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Shauna Doll grew up in the relatively treeless city of Grand Prairie, Alberta, and fell in love with nature through a forested ravine that runs through the city and served as her childhood playground. Today, Shauna has found a professional connection to that love of nature through her work with Raincoast Conservation Foundation as the coordinator for the Gulf Islands Forest Project that focusses on addressing impacts to Coastal Douglas-fir habitats. Shauna’s work is largely devoted to forest conservation, which includes policy work and review, big tree inventory, public education, and land acquisition projects. If you love trees as much as I do, you will probably agree that there is something wonderful about being paid to seek out, inventory, and protect large trees. All Shauna’s professional roles and more are on the table for discussion during this episode including the ever-changing climate, the importance of forest biodiversity, and Shauna’s favourite forest-related books. Shauna is a passionate advocate for the environment and an enthusiastic speaker. She effortlessly shares her experience and research for the benefit of all who listen. I thank her for her generosity, and also thank Raincoast Conservation Foundation for their tireless research and work to protect the lands, waters, and wildlife of coastal British Columbia. Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Shauna Doll. Episode Links: Shauna Doll Pender Islands Big Tree Registry Gulf Islands Forest Project S,DAYES Flycatcher Forest Big Lonely Dougby Harley Rustad Two Trees Make a Forest by Jessica Lee The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben Contact Shauna Doll @ Learning Links: School of Permaculture Design at PRC Online Herbal Medicine courses at PRCOnline Student Clinic at PRC
Tom Malterre has made a career of examining subtilties of good health and true wellness that most don’t even give fleeting consideration. As he advocates, “we are supposed to be engaged entirely with our environment.” But when our environment is filled with visible and invisible toxins, those toxins become part of is. To minimize their damage, we can fortify our systems through optimal nutrition and beneficial lifestyle practices. Tom is not only an amazing educator, he is also a practitioner of what he teaches. He is co-author of 3 books – a pair of incredible cookbooks and The Elimination Diet, which examines what foods might be making us sick – and he is a teacher and practitioner of functional medicine. Growing up in Pacific surf and skate culture, he reaped the benefits of regular physical activity that connected him to his body, nature, and a thriving community. Now he creates similar opportunities for his children and strengthens his relationship with them in the process. Tom is gifted in his ability to articulate, and thus we investigate many topics including his 10 fingers of health, how the environment is likely causing myriad chronic and debilitating conditions, the irreplaceable role of microbes in maintaining good health, relatively small food and lifestyle choices that can derail homeostasis, the value of limiting stress, and what he learned from his physician growing up in Hawaii. Tom’s enthusiasm for life projects from him like a great wave of healing energy. Healing stems from engagement, from something Tom says can be as simple as receiving a smile from someone. I felt healing just from having this conversation with him, and I have no doubt that you will also. Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Tom Malterre. Episode Links: Whole Life Nutrition Nourishing Meals by Tom Malterre and Alissa Segersten The Elimination Diet by Tom Malterre and Alissa Segersten The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook by Tom Malterre and Alissa Segersten Seeking Health Learning Links: School of Holistic Nutrition at PRC Holistic Nutrition courses at PRCOnline Student Clinic at PRC
Michael Isted is dedicated to integrating the power, beauty, and joy of plants into everyday life. As the founder of The Herball, a herb-inspired company that crafts and sells beauty products and curates beverage, cosmetic, and scent-based creations for the hospitality industry and innovators, Michael’s genius-like craftmanship is sought after around the world. To date he has created thousands of herbal beverage recipes and draws inspiration from nature itself, historical texts, and ancestral knowledge. Many of these are captured in his beautiful book The Herball’s Guide to Botanical Drinks. As a fully qualified phytotherapist, Michael also maintains a practice seeing patients and helping them experience health and vitality. Additionally, he is passionate about scent and determined to capture time and place through aroma. His current project is recreating the experience of a storied Jamaican music studio through a natural fragrance. This diverse episode peeks inside the mind and inspiration of a true master of his art. For me it was a wonderful plant-based journey around the world and through the ages. We ground many of Michael’s lofty creations and aspirations with the reality of the practicalities of bringing products and projects to life. If you are interested in letting your passion lead, then exploring the filaments, petals, and beakers in Michael’s life can help guide you along the way. The pleasure he draws from his work is infectious, and his spontaneity admirable. Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Michael Isted. Episode Links: The Herball The Herball’s Guide to Botanical Drinks by Michael Isted Learning Links: School of Western Herbal Medicine at PRC Online Herbal Medicine courses at PRCOnline Student Clinic at PRC
Z’ev Rosenberg has been a leader in the field of Chinese Medicine for nearly 40 years. He is the former president of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado where he helped to spearhead the drive to the licensure of acupuncture in the state. And for more than 2 decades he served as the Chair of the Department of Herbal Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. In his clinical practice, Z’ev combines many aspects of Chinese Medicine including dietetics, moxibustion, herbal medicine, Qi Gong, and acupuncture. For nearly 5 decades, with surprisingly little downtime, including early years spent as a macrobiotic counsellor and Shiatsu practitioner, he has been dedicated to his patients. Z’ev is also author of 2 books on Chinese Medicine and is currently writing his third. In this episode we explore the roots of his journey into Chinese Medicine, including an early Pink Floyd song that begins by quoting the ancient Chinese text the I Ching, and other influences that turned Z’ev into an astute student of Chinese Classics, and then an invaluable teacher. We peek inside his thriving clinical practice and discuss his books in terms of the writing process and their impact. Z’ev has brought so much to the culture of Chinese Medicine in the West and has inspired countless to continue to pursue the magic of what it has to offer to the world. This episode is a great journey through the ages of an ancient medical system that continues to prove its genius, depth, and contemporary applications. Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Z’ev Rosenberg. Episode Links: Returning to the Source by Z’ev Rosenberg Ripples in the Flow by Z’ev Rosenberg Learning Links: School of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at PRC Online Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine courses at PRCOnline Student Clinic at PRC
Much like the timeless classics that Dr. Heiner Fruehauf has devoted his life to study, this episode too will be a timeless classic of this podcast. Heiner’s sage-like wisdom and advice effortlessly flows forth in the recounting of his life’s journey and work. His breadth and depth of experience, and consciousness to value all degrees of experience, from presumably positive to negative, is undeniably admirable. Heiner studied sinology, philosophy, and comparative literature in Shanghai, Hamburg, Tokyo, and Chicago where he earned a doctoral degree from the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations. After encountering a major health crisis, his interest in healing led him into Chinese medicine and particularly the study of its classical applications and eventually herbal formulas. Presently he serves as Founding Professor of the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, and he is the founder of Classical Pearls, a Chinese herbal company specializing in quality and purity of ingredients. We cover a lot of territory in this episode, beginning with Heiner’s early-life battle with cancer, the universe aligning him with his destiny, the genesis of his professional projects and companies, and a powerful overview of 5 element philosophy and Daoist teachings. His legacy has already bridged past through present into future, but he is nowhere near the terminus of his life’s work. His destiny is fulfilled, step by step, by his reverence for the universe and the opportunities that it presents him, opportunities that will never cease. Although this is a comparatively long episode, we only moved the needle ever so subtly across the spectrum of his knowledge. Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Heiner Fruehauf. Episode Links: College of Classical Chinese Medicine Classical Pearls Learning Links: School of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at PRC Online Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine courses at PRCOnline Student Clinic at PRC
Merlin Young is determined to provide safer and more effective treatment for the world’s most deadly pandemic that today is killing more than 3,000 people per day: tuberculosis. In particular, Merlin has spent the past 14 years working with moxibustion in the treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, work that has taken him to many places including Uganda, South Africa, and North Korea. Along with Jenny Craig, Merlin is co-founder of Moxafrica, a British-based charity investigating direct moxibustion immunomodulation as an adjunctive treatment for TB. He is a practitioner of Japanese Acupuncture and is author of The Moon Over Matsushima: Insights into mugwort and moxibustion. In this episode, Merlin and I explore the history of moxibustion, discuss the challenges and victories of conducting moxibustion research and running a charity, probe through the global plight of tuberculosis and especially multi-drug resistant TB, and finish with a call-to-help for a Uganda family who has been pivotal in the work of Moxafrica in Uganda. Merlin has a deep reservoir of knowledge of the ancient and often misunderstood practice of moxibustion, and his insights are helpful to both the acupuncture practitioner and layperson. It helps that he is an exceptional storyteller and has immense passion for his work of service to others. He is also incredibly generous with his time and knowledge and specifically has offered to engage with anyone to discuss the challenges our world faces and what our medicine might offer those who are most vulnerable. Light some artemisia, or perhaps incense, and settle in as Merlin blazes a global path of moxibustion. Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Merlin Young. Episode Links: Moxafrica 2 peer-reviewed paperson Moxafrica’s research Donate to Esther’s Surgery Fund The Moon Over Matsushima by Merlin Young Blowing in the Wind: Drug-Resistant TB and the Poor by Merlin Young Hard Rain: Forecasting the Future for Tuberculosis by Merlin Young Learning Links: School of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at PRC Online Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine courses at PRCOnline Student Clinic at PRC
Even if she stopped today, Dr. Debra Betts would be leaving behind a tremendous legacy that has greatly impacted the global treatment of pregnancy and childbirth with acupuncture. But, as this conversation indicates, Debra is neither stopping nor slowing down her research, teaching, and pioneering work in this specialty. As Debra indicates in the episode, just because women have been told that painful births, irregular periods, and menopausal symptoms are just a normal part of life, does not mean that they need surrender to this alleged inevitability and not make efforts to enhance their health and well-being. Augmenting her nursing background, Debra graduated acupuncture college in 1989. Inspired by her pregnancy during her studies, Debra developed a strong interest in pregnancy and childbirth and over the subsequent 3 decades has emerged as a leading authority in the area. In 2006 Debra published The Essential Guide to Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth, a textbook that has become an invaluable resource around the world and has been translated into both French and German. In this episode Debra walks us through her doctoral research in the use of acupuncture for threatened miscarriages and the general symptomatic relief that participants experienced. She shares with us her work in teaching acupuncture to midwives over the past 20+ years and her current and exciting project in Mentoring Acupuncture Maternity Peer Support (MAMPS) through which she and 4 other leading acupuncturists provide support for acupuncturists working with all levels of pregnancy. We also discuss her multi-year writing project that culminated in the publication of her textbook. Debra seems to reside at the forefront of her industry and is currently working to revolutionize the training protocols to generate more accessible and positive treatment outcomes. All of us in the field of Chinese Medicine have likely benefited from Debra’s work. Perhaps this conversation will birth within you an interest in using holistic therapies during pregnancy and childbirth. Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Dr. Debra Betts. Episode Links: The Essential Guide to Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth by Debra Betts Journal Articles by Debra Betts Learning Links: School of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at PRC Online Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine courses at PRCOnline Student Clinic at PRC
Margi Flint has practiced herbal medicine for more than 40 years in the coastal town of Marblehead, Massachusetts. As the “village herbalist” she has become a figurehead in the town and has helped countless restore their health with herbal medicine. As an educator, Margi keeps a very busy pace. She has been an Adjunct Professor at North Shore Community College, The Tufts University School of Medicine, and currently at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. She has been a faculty member at Pacific Rim College for nearly a decade, and regularly lectures in Canada, Europe, and throughout the United States. We cover a lot of territory in this episode, beginning with Margi’s early-life battle with cancer and the path to healing that it precipitated. We get a taste of what it is like to be a small seaside town herbalist, travel vicariously with some of Margi’s mentors and colleagues, journey into ayahuasca, and peek between the covers of the making of Margi’s book The Practicing Herbalist. When it comes to herbal medicine, Margi has a surfeit of knowledge, and she generously shares some of it with us through her incredible stories of connection to plants and people. I hope you enjoy this plant-centred episode with Margi Flint. Episode Links: Earthsong Herbals The Practicing Herbalist by Margi Flint Margi’s YouTube Jim McDonald Herbalist Learning Links: School of Western Herbal Medicine at PRC Online Herbal Medicine courses at PRCOnline Student Clinic at PRC
Lillian Pearl Bridges is the world’s preeminent authority on face reading and diagnosis, and, in my opinion, a beautiful individual with a magical spirit. I could not possibly overstate how much I enjoyed this conversation and how pleased I am to share some of her knowledge with you. As the author of Face Reading in Chinese Medicine, Lillian has been studying and practicing the Chinese Medicine art of facial diagnosis since the age of 5 when her apprenticeship began with her grandmother. She is credited with reviving this nearly lost component of Chinese Medicine and bringing it to the West. As the founder of the Lotus Institute, Lillian trains students in her comprehensive face reading and Daoist design programs. She has been featured in numerous publications and shows and lectures around the world. In this episode, we discuss many fascinating topics, but perhaps none that will be more well-received than our ability to erase or lessen wrinkles through personal emotional work. Lillian says that we are never too old to change the landscape of our face through following our purpose, healing emotional wounds, and finding our bliss. We also delve into the pragmatic power of Feng Shui in harmonizing your life and talk about one of her favourite topics: food. You don’t need to know a thing about qi, jing, or ling to glean invaluable pearls of wisdom from this conversation. This episode is where the rubber hits the road on enhancing your life, or more aptly, a facial treasure map to finding your inner harmony. I hope you enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Lillian Pearl Bridges. Episode Links: Lotus Institute Face Reading in Chinese Medicine by Lillian Pearl Bridges Divine Chinese Cuisine by Lillian Pearl Bridges Learning Links: School of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at PRC Online Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine courses at PRCOnline Student Clinic at PRC
Dr. Tom O’Bryan is a recognized world expert on health and wellness, and as he demonstrates in this episode, a powerhouse of knowledge in topics such as autoimmunity, the toll of environmental toxins on humans, gluten and its impact on health, and optimal brain function. Dr. Tom is the creator of the groundbreaking documentary series “Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re Not Telling You” that has been viewed by more than half a million people. In 2016, Dr. Tom published his award-winning book The Autoimmune Fix, and then followed that with another incredible book, You Can Fix Your Brain. Interviewing Dr. Tom is a bit like letting a genie out of a bottle, in the most positive way. He speaks concisely and thoroughly about many incomparable topics in healthcare, and with the information he readily provides, listeners get much more than the equivalent of 3 granted wishes. Listening to or reading Dr. Tom’s words can literally change your life, if not save it. In this episode we talk at length about plastics and their impact on health, what you can do to help your brain to function more optimally, and things about autoimmunity that you probably have never before heard. Stay tuned to the end of this interview for a special gift from Dr. Tom to listeners. Get ready for this fast-paced, nutrient-dense episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Dr. Tom O’Bryan. Episode Links: Gift to listeners: The Autoimmune Fix by Dr. Tom O’Bryan You Can Fix Your Brain by Dr. Tom O’Bryan The Stress of Life by Hans Selye Learning Links: School of Holistic Nutrition at PRC Holistic Nutrition courses at PRCOnline Student Clinic at PRC
In this episode, drug policy researcher Alan Cassels and I take a deep look into some less than desirable tactics of the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Alan has been investigating and reporting on nefarious industry strategies for more than 2 decades, and his books Selling Sickness and Seeking Sickness expose the dirty underbelly that some corporations and leaders would rather you did not know about. If you have been satisfied with the mainstream Covid-19 narrative, this episode might be a bit disruptive. If you have been questioning it, then you might find some answers here, as well as more questions. We discuss the limitations of PCR testing, the predominant testing model for determining Covid cases; the new Pfizer vaccine and the misleading propaganda related to it; Covid case numbers; and so-called protective measures.  Going beyond Covid-19, Alan and I also explore questionable pharmaceutical selling strategies; conditions such as high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and hypertension; the industry of influenza; and drug safety advisories. If episode 28 with holistic pharmacist RoseMarie Pierce opened up a few uncertainties for you about the motivations of the pharmaceutical industry, this episode is going to rip the lid right off. I hope you are stirred by this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Alan Cassels. Episode Links: Selling Sickness by Alan Cassels Seeking Sickness by Alan Cassels Twitter @akecassels Pfizer CEO sells stock Article on PCR Test British Columbia Covid-19 Dashboard Hospitals in BC Journal of Clinical Virology article on PCR test amplification in Canada Eurosurveillance journal article on PCR test amplification Article on infectiousness and Ct values in European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Learning Links: School of Holistic Nutrition at PRC School of Western Herbal Medicine at PRC PRC Radio Episode 28 with RoseMarie Pierce Holistic Nutrition courses at PRCOnline. Sign up for the PRCO newsletter and get 40% off during the on November 24th launch our new Food-Drug-Herb-Nutrients Interactions and Depletions course
RoseMarie Pierce is recognized as Canada’s first holistic pharmacist with more than 4 decades of experience in both conventional and natural medicine. She also facilitates heart-centred workshops for those interested in taking personal responsibility in their own healing and growth. RoseMarie is a Visiting Professor at Pacific Rim College and a featured presenter at Pacific Rim College Online. Check the show notes and stay tuned to the end of this podcast for a special discount offer on her new PRCOnline course and to learn about her 2 upcoming daylong workshops at Pacific Rim College. We cover a lot of territory in this episode: the roots of her pharmacy career and her family’s influence, plant-based derivatives of modern drugs, the importance of acid-base balance within the body and its affects on bone health, Covid-19, the loss of a child, and the gifts that the universe provides. In an industry that is often dominated by the propaganda of a ‘drug for every bug’, RoseMarie’s holistic approach to pharmacy is a wonderful glimpse inside a possible paradigm where scientists and practitioners work together with nature to promote the safest and least toxic modes of healing. Of course, we have a long way to go, but with the progress of the likes of RoseMarie, and you, part of the Pacific Rim College community, I am optimistic for that future. You may not agree with everything RoseMarie says, but to those who are receptive, she has a lot to offer. Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with holistic pharmacist RoseMarie Pierce. Episode Links: @holistic.pharmacist Learning Links: Holistic Nutrition courses at PRCOnline. Sign up for the PRCO newsletter and get 40% off during the launch of RoseMarie’s course on November 24. RoseMarie Pierce workshop on February 27: Acidity, Modern Diets & Degenerative Diseases: A Natural Prescription for Balancing pH RoseMarie Pierce workshop on March 6: A Natural Prescription for Supporting Digestion & the Body’s Alkaline-Acid Balance School of Holistic Nutrition at PRC School of Western Herbal Medicine at PRC
This is a provocative episode that will challenge some of your core beliefs when it comes to health and illness. What if the Spanish Flu of 1918 was not actually contagious? What if the measles virus has never been isolated? Furthermore, what if the coronavirus known as Covid-19 has also never been isolated? These are just some of the fascinating topics that my guest Sally Fallon Morell and I debate in this episode. Sally is perhaps best known as the author of Nourishing Traditions, an iconic cookbook that challenges mainstream narrative. She is also the founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation with nearly 600 chapters globally, and she is the president of New Trends Publishing. Recently Sally and co-author Dr. Thomas Cowan published The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease. This book was banned by Amazon just days before its release. It is causing waves, and Sally and I deeply explore its content and potential impact on the mainstream narrative of Covid-19. You might find it hard to believe everything that Sally says. I do, and I challenge her on many points. Yet, what I find even harder to believe is that none of what she says is true. Discoveries are not made by accepting the norm. Paradigms are not shifted by treading along the same path as everyone who came before. Sally is an explorer who has encountered much opposition while also garnering significant support. I strongly encourage you to at least stay open-minded to what she has to say. Our future could depend it. Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Sally Fallon Morell. Episode Links: The Contagion Mythby Sally Fallon Morell and Thomas S. Cowan Nourishing Traditions Weston A. Price Foundation Skyhorse Publishing The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg Dr. Stefan Lanka Learning Links: Sally’s Online Course: Achieving Optimal Health Through Nourishing Traditional Diets School of Holistic Nutrition at PRC
Brandt Stickley is a renowned practitioner and educator of Chinese Medicine and, in particular, Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis. In this episode, we drop deep into the heart of pulse diagnosis as Brandt shares subtleties of the pulse and insight into the incredible information that can be gleaned from this ancient art. He has worked closely with Dr. Leon Hammer for 20 years and is considered an authority on the model of Chinese medical psychology developed by Dr. Hammer. Brandt has relentlessly pursued a synthesis of Classical Han and Tang Dynasty herbal medicine and acupuncture, Chinese magical medicine, philosophy and religion, with concepts of psychosomatic medicine, body-oriented psychology, neuro-phenomenology, process-oriented philosophy, imaginal, integral, and consciousness studies.  He strives to bring all these disciplines together as a clinician, teacher, writer, and speaker. Brandt is an Assistant Professor in the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine. He has been a visiting professor at Pacific Rim College for more than a decade and is a senior instructor and board member of Dragon Rises Seminars, where he teaches Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis. If you are a practitioner of Chinese diagnostic techniques, you will not want to miss a beat of this conversation. Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Brandt Stickley. Episode Links: Dr. Leon Hammer The Art of Acupuncture Techniques with Dr. Robert Johns Early Chinese Medical Literature by Donald Harper The Embodied Mind by Varela, Rosch and Thompson Learning Links: School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at PRC Chinese Medicine courses at PRCOnline
This episode with CT Holman delivered so much more than I ever expected. Yes, we talk about his newest book, Shamanism in Chinese Medicine. Yes, we talk about his older book, Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine. And yes, we talk about the inspirations for these two books. These discussions alone would have made for a great episode, but here are a few things I did not know about CT: this guy can really teach, which he does throughout this episode; he has played in punk rock bands most of his life; and he is instantly likable, to a nearly ridiculous level. CT’s expertise and range in Chinese Medicine is phenomenal, and I took great pleasure in the opportunity to ask him dozens of questions and to even get a mini facial diagnosis. We explore sacred drumming from Africa, many forms of Shamanism, trauma-based approaches to healing, and Qi Gong. CT runs a successful private practice called Redwood Spring in Salem, Oregon. He also teaches seminars internationally, mentors students in his clinic and virtually, and has a host of e-courses on his website. He studied in China 3 times and integrates the specialties of facial diagnosis, channel palpation, five element diagnosis, and diagnosing and treating trauma. He has been a drummer for over 35 years and teaches shamanic drumming. This episode with CT Holman was incredibly fun to record, and I think you will quickly fall in sync with the rhythm of his humour and teachings. Please enjoy. Episode Links: CT Holman and Redwood Spring Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine by CT Holman Shamanism in Chinese Medicine by CT Holman Stems and Branches course with CT Holman on October 24 Singing Dragon Books Master Zhongxian Wu: Chinese Wisdom Traditions Lillian Bridges Episode 22 with Jason Robertson on PRC Radio Learning Links: School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at PRC Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong courses at PRCOnline
Paul Bergner has studied and practiced natural medicine, medical herbalism, and nutrition since 1973. He is the Director of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Portland, Oregon, and for years has served as a visiting faculty member at Pacific Rim College. His online course “Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance, and Autoimmunity” is the most popular stand-alone course at Pacific Rim College Online and receives rave reviews from nearly all who take it. This episode with Paul has many unexpected turns and twists, including a look at naturalism, a harrowing battle with addictions, and many gifts that have emerged from his hero’s journey of relentless surrendering. We also talk in detail about the more expected, such as Paul’s courage to start a school of herbalism, founding the Medical Herbalism journal, and the seven books that Paul has authored. Paul is legend in the field of herbal medicine and vitalism who has inspired countless to explore their calling into natural medicines. It was an honour to sit down and connect with him, and I was humbled by his courage to share so much of his personal narrative in such intimate detail. Perhaps you have come to this episode to learn more about herbal medicine. Paul delivers on this and also offers a dose of raw vulnerability that you were likely not anticipating. I hope you enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Paul Bergner. Episode Links: North American Institute of Medical Herbalism Books by Paul Bergner Wade Boyle Learning Links: Paul’s PRCOnline course: Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance, and Autoimmunity Community Herbalist Online Program at PRCOnline Home Herbalist Online Program at PRCOnline School of Western Herbal Medicine at PRC
Seraphina Capranos's European grandparents first introduced her to the healing power of natural medicine. After suffering an injury to her spine as a teenager, Seraphina was given a prognosis of lifelong pain by the conventional medical system. Determined to heal herself, she returned to her roots, and since then has gone on to be a highly respected herbalist and homeopath with a practice based on Salt Spring Island off Canada’s west coast. And she does not suffer chronic pain. Seraphina joined as a visiting faculty member at Pacific Rim College many years ago, and now she is one of 9 distinguished instructors on Pacific Rim College Online’s highly acclaimed Community Herbalist Online certificate program and Home Herbalist Online program, the latter of which she now combines in an incredible learning opportunity with her renowned “The Alchemy of Herbal Medicine” program. Seraphina takes us on a journey of her herbal roots, shares the tapestry of herbalism on her tiny Gulf Island, explores some of her significant client healing results, and talks about her own healing journey. This is a diverse conversation of herbal medicine, covering many countries, highlighting numerous mentors, and offering lessons from plants. Please enjoy this podcast-sized dose of herbal medicine with Seraphina Capranos. Episode Links: Toltec shamanism Learning Links: Community Herbalist Online Program at PRCOnline Home Herbalist Online Program at PRCOnline School of Western Herbal Medicine at PRC School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at PRC
Jason Robertson is a gift to the field of Chinese Medicine. After living in Taiwan for 6 years, studying the language and working as a translator, Jason found passion for the field that would profoundly shape his life to present day. After pursuing his formal schooling in Chinese Medicine in California, he returned to China to study what he thought would be herbal therapeutics for gynecology. Instead, a meeting with a deeply respected professor, clinician and scholar of acupuncture, Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, would propel Jason down a much different path – specifically the pathways of energy as denoted in Chinese Medicine. Jason became Dr. Wang’s student in the somewhat unique subfield of channel palpation, and he has spent nearly the last 2 decades honing his skill as a clinician and teacher. Along the way, Jason brought Dr. Wang’s teaching into the English-speaking classrooms through their collaborative textbook, Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine published by Eastland Press. Jason takes us on a journey of how this book came to be, his work as a practitioner for over 20 years, and his approach of letting life and opportunities symbiotically merge. He also shares the impact Dr. Wang had on his life and the loss that he feels now that his mentor has passed. As a visiting professor at Pacific Rim College for the last decade, Jason has brought to our community his profound depth of knowledge in channel palpation. And now, through this episode, he reveals some of the channels of his personal journey that started in the rolling hills of Kentucky and have led to him being a highly respected scholar and clinician of Chinese Medicine. I hope you are touched by this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Jason Robertson. Episode Links: Kentucky Ginseng Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine by Dr. Wang Ju-Yi and Jason Robertson Thomas Merton Learning Links: School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at PRC School of Continuing Education at PRC Faculties and Programs at PRC Pacific Rim College Online
Sarah Pritchard is one of the most well known and respected teachers of Tui Na in the West. She has written two books on the subject, created multiple collegiate Tui Na programs, and is the creator and principle teacher of arguably the world’s foremost online Tui Na course for practitioners known as “Advanced Tui Na” offered exclusively through Pacific Rim College Online. Yet Sarah is so much more than what these accolades might suggest and fortunately makes rich, enjoyable conversation. We cover many topics here including the impact that acting has had on her career, life-guiding philosophies of Taoism, the art of Qi Gong, and the complementary health centre that she founded two decades ago. We also have a fascinating discussion on how Sarah uses voice and energy vibration to help clients heal. After years of giving back through helping others in her clinic and through her teaching, Sarah is now most excited, through her online courses, to empower others to use Tui Na to activate their own inner healers and to help children. She is currently planning self-help programs and courses to be released through PRCOnline. Stay tuned to the end of this podcast for a special promo code to watch for free her Qi Gong course on time-tested techniques to fortify and calm the body, very practical teaching for the world at this time. Sarah has been a lecturer at Pacific Rim College for many years and is the senior lecturer and Tui Na course coordinator at the City College of Acupuncture in London. She is a gifted practitioner and teacher and hopefully in this episode pushes on many points of inspiration for you. Please enjoy this very stimulating conversation with Sarah Pritchard. Episode Links: Sarah’s courses and program at PRCOnline Free Qi Gong Five Element Protection Exercise with promo code at end of podcast Tui na: A Manual of Chinese Massage Therapy by Sarah Pritchard Chinese Massage Manual by Sarah Pritchard Eckhart Tolle Dr. Joe Dispenza Learning Links: School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at PRC Faculties and Programs page at PRC
To put it bluntly, Peter Deadman is a legend in the field of Chinese Medicine. Virtually anyone who has studied acupuncture for any length of time has pored through the beautifully formatted pages of the Manual of Acupuncture, one of his gifts to the profession, published more than 30 years ago. Had this epic text been all that he accomplished, he would still have international renown, but Peter has done so much more. Ninety minutes is not enough to cover all the ground of Peter’s achievements, but we are able to scratch deeper than just the surface in a number of topics, including exploring his earliest entrepreneurial activities 50 years ago of starting the world’s first macrobiotic student restaurant on the campus of the same university he had recently been thrown out of and founding a food cooperative that arose on the restaurant’s successes, a cooperative that is still thriving today. When his passion for health led him to study Chinese Medicine, Peter dove into what was the forefront of Chinese Medicine migration into the west, mentoring under who would become his lifelong teacher and friend, the late Giovanni Maciocia. And after graduating, when Peter could not find any good literature in the field written in English, he naturally decided to launch the “Journal of Chinese Medicine”, 41 years ago. Blending his passion for Chinese Medicine and Nutrition, Peter wrote Live Well, Live Long (2016), another beautiful text exploring the wonderful Chinese tradition of nourishing life, known as yangsheng. There is not much that Peter has not done or spearheaded, including his latest feats of starting the Chinese Medicine Forestry Trust to promote planetary health, co-creating a wellness app, and launching his own Qi Gong teaching series. And of course, because his talent seems to have no limits, Peter is a seasoned musician who played fiddle and toured in a band for many years. I hope you enjoy this episode, the unfolding of Peter Deadman’s unwritten narrative: the fulfilling of one’s life purpose. Episode Links: Learning Links: School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at PRC School of Holistic Nutrition at PRC Chinese Medicine courses at PRCOnline Qi Gong courses at PRCOnline Nutrition courses at PRCOnline
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