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Listen to the complete PBS News Hour, specially formatted as a podcast. Published each night by 9 p.m., our full show includes every news segment, every interview, and every bit of analysis as our television broadcast. Is this not what you're looking for? Don't miss our other podcasts for our individual segments, Brooks and Capehart, Politics Monday, Brief but Spectacular, and more. Find them in iTunes or in your favorite podcasting app. PBS News is supported by -
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Friday on the News Hour, a major tech outage linked to a faulty cyber security update sparks disruptions worldwide. Former President Trump lays out his vision for another term, promising to crack down on illegal immigration and reverse climate initiatives. Plus, more Democratic lawmakers join the growing chorus calling on President Biden to exit the race for the White House. PBS News is supported by -
Thursday on the News Hour, all eyes are on the Republican convention where former President Donald Trump will make his first public speech since the assassination attempt. President Biden isolates after testing positive for COVID, the latest setback in his campaign. Plus, the Secret Service faces pressure from Republicans and Democrats over apparent failures that led up to Trump's shooting. PBS News is supported by -
Wednesday on the News Hour, as vice presidential nominee JD Vance prepares to take the stage at the Republican convention, we look at his views and how they've shifted in recent years. We lay out the facts as numerous convention speakers claim past elections have been rigged and noncitizens are voting. Plus, a Human Rights Watch report accuses Hamas of war crimes for the Oct. 7 attack on Israel. PBS News is supported by -
Tuesday on the News Hour, at the Republican National Convention, conservatives try to walk a fine line firing up voters while calling for unity in the wake of the assassination attempt on former President Trump. Judy Woodruff takes a closer look at that assassination attempt from a historical perspective. Plus, Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey is convicted of bribery and acting as a foreign agent. PBS News is supported by -
Monday on the News Hour, Donald Trump picks Ohio Sen. JD Vance to be his running mate as the GOP charts its path forward following the assassination attempt. A federal judge in Florida dismisses Trump's classified documents case, likely setting up a high-stakes appeal. Plus, after calling on Americans to reject political violence, how President Biden is adjusting his campaign. PBS News is supported by -
Sunday on PBS News Weekend, we get the very latest on the fallout from the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump. Then, combating the rise of political violence and violent rhetoric in the United States. Plus, Judy Woodruff reflects on the shooting of Donald Trump at this volatile moment in American history. PBS News is supported by -
Saturday on PBS News Weekend, from railroad tracks to drawbridges, how extreme heat is affecting the way Americans get from place to place. Then, how U.S. officials are fighting foreign propaganda on social media. Plus, an investigation uncovers abuse and mistreatment at some youth residential treatment centers. PBS News is supported by -
Friday on the News Hour, President Biden's news conference fails to quiet his Democratic doubters but our new poll shows potential replacements might not fare better. A look behind the curtain of the Trump campaign's strategy to seize on Biden's missteps as proof he's not fit for office. Plus, the struggle to restore power to a million people sweltering in the Texas heat after Hurricane Beryl. PBS News is supported by -
Thursday on the News Hour, President Biden holds a critical press conference amid calls that he should step away from the campaign. In an exclusive interview during this week's NATO summit, Germany's chancellor says he has not seen anything to make him doubt Biden's ability to lead. Plus, we examine religion and political polarization by visiting a church known for its hardline views. PBS News is supported by -
Wednesday on the News Hour, more Democrats call on President Biden to exit the race as new polling raises questions about his ability to win critical states. Michigan Gov. Whitmer defends Biden's candidacy and dismisses the idea that she could be a replacement. Plus, we speak with the Czech president about Ukraine's path forward and what a potential second Trump presidency could mean for NATO. PBS News is supported by -
Tuesday on the News Hour, in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl, millions of Texans are left without power amid dangerous, scorching heat. Democratic lawmakers navigate the divisive party politics around President Biden's reelection bid as he tries to quell concerns about his age. Plus, NATO leaders gather in Washington to safeguard the future of Ukraine and the alliance itself. PBS News is supported by -
Monday on the News Hour, President Biden pushes back on congressional Democrats calling for him to step aside, telling them it's time for the speculation to end. France faces potential political paralysis as no party wins a majority in a second round of elections. Plus, nearly a year after Hawaii's deadly and devastating wildfires, many Maui residents face persistent health issues. PBS News is supported by -
Sunday on PBS News Weekend, how one country is tackling methane emissions with a first-of-its-kind tax on livestock. Then, concerns arise about patient safety after leaked documents show call center staff mismanaged some cases at Amazon's One Medical. Plus, why climate change is forcing some countries to focus more on preserving their history. PBS News is supported by -
Saturday on PBS News Weekend, President Biden dismisses concerns over his age and performance as calls grow for him to drop out of the race. Then, as Iran elects its first reformist presidential candidate in two decades, what his victory means for the Islamic Republic's future. Plus, former astronaut Cady Coleman on overcoming obstacles during more than two decades with NASA. PBS News is supported by -
Friday on the News Hour, the June jobs report exceeds expectations while slightly higher unemployment signals a cooling economy. Labour Party leader Keir Starmer accepts King Charles' invitation to form a new government after a landslide victory in the United Kingdom's general election. Plus, Boeing faces a deadline to accept a plea deal connected to the deadly crashes of two 737 Max planes. PBS News is supported by -
Thursday on the News Hour, President Biden acknowledges mistakes in last week's debate but insists he will stay in the race. Exit polls in the United Kingdom show voters likely elected a center-left Labour government after 14 years of center-right Conservative rule. Plus, a look back at a Supreme Court term full of consequential and controversial decisions. PBS News is supported by -
Wednesday on the News Hour, Hurricane Beryl reaches Jamaica as it continues its deadly path of destruction through the Caribbean. The fallout from President Biden's debate performance continues as calls for him to step aside from inside the Democratic Party grow louder. Plus, a preview of the United Kingdom's general election a day before voters head to the polls. PBS News is supported by -
Tuesday on the News Hour, Hurricane Beryl closes in on Jamaica after battering Grenada and Barbados. Israel launches another assault on Khan Younis after previously claiming it destroyed the Hamas battalions operating in the Gazan city. Plus, a look at how abortion restrictions in the U.S. disproportionately impact Black women. PBS News is supported by -
Monday on the News Hour, the Supreme Court rules that former President Trump is entitled to some immunity, complicating the special counsel's Jan. 6 case against him. A major blow to French President Macron as the far-right wins big in the first round of snap elections. Plus, a Hezbollah drone strike raises fears that a full-fledged war on Israel's northern border could be next. PBS News is supported by -
Sunday on PBS News Weekend, devastating Midwestern floods are putting a spotlight on the condition of America's aging dams. Then, how the sports world is taking on a new opponent: climate change. Plus, the hidden history of the Lavender Scare, when thousands of federal workers were forced out of their jobs just because they were gay. PBS News is supported by -
Comments (34)

Charles Mchale

Had to unsubscribe. Treating Trump like hes any other candidate is not being neutral. it's the opposite. Theres a difference between left and right and right and wrong. Dont both sides the issue.

Jan 31st

Yeelun Lai

trump is not being targeted, why do you guys use this kind of language like he's a victim? he's a suspect to a crime

Jul 28th

Latif Aramish

How can i get the script of episides?

Feb 10th


War propaganda fucks

Jan 21st


Lol just because M. McConnell isn't ready to steal an election doesn't make him admirable.

Jan 9th


Lol while quoting the Pope maybe find out why the catholic church was created? Was it created by the pedophiles to groom and rape our children?

Dec 26th


Lol gotta love corporate dems praising Biden, because who cares how many of us die from lack of healthcare as long as the donors get taken care of.

Dec 17th


Lol good job finding an ass to say why it was bad to do the prisoner swap. Always easy to spot the corporate news feeds.

Dec 9th

Suzanne Hubbard Gerken

I absolutely love this commentator!

May 26th


Soooo, if the vaccine is effective, aren't the only folks in danger of the disease the unvaxxed? Why are you portraying everyone in the Olympic Village terrified of any report of an infection? I would of thought you would of highlighted that those not vaccinated were those actually freaked out. Your narrative is showing

Jul 24th

Christine Olson

v no

Jun 8th


what a podcast, full of information

May 18th

Alias S/R

the fuck is your coverage of the trial?

Apr 1st

John Reed

We finally have an adult doing something about climate change and all you can do Judy is ask questions the corporate interests have fed you? Am deleting this podcast.

Jan 28th

John Reed

Looking forward to the day when you stop putting windbag preachers on.

Jan 3rd

Amy Hoover

June 27th episode appears to be a mistaken repeat from June 20th?!?

Jun 28th

Leo Shelby-Dunn

while i 100% appreciated the extra mile, so to speak, the public transit has been going, id like to say it is pretty bold of you to assume i have the time or energy to walk 8 miles to/from work when i work an 8-10 hour essential/sacrifical shift on my feet. i really freakin hope they pass some kind of law to reimburse us for working cuz ive paid waaaay too much of my checks to cabs cuz my bus cant let me on.

May 22nd

Francisco Rojas

This episode is full of misinformation. Hey, PBS... please stop. The misinformation is so thick that I'm going to have to stop listening. There are few reputable news sources remaing, and more exit the the realm of integrity every moment. We're in a day-in-age, where if you pay attention, you know, clearly, when something is a lie or misrepresentation - because you witnessed it... please stop. Please be champions for integrity and the pursuit of objectivity.

Apr 9th
Reply (5)

Carson Chiu

somebody should tell that pro beijing guy that only being able to choose a little under half of the legislature is not democracy

Nov 23rd


tonight's podcast is 106 megabytes, I just noticed that others in my queue while being about the same length of time are 40% of the bytes IE much smaller. could you review your compression formats?

Sep 28th