Delivery Rumors, and the SpaceX Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort TestLinks: Fully Charged Live, Austin Feb 1st and 2nd - receiving scrutiny about Starliner - Stock - Bonus - Y Rumors - In Flight Abort explosion -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Johns Hopkins new indestructible lithium-ion battery, Tesla's new "Chinese Style" render, and Boeing Starliner Crew Capsule's refurb plansLinks: Fully Charged Live, Austin Feb 1st and 2nd - Lithium Ion Battery - and Tesla Model - Y spotting - 3 Sales - Goes Electric - In-cabin video from Starliner test -'s Refurbishment on Starliner Crew Capsule - Core Stage for Green Run -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about SpaceX Baby StarBopper tank test, NASA may have found another "Earth", and Sony surprises everyone with an EVLinks: Fully Charged Live, Austin Feb 1st and 2nd - Bopper - - Stage puffs - Dragon prepped - finds a new Earth - VISION AVTR - Centoventi - i3 Concept - PHEV - Vision S -
Get 2 months for Free at Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Tim getting Starship info from Elon, Tesla releases a Christmas Update, and the plans for OLF in 2020Links: Starliner launch - + tweets about Starship - China Deliveries - + + EV Sales - Winter Update -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about NASA's recent SLS test, Boeing Starliner hits the launchpad, and the recent Tesla stock spike.Links: Rocket Lab's brand new launch site LC-2 - Lab LC-3 - launched and lost their nose cone - Insiders horrible headline on the launch - goes boom - day - 2020 Budget - preps OFT-1 - don't they just - Y at KSC - installing Tesla chargers - Stock Almost to 420 -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about the Tesla x F150 rematch, New Shepard's Launch and Landing, and new possibilities for hydrogen power from Australia.Links: Fully Charged Tix - vs F150 - Connectivity - Nuts - Solid State Battery - Hydrogen Power - Origin New Shepard Launches and Lands -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Tesla's Cybertruck 's true cost of ownership, New announcements around original Roadsters, and SpaceX Anniversary success.Links: Fully Charged Tix - do American's Buy Trucks? Plant in Ohio - support - TCO - on Twitter about MK-1 Stainless steel - don't they just - 9 mission today - cyber truck options -
Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Tesla's Cybertruck unveil event, a Starship test accident, and more.Links: Tesla Cybertruck - Explosion - Don't They Just Design Tweak: Don't They Just Inflatable Tent:
Joe, Tim and Ben talk about Tesla's new Gigafactory in Berlin, Space X Crew Dragon passing a crucial test, and Blue Origin's new rocket factory!Links: Concrete Nuclear Tomb Cracking Under Climate Change -' 1000km solid state battery - Origins new rocket plant - - Crew Dragon key test - in Berlin - 3 German Award - Trade-in for Model 3 - Launch -
Joe, Tim and Ben talk about official Tesla Truck Reveal, the semi successful Starliner pad abort test, and The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor Links: The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor - Truck Rumors / Specs / Reveal - reuse fairings - space ports - drama - lunar lander - abort - don't they just -
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Alan Rickett

please do some research before commenting on the why don't they you got almost everything wrong

Mar 27th

Alan Rickett

sorry the information you supplied in no way proves there is not a leaning to Boeing in fact all you have convinced me of is that I have to treat you as a lower quality source of information form now on

Jan 3rd


nice episode

Dec 24th

The Cennoxx

Hi, great podcast! Just wanted to mention to your why dont they just use rocket engines which use the atmosphere of the earth. Currently there is a engine under development which does exactly this. It is called SABRE(synergetic air breathing rocket engine). Greetings

Apr 9th
Reply (1)


maybe its just this particular platform, but I'm shocked this doesn't have more subscrbers. keep going guys! I've been a YouTube subscriber for years, Scott... this collab is awesome!

Feb 7th

Sam Sawyer

Wasn't the seismometor the instrument that picked up the "sound"? I wasn't aware that they brought a microphone.

Dec 21st

Grant Campbell

Just got to work and had to pause half way through. Looking forward to lunch.

Oct 24th

Grant Campbell

Great job! Thanks to Tim Dodd for plugging this on his YouTube channel, I was able to find Our Ludicrous Future and subscribe. I'm looking forward to catching up on the rest.

Oct 24th

vikrant tyagi

This is going to be huge. A perfect collaboration for a perfect podcast.

Oct 1st

vikrant tyagi

I have never been so excited for any podcast before. Awesome stuff this

Oct 1st

Alexis de Wouters

Very nice having you together in the same show. Funny and interesting! Hope for next episode soon :)

Sep 17th

Tom Ryner

Well done guys!

Sep 16th

Philipp Sesar

This is the best Podcast...

Sep 15th
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