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Outsource Accelerator Podcast with Derek Gallimore

Author: Derek Gallimore

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Outsource Acelerator Podcast, hosted by Derek Gallimore, explores business and outsourcing mastery. Inside-knowledge from the outsourcing capital of the world - Manila, Philippines.
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Today's guest is Philip Lew of C9 Digital.  We deep dive into C9 digital and we explore really what that is and what it offers to prospective clients.  I really enjoyed this conversation and learn a lot about showing people the opportunities out there.Reference:C9
Today we are joined by Anthony Kuhn again of 247CSR.  We deep dive into 247 CSR and what they do and their value proposition for you as a prospective client.  Seeing what is vulnerable and how it can leverage and help business
I'm super excited to be joined by Frederic Joye of Arcanys once again in this podcast.  We are deep diving more into our Arcanys and how they can help you and your business. Arcanys is very much a specialist vertical. They do hardcore development work in the Web Development sector.  Reference:
Today, I am interviewing Daniel Choi again, the Vice President of client services from Intelegencia.This one is a good standalone episode.  We talk about his involvement with Intelegencia, which is the outsourcing supplier.  We deep dive on the service provision of Intelegencia and how it can help businesses like yours.Reference:
Today, I am being interviewed by Silvia Christmann of the Dnx podcast and I obviously get to speak my mind on outsourcing and its applications.  I really enjoyed my conversation with her. Sylvia is a influencer within the digital nomad and online business space. She is a digital nomad herself, has been for considerable years and is also based in New York, in Manhattan.Reference:DNX
Today, I am talking to John Cannavo of the Mays Innovation Research Center of the Texas University.  John with his work has been involved in Philippine outsourcing since for about the last six years.So super exciting interview and of course I learned a lot and enjoyed spending the time that I have done with John.  He has now done a tour of outsourcing, spoken to a lot of people in outsourcing and we reflect on the difference in his awareness, and thoughts on outsourcing.  Reference: jcannavo@tamu.eduMays Business
In this podcast episode, I was joined by John Cannavo of the Texas A&M University specifically the Mays Innovation Research Center.  They focus on the future of work with a large part of that being outsourcing and the globalization of the workforce.We talked to John because he is visiting the Philippines and he has been working in outsourcing now for 6 years or certainly associated with it.Reference:Mays Innovation Research
This is a repost of Dennis Brown's podcast. I was honored to be interviewed by Dennis Brown on his Growth Experts show, which is a business podcast about growth. I really enjoyed our chat with Dennis and he allowed me to repost this here. Now I'm posting it to you, my audience because you know, this is me being interviewed, the tables being turned and it allows me to really open up and, and I explore outsourcing and the benefits of outsourcing and sometimes it's quite apparent that I get quite enthusiastic about this. So, anyway, I really enjoyed my chat with Dennis and it's a great show.  Reference:Growth
Today we talk to Frederic Joye, co-founder of Arcanys. Arcanys is an outsourcing supplier that specializes in software tech and IT vertical.  You don’t get your standard bookkeeping and customer service here - instead, you go to Frederic and Arcanys if you need high-end specialized, dedicated IT and web development staffing.It’s a really interesting conversation and I certainly got a lot of value out of it. There’s huge value in giving our audience an inside view into the incredible facilities, services, management and companies that are here in the Philippines, that people in the West can leverage, at fantastic prices to really take their company to the next
In this episode, I was being interviewed by Marc Guberti of Breakthrough Success.  During the interview, I have shared my experience being a serial entrepreneur who has experienced the fullest highs and lows of the entrepreneurial roller coaster.  From building a multimillion-dollar property portfolio to being the founder of Outsource Accelerator.Reference:outsourceaccelerator/225.comBreakthrough Success 
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