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Author: Jimmy McKay, PT, DPT

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We share great Physical Therapy Conversations so that busy PTs can feel connected to their profession!

Hosted by former Rock Radio DJ turned Physical Therapist, Jimmy McKay, PT, DPT.

The best conversations happen at happy hour, welcome to ours.
485 Episodes
We learn from Matthew Tuttle, an accomplished former Head of Medicine and Performance for the New York Red Bulls and Director of Sports Science and Physical Therapist for the Denver Nuggets. Currently a full-time PhD student at Central Queensland University, Matthew shares his extensive experience in professional sports, including the NBA, MLS, and NWSL. In this episode, we dive into the intricacies of athlete monitoring, the challenges of integrating rehab and sports science in the NBA, and the practical application of these concepts in different sports. Matthew also gives us a glimpse into his PhD research on external workload in NBA games and discusses the parallels between pro sports and clinical practice. A conversation that blends the worlds of high-performance sports and evidence-based practice, filled with insights from Matthew's unique journey and his passion for finding the best coffee shops in every city!Looking to get to CSM for Free?Here's your way in: CLICK HERE
Get ready for an insightful episode as we welcome back Skye Donovan, an esteemed Director, Professor, and Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist. With her extensive background in physical therapy, gross anatomy, and biomedical science, Skye shares her top three tips on making the most of the APTA's Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) in Boston this February. Joining her, host Jimmy McKay offers his three expert suggestions for a fulfilling conference experience. Whether you're a seasoned attendee or a first-timer, this episode is packed with valuable advice on navigating one of the largest gatherings in the physical therapy community. Plus, don't miss the exciting opportunity to win an all-expenses-paid trip to CSM, courtesy of ATI Physical Therapy. This conversation promises to enhance your CSM experience and maximize your networking and learning opportunities at this premier event!
Dive into the world of books with Jimmy McKay and special guest Rebekah Griffith, aka the  @theeddpt , in this unique PT Pintcast episode. We're pouring a special "6-pack" – a curated collection of six influential books that every physical therapist should have on their shelf. From enhancing patient care to personal development, these reads are game-changers. Watch as we discuss each book's key lessons and tools, and how they can impact your PT practice and life.Featured in this episode:1 - "Upstream" by Dan Heath - "Atomic Habits" by James Clear - "Together" by Vivek Murthy - "Building a StoryBrand" by Donald Miller - "Talk to Me" by Dean Nelson - "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss these books on Amazon and elevate your knowledge and practice. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this video for more insights into the world of physical therapy!
We're joined by Dr. Ricky Fernandez, a seasoned burnout coach and Doctor of Physical Therapy.Ricky brings his expertise to the table, discussing the ins and outs of burnout in the healthcare sector, its impact on personal and professional lives, and how to effectively combat it. If you're feeling the weight of stress and burnout, this episode is a must-listen!In This Episode, We Discuss:Understanding burnout: What it is and how it affects healthcare workers.Strategies for managing stress and establishing boundaries in a demanding field.The power of mindset in overcoming professional and personal challenges.Long-term approaches to creating a fulfilling career in healthcare.Connect with Dr. Ricky Fernandez:Instagram: @ricky_theburnoutcoachJoin his Facebook Group for support: Beat Burnout and Eliminate Chronic StressEmail: rickytheburnoutcoach@gmail.comBook: 'Real Self-Care: A Transformative Program for Redefining Wellness' by Pooja Lakshmin
Is there a physical therapy labor shortage OR an abundance of options for NEW and Seasoned Physical Therapists?
We explore "Mastering Negotiation in Therapy: 6 Vital Lessons from Chris Voss for Every PT." Join us as we break down the best negotiation tactics from an FBI veteran to enhance patient communication and treatment success. Check out Chris Voss's book "Never Split the Difference" for a deeper dive into these life-changing strategies
Welcome to another electrifying episode of PT Pintcast, coming to you LIVE from the picturesque campus of Ithaca College! In today's episode, we're bridging the gap between academics and real-world physical therapy, all set against the backdrop of Ithaca's stunning natural beauty. So, grab your pint (or textbook) and join us for a journey through the art of physical therapy, Ithaca style!
In this episode, we’re addressing a crucial topic for physical therapy private practices - the income squeeze. Join Brian Gallagher from MEG Business and me as we each bring three powerful tactics to the table, aimed at revitalizing and boosting the financial health of your PT practice.In this must-listen episode, you'll discover:Brian Gallagher's expert strategies for enhancing practice revenue.My personal suggestions for financial growth and stability in PT.The importance of patient-centric services in boosting income.Real-world examples and practical advice for immediate implementation.Whether you’re a seasoned clinic owner or new to the PT business world, this episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable tips to help you navigate financial challenges effectively.
Dive into the multifaceted world of Physical Therapy with Margie Nguyen, an enterprising Home Health PTA transforming the landscape from the greater DC area. As the founder of “Not Just a PTA,” she’s more than her title—she's a content creator, podcast host, advocate, and bridge-builder. Margie brings her unique voice to the airwaves through her podcast, “Therapy Talk Thursday,” available on major streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.This episode peels back the layers on how Margie champions equitable pay, closes the gap between clinical assumptions and realities, and stands up for the essence of physical therapy and patient rights. Get ready for an inspiring session that shows how Margie embodies the spirit of PTA+.Connect with Margie Nguyen:Follow Margie’s journey and initiatives on Instagram: @NotJustAPTAEngage with the PTA+ Podcast:Hosted by Katie Sutton. For inquiries, comments, or to feature on the show, email: klsutton0725@gmail.comJoin our community on Facebook: PTA+ Podcast PageGet the latest updates and join the conversation on Instagram: @PTA_Plus_PodcastListen and Subscribe:Don't miss an episode—listen to “Therapy Talk Thursday” on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
We talk with Sharif Zeid of MW Therapy to jump into a topic often glossed over but crucial for success—Marketing. Specifically, we focus on six actionable strategies that you can implement right now, without spending a dime.Key Takeaways:Idea #1: Leverage User-Generated ContentWhy It Works:Authenticity: Trust is more easily established through content generated by your users, as opposed to brand-centric messaging.Cost-Effective: Utilizing existing content from your user base requires zero additional investment.Community Building: Spotlighting patient testimonials or success stories fosters a sense of trust and community.Idea #2: Webinar or Live Q&A + Collaboration with Complementary Service ProvidersWhy It Works:High Engagement: Real-time interaction in a live event format is far more engaging.Reach Extension: Partnering with complementary service providers doubles your audience reach without additional costs.Expert Positioning: This strategy allows you to position yourself as an industry thought leader.Idea #3: Reach Out to Past Patients with a Specific Offer/CTAWhy It Works:Personal Touch: A direct call or email can reignite trust and recall the value you've offered in the past.Low-Hanging Fruit: Previous patients already know, like, and trust you, making them likelier to engage.Clear CTA: A specific offer not only gives a reason for the contact but also expedites the decision-making process.
Ever wondered how AI can revolutionize your physical therapy practice or business? In today’s unique 3+3 format episode, we’re diving deep into this futuristic topic that's already shaping our present. Jimmy McKay and special guest Tony Maritato each offer three game-changing ways to integrate Artificial Intelligence into your PT practice, from diagnostics to documentation to communications. By the end of this episode, you'll walk away with six actionable AI solutions that can elevate your clinical practice or business to the next level. Tune in to discover cost-effective, efficient, and cutting-edge strategies that will set you apart from the rest.
About the Episode:Ever wondered what it’s like to be a PT in the NFL? Today we've got the playbook as we talk to Jess Galey, a recent graduate of UPMC NFL Sports PT Residency who worked with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jess breaks down her day-to-day responsibilities, the pros and cons of working with professional athletes, and the importance of sports residencies for advanced training.What You’ll Learn:The roles of a Sports PT in a pro football training roomHow PTs collaborate with athletic trainers and other healthcare providersThe value of advanced training through sports residenciesTips for those considering a career in sports physical therapyGuest:Jess Galey, Board Certified Sports PT, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sports Residency Mentor
We took PT Pintcast on the road and landed at the University of New England for a live episode packed with insights, debates, and forward-thinking discussions. Our esteemed guests included:Ava Embry:1st year DPT student Amanda Benner: UNE Alum and Assistant DCEKayden Hersel: 3rd year DPT studentMichelle Collie: The owner and mastermind behind Highbar Physical Therapy, transforming the business side of PT practices.
We decode the ever-evolving world of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) for 2024.Here's that free all-in-guide we promised you in the episode: DOWNLOAD FREE
In this episode, we're joined by Dr. Kay Mastrocola, the content creator behind the popular Instagram and TikTok accounts @DPTs_With_Anxiety. We explore how to harness imposter syndrome as a superpower, dive into some candid stories that helped shape Dr. Mastrocola's confidence and discuss actionable tips to proceed with enough conviction that no one questions your competence.What You'll Learn:The Untapped Power of Imposter Syndrome: How to use this often stigmatized feeling as a catalyst for growth.Embarrassing Stories Turned Lessons: Dr. Mastrocola shares personal stories that led her to inspiring revelations.Proceed with Unquestionable Confidence: Proven techniques to make sure your work speaks for itself.Special Guest Host:Dr. Kay MastrocolaInstagram & TikTok: @DPTs_With_AnxietyPodcast: The Thrive Guide
In this must-listen episode, Dave Kittle and Tony Maritato take over the show to highlight whygame-changing perspective for Physical Therapists:why you need to act like a media company FIRST and a healthcare provider SECOND.The healthcare landscape is changing, and PTs need to adapt to thrive.What You'll Learn:The untapped potential of adopting a media-first mindset for your PT practice.Real-world case studies of Physical Therapists who've successfully transitioned to media-savvy healthcare providers.Practical steps for integrating media strategies into your everyday operations.How to leverage different forms of media, such as social media, podcasts, and videos to build a powerful brand presence.Key Takeaways:The Media-First Advantage: Learn why thinking like a media company can skyrocket your practice's growth and credibility.Content as a PT Tool: Uncover how content creation isn't just for marketers—it's for healthcare providers like you who want to offer more value to patients and peers.Strategies for Success: Walk away with actionable tips for incorporating media into your practice immediately.
In this video, I'm going to outline the hidden obstacles you'll face when starting a physical therapy practice. From dealing with insurance companies to setting up your practice, I'll cover everything you need to know to get started.If you're thinking of starting a physical therapy practice, this video is for you! I'll outline the hidden obstacles you'll face and provide you with tips on how to overcome them. From insurance companies to setting up your practice, this video has everything you need to get started in physical therapy!
Penny Goldberg is an Innovation Champion at ReQuest Physical Therapy and the founder of Optimal Education LLC. Penny's mission is to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical clinic knowledge for students and new grads. Through her insights, we dive into the world of insurance, billing, and documentation, understanding how these aspects are essential for clinicians to practice at the top of their license while ensuring they get paid for their expertise.Meet Our Guest: Penny GoldbergRole: Innovation Champion at ReQuest Physical Therapy, Founder of Optimal Education LLCPassion: Helping clinicians develop into visible experts and empowering students and new grads in their journey.Contact: Email | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookTopics Covered:Topic #1: The Difference Between Upcoding and Billing for What the Patient NeedsUnderstanding that the patient's needs should determine the billing, not overinflated codes.Highlighting the ethical and legal implications of using untimed codes as a revenue generator.Navigating payer rules and state practice acts for legitimate and ethical billing.Topic #2: Determining the Intent of the Exercise and Its Relationship to CodingDiscussing how the intent of the exercise dictates the appropriate billing code.Recognizing that different codes are compensated differently based on the level of skill required.Topic #3: Effective Documentation to Support Accurate BillingExploring the necessity of documenting impairments that align with the intent of interventions.Emphasizing medical necessity and ethical considerations in treatment selection.Shifting focus from excessive daily notes to impactful progress notes.Key Takeaways:The importance of aligning billing with patient needs and exercising ethical billing practices.How exercise intent directly influences the selection of billing codes.The significance of proper documentation in supporting accurate billing and legal compliance.Addressing misconceptions about insurance, billing, and documentation to empower clinicians.
We bring in Sharif Zeid from MW Therapy to help you get the most out of your EMR as a Physical Therapist
Welcome to the PTA+ Podcast! In this episode, host Katie Sutton has a captivating conversation with Amy Smith Hamel, PTA, a remarkable leader in the physical therapy field. Amy, the Regional Director of Operations at Restore Therapy in Alabama, shares her journey into leadership, the power of seizing opportunities, and the profound impact of mentorship and service. Join us as we explore Amy's advice on developing yourself in the field of physical therapy and beyond, including leading through adversity and weathering storms in leadership. Amy is not only a leader but also an avid mountain biker, wife, mom, and more!Episode Highlights:Introductions and backgrounds with Amy Smith HamelDiscovering Amy's PTA+ _____Developing your leadership style"Plus Point" segment featuring Amy
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