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PRAGMAGICK is the AUDIO GRIMOIRE conjured and curated by RocknRoller and Reformed Ruffian Keats Ross (of Dakota Slim, Revel Rosz) to document and discuss pragmatic and metaphysical concepts that inspire and enhance the creative process.
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NOTE:  Hey, I forgot to tag one of Vanessa’s brilliant video pieces, so please…Watch Vanessa’s brilliant video work with husband and occultist Carl Abrahamsson:“The THIRD MIND” Dr. Vanessa Sinclair on Psychoanalysis & The OccultWATCH THE EPISODE:EPISODE NOTES:My conversation with Lacanian psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Vanessa Sinclair couldn’t have come at a better time (alas, that’s usually how these interviews work!)  You see, this podcast has been my personal grimoire as well as my continuing education of sorts– gleaning from luminaries such as Dr. Sinclair whilst applying and practicing the wisdom revealed within our conversations.  But I’ve recently hit a stand still, in all my exploration of the self and in all my “subconscious spelunking” as of late, I have yet to dive deep into the world of professional psychoanalysis.  And who better to discuss the merits, discern the throes and appeal to the wonder of the psychoanalytic practice than an artist and practitioner such as Dr. Sinclair?  We discuss art as therapy sure, but art created to investigate the metaphysical manifest of “the other” is our basis. Importantly, the relationships we create and The Third Mind they tether is the crux of this episode.Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review Vanessa’s work at:WEBSITE PODCASTTWITTERINSTAGRAMPATREONREFERENCE:
SUPPORT THE SHOW:Become a patron at http://www.PATREON.COM/WETHEHALLOWEDFor unreleased interviews, zines, original music, magicks, arts, spellcrafts and episodes before they airDonations accepted through PAYPAL: GENERATOR reading for Episode #23“THOUGHT REFORM” Harv Bishop & New Thought’s Reformation #23WATCH THE EPISODE:EPISODE NOTES:Harv Bishop not only runs the incendiary “re-envisioning spirituality” blog of – host to fellow New Thought practitioners and luminaries like Mitch Horowitz and Royce Christyn – he also seems to be the match necessary to cinder some of New Thought’s most outdated and corrupted tenets.  We discuss his latest work, an investigation into ill practices within the church of New Thought and how Chaos Magick can help progress the practice.  We also discover that out our trajectories are extraordinarily similar: both of us coming from spiritually diverse backgrounds and mired in life-long quests to understand the Great Work!Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review Harv’s work at:
SUPPORT THE SHOW:Become a patron at http://www.PATREON.COM/WETHEHALLOWEDFor unreleased interviews, zines, original music, magicks, arts, spellcrafts and episodes before they airDonations accepted through PAYPAL:“The 1st TETHER” Vanessa Kindell & Sumerian Witchcraft #22WATCH THE EPISODE:EPISODE NOTES:Vanessa Kindell is a brilliant scholar of Sumerian Witchcraft, a contributor to The Peacock Goat Review and podcaster of “Butterflies and Incantations.” We talk about punching practice with Sumerian deities, punching tornadoes with group magick, and what it means to punch personal ritual with the root of all western esotericism.Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review Vanessa’s work at:WEBSITE PODCASTMUSICPRINTSUPPORT THE DISRUPTION GENERATOR & The artwork ofERIC J. MI
SUPPORT THE SHOW:Become a patron at http://www.PATREON.COM/WETHEHALLOWEDFor unreleased interviews, zines, original music, magicks, arts, spellcrafts and episodes before they airDonations accepted through PAYPAL:“The COLORMAN” Jeremy Francis of The Alchemical Arts #21 WATCH THE EPISODE:EPISODE NOTES:Jeremy Francis is a true alchemist.  Whether it’s casting his own talisman out of metals, forging his own color pigments out of dubious elements or waxing on about traditionalist methods only found in 18th century tomes, THE ALCHEMICAL ARTS is a brilliant artist and “Colorman.”  I enjoyed this conversation so much that I couldn’t bare edit any of it out. And because it was such a thoroughly enjoyable conversation, I let the alchemy of interpersonal dialogue run its course!Jeremy was also my first foray into international video conferencing, thus him taking up much of the screen!  Please Like / Subscribe / Share and Review Jeremy’s work at:PATREONYOUTUBEINSTAGRAMFACEBOOKPRODUCED THROUGH† Footage/Writing/Music/Editing by Travis Keats Ross *unless noted otherwise PRAGMAGICK:
Keats Ross, host of Pragmagick, audiomancer of Dakota Slim & revelator of We The Hallowed chats with Erik Arneson of the My Alchemical Bromance podcast about Audiomancy, Disinfo & Magick.FROM MY ALCHEMICAL BROMANCE:Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayIn this episode, Erik is joined by Keats Ross, musician, magician, mystic, and master of We The Hallowed. We The Hallowed is an art collective, and home of Keats’ many projects such as the Pragmagick Podcast and his musical endeavors such as Dakota Slim. We talk about using music to create sigils, exploring consciousness, and the downfall of Disinfo. We also talk about how Keats got Mitch Horowitz on his podcast. It is a great episode and rounds out the Pragmagick-Alexxcast-My Alchemical Bromance cross-interview bonanza.LocationThis episode was recorded in a dark corner of the patio at the Muddy Rudder Public House in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland.Musical InterludeThe musical interlude is “Wylin‘”, a track off of Dakota Slim’s latest album, Cactus Crown.Also, make sure you enjoy this audiomancy from Keats!LinksWe The HallowedPragmagick PodcastThe AlexxcastThe Disruption GeneratorSupport us on the Arnemancy Patreon:“I’m like the forgotten k-pop of occult podcasting!”
YOUTUBE PREMIERE!!WATCH THE EPISODE:This is sort of a companion to Keats Ross’ recent appearance on the MY ALCHEMICAL BROMANCE podcast. Keats speaks with Erik Arneson about his AUDIOMANCY and music as DAKOTA SLIM, his time with DISINFO.COM, running the PRAGMAGICK podcast and the PDX Art Collective WE THE HALLOWED.LISTEN:MY ALCHEMICAL BROMANCE EPISODE 51 – AUDIOMANCY WITH KEATS ROSSEPISODE NOTES:† Footage/Writing/Music/Editing by Travis Keats Ross *unless noted otherwise† Read the Source: Art:† “DAKOTA SLIM & The Bardo of Bedlam”by Eric J. Millar† The DISRUPTION GENERATORby Eric J. Millar“TZIMTZUM” Music Video by SPARE SPELLSWritten/Directed by Travis Keats Ross“DOOMSEER” Music Video by SPARE SPELLSWritten/Directed by Travis Keats Ross“STORM CHANTS / The Calico Ghost”Written/Directed by Travis Keats Ross* “NIGHT THIEF” Music Video by DAKOTA SLIMDrawn/Animated by Gnar Illustrations* “TERRAFORM” Music Video by SPARE SPELLSConcept/Editing/Design by Joel Hatmaker† DAKOTA SLIM /“The Calico Ghost” – Intro Song“Disolva”“Wylin'”“The Night Thief”“The Tether”from 2017’s “CACTUS CROWN”“Shorwave” Unreleased“TinCan Vagabond”from 2009’s “GOD GONNA GET ME RIGHT” by DAKOTA SLIM
SUPPORT / SUBSCRIBE:*If you’d like to support the podcast and help update some much needed tech, please consider subscribing to ourPATREONor make a one-time donation via PAYPAL.  SHOW NOTES: SLITHER HITHER WIERDOS & WITCHES, on this episode of the PRAGMAGICK Cast… ALEXX BOLLEN & ERIC J. MILLAR in “DEPRESSION”PRAGMAGICK #20TRIGGER WARNING:The last thing I want to do is treat the following topics with too much levity or too much seriousness – finding that gentle medium can be a bit sloppy sometimes, but I felt it best to mention that this episode contains a candid and frank discussion between three artists about their disparate struggles with mental health.  The topics are namely depression and bouts with self harm and suicidal ideation/attempts.  We can come across as unfittingly jovial at times, but that’s just our way of pushing through the heaviness. Gallows humor aside, we consider these issues with the utmost importance because we are survivors.Everything discussed here is anecdotal and our views are in no way intended to ostracize or alienate any listeners– the intention i PRESENTS:AUDIOMANCY #2 CACTUS CROWN by DAKOTA SLIMIn this edition of PRAGMAGICK’s AUDIOMANCY …THE FULL DAKOTA SLIM AUDIO SIGIL,“CACTUS CROWN” A CONCEPT ALBUM ABOUT LOVE & MAGICKTRACK LIST:As I gear up for PragMagick​’s descent into VIDEOMANCY, I thought it was high-time I share my last journey within AUDIOMANCY: my conceptual “Audio Sigil” CACTUS CROWN under my musical moniker DAKOTA SLIM​ . All 8.5 tracks were conjured mixed sequentially then tethered together seamlessly by Mix/Master Barry Wood​ – You can now hear it as it was intended to be heard, in full, via PRAGMAGICK podcast’s occult sound arts sub-show; AUDIOMANCY.It’s preferable you listen to this album on headphones, during a southwestern arroyo monsoon on horseback running from an arroyo flood.  Just sayin’It’s a culmination of my journey within Magick and Musick – as I utilized magickal methods and preternatural means to conjure this collection of
ALEXX BOLLEN  (from PRAGMAGICK #19 “SCRIBE”) and PRAGMAGICK host KEATS ROSS (@dakotaslim) cast cards from the We The Hallowed Oracular & Divinatory Device THE DISRUPTION GENERATOR created by Eric J. Millar (Outlet Press) DISRUPTION GENERATOR SITE
quick note:† SUPPORT GENESIS P-ORRIDGE HERE!  † READ MORE HEREALEXX BOLLEN in “SCRIBE”PRAGMAGICK #19SLITHER HITHER WIERDOS & WITCHES, on this episode of the PRAGMAGICK Cast…Novelist & OG Caster of PodsAlexx Bollen!EPISODE TOPICS:• Grandfather of Weirdo Podcasting• Writing a Novel• “Occult Mencias”• Depression / Mental Illness• Rebirth / Hero’s Journey• Narrative Structure• Grey JediEPISODE REMARKS:Alexx Bollen, although this being his first appearance on Pragmagick, is a seminal figure in this podcast’s biography. Not only was he gracious enough to have a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Keats on his infamous Alexxcast just short of a year ago, but he became a guiding light and fixture for me in this medium.  He’s a godfather in the podcasting world, mind you, and it’s about time I kiss the ring!In all seriousness, the Grey Jedi, Alexx, and I chat about his hyper sigil–his debut novel–
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