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Daniel and David share their biggest takeaways from the start of the exciting 2023 NFL season! Learn why Caleb Williams will win multiple Super Bowls, Sam Howell is Him, and McDaniel, Shanahan, and McVay already deserve Hall of Fame coaching status.
David and Daniel reveal their annual definitive lists of the Top 10 QBs in the NFL. Daniel has two unexpected young QBs at #6 and #7 in his Top 10, while David puts a recently traded veteran QB at #2. Plus, picks for the final year of the four-team College Football Playoff.
It's finally here: David and Daniel are picking each NFL division, each playoff team, and who will win Super Bowl LVIII. They also pick all awards, including a unanimous choice for Comeback Player of the Year. Also, find out why the NFL Players owe us an apology for that atrocious top 100 list - Jalen Hurts is not the #3 player!
Ben Solak made a tweet that raised some eyebrows. Daniel and David break it down for you.
In anticipation of Daniel's upcoming wedding, David gives 5 invaluable tips for watching NFL football when you're married. Learn how to balance two important things: football and your spouse.
Former NFL journalist David Bradford and former Daily Beacon fantasy football analyst Daniel Scrugham break down the NFL landscape from their unique perspectives. David provides informed analysis from his journalistic experience, while Daniel combines analytics, fantasy football, and Vegas betting trends to provide a clear picture of today's NFL. Listen for the most hilarious football commentary, analysis, and banter in the industry.
It's never too early to dive into our NFL playoff predictions! David and Daniel discuss the NFL schedule and the matchups they are looking forward to the most. Next, Daniel reveals some blockbuster trades he made in his dynasty league, and they end by sharing their 2023 playoff predictions, including a surprise team Daniel has coming out of the NFC South.
David and Daniel answer the 20 biggest questions they have following the NFL Draft. They tackle their favorite and least favorite picks of the draft, who should tank for Caleb Williams, why the Broncos may be headed in a different direction, which QB landed in the best situation, and Daniel's pick for the breakout rookie WR of 2023 (hint: he wasn't one of the top three WRs drafted).
Live NFL Draft Show!

Live NFL Draft Show!


David and Daniel’s full coverage of the first round of the 2023 NFL draft is here! Eagles and Seahawks dominate, Levis plummets, and Lions are complete morons.
It’s finally here! David and Daniel reveal their final mock drafts for the 2023 NFL draft with less than 48 hours to go. Where will the top QBs go? Who will trade up and down? Plus, some bold predictions and a shocking move, as a team trades up to the third overall pick to get an unexpected player.
It's the end of an era, as David and Daniel bid farewell to Aaron Rodgers as a Green Bay Packer and discuss his trade to the New York Jets. They explain how this deal made sense for both teams, how elite the Jets will be with a competent quarterback at last, and why the Packers still have a bright future.
David and Daniel react to Jalen Hurts signing a 5-year, $255 million extension with the Eagles (2:53). Next, as part of the Draft Dreams series, they talk Bryce Young becoming the Panther’s top choice (16:31) and make a Waffle House bet on whether Sam Howell will start 13 games for the Washington Commanders in 2023 (37:53). Lastly, David implores teams to tank for Caleb Williams (27:07), and Daniel reveals his Top 5 Offensive Weapons of the 2023 NFL Draft (42:00), including a “future Hall of Famer” and “a top 5 Dynasty WR by this time next year”.
Daniel and David are diving deep into the top four quarterback prospects of the 2023 NFL Draft. Join them as they break down the skills, strengths, and weaknesses of C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson, Will Levis, and Hendon Hooker. They discuss their college performances, highlight reels, player profiles, and potential draft positions.
David and Daniel are live-drafting a best ball fantasy football team in the Underdog Big Board contest. They are put to the test as they attempt to draft a team that can compete for the $200k grand prize. Who will they end up taking out of the 3rd spot? Plus, David takes a victory lap for his March Madness take last week (49:30).
David and Daniel discuss the latest free agency signings (2:30) and the groundbreaking Panthers-Bears trade (22:25). Plus, David goes on a fiery rant about how much he HATES March Madness and the NCAA Tournament (44:38). Players discussed include: Lamar Jackson (2:40) Aaron Rodgers (3:30) Jimmy Garoppolo (8:49) Taylor Heinicke (14:42) Baker Mayfield (17:40) Rashaad Penny (31:50) Allen Lazard (35:54) Mike McGlinchey (39:40) JuJu Smith-Schuster (42:21)
David and Daniel are back to give their unfiltered thoughts on the unprecedented Lamar Jackson non-exclusive franchise tag situation (1:43) and Daniel Jones signing an extension with the Giants (26:51). Plus, they give their updated predictions on where Aaron Rodgers will end up as his decision looms large (44:11).
David and Daniel are stunned by the Saints signing Derek Carr and surrendering to blowout wild card playoff losses for years to come (2:05). They react to Geno Smith signing a three-year deal with the Seahawks (19:31). Lastly, they highlight a few notable NFL combine performances before Daniel loses his mind when David critiques Bijon Robinson, Kyle Pitts, and Sam Howell. Players mentioned include: Anthony Richardson (24:13) CJ Stroud (27:17) Bryce Young (33:12) Stetson Bennett (34:45) Will Levis (37:10) Bijon Robinson (39:35) Jaxon Smith-Njigba (44:40) Kyle Pitts (45:15) Plus, Daniel accidentally invents a new nickname for Bijon Robinson (48:19).
David and Daniel rank the 5 NFL head coaching hires from worst to best. Then David reviews Daniel's way-too-early 2023 fantasy draft from over the weekend (31:45), and Daniel previews his favorite players to watch this week in the NFL combine (49:45).
Daniel and David answer the off-season's biggest Quarterback questions in their 2023 QB preview! They tackle: Where will Lamar Jackson (10:33) and Aaron Rodgers (21:12) go? Will Trey Lance or Brock Purdy start for the 49ers? (27:22) What will the Bears do with Justin Fields and the number 1 overall pick? (32:00) The NFC South is a dumpster fire (40:15) What will the Seahawks, Lions, and Giants do at QB? (49:13) Plus, Daniel has an unexpected QB for the Ravens to target (1:01:15) and Sam Howell is the next Tony Romo (1:07:34).
What an incredible Super Bowl! David and Daniel are pumped about one of the best games they have ever seen. They react to the top plays, moments, and decisions that led to the Chiefs 38-35 victory over the Eagles, as Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts put together two performances for the ages in a game that both teams deserved to win.
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