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Author: Keats Ross / We The Hallowed

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PRAGMAGICK is the AUDIO GRIMOIRE conjured and curated by RocknRoller and Reformed Ruffian Keats Ross (of Dakota Slim, Revel Rosz) to document and discuss pragmatic and metaphysical concepts that inspire and enhance the creative process.
27 Episodes
YOUTUBE PREMIERE!!WATCH THE EPISODE:This is sort of a companion to Keats Ross’ recent appearance on the MY ALCHEMICAL BROMANCE podcast. Keats speaks with Erik Arneson about his AUDIOMANCY and music as DAKOTA SLIM, his time with DISINFO.COM, running the PRAGMAGICK podcast and the PDX Art Collective WE THE HALLOWED.LISTEN:MY ALCHEMICAL BROMANCE EPISODE 51 – AUDIOMANCY WITH KEATS ROSSEPISODE NOTES:† Footage/Writing/Music/Editing by Travis Keats Ross *unless noted otherwise† Read the Source: Art:† “DAKOTA SLIM & The Bardo of Bedlam”by Eric J. Millar† The DISRUPTION GENERATORby Eric J. Millar“TZIMTZUM” Music Video by SPARE SPELLSWritten/Directed by Travis Keats Ross“DOOMSEER” Music Video by SPARE SPELLSWritten/Directed by Travis Keats Ross“STORM CHANTS / The Calico Ghost”Written/Directed by Travis Keats Ross* “NIGHT THIEF” Music Video by DAKOTA SLIMDrawn/Animated by Gnar Illustrations* “TERRAFORM” Music Video by SPARE SPELLSConcept/Editing/Design by Joel Hatmaker† DAKOTA SLIM /“The Calico Ghost” – Intro Song“Disolva”“Wylin'”“The Night Thief”“The Tether”from 2017’s “CACTUS CROWN”“Shorwave” Unreleased“TinCan Vagabond”from 2009’s “GOD GONNA GET ME RIGHT” by DAKOTA SLIM
SUPPORT / SUBSCRIBE:*If you’d like to support the podcast and help update some much needed tech, please consider subscribing to ourPATREONor make a one-time donation via PAYPAL.  SHOW NOTES: SLITHER HITHER WIERDOS & WITCHES, on this episode of the PRAGMAGICK Cast… ALEXX BOLLEN & ERIC J. MILLAR in “DEPRESSION”PRAGMAGICK #20TRIGGER WARNING:The last thing I want to do is treat the following topics with too much levity or too much seriousness – finding that gentle medium can be a bit sloppy sometimes, but I felt it best to mention that this episode contains a candid and frank discussion between three artists about their disparate struggles with mental health.  The topics are namely depression and bouts with self harm and suicidal ideation/attempts.  We can come across as unfittingly jovial at times, but that’s just our way of pushing through the heaviness. Gallows humor aside, we consider these issues with the utmost importance because we are survivors.Everything discussed here is anecdotal and our views are in no way intended to ostracize or alienate any listeners– the intention i PRESENTS:AUDIOMANCY #2 CACTUS CROWN by DAKOTA SLIMIn this edition of PRAGMAGICK’s AUDIOMANCY …THE FULL DAKOTA SLIM AUDIO SIGIL,“CACTUS CROWN” A CONCEPT ALBUM ABOUT LOVE & MAGICKTRACK LIST:As I gear up for PragMagick​’s descent into VIDEOMANCY, I thought it was high-time I share my last journey within AUDIOMANCY: my conceptual “Audio Sigil” CACTUS CROWN under my musical moniker DAKOTA SLIM​ . All 8.5 tracks were conjured mixed sequentially then tethered together seamlessly by Mix/Master Barry Wood​ – You can now hear it as it was intended to be heard, in full, via PRAGMAGICK podcast’s occult sound arts sub-show; AUDIOMANCY.It’s preferable you listen to this album on headphones, during a southwestern arroyo monsoon on horseback running from an arroyo flood.  Just sayin’It’s a culmination of my journey within Magick and Musick – as I utilized magickal methods and preternatural means to conjure this collection of
ALEXX BOLLEN  (from PRAGMAGICK #19 “SCRIBE”) and PRAGMAGICK host KEATS ROSS (@dakotaslim) cast cards from the We The Hallowed Oracular & Divinatory Device THE DISRUPTION GENERATOR created by Eric J. Millar (Outlet Press) DISRUPTION GENERATOR SITE
quick note:† SUPPORT GENESIS P-ORRIDGE HERE!  † READ MORE HEREALEXX BOLLEN in “SCRIBE”PRAGMAGICK #19SLITHER HITHER WIERDOS & WITCHES, on this episode of the PRAGMAGICK Cast…Novelist & OG Caster of PodsAlexx Bollen!EPISODE TOPICS:• Grandfather of Weirdo Podcasting• Writing a Novel• “Occult Mencias”• Depression / Mental Illness• Rebirth / Hero’s Journey• Narrative Structure• Grey JediEPISODE REMARKS:Alexx Bollen, although this being his first appearance on Pragmagick, is a seminal figure in this podcast’s biography. Not only was he gracious enough to have a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Keats on his infamous Alexxcast just short of a year ago, but he became a guiding light and fixture for me in this medium.  He’s a godfather in the podcasting world, mind you, and it’s about time I kiss the ring!In all seriousness, the Grey Jedi, Alexx, and I chat about his hyper sigil–his debut novel–
Eric J. Millar of OUTLET PRESS chats with Keats Ross about his automatic process, his 23 illustration books and his custom arcana, The Disruption Generator. HOROWITZ in “IKIGAI“PRAGMAGICK #17SLITHER HITHER WIERDOS & WITCHES, on this episode of the PRAGMAGICK Cast…The Miracle Club & Occult America Author & “Believing Historian” Mitch Horowitz!“Above all, NEW THOUGHT, has failed to develop a theology of suffering. It has failed to take seriously gaps and inconsistencies in its ideas”– Mitch Horowitz (The Miracle Club)EPISODE TOPICS:The “Definite Chief Aim”Penguin Publisher & The “Believing Historian”Pseudonyms & TransparencyRedemptionNew Thought’s Legacy & The SecretThe KybalionKnowing Your RootsTrump + The Dark Side of New ThoughtChaos Magick + “Fake it Till you Make It”Ikigai“Shady Gurus”Future of New ThoughtRocknRoll & The OccultEPISODE REMARKS:As I camped in the Oregon wilderness preparing to perform a magnanimous magickal ritual during  the totality of the 2017 Solar Eclipse, I had been intellectually snacking on Mitch Horowitz‘s Occult America.  And under that 2017 total eclipse I would go on to perform a ritual that would prove to be my personal metaphysical resurgence from teetering woo-woo chrysalis to full blown weirdo–midwifing my current metaphysical trajectory that lead to this very podcast.  I had chosen to identify as Revel Rosz, a pseudonym meant to conjure confidence in sharing my metaphysical musings.It’s only fitting, then, that under this recent total lunar eclipse, under a Super Wolf Blood Moon–all but two years later– I retired the pseudonym Revel Rosz.  I’ve acce
DEREK HUNTER / HUNTER in “LOVE CHAOS“PRAGMAGICK #16SLITHER HITHER WIERDOS & WITCHES, on this episode of the PRAGMAGICK Cast…LOVE CHAOS creator, sound artist, writer and  inventor of the unique CHAOS RIDDLE PROSE, DEREK HUNTER, chats about the creation of LOVE CHAOS and how that’s informed his own folklore as a counselor, father, and unrelenting creative force…“All aspects to Hunter’s work is inter-connected to one another, through his philosophy of Love Chaos.  Each separate part though – a book, an album, the tarot, Love Chaos itself – can be appreciated and enjoyed separately.”– love-chaos.comEPISODE TOPICS:John Cassavetes An Artist’s FolkloreThe Need for ServiceLOVE CHAOS Review of Hunter’s WorkDrugs / Hard PastsCHAOS RIDDLE PROSETAROT & AUDIOMANCYEPISODE REMARKS:I feel every episode I grow closer to defining PRAGMAGICK as a philosophy–an aim to document and/or apply metaphysical concepts as a means to alter and progress our shared somatic reality via personal transformation or creative expression.  But I’m finding that simply means gleaning and learning from the personal folklore specific to each guest.  So, my initial idea maybe simple in my head, but becomes lost  in that wordy definition…That’s when it becomes even simpler: To Document The Folklores Specific to My Favorite Artists and Thinkers.  Right?  Close, and in any case,  simplification is surely  something I could learn from DEREK HUNTER and his philosophy of LOVE CHAOS.You see, the only consistency I’ve found in this PRAGMAGICK  “mystery school” or personal “audio grimoire“–the only TETHER that is so glaringly obvious within each guest, and with me personally,  is the drive to cultivate or create a personal folklore t
“THE INTRUDER” w/ GABRIEL HART (of JAIL WEDDINGS) Returns!LISTEN HERE / DOWNLOAD HEREGabriel Hart releases his debut publishing work, twin novels VIRGINS IN REVERSE & THE INTRUSION this month!IN THIS EPISODE OF PRAGMAGICK:GABRIEL HART returns to PRAGMAGICK as a published author of twin novels!If you recall PRAGMAGICK EPISODE #6 “SAUDADE” – Gabriel Hart had just released a new novelette, NOTHING TO SEE HERE (click to read my review), and recounted the frustrations about publishing his twin novels–his debut release as an author of long-form fiction.  In fact, the twin novels were poised to be published… until they weren’t…just before our chat last August.Fast forward to January–just a few short months later–and Joshua Tree publisher TRAVELING SHOES PRESS publishes those twin novels VIRGINS IN REVERSE & THE INTRUSION! Learn about the stops and starts throughout this publishing debut’s ten-year trajectory from its alcohol/spirit possession’s inception,  or how the foreword penned by notorious TAV FALCO of PANTHER BURNS came to be and how this very podcast’s involvement, episode #6, aided its eventual publishing!  Get ready to shimmy one helluva “big-up” to Hart’s perseverance as author, who, against all tribulation, stood by his work.After reading VIR & TI, I am alarmed it isn’t already on bookshelves—get ready for this one to be long discussed in
AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PORTLAND, OR ART COLLECTIVE AND ART “RELIGION”WE †he HALLOWEDOriginally written as “WE †HE HALLOWED – A ‘NON-PROPHET’ ART RELIGION”or“WHAT WE WOO IS SPOOKY” “HAUNT” – the 18th card in Eric Millar’s ongoing Disruption Generator card series.  A W†H specific “tarot” dispatched from a word generator that is then illustrated & posted, daily, by Eric.  This one, “Haunt,” is especially divinatory: if there was one word I’d consider to be the most powerful, the most enigmatic and important to describe WE THE HALLOWED, it would most certainly be “HAUNT.”  Mainly because the members of this art collective are referred to as HAUNTS (Haunters if you’re into that whole brevity thing)  as they encapsulate our biggest TETHER (or philosophical tenet)– the major idea that unifies all of us incredibly individualistic weirdos– into a collective of artistic seekers:No one knows what happens when you die.  Therefore, the only way to achieve immortality, for certain, is to Haunt On after we’re gone through the art and ideas we created while we were here.The card, along with Elizabeth Kennamer expressing that I need to properly introduce WE THE HALLOWED (along with myself) on our podcast, PRAGMAGICK, were the unsubtle synchronicities that converged into the universe poking and prodding me into reassessing and introducing what WE THE HALLOWED is, was and intends to be.I’m finding that there’s confusion as to what or who or what woo we do here, exactly, as WE THE HALLOWED.  This is understandable, as I, W†H’s  self-ordained
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