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PRAGMAGICK is the AUDIO GRIMOIRE conjured and curated by RocknRoller and Reformed Ruffian Keats Ross (of Dakota Slim, Revel Rosz) to document and discuss pragmatic and metaphysical concepts that inspire and enhance the creative process.
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The episode art was divined by the Disruption Generator component #99: “BRIGHTLY” by @outletpress via @wethehallowed www.DISRUPTIONGENERATOR.COMINTERVIEW #29“INTENT”Carla Abrahamsson, Photo: Vanessa Sinclair Carl Abrahamsson on ‘Occulture’WATCH THE EPISODE:EPISODE NOTES:It’s your bipolar host with mommy issues, Keats Ross, and I’m here with the beautiful Mary Joon  in Sunny Colorado!On today’s show I’m lucky to present my conversation with Occulture author, documentarian, and cut-up conductor Carl Abrahamsson.  Listeners might recall Carl being half of the international, jet-setting, transdimensional wayfaring duo that is TRAPART, a metaphysical media enterprise fronted by him and recent Pragmagick guest, Vanessa Sinclair.Carl has been an ever so prominent fixture in both my artistic and magical whims, having been a frequent collaborator with the likes of Genesis P. Orridge, Ken Anger and the enigmatic Anton La Vey.  Our talk couldn’t have come at a better time, as I myself have been struggling to assess the current state of Occulture, or what, if any, my place in this whole charade might be – and Carl literally wrote the book on it!His oeuvre, his body of work, and his inspirational intent is decades long, fervent and prolific.  If there was ever an episode to address and court the need for a multifaceted creative life parallel to one’s wayward path as a seeker…it’s this one. So without further ado, weirdos and witches, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce Carl Abrahamsson!Ple
Keats Ross on NOX MENTE

Keats Ross on NOX MENTE


 What a week!  Finally on my feet after a recent back injury sustained trying to play a DAKOTA SLIM farewell show in Portland before the big relocation to Colorado!  And what do I do? I decide to wince the night away on my back in an empty room, microphone in hand, on this (new) eve of my departure by gabbing to the lovely Niish & Jerry Cthulhu of NOX MENTE!  We chat about dreams, death, comics, audiomancy, songwriting, magick, “tran-sdimensional wayfaring”, romance, and the synchronous (heavy) week I’ve had amongst all this wonderful chaos.It’s a free-for-all.Check out my recent interview with Nox Mente’s wonderful Niish for PRAGMAGICKStay tuned for a new Pragmagick videocast with Carl Abrahamsson sometime this month! Haunt on!KEATS ROSS (10/03/19)SUBSCRIBE / SUPPORT / SHARE NOX MENTE at:NOX MENTE podcastNOX MENTE twitterNOX MENTE YouTube 
Note:The episode art was conjured by THE DISRUPTION GENERATOR from ERIC MILLAR & OUTLET PRESS.  The component was “AGENDA“.Niish via TwitterEPISODE NOTES:This incendiary conversation with the wonderful artist, musician, podcast host and badass witch, Niish, is two hours long.  The convo speaks for itself, so I’ll leave the preamble out of it.  That said, please subscribe to her podcasts: Nox Mente & The Obelisk, watch and support her music on YouTube and tune in for future “Rebel Rants” with Niish – there’ll be more!–KEATS ROSS (9/23/19)SUBSCRIBE / SUPPORT / SHARE NIISH at:WEBSITETWITTERNOX MENTE podcastNOX MENTE twitterNiish YouTubeCREDITS:† “PRAGMAGICK is A MULTI-MEDIA GRIMOIRE conjured, conducted and curated by TRAVIS KEATS ROSS (Revel Rosz)  and produced through the Portland, Oreg
Note:  You are listening to the edited version of this conversation.  For the full, unedited episode, complete with the full (and personal) LOVE CHAOS DIALOGUE, please subscribe to the PRAGMAGICK PATREON. DEREK HUNTER of LOVE CHAOSEPISODE NOTES:The Following is an excerpt from the foreword, “Unbind: Faith In Doubt”, I composed for Derek Hunter’s LOVE CHAOS IN THEORY & PRACTICE, now available via AMAZON.“…Love Chaos, in its first iteration as an artistic, if not elusive, self-published book came into my purview during the early days of my podcasting.  I started the podcast, PRAGMAGICK, as a means to glean and document practices that inspire or enhance the creative process of life – attempting to mine revelations, to discern the powers within and without– the furies that somehow lifted me from that desert soil so many years ago.  This is where Derek Hunter arrived, discussing Love Chaos on the Occult of Personality podcast.Never before had I heard a practitioner, a magick-minded artist, back up the constructs of their philosophies with such a selfless purpose.  These occultists tend to be quite dour about the outer. Derek is not.Love Chaos was a “guiding principle & philosophy” that he was inspired to construct from experiences within his own struggles as well as his hallowed work with the Amity Foundation. He actively guides, rehabilitating the once crooked.  He won’t ever admit that. Humble, humbled and all too ready to lift others.These were the credentials of a good man.  These were the merits of a phoenix. Derek is a blueprint of retribution in his own right, via his own rites.Derek’s self-rehabilitation, creation of incorruptible constants and elastic absolutes shine as a foundry of might.    Derek kicked against the prids like all of us, he fell like most of us, but he turned like few us, and he helps like none of us.  Within this text, Derek weaves his phoenix folklore with an astute and approachable grasp on psychology, art and magick with proof-in-the-pudding anecdotes only a survivor can sew.  It’s an unpretentious and palatable prose. 
 EPISODE NOTES:This episode, we leave the woowoo for the weird, well, the wonderful of what could be considered an “outsider artist” – by which I mean, someone who has created and conjured wonderful works of art far outside the confines of scenes, streams or currents.Allow me to gush for a moment – I have been a fan of John Schmersal’s for the better part of my life.  Whether it was his angular guitar shapes in his early band, Brainiac, or  his approach to songwriting and production in his later groups like John Stuart Mill, Enon, Vertical Scrathcers and Crooks on Tape – John is  a paragon, a conduit of crooked clamor and mutant melody and I hold him in the highest regard as a creator.That aside, it was nice to get the scoops on how his littler known masterpieces were created – the ones like his masonic temple recorded solo project, John Stuart Mill, or the midwifing of his frontmanship with Enon’s “Believo”-  both records were birthed simultaneously  in the wake of the tragic death of Brainiac’s brilliant, Swashbuckler front man,  Tim Taylor, and both are major touchstones for my own sonic experimentation and “outsider music” since  high-school.  Hell, I even named my high-school band “Believo” in tribute to his work.There’s a new Brainiac documentary making the festival rounds that answers the long gestating questions about the Brainiac folklore that warrants a hunt and a watch.  This documentary seems to have already resurrected the fun and fervor of the Brainiac legend with rare reunion shows and renown fans like Fred Armisen, Buzz Osborne & Steve Albini lending accolades. I feel proud that they are getting some long deserved shine.Though, past is simply prologue to John and his prolific career post Brainiac and even Enon, as John has created some of the most inventive, incendiary music since.  He’s created the irreverent rock of the Vertical Scratchers, the improvisational Enon torchbearers that are Crooks on Tape, he tours with the wonderful Caribou, produces records and gave this longtime fan over three hours of his wonderful time to chat about all of the above.  The following has been edited down for time, but you can hear the full, 3.5 hour conversation via our patreon at hither weirdos and witches, here’s my conversation with John Schmersal.Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review John’s work at: WEBSITEINSTAGRAMBRAINIAC: “Transmissions After Zero” DocumentaryENONVERTICAL SCRATCHERS
HARDCOVER UNBOXING & EXIT INTERVIEW The DISRUPTION GENERATOR • Eric Millar of Outlet Press & his Custom Arcana WATCH THE EPISODE: EPISODE NOTES:This podcast is and always has been about the creation of your own folklore, of your own mythology, and I couldn’t ask for a better example than the DISRUPTION GENERATOR.This will be somewhat of an unboxing and an exit interview for a project I care very deeply about.  You see, Eric J. Millar created a bibliomantic oracle, The Disruption Generator, birthed with the help of our art collective WE THE HALLOWED.  Monday through Friday, for months, he would use a random word generator to illustrate and devise a succinctly poetic meaning for that very word.  He would then post those illustrations, all 120 of them, via I am proud to have helped midwife this stunning project, if only just a little, and it means so much to me how absolutely synchronous this custom “tarot” has become.  And guess what?  I use it every fucking day, to magnanimous results.You’ve probably noticed my thematic episode art?  Those are DG components, divined to illustrate each interview I’ve had since it’s publication.  But more than just being able to use his brilliant illustrations, I’ve applied the arcana in my daily life.  Whether it’s a traditional 3 card reading as you would with tarot, or to cut myself out of a writing hole whilst working on my book, the DG has been absurdly relevant in the most metaphysical sense of the word.  And it would be for you, too.  How could it not?The project started with a question:What can true randomness do once installed into the divination thought form?The results are in, and they’re brilliant.  So far, the books, both hardcover and a portable paperback, have been a source of unmitigated inspiration to learned occultists and freewheelin’ mages alike.  It’s free of academia, it’s free of overthink, it’s free.  But not the books, mind you, those cost a little scratch and damn worth every penny: You can still get a special, limited edition hardcover with a custom reading and sigil from Eric until Friday, August 2nd.  That’s two more days for you listeners to nab one, and then they’re gone.  That two day extension is it, though.  Of course, the brilliant paperback will be available in perpetuity.So join me as I reveal the most magickal talisman I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing sowed.Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review Eric’s work at:WEBSITE 
NOTE:  Hey, I forgot to tag one of Vanessa’s brilliant video pieces, so please…Watch Vanessa’s brilliant video work with husband and occultist Carl Abrahamsson:“The THIRD MIND” Dr. Vanessa Sinclair on Psychoanalysis & The OccultWATCH THE EPISODE:EPISODE NOTES:My conversation with Lacanian psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Vanessa Sinclair couldn’t have come at a better time (alas, that’s usually how these interviews work!)  You see, this podcast has been my personal grimoire as well as my continuing education of sorts– gleaning from luminaries such as Dr. Sinclair whilst applying and practicing the wisdom revealed within our conversations.  But I’ve recently hit a stand still, in all my exploration of the self and in all my “subconscious spelunking” as of late, I have yet to dive deep into the world of professional psychoanalysis.  And who better to discuss the merits, discern the throes and appeal to the wonder of the psychoanalytic practice than an artist and practitioner such as Dr. Sinclair?  We discuss art as therapy sure, but art created to investigate the metaphysical manifest of “the other” is our basis. Importantly, the relationships we create and The Third Mind they tether is the crux of this episode.Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review Vanessa’s work at:WEBSITE PODCASTTWITTERINSTAGRAMPATREONREFERENCE:
SUPPORT THE SHOW:Become a patron at http://www.PATREON.COM/WETHEHALLOWEDFor unreleased interviews, zines, original music, magicks, arts, spellcrafts and episodes before they airDonations accepted through PAYPAL: GENERATOR reading for Episode #23“THOUGHT REFORM” Harv Bishop & New Thought’s Reformation #23WATCH THE EPISODE:EPISODE NOTES:Harv Bishop not only runs the incendiary “re-envisioning spirituality” blog of – host to fellow New Thought practitioners and luminaries like Mitch Horowitz and Royce Christyn – he also seems to be the match necessary to cinder some of New Thought’s most outdated and corrupted tenets.  We discuss his latest work, an investigation into ill practices within the church of New Thought and how Chaos Magick can help progress the practice.  We also discover that out our trajectories are extraordinarily similar: both of us coming from spiritually diverse backgrounds and mired in life-long quests to understand the Great Work!Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review Harv’s work at:
SUPPORT THE SHOW:Become a patron at http://www.PATREON.COM/WETHEHALLOWEDFor unreleased interviews, zines, original music, magicks, arts, spellcrafts and episodes before they airDonations accepted through PAYPAL:“The 1st TETHER” Vanessa Kindell & Sumerian Witchcraft #22WATCH THE EPISODE:EPISODE NOTES:Vanessa Kindell is a brilliant scholar of Sumerian Witchcraft, a contributor to The Peacock Goat Review and podcaster of “Butterflies and Incantations.” We talk about punching practice with Sumerian deities, punching tornadoes with group magick, and what it means to punch personal ritual with the root of all western esotericism.Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review Vanessa’s work at:WEBSITE PODCASTMUSICPRINTSUPPORT THE DISRUPTION GENERATOR & The artwork ofERIC J. MI
SUPPORT THE SHOW:Become a patron at http://www.PATREON.COM/WETHEHALLOWEDFor unreleased interviews, zines, original music, magicks, arts, spellcrafts and episodes before they airDonations accepted through PAYPAL:“The COLORMAN” Jeremy Francis of The Alchemical Arts #21 WATCH THE EPISODE:EPISODE NOTES:Jeremy Francis is a true alchemist.  Whether it’s casting his own talisman out of metals, forging his own color pigments out of dubious elements or waxing on about traditionalist methods only found in 18th century tomes, THE ALCHEMICAL ARTS is a brilliant artist and “Colorman.”  I enjoyed this conversation so much that I couldn’t bare edit any of it out. And because it was such a thoroughly enjoyable conversation, I let the alchemy of interpersonal dialogue run its course!Jeremy was also my first foray into international video conferencing, thus him taking up much of the screen!  Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review Jeremy’s work at:PATREONYOUTUBEINSTAGRAMFACEBOOKPRODUCED THROUGH† Footage/Writing/Music/Editing by Travis Keats Ross *unless noted otherwise PRAGMAGICK:
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