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Overcoming Adversity

Author: BYU Speeches

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Going through tough times? Tune into this podcast to get the best advice on overcoming adversity. Then share this podcast to help someone else.
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Jeffrey R. Holland teaches that trouble will come, but discouragement doesn't have to. If we work now to prepare ourselves through patient and faithful discipleship, we will get through. Support the show.
Jeffrey R. and Patricia T. Holland share that whether in education, in war, in marriage, or in building God's kingdom, we must be willing to endure with perseverance until we can claim sweet victory. Support the show.
David F. Evans shares that tenacity is persistence, perseverance, and determination. Be tenacious in all good things and be tenacious when trials come. Support the show.
D. Todd Christofferson expresses that God will give us our daily "bread," whether a physical or spiritual need, as we make daily choices to seek Him, work through problems, and serve others. Support the show.
Howard W. Hunter shares that as followers of Jesus Christ, we have every reason to rejoice with hope despite the despair and discouragement that surrounds us.  Support the show.
Carolyn Billings shares how she has learned to trust in the Lord's wisdom and love, even - or especially - when the raging tempests of life are overwhelming.  Support the show.
David A. Bednar teaches that Christ’s Atonement does more than cleanse us from sin. His grace is also an enabling power to become better and serve more faithfully.  Support the show.
As we encounter challenges in life, yoking ourselves with and meekly placing our total trust in God will allow us to reap the rewards of a faithful life. Support the show.
As you pass through the trials of this life, remember that the Lord is eagerly standing by and waiting to provide you with strength in your adversities. Support the show.
In times of trial and tribulation, the Lord will always be with us to strengthen our backs and lighten our loads. Suffering makes us stronger. Support the show.
The past is to be learned from but not lived in. We remember the blessings and the lessons, but then we look with faith toward the future. Support the show.
Adversity will come into each of our lives, but we can overcome trials by relying on the Lord. Support the show.
Because God loves us, He will deliver to each of us customized challenges that will last "but for a small moment" to help us grow and progress. Support the show.
If we allow ourselves to be molded by His loving hands, Heavenly Father will be our Potter. He can make more of us than we can dream. Support the show.
May we also cultivate that faith to say to our Heavenly Father, “Thy will be done.” We will not blame anybody, we will not blame our birthright, we will not blame the situations we face. May we really cultivate that power to say to our Heavenly Father, “O Lord, thy will be done.” Support the show.
When the plan we have in mind doesn't seem to be working out, God will tell us when to persevere and when to change direction. He has a plan for us. Support the show.
Alan R. Harker speaks about the power of hope as an anchor for our souls, especially in the times of our greatest suffering. Support the show.
What lessons does Joseph Smith's experience in Liberty Jail teach us about God's love? How can our trials be both a prison and a temple? Support the show.
Gérald Caussé teaches that as you build on strengths and weaknesses, make sure to recognize limitations, remain faithful to covenants, and trust the Lord. Support the show.
Rosemary Thackeray teaches that as we are strengthened by the hand of the Lord we will find the strength we need to make it through each and every one of our trials. Support the show.
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