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Listen to the complete PBS NewsHour, specially formatted as a podcast. Published each night by 9 p.m., our full show includes every news segment, every interview, and every bit of analysis as our television broadcast. Is this not what you're looking for? Don't miss our other podcasts for our individual segments, Brooks and Capehart, Politics Monday, Brief but Spectacular, and more. Find them in iTunes or in your favorite podcasting app. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
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Thursday on the News Hour, in a win for reproductive rights advocates, the Supreme Court unanimously votes to protect access to the abortion pill mifepristone. G7 leaders meet in Italy and announce a deal to use frozen Russian assets to support Ukraine. Plus, a look at the debate surrounding arming teachers as more states pass legislation allowing educators to carry guns on school grounds. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Wednesday on the News Hour, negotiations over a ceasefire in Gaza continue as a massive Hezbollah barrage into Israel increases fears about war in the north. Even as inflation eases, the Fed holds interest rates steady as many costs remain high. Plus, the trial of Hunter Biden highlights the experiences of the millions struggling with substance abuse dependence and those in treatment and recovery. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Tuesday on the News Hour, Hunter Biden is found guilty of all three felony counts in his federal gun trial. Hamas responds to the latest cease-fire and Israeli hostage deal proposal as the humanitarian situation in Gaza worsens. Plus, a ballot measure in North Dakota seeks to block people over 80 from representing the state in Congress. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Monday on the News Hour, the U.N. Security Council endorses a cease-fire in Gaza as the U.S. continues its push for a deal after a bloody hostage rescue by Israeli forces. Former President Trump meets with a probation officer as jury deliberations begin in the trial of Hunter Biden. Plus, a popular book sparks new debate over the links among teen mental health, social media and smartphones. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Sunday on PBS News Weekend, what Atlanta's recent water main break says about America's aging infrastructure. Then, a look at a new vaccine with the potential to eradicate malaria, one of the world's deadliest diseases. Plus, a doctor discusses his new book about gender identity and best practices for treating transgender youth. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Saturday on PBS News Weekend, as global temperatures rise, American schools struggle to beat the heat and avoid putting students' learning and health at risk. Then, a growing humanitarian crisis in Congo as escalating violence threatens millions in the central African nation. Plus, what people can do to protect themselves from harmful smoke as wildfire season kicks off. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Friday on the NewsHour, after the latest jobs report shows an unexpected surge in hiring, we look at how young people are re-engaging with the workforce. We take a closer look at Donald Trump's search for a running mate. Plus, a theater company that addresses contemporary issues focuses on public health after the pandemic. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Thursday on the NewsHour, 80 years after the Allied invasion, world leaders converge on the beaches of Normandy to mark the D-Day anniversary. Dozens are killed by an Israeli strike on a United Nations school in Gaza. Plus, Attorney General Merrick Garland fires back against Republican attacks on the Justice Department. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Wednesday on the NewsHour, former President Trump and President Biden close in on their parties' nominations despite voter concerns about a 2020 rematch. The long-delayed Boeing Starliner finally lifts off, beginning a new era of crewed space flight. Plus, we travel to France to meet veterans of D-Day as they prepare to mark the 80th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Tuesday on the NewsHour, President Biden signs an executive order limiting the number of migrants who can seek asylum at the southern border. Surprising election results in India, where Prime Minister Modi wins a third term, but not in the landslide expected. Plus, why some universities are returning to standardized testing in their admissions process. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Monday on the Newshour, after Claudia Sheinbaum becomes the first woman to win Mexico's presidential election, we look at what that means for U.S. relations. A jury is selected in Delaware in the federal gun trial of President Biden's son, Hunter. Plus, Dr. Anthony Fauci is grilled by House Republicans over the origins of and his response to COVID-19. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Sunday on PBS News Weekend, why car thefts throughout America have skyrocketed over the last four years. Then, the effect of racial disparities in financial literacy on America's widening wealth gap. Plus, the PBS NewsHour's Student Reporting Labs takes a look inside a D.C. community helping foster Black-owned businesses. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Saturday on PBS News Weekend, what's at stake in Mexico's largest election ever, against a backdrop of increasing gang and cartel violence. Then, how people with disabilities are navigating relaxed COVID precautions. Plus, what's keeping rents high and what could be done to help those struggling to find affordable housing. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Friday on the NewsHour, fresh reaction and analysis of the historic guilty verdict in Donald Trump's criminal hush money trial as the former president rails against his conviction. President Biden calls on Hamas to accept Israel's latest cease-fire proposal. Plus, a preview of Mexico's election as a violent and polarized campaign season comes to a close. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Thursday on the NewsHour, former President Trump is found guilty on all counts in his criminal hush money trial. President Biden gives Ukraine permission to fire U.S. weapons into Russia. Plus, a former senior State Department official on why she resigned in protest of U.S. policy in Gaza. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Wednesday on the NewsHour, jury deliberation gets underway in Manhattan in the criminal hush money trial of former President Trump. A razor-thin primary win for a Texas incumbent highlights the growing rift within the Republican Party. Plus, Judy Woodruff looks at how Alaska changed its primary elections to break partisan gridlock. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Tuesday on the NewsHour, the defense and prosecution make their closing arguments in former President Trump's criminal hush money trial. Israeli tanks reach the center of Rafah as outrage and tensions intensify in the wake of a deadly strike on a refugee camp. Plus, Sudan's brutal civil war brings mass killing, torture and looming famine to millions of people caught in the crossfire. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Monday on the NewsHour, a wave of deadly tornadoes leaves a path of destruction as forecasters predict an above-average number of hurricanes this season. Global outcry after 45 people are killed in an Israeli airstrike on a tent camp in Rafah. Plus, how advancements in DNA technology are helping identify the more than 80,000 U.S. service personnel still missing in action. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Sunday on PBS News Weekend, a science advocacy group says one of the world's biggest meat and poultry producers is pouring pollutants into U.S. waterways. Then, how the federal government's food assistance program isn't keeping up with rising prices at grocery stores. Plus, Grammy-winning teacher Annie Ray discusses her inclusive approach to music education. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Saturday on PBS News Weekend, how the lasting effects of George Floyd's death continue to shape the city of Minneapolis four years later. Then, a front-line report as depleted Ukrainian forces struggle to contain Russia's advances. Plus, the hidden history of Anna May Wong, considered to be the first Asian American movie star, and her struggles with Hollywood's racism. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
Comments (34)

Charles Mchale

Had to unsubscribe. Treating Trump like hes any other candidate is not being neutral. it's the opposite. Theres a difference between left and right and right and wrong. Dont both sides the issue.

Jan 31st

Yeelun Lai

trump is not being targeted, why do you guys use this kind of language like he's a victim? he's a suspect to a crime

Jul 28th

Latif Aramish

How can i get the script of episides?

Feb 10th


War propaganda fucks

Jan 21st


Lol just because M. McConnell isn't ready to steal an election doesn't make him admirable.

Jan 9th


Lol while quoting the Pope maybe find out why the catholic church was created? Was it created by the pedophiles to groom and rape our children?

Dec 26th


Lol gotta love corporate dems praising Biden, because who cares how many of us die from lack of healthcare as long as the donors get taken care of.

Dec 17th


Lol good job finding an ass to say why it was bad to do the prisoner swap. Always easy to spot the corporate news feeds.

Dec 9th

Suzanne Hubbard Gerken

I absolutely love this commentator!

May 26th


Soooo, if the vaccine is effective, aren't the only folks in danger of the disease the unvaxxed? Why are you portraying everyone in the Olympic Village terrified of any report of an infection? I would of thought you would of highlighted that those not vaccinated were those actually freaked out. Your narrative is showing

Jul 24th

Christine Olson

v no

Jun 8th


what a podcast, full of information

May 18th

Alias S/R

the fuck is your coverage of the trial?

Apr 1st

John Reed

We finally have an adult doing something about climate change and all you can do Judy is ask questions the corporate interests have fed you? Am deleting this podcast.

Jan 28th

John Reed

Looking forward to the day when you stop putting windbag preachers on.

Jan 3rd

Amy Hoover

June 27th episode appears to be a mistaken repeat from June 20th?!?

Jun 28th

Leo Shelby-Dunn

while i 100% appreciated the extra mile, so to speak, the public transit has been going, id like to say it is pretty bold of you to assume i have the time or energy to walk 8 miles to/from work when i work an 8-10 hour essential/sacrifical shift on my feet. i really freakin hope they pass some kind of law to reimburse us for working cuz ive paid waaaay too much of my checks to cabs cuz my bus cant let me on.

May 22nd

Francisco Rojas

This episode is full of misinformation. Hey, PBS... please stop. The misinformation is so thick that I'm going to have to stop listening. There are few reputable news sources remaing, and more exit the the realm of integrity every moment. We're in a day-in-age, where if you pay attention, you know, clearly, when something is a lie or misrepresentation - because you witnessed it... please stop. Please be champions for integrity and the pursuit of objectivity.

Apr 9th
Reply (5)

Carson Chiu

somebody should tell that pro beijing guy that only being able to choose a little under half of the legislature is not democracy

Nov 23rd


tonight's podcast is 106 megabytes, I just noticed that others in my queue while being about the same length of time are 40% of the bytes IE much smaller. could you review your compression formats?

Sep 28th