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PS I Love You XOXO - A Kinda Funny PlayStation Podcast
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PS I Love You XOXO - A Kinda Funny PlayStation Podcast

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This is the show for PlayStation fans. We’re giving PlayStation-focused insight on PlayStation news, we're reveling in nostalgia, and we're making predictions about the future. It’s granular about the PlayStation ecosystem. Hosted by Greg Miller and Blessing Adeoye Jr.

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A Kinda Funny Show.
153 Episodes
Greg and Blessing talk about whether or not PlayStation Plus is entering a new era, Greg reviews Maquette, and more! #ps5 #playstationplus #maquette 00:00:00 - Start 00:07:00 - Housekeeping 00:10:13 - WTF PLAYSTATION? How much news can you put out AFTER we record an episode?! 00:14:20 - GQ Article from last week with Jim Ryan 00:20:13 - Are we entering a new era for PS Plus games? 00:43:30 - Speaking of free games: Play At Home Returns 00:51:40 - Introducing the next generation of VR on PlayStation 01:02:22 - RIP Japan Studio 01:14:56 - Ads 01:16:48 - State of Play Highlights 01:22:37 - More PlayStation games going to PC 01:24:07 - PS Now Additions 01:26:19 - Playstation Picks 01:28:04 - Whatcha Playin? 01:49:59 -#PSILOVEPHOTOMODE
Greg and Blessing tackle the big question: what if we don't play as Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok? #godofwar #godofwarragnarok 00:00:00 - Start 00:06:29 - Housekeeping 00:08:30 - What if we don’t play as Kratos in GOW: Ragnarok? 00:56:03 - Ads - Playstation Updates - 00:59:26 - What do we want from PlayStation Productions and is it Twisted Metal? 01:12:02 - More on Dualsense drift 01:19:39 - Playstation Picks 01:29:29 - Whatcha Playin?
Blessing is joined by IGN BEYOND's Jonathan Dornbush to talk about the games they're most looking forward to in 2021. Jonathon Dornbush on Twitter: 00:00:00 - Start 00:03:00 - Housekeeping 00:07:30 - Our Most Anticipated Games of 2021 00:59:32 - Ads 01:03:27 - We don’t have to wait too much longer for Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart! 01:03:52 - What are our hype levels for HBO The Last of Us? 01:10:52 - Are you experiencing joystick drift? 01:14:45 - Playstation Picks 01:18:07 - Whatcha Playin?
A hunter must hunt. Greg and Blessing are joined by Andy Cortez, GameSpot's Tamoor Hussain, and IGN's Brian Altano to talk everything #Bloodborne. Follow Brian - and Tam - Here are Tam's Bloodborne links: Palebloodhunt Last Protagonist HeyZeus Vaati Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:02:54 - Housekeeping 00:07:43 - The Bloodborne Podcast 01:03:15 - Ads 02:00:00 - Post Show
Greg and Blessing talk about MLB The Show coming to Xbox and what it means for PlayStation's future! 00:00:00 - Start 00:07:44 - Housekeeping 00:11:17 - PlayStation is an Xbox Publisher 01:03:23 - Ads 01:04:59 - We have our PS Plus games for February 01:11:31 - What’s the state of “State of Play” 01:17:58 - God of War is getting a next gen update 01:22:13 - Playstation Picks 01:34:31 - Whatcha Playin? 01:48:11 -#PSILOVEPHOTOMODE 01:50:58 - TROPHIES AND CHILL
Greg and Blessing host a 64-game tournament to decide the one PlayStation game that should come back in 2021. Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:06:00 - Housekeeping 00:08:23 - THE PLAYSTATION RESURRECTION BRACKET
Greg and Blessing are joined by some Kinda Funny All-Stars to talk about #Hitman3 reviews and more! 00:00:00 - Start 00:03:30 - Housekeeping 00:08:50 - Hitman III Review So-far 00:53:19 - WE NEED YOU FOR THE NEXT TOTS! 00:57:17 - Ads 00:58:59 - Playstation Updates 01:03:52 - What in the world is Sony San Diego working on? 01:25:41 - Will Indiana Jones come to PlayStation? 01:35:12 - Sony pulls PS5 game release dates from CES 2021 trailer 01:38:10 - Playstation Picks 01:40:52 - Whatcha Playin? - Blessing 01:50:32 - BREAKING NEWS 01:52:42 - Whatcha Playin? - Greg 01:59:40 -#PSILOVEPHOTOMODE 02:02:52 - Homework! -
Greg and Blessing talk about getting shutdown, Bloodborne month, and so much more! 00:00:00 - Start 00:09:53 - Housekeeping Stream highlight video is live! Be like our Patreon Producers: Julian the Gluten Free Gamer SanchoWest Gaming James Hastings SPONSOR: Hims, Upstart, and Honey 00:10:35 - Is Killzone Dead? 00:13:22 - “I think people are putting too much attention into what seems like a unification of” - Joseph 00:27:44 - “My hope had always been that they’d use the franchise to tell an incredible sci-fi story through the vehicle of a FPS game.” - bandwagner 00:35:00 - “Not letting properties go is Xbox's current issue.” - The Nano Biologist 00:36:30 - “It would be a shame to end the Killzone series” - The New Game 00:48:42 - Ads - Playstation Updates - 00:52:39 - Quantic Dream's David Cage Teases Exciting 2021 01:13:51 - Playstation Picks 01:18:01 - Whatcha Playin? 01:41:30 -#PSILOVEPHOTOMODE - Next Week: Ghost of Tsushima 01:46:04 - TROPHIES AND CHILL
Greg and Blessing return to talk about Bless beating and Greg starting Bloodborne, your 2021 questions, and so much more! Timecodes: 00:00:00 - Start 00:11:30 - Housekeeping 00:13:07 - How to Start Bloodborne 00:53:12- Ads 00:56:26 - Playstation Updates 01:13:14 - Playstation Picks 01:15:40 - Greg’s Cyberpunk Horror Story 01:30:21 - Reader Mail 01:38:23 -#PSILOVEPHOTOMODE
Let's end the year by arguing about our favorite games! Time codes: 00:00:00 - Start 00:06:00 - Housekeeping 00:11:25 - The PS I Love You XOXO Awards 2020 00:12:49 - Most Underrated PS Game of 2020 00:35:56 - Best PlayStation Trophy List 00:48:55 - Best PS Plus Game 00:59:35 - Best PlayStation Character 01:00:00 - The Last of Us Part II Spoilers Beware! 01:10:14 - Best PlayStation Exclusive 01:19:23 - Your Award Categories For Us! 01:29:40 - Ads 01:34:34 - Fantasy Critics Finale 01:39:28 -#PSILOVEPHOTOMODE
Greg and Blessing need your input for a special episode!
Blessing is a lucky son of a gun and has already beaten Cyberpunk 2077. Today, he answers your questions about the experience. Greg is also here. 00:00:00 - Start 00:04:37 - Housekeeping 00:08:05 - Your Cyberpunk Questions Answered 01:11:56 - Ads 01:14:42 - More Cyberpunk Talk 01:35:04 - Neil Druckmann is now co-president of Naughty Dog 01:35:43 - Kratos is in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 01:38:07 - What’s Happening with Astro Bot?? 01:42:01 - PlayStation Picks 01:46:30 - #PSILOVEPHOTOMODE 01:50:51 - NEXT WEEK’S #PSILOVEPHOTOMODE
Greg and Blessing talk about Blessing's winning streak, why he's hiding his Trophies, and how they're feeling about a week before departing for night City. Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:09:20 - Housekeeping 00:10:18 - TOPIC OF THE SHOW: Was this PlayStation’s best year? 00:46:37 - Ads Playstation Updates 00:46:45 - Will the PS5 ACTUALLY be a bigger success than the PS4? 01:07:25 - PSA: Stop buying scalped PS5s 01:10:00 - PS Blog: Worms Rumble, Just Cause 4 and Rocket Arena are your PlayStation Plus games for December 01:10:50 - Playstation Picks 01:20:00 - Whatcha Playin? - Blessing 01:32:00 - Whatcha Playin? - Greg 01:35:10 - One Hundred and Four PSN Games Reader Mail 01:37:40 - #PSILOVEPHOTOMODE 01:44:00 - PSN Profile of the Week - Ian Aronoff (muggleprince)
It's been A YEAR, but let's focus on the positive: what are we thankful for in the world of PlayStation?
We run through your reviews of the PlayStation 5, talk about people sleeping on Sackboy, and get DrLupo and Pete Hines on the show! Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:16:00 - Housekeeping 00:18:40 - TOPIC OF THE SHOW: YOUR PS5 REVIEWS - Playstation Updates 00:37:20 - A PlayStation blog post mentions that Astro Bot will be back soon 01:19:05 - Playstation Picks PlayStation Update 01:21:15 - Deathloop is coming in May 01:26:00 - Games are getting PS5 enhancements 01:32:00 - Whatcha Playin? 01:45:00 - One Hundred and Four PSN Games Reader Mail 01:52:05 - TROPHIES AND CHILL
Greg and Blessing ease you into the launch of the PS5 by answering your questions, talking about the new reviews, and oh so much more! 00:00:00 - Start 00:05:07 - How has it been for Blessing to cover his first console launch? 00:09:08 - Housekeeping 00:12:07 - PS5: It’s The Best PlayStation Launch Line-Up Ever 00:39:05 - Comparing Other Line-Ups 00:50:00 - “How much of a pain in the ass is it to transfer saves and data from the PS4 to the PS5?” - Thwip 00:56:21 - “How does the Sony Pulse 3D Headset stack up to the Astro A40(?)” - Vitz Patel 00:57:20 - “Can you go into more detail about your experiences with PS5’s 3D audio?” - JLCthree 01:00:58 - “Does it appear to you guys, but especially Greg who was there during the PS3 days, that Sony got a bit cocky going into this generation?” - anakinjmt 01:05:09 - Ads 01:06:55 - Playstation Picks 01:17:31 - Playstation Updates 01:22:40 - Whatcha Playin? - Blessing 01:26:46 - Whatcha Playin? - Greg 01:28:20 - TROPHIES AND CHILL
Greg and Blessing can FINALLY say whatever they want about the PlayStation 5. Let's see what they think. PlayStation provided our PS5s for review.
Creating Ghost of Tsushima: Legends - PS I Love You XOXO Special
Greg and Blessing have the PlayStation 5. Let's see what they can say. Plus, Sucker Punch swings by to talk Ghost os Tsushima: Legends! The PS5 was provided by PlayStation for review. 00:00:00 - Start 00:07:30 - Housekeeping 00:09:22 - TOPIC OF THE SHOW: WE HAVE THE PS5 00:11:08 - Unboxing Talk 00:12:00 - The DualSense, how does it feel? - Charles Jakobsen 00:16:50 - What gives with the lack of colors for the DualSense at launch? Is this just a production issue? - Eric Koval 00:27:00 - What can you tell me about my most anticipated game of the year Astro Playroom! In particular does it have a plat and how easy does it seem? - Mark Freeman 00:45:40 - How you actually wound up with one of those great, big beautiful boxes at your doorstep - Jeremy Creamer (ADD the Ghos clip here)00:56:53 - GHOST OF TSUSHIMA: LEGENDS INTERVIEW 00:57:53 - Ads 00:58:30 - Playstation Updates 00:59:15 - Ghost of Tsushima: Legends’s Raid is incoming - PlayStation Blog 01:03:40 - Sucker Punch Hiring for Ghost of Tsushima 2? - Alessandro Barbosa @ GameSpot 01:11:45 - Destruction All-Stars is delayed, PS Plus Game - PS Blog 01:25:40 - TLOU: Remastered Has gotten an update - Vikki Blake @ Games Radar 01:26:30 - Travis Scott has joined PlayStation - PlayStation Blog 01:35:45 - PS5 Day One Streaming Apps Revealed - PlayStation Blog 01:38:00 - Playstation Picks 01:38:30 - MISSED FROM LAST WEEK 01:45:22 - TROPHIES AND CHILL
Greg Miller has been declared the King of Halloween by Spirit Halloween, but Blessing Adeoye has some tricks up his sleeve. Oh, and the PS5 is incredibly close, so let's build a loadout of games for Day 1! Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:13:06 - Housekeeping 00:13:48 - TOPIC OF THE SHOW:BUILDING THE ULTIMATE PS5 LIBRARY This Week’s X’s and O’s 00:53:30 - PS5 watch 01:19:19 - Playstation Picks 01:25:00 - Fantasy Critics Check-in 01:30:30 - Whatcha Playin? - Blessing 01:48:40 - Whatcha Playin? - Greg 01:56:30 - TROPHIES AND CHILL
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uCanDo EveryThing

wanna sex?

Feb 17th


Killzone needs it's back bone beefed up! The gameplay fills the role of weighted fps where every other game fill this sonic mania runabout twitch shooter, a game were skill and gameplay is more important than reactions needs to be filled and Killzone can fill that role.

Jan 13th

Buck Shot

Well F*** guys, spoiler alerts should be before the actual spoiler. so much for my HZD playthrough.

Nov 17th

Jason Weeber

Man, Tim bragging about getting 4 preorders on twitter was poor form with so many of your fans unable to get even 1.

Sep 17th
Reply (1)

Thomas Sherwood-Nicholls


Aug 4th

Kevin Padua

SPOILER WARNING!!!!! At the end when Ellie is strangling Abby she sees a glimpse of the end scene with Joel. That conversation point is that she can't forgive Joel but she wants to try. I personally believe that Ellie realizes that nothing will come from this and she needs to learn to forgive her because she will lose herself if she doesn't. Also did anyone else realize that had Ellie not gone after Abby a second time she would have died in that Rattlers camp. It's ironic that she traveled all that way to end up being the one who saved a person she thought she hated. This game is DEEP and before you judge it I ask you to take a day after completing it and really think about what it meant to you. I didn't like Abby at all. Even in the end I was all for Ellie killing her because I loved Joel and Ellie and wanted that revenge but I completely see it from Abbys side as well and after thinking about it for awhile I honestly think the way Naughty Dog ended this game was the right decision. Even if you hated Abby like myself and still do I am really glad we were able to see it from her perspective and see that there is more than one way to look at a situation. Sorry for the long comment!.

Jul 2nd

Kevin Padua

When I played The Last Of Us I didn't think twice of saving Ellie and never seen Joel as a bad guy but as a man who traveled across the states and built a relationship with her. As a Dad I knew where he was coming from. With that said yes what he did was wrong. I never seen him as a bad guy but yes he made a decision that could be considered bad and it had consequences as we've seen in TLOU2.

Jul 2nd

Kevin Padua

LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!! Have to say that was the best part of the show. Not to take away from you fine gentlemen but that song is..... CHEF'S KISS

Jun 25th


nice episode

Apr 28th


Calling this PS I Love You is the ultimate clickbait

Jan 25th

Pio Bu (Miszczogrzmot)

UC3 is when Uncharted started going downhill - bugs, plot holes, broken stealth, broken hand to hand combat, story threads that didn't go anywhere (Sully), and first half of the game is a slogfest (consisting mostly of walking simulator story levels) making it not fun to replay. UC4 is even worse - the pacing really sucks, there are only around 25 enemy encounters in the 20hr-long game (all accesible from the main menu), and they're not spread out evenly - 3-4hrs of no combat, then an hour of non-stop combat. The walking simulator story levels are in overdrive in 4, there's nothing going on for hours - replaying this game is really boring once you know the story. huge open levels with nothing in them don't help the game's case at all. i platinumed it and never went back to it - this was the first UC game that i was already bored with on the first playthrough. UC2 is the best one - it's an interactive action movie, full of set pieces and memorable moments (i only remember 1 set piece from UC4), it has great pacing and is highly replayable. coop was great as well (we played it for at least a year, and uc3 we dropped after a week since we got stuck in level's geometry all the time - uc3 really felt rushed).

Jan 19th


OK, now Greg; that's just low not inviting Colin for the PlayStation critics get together. Come on, your better than this!

Jan 16th

RowOfQuarters Sr

Sorry . But it's just wrong to keep the old name of the podcast

Jan 14th


Also Beyond everyone

Jan 13th


Needs more info in the episodes.

Jan 13th

Karl O'Connor

the fact that you don't even speak to Colin when he has been nothing but professional says everything about you

Jan 13th

Darren Steele

I only tuned in to see if you would give a nod to Colin. No big surprise you didn't. It sucks without him. He has knowledge. You just regurgitate news. I'm off again. Never to return.

Jan 12th
Reply (4)

Bryan Swann

Sacred Symbols: The World's #1 PlayStation Podcast

Jan 10th

Manny Morales

I miss Colin so much that I want to cry... lets just all be friends!

Jul 27th

William Caban

plz come back

Jul 15th
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