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Our Parents Did What?!
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Our Parents Did What?!

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Join cohosts Diane Aragona and Jen Tierney as they explore the sometimes unbelievable history of parenting.
4 Episodes
Episode 3: Diapers

Episode 3: Diapers


Run Time: 30 minutes, 7 seconds Diapers as we know them today are a fairly new commodity in the grand scheme of the history of parenting. But, before Pampers and Huggies, our ancestors used some pretty crazy materials to diaper their babies. Wood shavings and moss, anyone? Tune in to this episode to learn more! […]
Episode 2: Baby Food

Episode 2: Baby Food


Run Time: 37 minutes, 10 seconds Peas, and apples, and carrots, oh my! When did baby food become commercialized, and what on earth is dessert baby food?? We cover this, and so much more, on this week’s episode! Join us as we explore the history of baby food, and how it came to be the […]
Episode 1: Car Seats

Episode 1: Car Seats


Run Time: 31 minutes, 36 seconds Have you ever heard of the Tot Guard? We hadn’t, either! Until we took a deep dive into the history of car seats. In this episode, we go way back to the 1930’s and follow the evolution of car safety for babies and children. You’ll be both fascinated and […]
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