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Author: Pagan Angel Network

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PAN, the Pagan Angel Network, brings you serialized horror every Sunday night - from audio drama, to classic and original ghost stories, to tabletop-game Actual Play! The PAN logo is by Hannah Filipski (Twitter: @leftie), and our music is by Spencer Wolf (
143 Episodes
I have a new mystery.
Erin opens her mail.
We've all converged.
Let's just enjoy the time we have.
He passed away.
Even in the light, you still shine.
This is insane.
Two brothers are set at deadly feud.
What does the specter want?
Handsome Charlie does a wrong.
The Marston curse closes in.
Say goodbye to Gylingden Hall.
They're doctors.
Resort to violence.
I'm not gonna be friendly.
That was beautiful.
You see this disgusting abomination.
Those fools have unbeknownstly discovered the secret.
Get to the salt.
She was already counting herself the leader of the team.
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