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Talking animals were all the rage in the 90s, and this left the door wide open for the edutainment masterpiece that was Wishbone. This PBS show featured Soccer, the Jack Russell Terrier, as the titular Wishbone who would "imagine" himself into pieces of classic literature - period costumes and all. We dare you to find an older Millennial who is obsessed with BBC's Pride and Prejudice who wasn't also raised on this debonaire pup. 



It's that time! Our podcast has reached puberty (we're over 50 episodes in, so this arbitrarily feels like our teen years) and to celebrate, we're spending the next few episodes exploring the history and cultural significance of puberty. In this first episode, Jen tells us all about the innovative, strange, and often gross practices and beliefs around menstruation. Diane and Jen are on a mission to normalize periods, so this episode is frank and lighthearted about a topic that is often anything but.
Mini Episode - TGIF

Mini Episode - TGIF


TGIF was a staple in the American experience throughout the 90s. A true example of lightning in a bottle, this block of shows dominated TV ratings for over a decade and brought us some of the most memorable family sitcoms in television history. Diane goes over the inception of the TGIF format and some of the shows that enjoyed their runs as part of this iconic Friday night family tradition.



In the second half of our foray into the use of drugs in infants, babies, and children, we bring you the fascinating history of opium! This is a cure-all that's been around for as long as we've known to cultivate the poppy plant. Just when you thought you knew all of the truly horrible things done to kids in the name of childrearing, get ready for some surprises!
Mini Episode - Rugrats

Mini Episode - Rugrats


This show was gauranteed to make an appearance as a mini episode at some point! Not many shows are as deeply loved as Rugrats. This was Nickelodeon in it's prime - mastering the art of balancing comedy and sincerity. Also one of the first shows that had meaningful messages and lessons for parents. Jen covers the original run and we talk a bit about the 2022 reboot!



We're back after a brief mid-season break and are bringing you two episodes on the use of highly addictive drugs as medicines for children and babies in history. In our first episode, Diane describes the various uses of cocaine. What began as a very specific surgical anesthetic, quickly became an infamous cure-all. 
Today's mini episode is all about one of the most beloved PBS programs of all time, "Reading Rainbow". Lovingly brought to life by the one and only Levar Burton, it's won an embarrassing number of awards and has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity as it's original audience has become parents. But you don't have to take our word for it. We'll see you next time.
In the second half of our two-part series on The Great Depression, Diane describes some of the details of The New Deal and how government programs impacted the lives of children and families. The Great Depression was objectively awful, but that won't stop our resident ray of sunshine from finding a few silver linings.
Captain Planet: he's our hero! Gunna bring pollution down to zero!This show is a beloved addition to our collection of mini episodes. Jen and Diane spend this week's episode nerding out over their planeteer status from the 90s. Jen also takes us on a quick detour to learn about the fascinating woman who conceived of and created Captain Planet - the incomparable Barbara Pyle. 
In the first of our two part series on The Great Depression, Diane goes over the history of the Great Depression and how it impacted families, children, and women. There are some surprising facts that come from this time (sorry kids, you can't work more than 8 hours a day!) and you'll even get a bit of singing from both Jen and Diane. 
Jen is certain that she is living in a parallel universe this week as Diane tells her all about a television show that rings zero bells. After her mini existential crisis, Jen listens intently as Diane tells her all about Weinerville - a truly bizarre slice of 90s American television history. Come for the terrible puns, stay for the mesmerizing "puppets".



Our series on playgrounds is over, so we're taking a break this week with a one-off episode about the history and cultural significance of the hiccup! It's a nice, light episode. A bit of a palette cleanser before our next stretch, which will be a bit more grim. You've been warned!
It's another mini episode! Television in the 90s offered up some truly inspired and lasting material. But few shows were as groundbreaking, beautifully executed, and timeless as Dinosaurs. In one of Jim Henson's final projects before his death, we get a show about an average family that has the bravery and foresight to tackle topics that other shows of the time often shied away from. 
In our final episode in our exploration of Playgrounds, Diane shares what she has found about making modern playgrounds accessible to all children. We also discuss the resurgence of adventure playgrounds and touch upon the dreaded topic of playground politics.
In our third mini episode of Season 2, Diane brings us back to 1985 to remember the much beloved Canadian TV miniseries, "Anne of Green Gables". It was wildly popular then and is enjoying a bit of a nostalgic come back due to the new Netflix series, "Anne with an E".
Playgrounds - Safety

Playgrounds - Safety


This week Diane shares her research into modern playgrounds and the leaps and bounds we have made in terms of safety. We'll go over some of the playground materials of old and how we've worked to remove as many unnecessary dangers as possible (I'm looking at you, arsenic!). We'll also give you a few pro-tips to make your trip to the playground less fraught. 
Jen's first mini episode brings us some 90's tween drama like only Nickelodeon could bring us with "The Secret World of Alex Mac". What was this wacky show about and why can't you buy the box set in England if you are the same age as the main character? 
In our second full episode of this season, Jen gives some more information about the history of playgrounds, focusing in this time on the slide. We were shocked to learn about when slides were invented and about how even this very simple device was still a casualty of gendered stereotypes. 
We're introducing something new this year - Mini Episodes! These bite sized episodes will come out in between our regular episodes and during Season 2 we'll be exploring our favorite TV shows from our childhoods. In our first Mini Episode, Diane tells us all about her love for The Magic School Bus.
It's Season 2! Diane and Jen are back with a new set of wild episodes all about the history of parenting and child rearing. In this season, we'll be spending a few episodes diving deeper into one topic. So we're starting off with the history of the playground. In this episode, Jen explains the history of the swing from Ancient Greece to 1950s America. 
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