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Kevin Arnovitz and Tom Haberstroh bring their die-hard fanaticism of the hit TV show Top Chef and combine it with their NBA analytical instincts to draft “fantasy” teams, interview contestants and talk about America’s food and restaurant trends.

Follow along weekly as the top cooking competition meets top-shelf analysis.
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After the penultimate episode of Season 18, Tom and Kevin debate the merits and joys of hunting for seafood. A Top Chef judge's table scandal has Kevin and Tom fuming. Did Gail, Padma and Tom fail in their duties as judges?
Kevin and Tom break down the final four as we head into toward the coast. A discussion about Dawn's gougères veers into a love letter for cheesy bread at various establishments and other gluttonous exploits. Speaking of exploits, Tom and Kevin indict chefs for taking advantage of one of their own.
Kevin and Tom are blessed by the presence of Top Chef judge and culinary expert Gail Simmons, who makes her long-awaited debut on the podcast. Gail takes us through a most dramatic episode of the season and pulls back the curtain on her new Top Chef Amateurs show that launches July 1. Also, our mission to get Kevin on Top Chef Amateurs is one step closer to becoming reality, but he's still mentally two years away from being two years away.
Top Chef is coming down to the final five and Kevin and Tom are locked in. This week they discuss Kevin's horrific cooking injury, Tom's frustration with the scoring format, a double feature of Last Chance Kitchens and wish that the show would solve its only issue: not being able to taste the food.
Ep 9 Recap: Portlandia

Ep 9 Recap: Portlandia


Recipe books take center stage as a Top Chef twist rattles the cheftestants and sends an overmatched chef home. While Kevin expresses disdain for complicated instructions, Tom proposes a theory on elimination tells on social media, and they unite to discuss various milks, hipster or not. Plus: which cheftestant is the Jen Carroll of this season?
It's time for the Restaurant Wars. Or is it Chef's Table Wars? Tom and Kevin gather themselves after a shocking elimination and compare the upset to a certain NBA Finals stunner. Kevin coaches up one of the teams on their concept and Tom blasts the hard taco movement.
Ep 7 Recap: I'm Baaack

Ep 7 Recap: I'm Baaack


Two-time Top Chef contestant Brian Malarkey joins the show to reveal his Top 10 power rankings and also gives his surprising prediction on who's going to win the competition. Kevin and Tom have their minds blown when chef Brian explains his rationale. Also, Brian offers some behind-the-scenes intel on his rally in Season 17 and sets the record straight on his much-debated net worth.
Tom and Kevin quarrel about the quality of the movie drive-in episode and marvel at how flattened the race has become. New contenders emerge while the juggernauts experience an absolute horror show.
Top Chef superstar Richard Blais returns to the pod to help Kevin and Tom recap the fruit-filled episode. We discuss Richard's amazing hair and geek out over as Richard takes us behind the scenes in Portland. Plus, finally, Richard gets to be in the same sentence as LeBron James.
Kevin and Tom recap Episode 3 of Top Chef Season 18: Portland while reminiscing about Friendly's peanut butter sauce and revisiting last week's big trade. One thing is clear: Kevin means business this year.
Kevin and Tom recap the second episode of Season 18/Portland and debate the game theory of choosing teams in the Top Chef schoolyard. Also, after much deliberation, a four-chef trade is completed between the two PYK teams.
The Draft

The Draft


Tom and Kevin take part in their fourth annual PYK draft. A trade is made. The teams are selected. Top Chef Season 18 has begun.
Chef Gregory Gourdet

Chef Gregory Gourdet


Part 2: Tom and Kevin are joined by Top Chef alum and Portland’s own Gregory Gourdet. The Season 18 host and judge talks about his new restaurant, Haitian food, the infamous back injury and whom he’d want as a White House chef.
With the season premiere of Top Chef Season 18 Portland on the horizon, Kevin Arnovitz and Tom Haberstroh set the stage for another round of Top Chef and scout the new 15 cheftestants. What's new? What's staying the same? The new season of Top Chef is upon us.
Kevin and Tom bust out the scorecards and judge the final courses of the three finalists of Top Chef Season 6. Who deserved to win? Controversy ensues. Finally, a request from our Pack Your Knives audience as we look ahead.
With the cheftestants leaving Las Vegas for wine country, Kevin and Tom break down part 1 of the finale, discuss wine vs. beer and bid farewell to a stellar chef. Also, Kevin explains his new upcoming diet and asks Tom for some advice.
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