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Author: Jimmy McKay, PT, DPT

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We save Physical Therapists from missing out on amazing insight, remarkable ideas & motivational stories in the world of Physical Therapy.

Hosted by former Rock Radio DJ turned Physical Therapist, Jimmy McKay, PT, DPT.

We talk to Physical Therapists from around the world, over a pint of beer.

The BEST conversations happen at happy hour, welcome to ours.
304 Episodes
Daria Oller is a physical therapist at Pro-Activity specializing in treating dancers and athletes but also on-site with her employer’s clients focusing on population health. She contracted COVID-19 last March and is now living with Long COVID. Ted Dechane is a school-based pediatric PT and also an in-patient hospital PT. He is also living with Long COVID and has been sharing his story, advocating, and educating.
Elise Cantu is the host of TheOncoPT Podcast, lover of all things cancer & lymphedema rehab, & passionate about improving the lives of cancer survivors everywhere. She also loves swimming, playing the piano & bass guitar, & hanging out with her family.
Jill Mayer talks all things service learning experience and Carrie Callahan dives deep into adaptive surfing programs.
Chuck Ciccone and Tayo Akinboboye join us in a Wednesday Night Live episode. Chuck talks APTA Oxford Debate and dives deep into history of the profession and pharmacology. Tayo talks networking strategies as a PT student.
Dave O’Sullivan is a sports physiotherapist who worked at two world cup finals with the England Rugby League in Australia in 2017 and England Rugby Union in Japan in 2019. He has his own private practice called ProSport Physiotherapy and created The Go-To Physio mentoring physiotherapists on his unique ‘prosport’ approach advising over 550 therapists in over 25 countries around the world.
Danny Matta is an ex-Army PT turned entrepreneur and now runs a successful cash PT practice in Atlanta. Danny’s mission is to add $1 BILLION DOLLARS in annual cash services to the PT profession through his company Physical Therapy Biz. Social Media Twitter: @dannymattapt IG: @dannymattapt Website:   Podcast:
Rachel Zoffness is a pain psychologist and professor at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine where she teaches pain education for medical residents. She is the co-president of the American Association of Pain Psychology and serves on the board of the Society of Pediatric Pain Medicine. She is an author of two books, writer for Psychology Today and is a 2021 Mayday Fellow developing integrative pain programs around the world.
This episode is part 2 of our Racism in Healthcare series. Listen now to Racism in Healthcare Part 1 discussing the reactions to JAMA’s tweet. On Part 2, Rupal Patel, Steph Long, Mark Milligan, and Chris Barnes are physical therapists who challenge our profession, our society, and our world on racism and DEI.
Physical therapists are determined to excel in their work but Heather Jennings describes why “you” time is just as important if not more. She describes the difference between FOMO (fear of missing out) versus JIMO (joy in missing out). Joy in missing out fosters creativity and success.
Stacey Fitzsimmons is the owner of Account Matters which is a company on a mission to provide outstanding administrative support to PTs & OTs nationwide, allowing therapists to get paid right the first time for their services.  When a patient first enters a clinic, who do they first encounter? Your front desk person. Stacey emphasizes the importance of the role of the front desk in scheduling, billing, insurance, and clinic organization. Stacey believes a clinic owner can continue to have control of billing functions even when outsourced. She discusses what business owners should look for in their agreement with a billing company and how to research companies before outsourcing. She lists the questions to ask a billing company to verify the company’s accounts are properly managed. Check our Stacey at Account Matters to learn why your admin and billing are essential components to your business today.  PARTING SHOT 44:05 “If you want to grow your business, learn the admin side and get paid right the first time, reach out to me.” - Stacey Fitzsimmons 
Edwin Porras is a physical therapist orthopaedic resident at Kaiser Permanente and medical analyst at - the leaders in fantasy football with expert projections and injury analysis.  Edwin describes his experience as a medical analyst working at Fantasy Points and the availability of non-clinical opportunities for physical therapists. He tells us the difficulty of getting started in this role and the barriers he overcame to get to his role today. He emphasizes imposter syndrome does exist and occurs within many physical therapists.  His takeaways are for students and therapists to learn a different perspective in PT and suggests to follow your passion. If you are trying to start in an area you're interested in, start with research and put out content. Follow Edwin on Twitter at @FbInjuryDoc and listen to him on his podcast Injury (Pro)ne Fantasy Football Podcast.  PARTING SHOT 37:50 “Don’t let the old heads tell you what you can do.” - Edwin Porras 
Erik Meira is an educator, clinician, advocate, thinker, the current representative at larger for the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy, the founder of the PT Podcast Network and the host of PT Inquest.  He recently sold his practice to focus on continuing education and professional development. His new course concentrates on evidence based practice and foundations of physical therapy.  During CSM, Erik holds a recurring session “The Many Faces of Sports Physical Therapy.” He describes sport physical therapists in many PT settings and not only focused on treatment to sport teams.  Erik is currently running for the president-elect position for APTA American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy and discusses his plans and goals. Check out Erik’s website for his podcast, continuing education courses, and consulting in sports physical therapy.  PARTING SHOT 58:41 “Always be questioning what you know and what you believe. Always understand that there are other viewpoints. Always try to get a sense of why someone will believe the thing that they believe.” - Erik Meira
Sarabeth Berk is an innovative strategist meaning she is spearheading the concept of hybrid professionals in our new hybrid reality. Sarabeth is passionate about researching hybrid work and workplaces. You can call her the creative disruptor.   She explains how our world is ever changing into hybrid work and what trends are happening in today’s workforce adapting to society and the pandemic. There are different parts of hybrid work - people, places and the work itself.  She believes your hybrid title is what you name yourself, who you are, your identity, and seen as a cross functional role.  Look into Sarabeth’s courses, webinars, and masterclasses to level up your brand and professional development at  PARTING SHOT 41:45 “Who are you at the intersection of your multiple identities. That is your unique value. Go find that and you will get to be your full self in your work.” - Sarabeth Berk
Laura Rathbone is a physiotherapist, consultant, educator and lecturer in the UK who is passionate about treating the complex pain patient and providing a person-centered approach to musculoskeletal care.  She believes treating persistent pain patients should be provided from a multidisciplinary team for best practice. She emphasizes that physios are not to turn into psychologists, but to learn from other health care professionals for help when specific care is needed.  Her course ACT meaning Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is for non-psychologists like physical therapists who work in settings with a high persistent pain population.  She discusses embodied cognition as a way of recognizing that there is not only pain or conscious experience but a whole person experience.  Check out the insight, coaching, courses, and podcast Laura offers at  PARTING SHOT “Always believe the person in front of you.” - Laura Rathbone
Lisa VanHoose, Rupal Patel, Steph Long, Mark Milligan, and Chris Barnes physical therapists who challenge our profession, our society, and our world on racism and DEI.  This episode was created from a tweet and podcast from JAMA. The tweet caused backlash on social media and from members of the medical community and public.  The panel discusses their thoughts, reactions, but mainly questioned the tweet. They discuss topics such as levels of racism, the existence of structural racism, biases to healthcare, and lack of competence expressing racism in healthcare.  Physical therapists stand in an excellent spot to take ownership and teach others about the issues that currently exist involving racism. The panel agrees there needs to be a motivation to change the view of the healthcare system so all people are treated and care for equally.  To create change for the future, physical therapists are at the forefront to educate children about the PT profession, PT efforts to racism, and how to create future leaders to ultimately gain followers in combating structural racism. The physical therapy profession cannot create outside change if it does not recognize its own biases.  Follow our speakers on Twitter: Lisa VanHoose @LisaVanHoosePT Rupal Patel @rupalPT Steph Long @stephlongPT Mark Milligan @MarkMilliganDPT Chris Barnes @CBarnesPT  PARTING SHOT “Even in the anger that I have, I have to honor the normalcy for which marginalized people live.” - Mark Milligan  “This is not being talked about in other places.” - Chris Barnes “Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but to change ourselves.” - Rupal Patel  “Let’s make this a better place for the generations to come.” - Steph Long “We are already connected biologically. Once we figure out we are connected socially, that we are our brothers, our sisters, our other human keepers, then we can fix this thing.” - Lisa VanHoose
Jeremy Sutton is a physical therapist and author of SIX books. He has helped send and publish over 50 books in the last year and is on a mission to help 10,000 business owners become published authors.  Jeremy dives into how he became an author by self-publishing and building a personal brand. He found a problem and wrote books to solve his client’s problems while making it digestible.He takes set steps to plan his books and has found ways to write a book in 90 days.  With this, he has found multiple income streams and used his book to create online courses, coaching programs, and podcasts.  Follow Jeremy on Facebook with his group Book Boss Tribe, Instagram at @the_bookboss and check out his website at  PARTING SHOT 34:57 “You don’t have to have anybody’s permission to do what you want to do in this life.” - Jeremy Sutton 
Andrew Tran is a physical therapist and the owner of Physio Memes, a brand of physio products and memes on social media. He also helps businesses acquire new patients and clients through his expertise in social media marketing.  He starts off telling us his story and why he created Physio Memes. He used these skills to brand himself as a therapist and add creativity to the PT profession.  Andrew has a strong following on instagram (@Physio_Memes) displaying and selling his designed PT swag. He also used this platform to seek potential clients by turning followers into his own patients.   Show off your PT pride by heading over to Physio Memes! PARTING SHOT 43:25 “People ask me ‘how should I go put my name out there?’ Be you and put yourself out there.” - Andrew Tran 
Maddie Landstrom is the outreach marketing manager at Fusion Medical Staffing helping new grads and first time travelers start their adventures in therapy jobs around the country. Don Briganti is the therapy manager at Fusion Medical Staffing and works with all travel therapists with their contracts. Rachel White is a 2019 DPT graduate from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and is a current #travelPT with Fusion Medical Staffing.  Maddie and Don dive into what travel therapy is and the current job market throughout the country. With COVID-19, the team has been creative to ensure interested therapists land a worthwhile travel contract. When traveling, therapists should consider these factors when considering travel PT such as licensing, housing, stipends, and pay packages.  Top reasons to a new grad should try travel PT: * The experience * Networking opportunities* Variety of PT settings * Mentorship program* No long term commitment * Building growth and confidence  Reach out to the team at Fusion Medical Staffing to begin your journey in #TravelPT!  PARTING SHOT 43:45 “Reach out. No pressure conversation.” - Maddie Landstrom  44:05 “The job market is there now.” - Don Briganti  44:30 “Realize to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.” - Rachel White
Uchenna Ossai is a pelvic physical therapist, professor at University of Texas Austin Dell Medical School and founder of a sex education platform called You See Logic (Youseelogic, LLC)  Uchenna uses her social media platforms @youseelogic to provide pelvic/sexual health education and answer questions for people in a comfortable space.  She recommends for therapists to form a sex team to treat and educate needed for patients in their sexual health. She highlights people who have a sexual dysfunction will view their own health lower than a person without a sexual dysfunction.  Uchenna describes intersectionality as power structures that intersect to impact people’s health in various ways. Teaching intersectionality starts with foundational knowledge as topics related to a person’s health impacts their behavior and response to health. In the clinic, ask your patients  the real life events that can affect them directly (racism, sexism, other factors related to social determinants of equity).  She questions how to create workplaces that are equitable and also inclusive. If work places already begin with exclusion, the problem is coming from the root of the company. She recommends for individuals in a company to understand their own power to create change in a company’s values.  To learn more about this topic, Uchenna recommends listening to Allegories on Race & Racism TED Talk.  Uchenna course Intersections of Racism and Power: Healthcare Redefined on sale now! PARTING SHOT 59:05 “Learning about racism and sexy time is a process. You’ll always learn something new.” - Uchenna Ossai 
What Every Physical Therapist Should Know About Vestibular Rehab Danielle Tate and Abbie Ross are both vestibular physical therapists at Balancing Act Rehab providing vestibular telehealth treatment and hosts of the podcast “Talk Dizzy To Me”, the basics you need to know but also the complexities of vestibular rehab. Danielle created Vestibular Today to provide evidenced-based vestibular resources for patients and professionals. Abbie started a vestibular therapy company via telehealth to treat patients all over the country , increasing access to care, and providing treatment she believes patients deserve. Danielle and Abbie talk through the prevalence of vestibular dysfunction and conditions commonly seen in the clinic or telehealth (BPPV, vestibular migraine, post-concussion, balance dysfunction).  They discuss research related to treatment for this population that extends beyond treating using the Epley maneuver. The guests emphasize that our inner ear is made up of 3 canals and each should be checked with testing.  If interested in how you can add vestibular therapy into your practice, check our Vestibular Today which provides research, resources, and education for the treating therapist.  Listen to Abbie and Danielle on Talk Dizzy to Me Podcast.  PARTING SHOT 59:13 “Get into vestibular therapy. Just get into it. Get comfortable with it.” - Danielle Tate 59:40 “Persevere because you will not know everything in the vestibular world.” - Abbie Ross
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